Sands of Time


Hanpa, Zetto, Soubi, Keiji, Arika, Itami

Date: February 5, 2015


The time has come for Hanpa, formerly known as the organization Takokujin, to approach Sunagakure on business. It has been long overdue and things have changed over time. Despite the changes, the group hopes to seek relations with Sunagakure as it once did in the past, however the sands of time have already shifted and the task ahead appears unpredictable.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Sands of Time"

Admininstration Dome

There was always business to attend to, but none as great at the moment as the necessity of confronting

Sunagakure and delivering to them the information necessary to hopefully move forward. It had been a couple of weeks

since the members of Hanpa had formed and rediscovered their little place in the world. They had taken the time to secure

it, learn of it and each other to a degree, but soon enough it would be time to handle the outstanding issues facing the

group. The unfortunate part of the past was that it needed to be handled, one way or another.
Hanpa the individual made this trip one that was voluntary, allowing all who wished to come the ability to do so

and all that did not the ability to abstain without question. That was how things tended to be any how, but this

situation was a bit different. Hanpa the individual had already met with the leadership of Sunagakure and Kumogakure in

the very recent past, and due to this, he had left a bit of an impression that may not allow for things to go very

favorably depending on the flow of conversation. The fact that others would be coming with him would also complicate

things, but not so much as they would hopefully help things along. This was merely meant to be a discussion after all.
During thier travel, which was actually not that far away, Hanpa would discuss the situation with those who came

with him. "Just like with Kirigakure, I am hoping to renew the contract with Sunagakure, so please try to keep that in

mind. However… there is a possibility that some of the actions taken while I was… away… may cause us issues…

maybe even violent ones. I hope to avoid that… as the relationship between Sunagakure and Kirigakure is about to shift

and I would rather us maintain our comfortable position instead of being forced in to one of aggression. Which reminds

me… Kaede… just in case, I need for you to stand by. I do not want to aggitate the situation… do you understand? By

your own words… you want things to be different this time. I will hold you to it." Hanpa stated to them all as they

would travel via caravan through the desert. They would normally be wagon's used for trade, but in the case Hanpa also

did not want to attach any uncessary assets in to this situation just incase things turned sour. So these couple of

transport wagons were used for the group members only, unmarked and other wise unimpressive to see.
As they would arrive at Sunagakure proper, the weather was quite a bit windy, kicking up the swirling sands and

making the traveling cloaks definitively useful. Word had been sent ahead to the leadership of Sunagakure that Hanpa

desired to speak with them on the matter of negotiations with Kirigakure, so when they arrived it was not too much of a

surprise, aside from the fact that there was more than one person. TO which things were simply explained, "We are Hanpa."

Whether that made sense or not wasn't the point at this time… soon enough Sunagakure would know.

Soubi was at her rightful place at Hanpa's flank. It has been quite some time since she had been to Sunagakure…

It wasn't very often at all did she find herself in the desert territory. The air was dry…and Soubi simply wasn't a fan

of such arid climates. She had her own personally reasons for coming. She also had her own edge in making sure nothing

got too far out of hand. It was hard to consider what would happen next based on talks alone, but Soubi was confident

that some sort of deal would be struck. By Hanpa's side she crossed her arms along one another, her jet black hair tipped

with snow white parted just enough so that her azure gaze could catch to anyone paying attention towards the group. She

was alert and ready…how this planned to proceed was at most a curiosity at the moment.

The introduction to the secretary didn't warrant much of a reaction other than confusion. That was it? Nothing

else? No schedule or asking to speak with someone. The secretary frowned and rose up from her seat to head into the

office to indicate who had arrived. When she explained the situation, Itami would soon step out behind her and looked at

the individuals in question. "If you want an audience, the least you can do is state that you have business," she

described to them. "Your name isn't enough to just get you to where you need to go, however considering the circumstances

and the problems that might arise having you all out here, I suppose I have nothing more to do than to entertain you,"

she gestured inside her office.

