Saving Nano


Kenta, Jade, Kyuketsuki

Date: March 6, 2015


Kenta meets with Jade to give her a medical lesson. A blood soaked Kyu interrupts with his badly injured cat, Nano, in his arms. The three of them work together to save Nano's life. The most important thing is that the cat survived, but both Genin also gained some valuable medical experience from the near tragedy.

"Saving Nano"

Konoha - Hospital

It's early afternoon in Konoha and the day is a very fine one outside. This is of no important to Kenta, who's heading towards one of the empty examination rooms in the hospital with Jade in tow. He has it booked for about an hour, which would have been a hardship on most days. Thankfully, the flow of patients has slowed down a little over the morning and there actually -is- a room to spare. "I normally start out with something different," Kenta explains as he pushes open the door to walk inside. The medic-nin has a pack strapped to his back, over his white lab coat. He sets the pack down on the chair in front of the writing desk and gestures Jade over to the examination bed. "I normally give my students a scroll that regulates chakra output and have them practice healing earthworms on it. You already had some training, so your chakra control is probably already decent enough to skip that step. I'm going to let you practice directly on a live subject today."

Jade nods slowly looking nervous. especially in the scrubs they gave her after a nurse yelled at her about her dirty clothes. She doesnt like the short sleeves since they show the holes up her underarms where her kikaichu nest. Theres a reason the Aburame keep those covered. This doesnt stop her from talking though "Uh yeah Im pretty good at chakra control. Kinda have to be ya know?" bugs constantly eating your chakra will do that. "And iv done the earthworm practice. I know how to do all this on paper, but paper is a flimsy thing."

Kyu barges in suddenly and panickedly, he heard Kenta would be here and he's the one he trusted most to heal someone, or in this case, how ever you refer to a cat. The point being he's carrying a bleeding, asleep, small black cat that still has the kunai still sticking out of it. Kyu looks very upset and panicked and is also panting from the run here. Kyu looks between Jade and Kenta, ending on looking at Kenta "Kenta! Please-tell-me-you-can-do-something! I-didn't-know-if-I-should-pull-the-kunai-out-so-I-just-used-Sleepy-Jutsu-and… HELP HER PLEASE!" Kyu is extremely panicked and speaking very fast. He holds Nano out towards Kenta, his hands are quite bloody.

Since both Kenta and Jade has scrubbed up beforehand, Kenta skips cleaning at the sink and starts bringing out the medical instruments from one of the cabinets instead. He brings all this over to a tray that's set on a stand next to the examination bed. "Earthworms have very simple physiology and they're easy to fix. A warm blooded vertebrae is much harder. You won't have the skill to knit flesh together yet, but the training that you received on healing invertebrates should have given you the basis for simple manipulation of cells. We'll focus on working with blood today. Mainly on helping produce more blood, stemming bleeding and…"

Kenta blinks when the door suddenly bursts open. "Ummm… this wasn't what I had in mind. I was just going to cut myself…" he says in a bit of a daze. A second later, the young man snaps into medical mode. "Kyu, put Nano one the bed -now-. Go scrub the blood off yourself thoroughly and change into the scrubs in that closet over there." A sharp point at the closet in question. "We're going to have to work quick!"

Jade looks at the cat looking more than a little suprised when the door bursts open in a hospital, thats never a good sign. She looks over the cat a second and goes to get some gause and bandages knowing they will probably need them..oh and a razor to shave the area, you cant give an animal stitches in a spot with fur…what? Just because she doesnt know how to do medical ninjitsu doesnt mean she doesnt know how to do normal first aid.

Kyu nods and quickly puts Nano on the table, before moving towards the sink, quickly but thoroughly washing the blood off his hands, he then walks briskly to the closet Kenta had pointed to and opened it, grabbing the outfit and getting them on, grabbing gloves too, hopefully he was supposed to, he puts on the gloves as he moves back towards Kenta. "Just tell me what I need to do." Kyu looks nervously at Nano. 'You can't die. I won't allow it!' he thinks to himself.

Kenta places two fingers on the cat's head and pulses some medical chakra through her body. He winces at what he feels. "The kunai is in deep and pierced her organs. She's bleeding inside. It's a very good thing that you didn't pull it out, Kyu. Nano would have already bled to death if you did. Her system's in pretty bad shock right now. I don't know how she ended up in a natural sleep, but she's not going to wake from that if we don't do something."

The young man looks towards Jade. "I'm going to ease the kunai out. When you did your previous training, you had to use medical chakra to push together the cut parts of an earthworm and seal them together again. Now, I want you to feel out where the cut veins are and pinch them slightly to constrict blood flow. Don't seal them off complete. I'll let you know if you're doing too much or too little."

