Save The Children


Itami, Chitose, Akina, Asankaru (emitter)

Date: July 3, 2013


A pair of Watanabe children are kidnapped. And not just any Watanabe kids, but those of the leader of the Black House within the world. This is how they are returned.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Save The Children"

Within the Shiren Caverns

Troubling times in the Watanabe clan, though only a select few would be able to say that it was so. The head of Fukurokuju, The Black House of the clan, has had two of their children kidnapped by people wishing for some hold over the councilwoman Watanabe Itami. People who professed to consider the clan nothing more than mutants and sneering at the prospect of having one ruling over them. Just a pair of chuunin filled with hate, and now holding two of the most important members of the clan
they so despise.
They couldn't get away with the deed. There was no way that they would manage it, their actions brash and nearly spontaneous, almost fully unplanned. The fact that they had managed to snag the children during a private ceremony of blessing and get away was simple luck and opportunity. It couldn't hold. Already, they'd been found. Already they'd been tracked. Already, they'd been cornered.
In one of the many, far reaching tunnels of the Shiren caverns, there's a break in the stone. A gap in the wall. An entrance. Through it are the sounds of someone shifting around, of movement. From the entrance, one could see the children at the far end of the room. They lay on the ground, bound and gagged, back to back on their sides, struggling to get away, to get free, to move, to just do -something-. Their captors weren't in the room.

Itami always had a difficult time dealing with issues of her clan if only because she always felt some obligation towards them for one reason or another. Upstarts causing problems for the clan are typically something frowned upon and in worst cases, shunned; ostracized. She has to wonder where the idea of this came from and why they sought to do such a thing. One thing is certain, she'd never hear the end of it from her sister.
She proceeded into the cave, feeling fairly confident if what she thinks is right. The sound was clear in her ears and she had her senses dedicated to finding the children and returning them to safety. If they weren't, well, people might start turning up missing until the children were returned. More sigh.

Chitose had been called upon to help out. She was a talented Genin who was coming toward the time when she might be thought of as more than a genin. She's gaining potential by the day but for now, she's still just a genin. She appears before the caverns, peering into them even as she shakes her head, "This is silly." She nods her head, "I can't believe these people are acting this way." A sigh and Chitose follows Itami in, she wasn't even going to be quiet. She idly rolls her shoulders as she walks in, "Let us finish this quickly." She looks ahead, not seeming as concerned with the safety of the children.

Akina follows at the group deeper into the tunnels, keeping a careful eye behind them to make sure that they weren't snuck up on. It was something of a relief to see that the children were unharmed. Tied up and gagged, but unharmed it looks like. It make the kunoichi just where their captors were and when they would be back. "You're really all that surprised?" she murmurs back to Chitose, a hand already hidden beneath a long kimono sleeve, just in case. She didn't like how quiet it was after all. Or maybe she was being paranoid.

The children shift at the sound of someone around, someone approaching. Chitose, at the very least, hadn't even sought to utilize any sort of subterfuge, and it did appear that the others weren't very worried about the concept of stealth either. And so the children were very much aware of the group, and very much aware that they weren't the people who were their captors. They began trying to call out through their bonds, their shouts muffled by the gags.
But there was more, for those who with the sharpness of eye to notice it. Above the children, high up the wall, was a hole in the wall as though someone had scooped out some of the stone there and replaced it with darkness. Within that darkness, the two who'd kidnapped those children crouched, preparing to begin their assault.

"It does come as a bit of a bother… Things like this don't typically happen in the Black hose of Watanabe. Well, not this far. They have happened, but taken from their home is something different. It's very possible they haven't experienced the surface at all in their lives. That's where a great deal of damage comes in," Itami explains. "So yes…it is silly and I would like to finish this quickly."
She approached the children, keeping note of the darkness above the children. Her response to that darkness was to aim a kunai into it and throw it at whoever was closest to her from that area.

A blink as Itami throws a kunai and Chitose looks up and then hmms and nods, "I see." She states as she looks up at the hole and then looks to the children before saying, "They will be safe right there where they are at." She then looks up, "Those hiding might not be so much." She then flicks a pair of her own kunai into it just to follow Itami's plan before she rolls her shoulders, "Come on out and take your medicine patients…that or run…and never stop running."

Akina sees the hole in the wall, at just the right angle that her steps come to a careful pause. And it seems that Itami is sharp enough that she spots the captors crouched in that shadowed darkness as well. And it looks like Chitose was quick to follow her lead. The corner of her lips tugs with a slight smirk, hidden beneath her mask as she pulls out three sets of poison dipped senbon and promptly throws them at the target as well.

At the glint of metal and the barrage of weapons suddenly flying through the air towards the pair, they form handseals within the darkness of their cubby. Abruptly, stone pulls up over the entrance barring the weapons from entrance. A moment later, that stone barrier explodes into a rain of sharp stone shrapnel headed towards Itami and the pair leap out in opposite directions. A man and a woman, the latter taking out and tossing aside three senbon that apparently made it in before the wall was raised. It was the woman who landed on the wall to the groups right, sticking there and beginning handseals as the man circled to the left, doing the same. Earthen columns rise from the ground, moving to batter the whole of the shinobi group.

Itami wasn't expecting a man and woman. Exactly what was going on here? She didn't have time to rationalize all that as she sealed her way into drawing up earth to her body to defend herself from the rain. She then responded to the quaking beneath her feet by dodging ou of the way of the columns that came for her. Looks like these people meant business. "Be careful of any more jutsu headed your way!" She called to the others as she went forward to attack the woman by closing distance with a body flicker strike and following it up with a knife hand.