Some days seemed to be a lot like the wind in Suna. At one point you are travelling in one direction and then

out of no where you end up changing direction for one reason or another. Today was one of those for Keiji. He had his own

agenda that had required council attention, so he had been in Itami's office when the secretary interrupted. He did not

bother to glance outside the office to see the small crowd of people. He was content to wait for them to go away. That

was not going to be the case though. In the end he ended up getting sucked into a much larger meeting.
As the people begin to enter Itami's office, Keiji moves to the other side of the room near the window. He

normally hated the light that would be shining in but the sand in the wind seemed to take care of that. His dark eyes

stare towards the door as he makes himself comfortable leaning against the window sill.

Arika is here, though not with Hanpa on his side. In fact, she didn't even know the man and group were coming!

She just knew that they had some form of important meeting with Itami after tailing them, and she wanted to see what it

was. The girl comes into the room, attempting to sneak in through the use of a transformation jutsu. She had taken the

form of a hopefully inconspicuous lizard that was … extremely tiny. Along the ceiling, she climbed to watch the meeting

from above. It was nicer up on that ceiling! But then, she realized, if she stayed here, then she wouldn't be able to

hear anything! The girl in lizard form climbs down along the wall, eventually coming to rest near Itami's foot… And

hopefully she doesn't get squished. She ponders a bit more… Thankfully her brain and thoughts did not shrink, though

she is limited as a nine year old. Arika climbs up a bit more, probably noticed by Itami by this point, if the Watanabe

is paying attention, and just sits and watches the talk that is about to begin. Maybe that stack of papers will be a good

enough cover… And in all likelihood, Keiji saw her… Again, hopefully not.

If there is one place in this world Yotsuki Zetto is hesitant to visit, it is Sunagakure. The dry wind, tiny particles of

sand, which get everywhere, bitter sake and those two kids pretending to be beggars - his memories from his last visit to

this accursed place were way too fresh in his mind. Granted even Land of Wind has its upsides like all things do, but for

Zetto the deal breaker is that aged desert this particular corner of the world is famous for. He voiced his displeasure

giving substance to grim expression on his face. That however was only part of the truth. In reality he was quite happy

to get out of that place this band of brother's calls home now and be on the move.

Regardless of his own personal feeling Zetto took part on the discussion during the travel. Not that there was anything

else to do anyway as they made their way across seemingly endless dynes of sand. "As you may well know I visited this

place not too long ago. Just be wary of the beggars. They are out to get you. Well at least those two kids I hired as

guides are. Anyway I am not too sure about this business with Sunagakure. They are just bit different people and nothing

to be played around with."
They finished rest of the trip in roughly an hour. The group seemed to keep up rather good pace. Regardless there he was

standing in office of the famous lounge lizard!

"I will keep that in mind for the next time." Hanpa would respond to Itami's slight complaint at his lack of

thoroughly informing the security as to their purpose visiting Suna. Hanpa listened to Zetto on the way in, but this was

also not the first time Hanpa had been to Sunagakure. He was aware that one must be careful of mere appearances here. As

they are all escorted towards the administrative dome, Hanpa would remain with his entourage, but in particular Soubi as

he considered the angles on all of this for the few moments they had before entering the office itself. At that point…

it was show time.
"I thank you for allowing us to visit you and I do apologize if there are a few more than expected… but I was

not going to turn them away if they desired to come to this meeting." Hanpa explained a bit with a bow before finding a

seat. "As I informed your government before my arrival, I am here to give you a status update on the dealings with

Kirigakure. It was the task that I left Kumogakure to pursue, and the business has been concluded." Hanpa would begin,

shifting his reflected visage towards Keiji for a brief moment before returning it to Itami.

Itami took a seat at her desk, making sure she was good and settled before she began speaking. She was going to

need as much comfort as possible for this meeting. She scanned the room to see all who were present and pointed out the

water that was present in the room. "If you are in need of water, we have it here to drink. It is cold and refreshing. I

tend to have it available at all times for visitors to my office," she explains. "But now, you stand before me a few men

strong speaking of Kirigakure. I assume it's regarding their effort towards the Silence. When you say business has been

concluded, what do you mean? The answer is fairly vague and I'm not certain how to translate it."

