Scaling the Walls Like the Spiders


Aishio, Sei, Yuriko

Date: September 5, 2013


An impromptu tree walking lesson leads to greater challenges.

"Scaling the Walls Like the Spiders"

Genin Testing Area [Kirigakure]

Genin Testing Area [Kirigakure]
This area seems to be built in a general arena style along with seating available for about fifty people in the stands. As this is a small village that is more than likely adequate. Several drains are settled in the center of the arena, which is slightly bowl shaped so any loosed blood will end there. The aroma of blood is thick in the air here and small severed limbs are sometimes still left on the field: fingers, hands, feet, maybe mere shreds of clothing. One can almost imagine the brutal testing of Kirigakure's genin here in this arena and if they're lucky they can catch one in the happening.

Yuriko isn't a Genin. Not yet anyways. But now that she's home she's been hanging out here, "playing'. In actuality what she's been doing is running repeatedly at the arena walls, giggling to herself as the glow of chakra at her feet stick her to the vertical wall several feet before releasing it, pushing off the wall to back flip through the air. Several times she does this, giggling as she holds out her long kimono sleeves out at her side, acting like she's flying.

Aishio herself, would've not really been found here before the Chuunin Exams, though through inspiration of the exam battles itself and after meeting all those interesting foreign ninja. For the first time ever she was dedicated to her training. So, what better way to get to Genin than to train around Genin and it seems she wasn't the only one with that idea, a large smirk appearing when she spots someone she actually knew… flying!
"Riko!" Aishio calls out, her right hand raising and flailing in a wave as she approaches. "Is that, that crazy tree walking thing you were talking about?" Aishio waits for Yuriko to land before going on, "I saw your dad catch fish with it!" She then looks perplexed, "I don't even know why it's called tree walking. That's the last thing anyone uses it for it seems."

Yuriko lands on her feet as she blinks her bright eyes up around her, spotting the only other person in the otherwise empty arena. Aishio. A small smile tugs at her lips and she lifts a hand to wave, watching as the other girl approaches. "Yeah, it is." she murmurs. "And I think its because you can use it for lots of stuff, not just trees." Her flipping being an example. The young Kaguya's smile grows some and her free hand reaches up to scratch at the side of her snowy head, not all that surprised. "That sounds like daddy. He caught a shark at the New Years Festival too."

"Yup, I was right in calling him a Fish Magnet." The Hozuki nods her head rapidly. "So, that skill is awesome and I totally got to use it so uh…" Aishio leans forward, "Can you tell me how to do it. I heard it's all chakra control, which should be easy I can already make myself super strong with chakra." Aishio then starts punching the air with chakra enhanced strikes… although Yuriko probably can't tell these strikes are any different than normal. "And well… if there's something I know that you don't." Which Aishio doubted and she looked a bit annoyed. "Then maybe I can show you?"

Yuriko already said that she would teach Aishio how to use Tree Walking, so it wasn't out of the ordinary for Aishio to ask about it. And she's already been using chakra. She watches as the older girl throws punches, without really seeing how they're different than regular punches. But Yuriko isn't really a puncher, she wouldn't know anyways. Yuriko tried to look interested anyways. And Aishio's small frown peeked a bit of interest. A pause lingers before she tilts her snowy head, thoughtful. "Well." she smiles. "I'm sure that'll happen one day." Yuriko claps her hands together. "First! Do this!"
The smile fades on her lips and she becomes more serious. "What you're gonna do first is close your eyes. Like this." Yuriko demonstrates by closing her bright eyes. "And next, you feel your chakra. try to focus it evenly on the bottom of your feet." she murmurs, just as the bottom of her own feet begin to glow faintly with blue light. "If you don't use enough, you'll fall off, but if you use too much you'll end up breaking the surface you're standing on and end up falling anyways. So the goal of the game is to use just the right amount of chakra, and when you do, you can walk and run on pretty much any surface."

Aishio nods, putitng on a serious face with Yuriko, "Okay!" Aishio observes, not yet closing her eyes in case there was more to this lesson to see. "Focus chakra evenly to the bottom of your feet." Her head tilts to the side and she begins to shift her chakra to her feet. "Okay so. Just a bit." Aishio claps her hands together and turns her attention to a wall. "One shot!" With that she rushes off, "Hrah!" She kicks out her foot, her foot connecting with the wall and then… she just slips forward face connecting with the wall with such force that she ricochets a foot away and plops on the ground.