A look at the enemies as they appear and Chitose simply jumps out of the way of the rising columns, avoiding being battered by simply moving out of the way. Mr. Miagi knows the way. She then rushes off to the side and goes after the man. She spins around and sends a series of punches his way, though the way her arms move are unlike what some half seen. Her arms bending at points other than her elbows to make it harder for the enemy to determine her punches.

Though the barrage of weapons thrown, it was her senbon that had made it through. Now they were poisoned and it was just a matter of time. Akina's eyes flash beneath the mask as the pair jumps out from the shadows, a man and a woman landing on either side of the group. Clearly intending on inflicting a mass amount of damage at once. Time to dodge! She tucks and rolls with a sudden hard roll, hit in the side by stone as she skids on her feet. A small growl is heard beneath her mask just before she disappears into the rock completely.

The woman takes in a sudden hiss of breath as Itami is suddenly before her, a puff of smoke covering her form. She gets punched out of it when the councilwoman's strike lands, the blade hand connects just as easily, sending the woman to the ground with a grunt. On the other end, the man flashes through a few handseals as Chitose's approach. An earthen wall rises, getting in between the blow only to watch as the arm's path warps oddly, landing a blow to his face. He doesn't stick around for another, simply diving under the ground with a cloud of dirt.
He pops back out, going through handseals. The woman forms handseals herself. "We have to!" they shout towards eachother, obviously on one accord. A sudden deluge of earth shoots out from the entryway. But not at the group. No, instead, the two chose to cave in the only way in or out, burying themselves alive with nearly excessive amounts of stone and taking hostages for their eternal rest.

This duo was a bit tough, but it appears they didn't have much to hold out on as they decided to close everyone inside the caves to keep them in it like a tomb. Fantastic… "Well, I know there are other ways out. I can help us get out…" She sighed. "Though, I still don't know what the reason for all of this is," she shook her head and began to help the children out of their bindings. "I appreciate you all helping me with this. This issue is close to me since it involves my clan. I may need to look into it further…, but again, I thank you all."

Watching that happen, Chitose turns and looks at t he pair, "You're a pair of cowardly, hateful bigots. You are cowards. Plain and simple. Your cowardice shows through in everything you do." She then takes a breath and suddenly both of her hands shoot out like whips, aimed for each one separately with punches that whip to them and then are yanked back as quick, "Even if there wasn't another way out…I'd dig us out using your hollowed out skulls so that you might serve some purpose that you didn't serve in life."

Well it looks like the they're caved in for the moment, though Akina doubts it'll be for long. As Itami focuses her attention on freeing the children. Chitose's snap back wasn't bad either. The other girl aims to strike at them with a whip, of all things, as she threads several more senbon between her fingers. "Cowards, all of you." she agrees quietly, throwing back her arm just after to
launch the needles at them.

The woman was unable to do anything about the punch coming her way, already far too dazed from the councilwoman's strikes and the effort of creating the cave in to defend herself. Chitose's fist hit her square and she slumped. The punch sent towards the man got through, but was lifted by a wall of stone as it arced upwards, leaving the hit a glancing one to the shoulder. A pair of domes formed over the woman and the man, the senbon breaking against it.
Abruptly, the ground would start swirling as though it were a liquid under both Akina and Chitose, seeking to drag them down. The man's earthen dome is burst open with a shout as he rises atop a boulder of stone. He flashes through continuous handseals, crouched and leaning forward, seeming to have eyes only for the councilwoman. Rage and hate fill him, the words of the others gone ignored as he goes to simply ram Itami and the children with the boulder. Shortly before this, the whirlpool in the ground would stop moving, solidifying.

All of what Chitose said was pretty much true and it was made apparent as the male drove a boulder platform towards the councilwoman with some intensity in his eyes. She made a few seals and sank into the ground altogether to evade it. Once the boulder had safely passed over, she moved through the ground until she was a safe distance away and began work on breaking open the entrance. She gave everyone the signal that she was going to break through the caved in entry and went into one of her
higher transformations to accomplish the task.

A growl escapes Chitose as her body is suddenly covered in chakra that sprouts a tail from her and she gains a cloak of pure chakra that resembles a strange ogre like creature with a bull like head. Even with her awesome change, she sinks into the ground and is trapped, roaring out in frustration.

The ground beneath her shifts like quicksand, and if Akina wasn't quick enough she'll be get trapped completely. She makes a face beneath her mask as she abruptly shifts her weight in a quick rolling dodge, though her leg is caught. Her weight quickly pulls her other leg in and effectively disabling the kunoichi.

With Itami moving abruptly out of sight, disappearing beneath the earth herself, the kamikaze of the kidnapping man proves to be more risky than he'd thought of in his desperation. The stone hits the children's legs where Itami had been, sending them spinning off to the side, no doubt burned by the stoney ground and owning broken legs from the impact. As for the man himself, the rock he rode slammed into the wall of the cavern on the other side. He traveled the short half of a foot of air between himself and that same wall before his face connected with a dull thud and a moist snap. His body hit the boulder and he was still.

Itami was only momentarily distracted by the boulder that managed to find its way towards the children. She felt some rage build up in her, but shook it off and focused it all into taking on her dragon form to remove the boulders from the entrance of the caverns for them to escape. They're going to need medical attention and questions will need to be answered about the things that took place here.

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