Inwardly, Arika wondered what the heck Hanpa was going on about… That thing in Kiri? She wondered what that had

to do with Suna. It didn't seem important when she saw it. This girl has a knack for finding information, it seems…

With a slight tilt of its head, the lizard looks on in silence. She recognized Zetto and Soubi. Ieyasu, too, was there,

though he stayed in the back to listen, much like how she was. She wondered if it was by choice. Knowing Hanpa, it would

be considered as such.
A shift in her position, then, as the girl kept her attention on the Uchiha. The one she met only in passing, if

at all.

The eyes of Suna's assassin scan over the so called members of Hanpa. For an opener, the conversation seemed to

be going fairly well. Nothing was stated that would upset either side yet. Keiji then looks back towards Itami as she

speaks. She seemed to be standing her ground fairly well despite nothing really challenging it.
He noticed the little one hiding as a henged lizard. She was a curious one indeed. He debated calling her out,

but that would possibly look bad for Suna in this meeting. Then again maybe they would see it as a game an indulge her.

Most than ran into Arika seemed to.

Inwardly, Arika wondered what the heck Hanpa was going on about… That thing in Kiri? She wondered what that had

to do with Suna. It didn't seem important when she saw it. This girl has a knack for finding information, it seems…

With a slight tilt of its head, the lizard looks on in silence. She recognized Zetto and Soubi. Ieyasu, too, was there,

though he stayed in the back to listen, much like how she was. She wondered if it was by choice. Knowing Hanpa, it would

be considered as such.
A shift in her position, then, as the girl's attention focused on the Uchiha. The one she met only in passing, if

at all. But Soubi is boring, and Arika's attention is once again on Itami. Hmm… Sounds boring… Keiji's gaze was felt,

and the small lizard head turned to look at him, but nothing other than a look. One of nervousness. Though he hasn't

called her out, so she is safe for now. Phew.

Zetto nodded and took upon the offer downing several classes of water to satisfy his thirst. Floor under his feet voiced

it's complain as he shifted his weight from one leg to another. The water was as cold as refreshing as advertised. "Ahhh

this is just what I need. Very pure and good tasting water if something like that can be said of water.", his voice was

calm and came with a respectful tone of voice. "Trip here is not exactly that pleasant. That desert of yours can make

even the strongest of men weep but enough with the pleasantries as I see you two are eager to get straight into

business." He paused and glanced at Hanpa just to make sure he does not object to other people speaking up. "Kirigakure

is an interesting place. You should really visit it, a sight to behold so to speak. I have seen few offices of important

people and can make a honest comparison. Yours is not as big but whoever decorated this has taste." He did not continue

as he expected Hanpa to go into details more and just wanted to reinforce the image and fact some of them having visited

hidden mist.

"Kirigakure has agreed to, in the future, join the shinobi alliance against the Silence as they are called."

Hanpa would clarify bluntly. "Due to the political situation, an immediate joining was not possible, but unless I was

simply lied to and meant to do so to the rest of you, Kirigakure will join the war effort. That being said, I have very

little reason to doubt Kirigakure's word to me… as we work in their interests. As we work in Sunagakure's interest as

well. The reason why you are only just now hearing about this is simply due to the fact that we do not currently work in