And Aishio tries to do it in one shot.
Yuriko blinks her bright eyes as, after focusing her chakra, the other girl dashes straight at the arena wall. And right when she's about to dash up… faceplant, and falls to the ground. The younger girl winces to herself as she moves closer, kneeling next to Aishio. "You okay?" she asks. Probably not.

So much, pain. So much. Aishio's limbs would spasm due to the pain and it would take a while for her to give a proper response, a smile creeping on her face. "F-fine. You know… like they say. Go in…" Aishio's hands go up to her face, "Smash your face or… get the worst out of the way or… or… owwwwwwww." Aishio curls up, rocking slightly, muttering a countdown, "3…2…1… hup!" Aishio launches up onto her feet, face bright pink. "Maybe. I'll just take it slow." She places a foot on the wall and begins to experiment with chakra trying to find the sweet spot to get it to stick. "So can you do any other cool things they don't tell us about in the Academy? Like I saw someone pull things out of a piece of paper… a whole giant metal bar."

Yuriko frowns some, but pushes herself to her feet and steps back as Aishio also pushes herself up to her feet. Slow might be good, she agrees, and she tries to give the older girl a reassuring smile. Watching while Aishio tries her hand again at the whole concept behind Tree Walking. "Hm." Yuriko lifts her eyes up at the ceiling, thoughtful. "I suppose so. I know how to walk on water too. And stuff with my dagger."

"Ahah." Aishio starts to tug on her leg, foot sticking to the wall, she then switches feet. "Easy enough…" She mumbles while Yuriko thinks on her skills, eventually mentioning walking on water. "Wh-wha?" Aishio peers at Yuriko, wondering if she was just messing with Aishio, though she doesn't seem to be the type. "Huh, well so long as you don't start walking on air, I won't be too freaked out, but… water really?" The Hozuki shakes her head, "I mean even if you could stick to water…" She takes a step up the wall, "Doesn't it just open up under you?" She starts a casual walk up. "Unless you turn the water into something solid somehow but… actually that's a Shirayuki thing isn't it, I wonder if other people can do it too, speaking of that… why was that Shirayuki guy with Konoha. That doesn't even make sense, I thought clans were supposed to stick to their team… maybe he was traded."
Before she knew it she was way up. "Uh… when did." The sudden realization of her being up on the wall her feet start to slip. "Aaaaawaawawawaa! WAH!" Erratic flailing eventually leads to Aishio sticking to the wall, not through her feet now, though the side of her face, chest, and hands. Aishio would then stick around for a bit, trying to slowly make her way down like some sort of strange giant wall snake. Not wanting to celebrate, being able to fall any second and well, she didn't really know how she got here.

Air walking? That sounds new, and weird. Yuriko just shakes her snowy head at that, bangs falling in her face in the process. The talk about the water walking though just makes the little girl smile, amused at the thought. As if visualizing that inside of her head. And Aishio just keeps talking. All the way up. Yuriko began to speculate if the older her just liked talking. Probably.
Before they both know it, Aishio is all the way up the arena wall, and Yuriko smiles brightly up at her. Just before she begins to flail and somehow ends up sticking herself flat on the wall surface. When she begins to shimmy downwards as if she were a spider, Yuriko snaps her hands up to clasp over her mouth to keep the giggle from escaping.

"Eeeeeeeeh." Aishio peels herself off the wall when she gets low enough to safely drop, peering over at the giggle-stifling Yuriko. Aishio's serious face is short lived as she burst out laughing herself. "I don't even know how that works! One second I couldn't do it, next them I'm walking on my face!" Aishio runs at the wall, obviously she picked it up now as she runs up the wall and backflips off. "Woo!" She lands gently, "Cakewalk~" She then holds up her hand for a high-five, "Thanks dudeette."

And now she's just showing off. Yuriko giggles behind her tiny hands, but smiles when she drops them to her sides, quickly enveloped by long kimono sleeves. Aishio flips and lands on her feet now, as if she were an expert, and lands on her feet. And when she holds up a hand for a high-five, Yuriko blinks her bright eyes at it. It takes a moment for her to realize just what she wanted, but she lifts a smaller hand and squarely plants her palm on Aishio with a firm high-five. "Dudette?" she asks.

