Saving a Misty Team


Canis (emitter), Daryun

Date: September 9, 2015


Arriving in the Land of Water Daryun comes upon a Kirigakure team in need of desperate assistance…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Saving a Misty Team"

Land of Water

The Land of Water. So aptly named considering that a good portion of the 'Land' is actually under the water! This makes travel through the Land one that is ruled largely by ships to travel between ports. It's either that or be a shinobi that can water walk your way around, thus not needing to wait for ships! Of course then you just expend chakra instead. Oh the agony! Well within the Land of Water, what is reportedly only a few dozen miles from the Village Hidden in the Mists, is one such ship. However this ship is not a great transporting ship like most, but a small two person canoe which is currently manned by only one person who is paddling feverishly to get away from the closest shore upon which a small group of people stand…shooting arrows? Yep, someone in a small boat is attempting to flee but is still well within range of the missiles, a number of which have hit the boat. Luckily only one has hit the person however, and that was in the leg. The wound is bound up as well as it could be with his Kiri hitai-ate.

Ever since he parted ways from the main Umahito herd, Daryun has been exploring the various lands and searching for opportunities to earn ryo. That's what his people do, after all. It so happens at this point that the proverbial rider in black, best defined by the armor protecting his hyperdeveloped musculoskeletal structures, passes near the river atop his great Clydesdale horse. Briefly, Daryun tucks the heels of his boots against his nin-horse's sides, silently signaling Shabrang to come to a stop.
From his perch on high, the warrior assesses the curious situation. A group of men, unendangered, shooting at one man in flight upon a mere canoe? Even Daryun, for all of his potential brutality, has some sense of honor. This was nothing less than a pitiful sight, and one he couldn't help but intervene in.
As he guides Shabrang into turning to face the group of archers, he reaches for the great spear harnessed against his back, resting it across his legs. The rather massive spearhead is left visible, naturally. "The bow can be a worthy weapon when used against an opponent looking you in the eye," Daryun says, raising his voice to a roar in order to ensure he's heard. "However, you're nothing more than cowards chasing a child. Do any of you have the mettle for actual battle, or can you merely fight like weak women?"

The loud roar-talking of the mounted new arrival draws the attention of not only the archers but also the young Kiri shinobi in the boat. The boy, likely only twelve or thirteen, waves his hands over his head to get Daryun's attention. "Please, you have to help! They've taken the rest of my team hostage!" He looks like he might say more but he's suddenly showered by more arrows and one takes him in the shoulder causing him to cry out in pain and drop to the bottom of the canoe.
"Get lost stranger or you'll die just these idiotic half fog ninjas from the Hidden Mist," one of the men shouts in Daryun's direcion. There's nearly a dozen foes all currently holding bows, but most of them also have swords at their side, or an exe on their back. Well none seem to be exceptionally skilled bowman they carry themselvese in a way that says they are likely more skilled than just some bandits.

"I do not /have/ to do anything for you," Daryun says. "However, you're fortunate today. These mice disgust me. I'll collect my payment from you once they're finished, assuming you're still alive." The man's eyes shift back to the group of archers, fixing upon them from beneath the shadow cast by his helmet. Casually, he picks up the spear which had previously been laid across his lap, holding the great weapon with ease due in no small part to the gifted physique of his people. "Brave. Challenge the horizon because it's unconquerable, eh? I'll give you that chance, then. Shabrang!"
One could swear that the horse almost growls out the word 'filth' before charging directly at the group of archers on the shoreline. Nin-horse and shinobi seem to act as one, for the beast no longer requires the guidance of booted heels to make the right moves. Daryun lifts the great end of his spear as he prepares to charge directly through the group, chakra flowing through his arm as he prepares to dive through the lot of them. They still have some time to either stand their ground or scatter like flies, as they prefer, but Daryun has no more words. In fact, he's grinning.

"P-please! Kirigakure will pay you for your help, I swear!" The boy manages to call out after horse and rider as they ride towards the men. The men themselves turn to face Daryun when the man speaks, then raise their bows as he charges at them. Instead of taking aim and firing towards the single boy in the canoe again they instead unleash a volley of death upon horse and rider. The boy in the canoe painfully starts rowing back towards the shore, apparently intent on either helping Daryun or saving his team. Perhaps both!