Kenta looks towards Kyu next. "Remember what I was teaching you about internal bleeding last time, Kyu? This case is very serious, but some of the things that I said still applies. There are herbs and powders in the cabinet. Bring back the ones that's good for pain relief and stopping bleeding."

Jade comes down with the stuff "Uh shoudnt we clean it up first? Germs and all" She puts the stuff down on the bed and goes to help next to the cat. She looks nervous and tries to focus the chakra in her fingers. Kenta watching would find her control good, the energy is nice and constant but its not enough, she needs to push out more chakra or the most she would do it stop some bleeding but cause an infection.

Kyu nods at Kenta and quickly moves to the cabinet, not remembering what the herbs and such were called, but remembers what they look like, Kyu brings them over and stands by Kenta, holding them up, so they can be taken by Kenta, or used by Kyu if he is ordered to do so. Kyu remains entirely silent. He watches his cat, glad he put her to sleep with his genjutsu before all this.

"We do have to clean the wound, but we can't do it with the kunai still in. The problem with pulling it out is that she's going to start losing blood like crazy. That's where you come in," Kenta explains to Jade. He uses both hands to gently ease the kunai out of Nano. The motions are well practiced and calculated to cause as little extra damage as possible. "Good, Jade. Umm… ease the flow a little. We want -some- extra bleeding now to help flush out foreign particles. Give it about ten seconds and then increase the amount of chakra to halt the bleeding again. More than you're outputting now, since it's not quite enough to reach as deep as we need. You also need to put an enforcement into the injured area to help it resist the microbes that already got in.

The bloodied kunai makes a clanging sound when Kenta drops it onto a metal tray by the bed. This isn't the best room to perform surgery, but it'd have to do. No time to move Nano somewhere with better equipment. Kenta gestures for Kyu to set all the powders and medicines down. "Great. We'll get to mixing a poultice later. Right now, you're going to help us clean the wound, Kyu. Jade's keeping Nano from bleeding out. I need to stabilize the rest of Nano's vital systems." The young man hands the razor to Kyu. "Shave off the fur around the injury. It gets in the way of treatment and any fur that gets inside the wound will also great increase the chance of infection. Once you shaved her, wet down a square of clean gauze with saline liquid and start wiping clean the skin around the wound." Kenta mimes the correct wiping motion with his right hand while he keeps his left hand on the cat's head.

Jade puts her fingers around the wound and starts to try to focus chakra, Her control is actually pretty good but she needs to work on the actual chakra points, She tries to focus on the organs that got punctured trying to keep them from bleeding out but trying to flush out bacteria. She regulates the charka she puts into the wound with her kikaichu though having them slowly eat some of the chakra shes putting into the cat to keep it from causing too much healing.

Kyu nods and takes the razor, carefully working with Jade to shave the fur, he looks nervous but that doesnt stop him from carefully shaving the fur off, gently brushing the fur off and away from the wound. Kyu feels like he is going to slow and activates his sharingan. Speeding up the process due to increased reaction time and more precision of movement.

"Heart's faltering…" Kenta mutters to himself. His eyes lose focus for a second as he lets his awareness go deeper into Nano's body. The glow of medical chakra appears around the medic-nin's left hand, which he continues to keep on the cat's head. A frown grows on his face as he concentrates on keeping the cat's heart beat and lung function strong. He's also clearing out unwanted blood clots and helping her reabsorb blood in places that -shouldn't- be filling with blood, such as the poor thing's stomach.

Kenta blows out a heavy breath and speaks without looking up from what he's doing. "Ummm… Jade, I just cleared out Nano's stomach. Can you feel where the stomach walls were sliced? I want you to try to stick the edges together and pour in more reinforcement, but don't let up on what you're doing now either. You think you can do that?"

"Kyu…" Kenta continues. "Finish cleaning the outside of the wound with that gauze. After that, I want you to pour a little saline liquid directly into the wound to flush it out some more. The bleeding helped, but we need a more sterile solution now to complete the job. No fabric fibers or hair out into the wound, so at least we don't have to worry about tweezering those out. Once you finish cleaning, hand thread the suture needle and give it to Jade."

Jade tries presses a finger gently into the wound checking the injury, good thing she cleaned up before coming in, She checks the wound "Looks like its on uh…the lower edge…I dont think it cut an artery or there would be more bleeding but if we dont hurry I think her stomach acid might cause more damage than the kunai." She tries to stop that from happening using abit more chakra to seal the injury around the inner stomach while keeping the lining open for inspection to make sure she didnt miss a vein.