Aishio really starts to wonder if Yuriko had friends, first the hesitation on the handshake and now the hesitation on the high-five. This would explain the time to learn all these side abilities. "Heh." A smirk spreads when the high-five is finally returned, "You know, like a dude. Cept." She pauses, "The ette of a dude, like girl dude cause dude is kind of a dudey… thing. Y-y'know." Aishio shakes her head rapidly, "Don't worry about it! I gotta do more training now though." She looks about the empty area, free to do whatever. It was weird though, she never actually attempted it before now. "Do I just… do moves?" She thinks aloud.

Its a weird word. 'Dude'. Yuriko ponders over that quietly as Aishio asks about training. "Hm." she lifts a hand to scratch at the back of her neck. "Well, I don't really train. I play." The little Kaguya explains. "Like the back flipping I was doing, its just practicing Tree Walking. Or… try to see how many bulls eyes you can do with kunai in a row. Stuff like that." she shrugs her shoulders. "It doesn't have to be work." It never is for her. But then again, she's Kaguya.

"Play?" Aishio's head tilts. "Uhh…." Aishio then bounces on her heels, doing a weirdly deep giggle. "Okay, okay. So I'm gonna find some other people who can tree walk and I'm gonna get better at it and then, we could do some X-treme Tag." So extreme you could hear the misspelling. "Where we can only play tag on the buildings, touch the floor you're out for good or something, that and tree walking fishing and… and… stuff!" Aishio pauses, "Wait no I'll do the fishing by myself, that's how I'll get ready for Sky Tag." The name of the game already changed… "Hey, actually before all that. Want to find some Genin and see if we can beat them up? Bet we can."

Yuriko beams easily and giggles alongside Aishio while she's going on about x-treme tag. "I've done that before, but I was racing someone instead of Tag." She may be uncertain about Sky Tag, but it still sounded fun. The mention of the Genin though, it makes the younger girl tilt her head curiously. "I guess we could. Do you know any Genin? I only know one. Well, two now."

"Of course I know some Genin!" Aishio opens her mouth. "Like… like…" Aishio then realizes, the only genin she knew were her siblings, "Nooooope." Aishio looks to Yuriko, "Maybe we should go to their training area instead of this place? We could meet some! Though I dunno if they'd want to spar with us…" Aishio frowns, "It looked so cool at the exams! We gotta do it too, you know?" The rambling Aishio turns to Yuriko, belatedly taking in what she said earlier, "Oh…right, you said you know two. Who are they?"

Yuriko ponders all of this as her bright aquamarine eyes glance around her at the empty training grounds. Aishio may have a point. "Hm." she ponders. "Well, the ones I know are Okumo Sei, and Moto Kiyoshi. I've even done a mission with Kiyoshi-kun too." She smiles, if only briefly. "But besides them… I don't know any other Genin…" Yuriko frowns thoughtfully at herself.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear? Maybe.. maybe not. However a certain child would leap from the nearby roof, arching out and down to land on hands and toes, to the left of Aishio and Yuriko. Black on black eyes would look about, studying the place. Although that brood had already investigated, there's a certain difference to one's own eyes. Getting to his feet, those eyes settled on Aishio and Yuriko. He'd walk over to them, bowing formally to Aishio and Yuriko each.

"Oh, Kiyoshi? That one I know kinda… sorta." Aishio then hears the Okumo part, "Oh, another spider dude? Maaaybe." She plays with her hat's a bit, looking a bit thoughtful and then… Kid with creepy black eyes appears. "Ah… hey." Feeling compelled to bow back, so it happens without her really noticing. "So, you wouldn't happen to be a Genin, who also would want to let us test their fighting on, would you?" Aishio stands tall, "We're getting ready to be Genin so we can go to the Chuunin Exams. But… I never actually fought anything so gotta start doing it so I can win with style."

Sei lands a few feet away, and Yuriko glance sup at him, instantly smiling bright while he bows. Aishio may bow back, but the little Kaguya doesn't feel the need. "Sei-kun! How are you doing?" She's certainly not creeped out by Okumo. Maybe it has something to do with growing up around one. At least she resists the urge to just run up and hug Sei, but it's so hard!
When Aishio asks him if he wants to spar, Yuriko glances between them curiously, silently watching where the conversation goes.