Shabrang takes two arrows during the charge, but Daryun's armor deflects those which manage to strike. As his black cloak flares out behind him, he raises his spear high and charges into the enemy line, twirling the great weapon all about himself as he drives a path through. In passing the men by, the bladed edges of his spinning weapon seek out flesh through which to cleave in all directions. His own signature technique, supported by chakra, no less. Daryun had been among the mightest of his generation's crop, so it's no surprise that he would come about grinning even still. This is battle, his own element.
His horse needs no direction to come about, doing so either of his own accord or through some attunement with Daryun. They seek to assess the damage before deciding their next move.

There seems to be a moment of surprise when the horse takes two bolts and the man's armor protects him from even taking one. By the time they shake themselves loose it's too late for the pair of them that are on either side as Daryun and Shabrang charge through, one letting out a gurgled attempt at a scream when his throat is cut deeply, leaving him to fall to the ground and bleed out. The second earns a few cuts himself in his attempt to flee from the horse and rider. His back is cut and he crumples to the ground in pain.
The others turn to follow the rider as he passes, a few relaxing more arrows at the pay from this closer range, aiming for the horse itself. Others draw swords and axes and start to charge at the pair, letting out a war cry that is not all that scary.

Daryun finally does loose another sound when he takes account of the men left behind in the bloodbath, that of laughter. He's not a maniac, despite all appearances, but merely someone raised in a warrior culture. For the Umahito, a life spent in peace is no life at all. As chakra channels from shinobi to nin-horse, the beast suddenly executes a dashing charge at those foes who prepare to once again turn their arrows upon him. While Daryun lowers the business end of his spear in preparation for close combat, Shabrang rears up and slams a huge hoof forward, aiming for the face of whichever unfortunate happens to be closest when he suddenly grinds to a halt.

The groups was expecting Daryun's attack although the pair moved a bit faster than expected and the man who'd been trying to move aside gets speared in the shoulder. No more drawing back a bow string for him! The other man receives something entirely unexpected however in the form of hooves to the face! Eyes widen a split second before his face is smashed in and he's sent flying a good twenty feet into the river. Despite this the others only continue to prepare and attack. The last one that had held onto his bow looses an arrow towards Shabrang's hindquarters while two swordsman come at Daryun from either side. One swings up to try and take off the rider's leg while the other swings low to try and take off a horse leg!

There's little that Daryun can do about the arrow being loosed upon Shabrang, but he has faith in the nin-horse. It would take many an arrow to bring down so massive a steed, particularly in the hands of men firing at close range. Now, these swordsmen, that was a matter of prioritization. His leg is armored, whereas Shabrang's is not. That understanding between beast and shinobi is perpetuated when Shabrang heaves aside and lifts his foreleg to dodge, while Daryun places the plate of light metal upon his leg in the sword's path. If he's injured, well, so is Shabrang. They'll nurse their wounds and move on.
As Shabrang shifts to dodge and Daryun risks his right leg, he pulls his arm back and channels chakra down through the entirety of its powerful length. The massive end of his spear is then thrust forward in what's intended to be a skewering strike, hopefully bringing down the man on the left, if not killing him outright.

One sword meets metal while the other just whiffs through the air harmlessly under Shabrang's raised hood. The man tries to bring up his shield to deflect the spear away but it's too fast and he takes the blows right through the neck, popping his head clean off with the extra force of chakra behind it. However coming up right behind him is a man with a heavy two headed axe that he swings widely at the pair, intending to take off the riders leg and cut deep into the horse beneath. The other swordman still stand amd swings high towards the center of mass on the rider.

