Save the Trees, not the Bandits


Daisuke, Satomi

Date: September 18, 2013


A client has hired Satomi and Daisuke to rout out bandits on an island they have recently purchased while making sure the trees are not ruined in the process.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Save the Trees, not the Bandits"

Island off the Ragged Coast of the Land of Fire

Satomi was waiting by the docks for her boyfriend to show up. Another mission requiring both brawn and brains! "Okay, so we take this boat, head for those islands…" Satomi pauses. "Well, I'll explain what we need to do when we get there." Satomi sits back on the side of the boat, chuckling at Daisuke. Knowing his weakness with moving things. "And don't worry, the trip is short so … one pill should be fine." She loved to tease him a bit to take the edge off the mission. She waits for him to sit down before crawling over to hug and snug in tightly for the duration of the voyage. "I missed you.." She whispers into his shoulder, kissing Daisuke's jaw softly. "Stuff happened, and it was unbearable not being able to tell you."

Daisuke hated boats and the sea, yet every time he seemed to get a mission request alongside Satomi, it involved both. He eyes the boat wearily as he walks up to Satomi, who briefs him very quickly on some of the basics. Already way ahead of Satomi, Daisuke pops his pill into his mouth and swallows, sitting down on the boat near the rail just in case. As Satomi comes over to snuggle with him, Daisuke smiles and wraps an arm around her waist, resting his head atop hers. "Tell me all about it."

She sighs and shakes her head. "Atsui, He… He thought he wasn't ready for the exams. And I thought he was, so I put him up to it anyways." A tear escapes her. "He… He did't make it. Died by the hand of his own team-mate.." Her right hand squeezes the cloth of his shirt near his chest, she knew she had a mission to attend to, but she had to get this out of her system before she could focus at all. Especially now she finally sees Daisuke again after such a long time!

"One of the reasons why I have never even thought of taking a team was because of the exams. Losing kids as young as he was is hard, but it was more common during the wars than it is today, so that is the only silver lining we can look for in such times." Daisuke says with a sigh, rubbing Satomi's shoulder in support. "He was a good kid, and being killed by a team mate is a little more worrisome than an enemy. Did you look into that? Who was it?" he adds with a frown, not liking that idea one bit. Either way he gives her a squeeze as their boat lurches over a wave and looks at her. "I missed you a lot during the exams. Not much happened on patrols."

Satomi pauses… "That's the issue. He was killed by the Shirayuki, Katsurou." Satomi says. "I trained with him, he seemed alright, even enough for me to grant him his headband. But recent events made me doubt my decision." Satomi shivers. "What if he did it on purpose?" She sighs. "We weren't even allowed in the forest of death, so I couldn't possibly find out either." She seems troubled by it. "Anbu is conducting an investigation. But so far, it's attributed to a regular chuunin exams incident."

"Well, keep me up to date on that." Daisuke says with another frown. "I had to rescue that kid from a Suna assassination attempt just before the exams. Seems he is becoming more trouble than he is worth." He sighs, running his fingers through his hair. "But, my Aunt wouldn't be my Aunt without being accepting of everyone and anyone wishing to join our village." he points out. "So, fill me in on this mission, what do we have to do? Who's the client? Can I blow things up?"

"It's actually… Yea, sorta…" Satomi smirks. "Due to recent devastation and some bad luck the island became nearly uninhabitable." Satomi explains. "So with the people leaving the island, bandits.. pirates and other scum have been using it as a refuge for a while. We left them alone seeing they didn't seem to attack the land of fire at all. Smart move on their side." She pauses. "Now however, one of the entrepeneurs here in the land of fire hired us to clear the island of scum that don't belong there." She looks at Daisuke and smirks. "And then uproot most of the forest. Though we CANT burn the trees." She explains. "We need to organise the trees so the work-lads can start building a shipyard. This island was recently bought by our client. But he can't start operating until he has both wood and an island without criminals on it!"

Daisuke listens and nods, already thinking of work-arounds for if some trees get burned. "Well my Aunt can always ship the client some wood to make up for any accidents." he says with a sly grin. "But a clear out of an island sounds like a good chance to stretch my legs. It's been awhile since I got out of that village and it will certainly be nice to do so." he adds with a smile, leaning over to give Satomi a quick kiss, pretty bold for Daisuke with such show of PDA in public. He turns to look out over the water, spotting land approaching and figuring it was their destination.