Kumogakure's interest and it would have been inappropriate to expose this information that Sunagakure has worked so many

years to keep secret, even if it would have worked in our personal favor…" Hanpa began to reveal and explain.
Hanpa allowed and did not mind Zetto speaking even as Soubi and Ieyasu would remain quiet and observant. "We are

continuing the contract drawn up by the Sunagakure government concerning the Takokujin. The contract that has us clear

the way and create the diplomatic agreement and momentum that allowed for Sunagakure to support the then struggling

hidden mist. The agreement that continued throughout multiple wars as this country supplied them and even assisted in

secret prior to the eventual outspoken alliance. These facts we have taken every precaution to make sure that they have

remained your secrets. To make sure that the information is not used against you in any way and to help to solidify the

bond that your two villages have formed due to the arrangements made. And while the situation has… changed recently…

we are continuing to work to help preserve this alliance and the mutual benefits it has allowed both governments. We only

have one price… just as the last time over 10 years ago." Hanpa would lean forward slightly, clasping his hands

together gently. "We desire to continue to work in your interests… and to be called upon to do the things that are

more… difficult for your village and country to do. I am hoping that our record of success and the long history of

positive results that has come from it will be enough to permit such a contract to be extended."

"I've been to Kirigakure before as well as the Land of Water. My office is reasonable for the purposes it serves

me at the moment, but…thank you," Itami remarked to Zetto as he guzzled the water down. "I am elated to hear this news

that Kirigakure has agreed to join us in our efforts against the Silence, although I'd have liked their help sooner and

much earlier. Yet, I suppose that's the way things are sometimes. Diplomacy has never been an easy thing to do," she

"But in regards to Takokujin, I remember them quite well, but I was led to believe their group had dissolved,

but it apperas it has come back under a new name and new faces," she regarded them all with a smile. "Though Takokujin

was useful to us in our early years, at the moment, Sunagakure has no need of these services. We have taken on a number

of difficult tasks that we have managed to succeed in and as a result, grow ourselves to be more efficient and better

suited towards handling these sorts of things. It is my decision to keep our works contained to this village and its

shinobi from the simple to the complex tasks. Your history has done more than enough to show for itself, but I prefer to

keep things within the family now."

Keiji decided to relax a bit more in the window sil. Now he more or less sits across the sil, placing his legs

up on it and resting his back against the side of it. He seems to be playing with the pincer at the end of his finger as

he listens to the words that are spoken around him. It seemed Hanpa was much older than he. He remembered days that had

been long past. Keiji was only around for the last war that Kiri had fought against Konoha. It seemed everyone at that

point hated Kiri for their lazer beam.
Itami's words draw a smile on Keiji's face, though the iron mask all but makes it impossible for people to see.

Those words meant that Keiji was going to continue with some of the more devious missions. It was like an admission of

trust to the young Shippodoku's ears. Not that the hood he wears lets anyone see those either.

What? Huh? A deal with Kirigakure that Suna wanted to keep a secret? Arika-lizard is all ears! The girl seems

that much more interested in what's being talked about. She remembers the Takokujin getting mentioned in the Kiri talk,

but never really investigated such. A sense of pride comes from the girl at Itami's words. It sounded like Suna was

getting stronger, which was always good news. They didn't need to hide unless they wanted to (which was usually the

case), and they were starting to branch out and do its own thing without help.

The mountain of a man grinned widely. "Well seems like Takokujin is a like a cockroach. Always keeps coming back and does

not die easily. Surely something, that a can be counted on." - a fair point although made in a jokingly manner. In

between everything Zetto has begun wondering about this one lizard, which always seems to be around no matter what, even

here in Suna. In fact as he stood there he figured it to be almost too odd and started to wonder what roasted lizard

tastes like. "Now obviously Sunagakure can handle things on its own and more but would you not agree one can never have

too many friends?"

"It seems that the sands can shift in to more than just dunes." Hanpa would comment after Zetto would speak and

share his particular mention of Sunagakure's revealed strength while pointing out that it does not mean standing alone is

all that can be done. "As my associate has mentioned… you have formed an alliance to face a great threat. I am certain

of and have never doubted the capabilities of the shinobi of this nation, but as was mentioned, there is no need to go it

alone unecessarily. Having faith in your own abilities is necessary to ever be truly strong, but pushing aside freely

given assistance due to perhaps pride… I am curious as to why that is the first reaction of the.. new Sunagakure?"