Good, their legs had been spared. It wouldn't have done for Daryun to return to the main herd lame, but neither could he allow his nin-horse comrade to take the worst of it without protection. His tremendous blow does precisely as he'd hoped, or even more gloriously so, severing the swordsman's head cleanly! However, there was the problem of the fellow with the heavy axe who - rather than smartly retreating - was determined to drive the edge into Daryun's side. Curious thing about the Umahito is the fact that they have 180 degree vision shared with their nin-horses, such that he can see the attack coming.
Once more, chakra surges through Shabrang and sends the mighty stallion surging ahead and around, abruptly stopping to the axe wielder's side. Daryun, with a grin still upon his face, pulls his arm back and launches his gauntleted fist toward the man's face. It's a blow which grows faster with careful control of the momentum behind it.

Axe and sword pass each other through the air as the horse and rider move in a flash of speed. This throws the axe wielder off balance and he turns right into the leaning Umahito's fist, knocking him backwards off his feet and back a good ten meters with the force of the blow. He doesn't seem to be getting back up any time soon. At this point the others seem to have decided that it's not worth their lives to pursue this any further. Another arrows is launched haphazardly at the pair to try and keep them distracted as the other half dozen men flee in various directions, some even jumping into the river to try and swim away.

Daryun smacks the haphazardly shot arrow away with his spear, but he seems appeased with the blood he's taken today. What's left of the men who stood against him is, well, not much that's pleasant to look at. With one shake to clean the great tip of dripping blood, he turns his greatspear about and tucks it into the harness against his back. "You can come out now, young one of the Hidden Mist," says the Umahito, looking about with his full range of vision for the stranger he'd done the courtesy of saving. Presumably, it's time for him to collect his fee, though what he has in mind is yet to be stated.

The young Kiri Genin pops out from behind a ramshackle tent to look around quickly. Upon seeing the bandits apparently run off the youth lets out a sigh of relief before he hobbles quickly towards Daryun and bows. "I'm in your debt sir. Please, one of my teammates is badly injured and can't walk. If you can help me get them back to Kirigakure you will be rewarded for your deeds." The person in question comes out of the ramshack tent, a young Chuunin leaning against another Genin, both of which seem worse for wear though the Chuunin can barely seem to even stay upright.

"You don't hesitate to ask for many things, do you? I've already done you the favor of killing those men brave enough to stay and pursue your life." Daryun shifts his attention toward the Chuunin and Genin, considering them for a moment, and then returns his attention to the young fellow he'd originally set out to help. "I can't have any rumors that I'm a generous and merciful man getting out, so I'll be determing the fee for saving you, as well as the fee for making Shabrang carry your injured man with three arrows already in his flesh."
Daryun lifts a thick finger and points directly at the Genin. "You will carry word to the leader of your Hidden Mist that you were rescued by a warrior in black upon a great steed dark as the night sky. I am called Umahito Daryun. Tell them of the deeds you have seen here, and of the slaughter. I will also have /your/ word that you will do this after I deliver the three of you to your home."
That grin of his returns, faintly, as he lifts his chin. "I have your scent. If you were to break such an oath, I'd find you eventually. That aside, I would hope men of the Hidden Mist are honorable comrades."

The Genin bows quickly to Daryun once again, looking grateful. "I swear upon my honor Master Daryum, all of Kiri will know of the help you've given us. And we will see to whatever reward you deem fit, even if it has to come from our own pockets!" The Genin looks and sounds quite sincere. The Chuunin comes over to the horse and waits to see if he'll be allowed on, only half aware of what's going on at the moment anyhow.

Frowning, the warrior emphasizes, "Daryu/n/. Umahito Daryun." He pats Shabrang once upon the neck, as if to apologize, and then reaches down to grab the injured Chuunin by the back of his clothing. One good tug brings him to the stallion's back, and another tug slides him on securely. Daryun and Shabrang then both look expectantly toward the remaining shinobi of the Hidden Mist. "We have never been to your city. You will guide us from here."
Looking back to the ingratiating genin, Daryun simply repeats, "I wish the attention of your leader as payment. I've told you what words to bring to your people and to him. Consider yourself fortunate that I do not ask for ryo; my hatred of cowards is greater than my love of money."

Once the Chuunin was in place the two Genin would begin leading the way to Kiri. It would be a moderate pace since they were both injured as well, but they would get there within a few hours. The talkative Genin doesn't even take a break as he goes to spread word of Daryun to everyone he passes on his way to tell the Kage.

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