"Yep, we're here." Satomi hops down from the boat. "Well the pay is good, and for every tree you burn, we get a deduction for the hokage having to ship extra trees." Satomi explains. "So no screw-ups.." She begins water-walking the last bit… Or more like water running really! Eventually reaching the beach. She jumps up and lands on the sand, calmly walking over towards the island. It's not big, maybe 300 square meters in total.

Daisuke follows suit, jumping onto the water, preferring his feet atop the small waves to a boat any day of the week. As Satomi nina-runs towards the island, Daisuke would tag along, missing his Nimbus, at least until he gets to solid land. "So, it's not too big, we should be able to finish this up rather quickly." he says as he looks down the beach and into the forest. "How do we want to go about this?" he asks the brains of the operation.

Satomi ponders for a moment. "Well the logical course of action would be to find the bandits first, and then deforest the place." Satomi says. "However, if we start taking out trees, we'll run into camps as we go. Or they'll certainly find us. It also means we'll fight in a clearing, reducing the chance we end up hurting any trees." She nods and decides on a strategy. "Since… I can only cut wood with an axe, I'll go hide. You start pulling out trees or doing whatever you do. When the baddies come, I'll signal you, we take em out… And finish taking out trees!"

Daisuke nods his head, waiting for Satomi to go find a spot to hide and noting it so they he doesn't slice in that direction. With her gone, he clasps his hands together and, within an instant, is cloaked in a thick red chakra. He reaches out as the chakra around one of his arms stretches outwards and quickly compresses and sharpens, before making a chopping motion horizontally towards a nearby tree, the chakra passing right through the base of the tree and slicing it clean off the bottom of its trunk. He continues forward, slicing as he goes and piling the tree trunks with his other hand, a manual labor workforce all in one!

Satomi swoons for a moment. Men at work ~~ … Something about woodcutters. And well… This isn't traditional but it works! She smiles and looks ahead. Yep, it didn't take those bandits all that long. "Oy, what's the show… Come on now! We need those trees!" The masked bandit says, walking up to Daisuke. He's never seen the cloak before and assumes it's some woodcutting device. And who's scared of a glorified axe! "Hey you, you and your glorified axe. Get the duck off this oisland!" He says with a heavy accent!

Daisuke turns to the masked bandit and looks at him as his chakra arms continue the work. "You've been served an eviction notice by the Land of Fire. You guys have a few seconds to respond before I help you respond appropriately." he says as another chakra arm sprouts from the side of his body and hovers above the masked man. "Your call." he adds with a smile as he watches the man while his left chakra arm grabs the newest felled tree and lifts it over to the pile he he been collecting.

The masked man looks up at the hand and chuckles. "Look boyo, it's going to take a lot more than a floating hand to get me and my boys off this island you hear?" He crosses his arms and smirks, a good twelve others slowly stalking up behind their leader!

For every bandit that appears Daisuke is able to create another hand, the one hovering over the first man dips down to the ground to place its palm on the earth, a sizzling sound coming from underneath. As he lifts the hand up off the ground, he reveals a palm print literally burned into the earth, scorching the grass away and leaving nothing behind. "Final chance, boys. For you to walk away unharmed and alive, that is." he says as he begins to channel more of Son's chakra, his eyes changing to a bright gold as his voice noticeably gets deeper and deeper during his last sentence.

Satomi just chuckles. Daisuke and his threats. When does he learn that people aren't all that scared of the bijuu unless they can feel the chakra or you know… See it in action? For them, this is just another cheap ninja trick… And who blames them? She sighs and expands her field of shadows in a halfmoon around all the bandits. Slowly having spikes of shadows rise from the ground all around those people. Just to add to the threat. "Ehm, boss.." One of them says. The other drops his weapon and legs it. The boss squints his eyes. "Boys, lets show this woodcutter who's boss! CHARGEEE!"