Hanpa would ask this question while also considering the water that had been offered, and the some what ironic situation

that he was in.
Never again would the man trust the drink of someone else in their offices. The last time did not end well for

several families he would have to imagine. Of course… Hanpa knew well of the cherished and high quality waters of this

land. He in fact made sure to buy plenty of the finest when he was last here. So he was being overly cautious of freely

offered, quality goods… and so was Sunagakure at the moment. Thus Hanpa would have considered his stance. "Please allow

me to rephrase. While we do not desire for the contract to end, and instead sought to renew it, it is understandable that

this village rightfully feel capable of performing tasks of any difficulty in the future. But if I may… do realize that

it is not your ability that would come in to question. It is merely… your emblems. Your geography. Your political

standing in the world. You represent a nation with your actions as the great village of the sand in the great nation of

wind. While clandestine actions are a particular… forte of your people… any and all connection that leads back to

Sunagakure immediately has ramifications. That is not the case with an independant entity such as ourselves. That is why

we are able to do as we have done. We are the shadows of shadows, when it is appropriate. If you do still desire to end

the contract, then it is of course understood. But I would be remiss to not attempt to convince you other wise."

"I suppose you could say that. Your services could possibly be needed in other places, but Sunagakure is not one

of them at the moment," Itami replied to Zetto. "Friends or not, family comes first for me, now. I didn't think that a

severance of contract would mean we'd be enemies. I'd rather not depart on that note. Your organization is neutral so I

understand it can be friends to whomever it pleases," she offers. "I just don't see a need to continue our contract, is

all. And no, it is not pride it is simply change. I never mentioned pride. I am simply investing more in what is closest

to me. For sometime your organization has been…away, I suppose is the word? And in that time, I've had to gather

together my people, my resources and all the combined efforts of the people and their abilities to bolster Sunagakure. It

was a long process and it is still a process. This has been done without much help from anyone and has been a collective

effort to improve ourselves. It has nothing to do with pride," she explained to Hanpa.
"No, I feel like it is your pride on the line considering you've made mention of what you've done for us and now

that this contract is being cancelled, the thought of your services no longer being needed places you in a distinct

position. Right now, you are selling yourself to this village. I am not selling myself to you and your organization. The

pride in question, in my eyes, is yours." She took a glass of water for herself and set it closer to her.
"I am certain there are others that would have your services, but at this time, I would consider ours complete.

The cutting of this contract should not be looked upon as one about a 'new Sunagakure' or questioning why it has

happened, but accepting that things can change and I've already explained my reasoning. Now yes, you do make good points

in bringing up that things that are acted upon by our village would also come back to our village should there be any

ramifications to follow those actions. However, the same could be said for any shinobi village. We act under the

knowledge and understanding of what can happen should things go awry. That is part of the shinobi job and thus why it is

important that we make ourselves more effective at that job. Tying our hard work over this time to your organization

doesn't seem to be in the best interests of Sunagakure at this time. I want my village to continously experience growth

with both successes and failure. Having others do work we should be more than capable of doing, in a way, siphons work

from us and additionally, renders us stagnant." She took a sip her water and set it down. "My decision still remains."

There it was. The rebuttal and the final answer. Keiji remained toying with his pincer. It was not quite time

for him to get up and to go to work. Itami had yet to ask the guests to leave. Until such they were considered guests

still. Though it was not what Hanpa came to hear, Keiji enjoyed the answer Itami gave. It still meant things were looking


Arika wonders how many times Hanpa practiced that speech (or versions of it) in front of a mirror. It was

convincing enough to some. Definitely smooth in its delivery, and relatively reasonable… How could it not be thought

out and rehearsed? Then again, he was typically like that. She makes a mental note to poke him before she notices Zetto

looking at her like some tasty treat… MEEP! Once the Watanabe finishes speaking (and a fine speech it was!), the lizard

climbs onto Itami's hand and then up her arm and then perches on the woman's shoulder. CLING. Well, hopefully… If Itami

flicked her arm enough, the Arika-lizard would go flying and the henge would break upon her landing.