Kyu nods and takes some gauze, quickly carrying out exactly what Kenta told him to do. Including flushing out the wound. after that he threads the needs and gives holds it towards Jade. "Here you are." Kyu waits patiently, he's not gonna rush the clearly superior medics.. Not with Nano on the line.

After a few minutes, Nano's breathing seems much less labored. Kenta's expression of concentration eases as he feels her start to stabilize. "I don't feel any stomach acid go through. You got it in time, Jade." He looks up and sees that Kyu had finished threading the needle. "Jade, you can stop flowing medical chakra into Nano now. I'll take over that part. Stitch up the wound before any more foreign matter can get into it. I don't want it exposed to air for too long after Kyu did the cleaning."

Kenta moves his hands away from Nano's head and down to a spot over the middle of the cat's spine. Once again, the warm glow of medical chakra starts to emanate from them. The medic-nin carefully works to heal what Jade had been preventing from getting worse, working from the deepest parts towards the outside. He clears away toxins, reattach severed veins, knit together torn muscle and dozens of other procedures that's need at once. As he works, he almost absently gives Kyu instructions on how to mix together some medicine for Nano out of the ingredients that the young Uchiha grabbed earlier. Thankfully, there are labels on the bottles and bags.

Jade watches kento keeping an eye on where he directs chakra while he works on the animal. Good thing this isnt totally useless, they have to heal dogs and cats sometimes when they are ninja tools, this isnt that different. " its not the major artery of the stomach thats the chakra vein?"

Kyu remembers this, he quickly and easily mixes the medicine, making sure to double check everything. "So she's going to be okay?…" He finishes with the medicine and looks at Kenta. "Medicine is ready." Kyu deactivates his sharingan, sighing slightly. "It takes a lot of energy to keep that on.." Kyu looks at Nano.

"It'd be much worse if the major artery there got hit," Kenta says with a shudder. He doesn't like to think about that possibility too deeply. "Even a small cut away from it can cause bad enough bleeding." The young man blows out another breath. "Ok… the injury's healed enough that it's not going to break open again unless blunt trauma is applied. The next thing we have to worry about is how much blood Nano lost. I'm going to encourage her body to build more. Feel what I'm doing and add your own chakra to strengthen my efforts, Jade."

Kenta glances to the side at Kyu. "It looks like the right color and consistency…" The young man briefly moves one of his hands away from Nano to poke a pinky into the medicine. He brings it to his mouth to taste the mixture. Kenta nods after a second. "Tastes right too. Kyu, I want you to care spread that over the stitched up wound. It's a poultice that'll help fight infection and help with muscle pain. Try not to get the stuff into Nano's fur. She's really going to hate that."

Jade lets them mix that while she tries to keep the bleeding to a minimum. She tries to go after the chakra coils around the cats bones to stimulate them into producing more red blood cells, the cat is gonna be hungry as hell later but it should help keep it from bleeding for a while longer.

Kyu nods at Kenta, and takes the poultice and starts spreading it carefully on the wound. Being very gentle with how hes applying it, and makes sure that he doesn't get it into her fur. Nano would be upset enough for awhile. Might as well avoid making this even worse for her… Kyu sighs after finishing applying the poultice. "Done." Kyu looks at it, then at Kenta.

Kenta pulls back and wipe sat his forehead with the back of his sleeve. "Ummm… she should be ok now. Kyu, I already showed you how to properly wrap a bandage last time. Do it for Nano now. She can be moved if you're gentle, so don't worry about hurting her again. I can write some basic prescriptions, dietary considerations and aftercare instructions for you, but I'm not going to. I know enough to work on an injured animal, but there are much more experienced specialists in the hospital. I'll let one of them work that stuff out with you inside."

The young medic-nin flashes a tired smile. He glances at Jade. "This wasn't exactly what I had in mind for a lesson, but it's good experience for you. You were a big help, Jade." He looks back to Kyu. "Ummm… I'm going to have to show you how to use chakra to heal at some point. We'll figure out when later."

Jade nods slowly as she goes to wash her hands "Uh sure. Honestly its just a hard thing to figure out the right points to send the chakra to. Differentiating the coils and such."

Kyu nods and wraps bandages around Nano carefully, being gentle, Kyu sighs and nods to Kenta. "Yeah. Thank you Kenta. You're a life saver. Literally." Kyu smiles at him. "Kenta. I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble… I'll work on learning how to treat wounds and such so I'll bug you less." Kyu nods and goes to wash his hands as well. Kyu realizes only now just how tired he really is… He can't wait to go to bed.

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