"Can't say I didn't warn you." Daisuke says as he notices the shadows around the area, good to know he had backup from afar. He moves towards the men, head on into their charge as they leap on him, piling up ontop of him. With a sudden burst of chakra, that pile gets sent flying, Daisuke standing tall and smiling, actually seeming to have fun. A man able to recover quicker than the others after being knocked down leaps towards Daisuke's back, only to be met by a lightning quick chakra punch to the face from the chakra on his back, sending him flying. Daisuke's hands had considerably lessened, letting him focus more on the task at hand rather than multi-tasking with the trees and the men. Using only four extensions, he is able to engage the rest of the men, his target being the boss behind the pack, his golden eyes focused on the boss the whole time he walks towards him through his men, his arms fighting them off.
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Satomi notices the movement, crawling her shadows along the ground towards the boss, until she finally gets a hold of him! Shadow bind! He's slowly forced into the ground, with Satomi showing up. "Daisuke, don't kill them.." She says, putting a foot on the guy's back. "Okay guys listen up. I got your boss, no point in fighting anymore." She smirks. "Now, my boyfriend is friendly and all, he's just playing with you. See thing is, I'm not…!" She grins. "So, three seconds to run the other way, and swim to the woody shore. Before I slit your throats. See these shadows?" She lifts up a shadow, using it to lift up their bosses head. "Sharp.." She says, slowly having it push into the man's chin, causing it to bleed and him to scream. The men look at eachother, then Daisuke. "Sorry… Sorry mister!" They say, before sprinting the other way!

Daisuke watches Satomi show up and smiles, his cloak-body making a shrugging motion as she asks him not to kill anyone. "I didn't plan on it unless they kept attacking and I had to make an example." he explains as all eyes are suddenly on him and they apologize. "Get to your ships! This land is now officially owned and paid for within the Land of Fire's regulations. There is no home for you here, I encourage you to find another island, maybe more to the east." he calls out as they run away, 'he he'ing as he suggests them heading for the Land of Water. "Now what?" he says as he looks at Satomi still holding the boss.

Satomi looks left and right, before grinning. "Well, our client should arrive in about an hour. I'll keep him prisoner and leave him to the whim of the client. He's trespassing after all." She crosses her arms and sits back. They almost reached their quota of trees anyways. "And since we're done so quickly, we could grab a nearby hotel with a hotspring in the backyard and enjoy the rest of our day..~" Satomi suggests, looking down at the sand. "Oh you have got to be kidding me… No, no … stahp!" She slaps the guy underneath her, who crumbles into dust. "Daisuke, he's a freaking Shinobi. And he just replaced, I think he's using underground fish projection!"

Daisuke nods his head, looking around at the small island. "That probably means we need to take the boat again…" he says anxiously before looking up at Satomi who lost the guy. "I'm surprised you were so lackadaisical, Nara Satomi." he says with an amused grin as she didn't often get surprised like that, thinking everything through. Daisuke lifts his hand up and brings his fist down, the chakra extending out of his hand and directly into the earth. A few yards from Satomi a rumbling can be felt before the earth bursts open and a man goes sailing into the air along with Daisuke's chakra arm, which snatches him up and wraps him tightly in the chakra. Daisuke lets the man feel a quick burn from the demonic chakra to encourage him to stay still, before stopping.

"I'm surprised he knew a trick like that. Here I was thinking he's just a regular bandit. Tell me, where did you learn that?" Satomi asks the man, crossing her arms while standing up, happy Daisuke knew a way to solve their little problem!

"Well then, now that that is solved, why don't we go see about enjoy some sun and water at the beach until our client arrives?" Daisuke says, figuring the mission was over at least until the client was briefed, and wanting to spend some quality time with Satomi after so long.

"seems like we can do that after our client arrived.." Satomi says, pointing at an incoming boat. A small guy, clearly the businessman twirling his mustache like a boss. "Well well, you guys did a marvelous job.. absolutely marvelous!" He says, jumping off the bow of the boat and inspecting the trees.. "And who might this be?" He asks Daisuke. Pointing at the captive!

Daisuke frowns as the boat is early, removing his cloak and making sure the captive was bound tightly before the boss guy comes. As the small man arrives, Daisuke introduces the leader of the masked bandits on the island. "You are free to do what you will, within the laws of course." he says as he hands the man off and walks over to stand beside Satomi.

"Leader of the bandits." Satomi asks while getting the man's pay placed in her right hand, weighting it and with a smile pocketing it. "Thank you for your business…" She mentions, patting Daisuke on the chest with the back of her hand and beginning to run across the water. "Make one of those flying things then.." She tells him now they're somewhat out of sight of the water, jumping onto Daisuke's back. "And find us a nice place to snuggle.."

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