"Family does come first. That's given. I am just offering my services as are we all as any man with something to offer

does in order to make a living. We work hard, are efficient and can be trusted. Obviously this is just business and

nothing personal so please keep these things in mind should you in future find yourself in need of an extra hand or just

in general needs someone to do something for you or this village. If I may say so there are times when one must do things

be it small, big or anything in between, which are not to be associated with a hidden village - things, which every

hidden village comes to face with every now and then. Having access to outside hired help can be of great use I

personally am grateful for you taking time off your daily schedule for this meeting. You know of our existence and I

assume have a way of contacting us if I may assume so since this is Sunagakure after all."

Zetto kept track of the lizard. What a mysterious little being. Should he boil it or roast it? He wanted to capture it

quite badly but could not as that would mean breaking into personal space of council member Itami. "The lizard" He

started a sentence pointing at the lizard without continuing it as he realised he was about to speak his thought out


Hanpa would actually chuckle at this… turn of events. "My pride…" he would state lightly before nodding a

bit. "Perhaps you are right." Though behind his mask, he would smirk just a bit at the very idea of it. As she continues

on to explain, essentially, that it is time for Suna to stand on its own and earn itself and be its own and its own hard

work and maintain its own and not have anyone else involved in their own hard work, Hanpa simply listened as the decision

remained the same. "As you wish." would be his reply at the end of it all. "As far as being enemies… of course this

discussion and your decision have no sway in that. You have stated what you desire to occur for the village, and we will

respect that wish. There is nothing lost there." Hanpa assured Itami.
It was then that Hanpa would stand and bow towards Itami. "Then let this be the conclusion of our business for

the forseeable future." Hanpa would state before shifting towards those who were behind him. "We will take our leave, at

your disgression. And I sincerely hope that Sunagakure is able to continue its growth and change exactly as you are

taking it now." As Zetto would point out and make notice of the lizard that had been moving about the area, Hanpa would

slightly raise his head. "Ah yes… I had almost forgotten. The future of your students seems bright indeed, from what I

have been able to observe quite briefly. Perhaps this future will be carried on with will prepared hearts and minds."

Hanpa would leave the compliment as he prepared to leave bodily as well.

"It is in your nature to offer services. I realize what outside help can do and at times have asked of it, but

this is not the time," Itami smiled at Zetto. "Again, I am not against what you do, I simply do not want it at this

time," she offered respectfully. "Feel free to take any remaining water with you. I can also have some water prepared for

your travels as well. Water is good on all occasions, not simply for the desert," she chuckled.
The lizard that scurries up her arm and on her shoulder earns a glance from her and then back to the group

before her. She maintains a smile after her chuckle and raises from her seat to see the group out. "Be careful as you are

crossing the desert back. It may not look the same as you saw it coming in," she warned. "Take water and purchase any

materials that will increase your odds outside of this village. Thank you for this meeting and though the contract was

not extended, I expect to hear more of you in the future."

Arika breaks her henge, though that doesn't mean she isn't still clinging to Itami. The girl peers at Zetto, then

eyes Hanpa. That was a compliment, right?" She does a mental shrug and pokes a bit at the councilwoman. "Itami-sama, you

should've offered mochi, too." She nods a bit, always liking the idea of the sweet treats.

Things had gone quite a bit better than Hanpa had expected really. Certain issues did not even arise, and the

end of the contract was smooth and without hastle. Little else could be asked for in the end. Things had gone within the

parameters of plan A… not quite expected but certainly desirable. "We will do so, and I in particular… have longed

for a very specific product of this nation for quite some time. Assuming your monks still bottle their blessed water."

Hanpa idely chatted as he'd leave the office with his entourage. Speaking to Zetto as they would leave, Hanpa stated, "Be

sure to get those supplies she mentioned. Just don't trust any street urchins this time…" he teased lightly. Looking to

Soubi and Ieyasu, Hanpa would say, "Let me show you around a bit before we leave. I should get familiar with the village

once again as well.. but we won't stay too long."

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