Sei eyed Aishio at the question, then glanced to Yuriko with a nod and a whistle of agreement. He'd look back to Aishio, pulling a pad out from the small of his back to unfold it. The pad was white, something akin to a thick felt that was stiff in nature. Out of the sleeve of his shirt came spiders, a multitude that would quickly arrange across that pad, going to a spot then curling their legs up there. Going from spiders to dots, dots to lines and lines to words. ~I am Okumo Sei. I am a genin. I could fight you. However I am not gentle in combat. You will be attacked by spiders. It will hurt. I will avoid lethal level of damage done. Do you understand what you are getting into?~

Aishio looks between Sei and Yuriko, "Huh, that's convenient." Aishio rubs the back of her neck, "Uh…" The strange silence of Sei causes her to assume that Okumo prefer staring instead of talking, weirdos. Then it comes to him 'writing'… Aishio's mouth hangs open, "Awesome!" With spiders. She then looks up to Sei and shakes her head, "Course I don't know what I'm getting myself into! That's what I wanted to find out but… do you really have to use spiders? I kinda don't want to have all those bites and stuff." Aishio only hesitates for a moment, not giving much room for an answer. "Hey do you know any Genin that don't use bugs? Are they around right now?"

When Sei holds out the familiar pad of paper, Yuriko glances down at it, reading over the spidery words. And the words there earn a small bit of a frown with some thought as she glances from him to Aishio beside her. Her words earn a pointed frown also. "We don't really have a choice who we face in the battlefield, or the chuunin exams. Even the graduation exams." Yuriko murmurs, her eyes glancing back to Sei to meet his eyes. "I don't mind that, but we should probably have a signal or something in case things get too far. Like a safety word, or something…"

Sei blinked at Aishio. Not use spiders? The spiders on the pad would shift, re-arranging from where they were into new words. ~If I don't fight with spiders, then you promise to not fight with handseals, hands, or feet?~ Sei tilted his head to the side, staring at Aishio for a long moment, to allow her to read the words. He'd nod over to Yuriko then, the spiders on the pad moving once more. ~I will be in the next chuunin exams. If I do not make it before that time. As such, you should expect to deal with me, or against me. However you wish to handle it. A safety.. sound, that would be valid is a whistle.~ He waited for them to read the new words, before putting out an example, a clean whistle.

"Oh sure, yeah. Though why not make the choice when you have it, you know! But…" It seemed Sei was up to his spexting again. "Hrm…" Aishio looks down at the words, seeming to actually consider that. Her head starts to wobble a bit in her position, body stationary, "Hmm… mmhmm…" She then tilts her head, wobbling awkwardly again. "Yeah." She looks to Sei and nods, "Face and guts only. I can handle that." Aishio… agrees to not use her hands or feet. Yep. "Okay, ready when you are!" Aishio then stands rigid, as if at attention with a look of determination.

Glancing from his eyes down at the pad, Yuriko reads, another smile brightening in her expression at the mention of the chuunin exams for next year. She knew that he could do that, easily. She already thought he may be the strongest Genin she knew, so there wasn't any doubt in her mind that Sei could compete in the next Chuunin exams.
Purses her lips together, Yuriko tries to make a sound, only to blow air. She frowns to herself with thought, but shakes her snowy heady. She'll figure something out. Maybe she'll have to get an actual whistle later.

Sei pondered the two girls… they wanted to fight him? Shaking his head slightly, he'd look at AIshio, showing her the spider script as it'd flow on the pad. ~You are using your feet. You're standing on them.~ He'd raise a brow at her, waiting for her to react, before looking over to Yuriko. ~Click your tongue, instead of whistle. It takes practice to whistle.~ He'd click his tongue, opening his mouth to show her how he did it as well. He'd wait to verify she could, so they did actually have a safety 'word' before he'd bother to prepare to fight.

Aishio was so caught up on in making herself combat ready she wouldn't really be a part of the whole safe word situation. Especially now that her feet were said to be used, so she just lowers and drops to the floor, planking. "You not using spiders is like… me not using water manipulation. I can't even move!" Aishio flops over on her back and then flops over on her stomach again, trying to get mobility down.
"Fine!" Aishio pushes herself up, "You can use the spiders." She looks over to make sure Yuriko also approves, still unaware of the safety word exchange.
<Weather> Clouds gather and darken, bringing the threat of rain, although the temperature remains warm and pleasant.

Aaaand Aishio flops onto the floor.
Yuriko blankly blinks at the other girl, wondering to herself just what she's doing. "Hm." With the instructions from Sei, the young girl clicks her tongue on the roof of her mouth, smiling brightly just after with a bit of pride. At least she can do that. She'll have to practice later.
"Okay. Whistling is the safety sound, and its two against one. Should… we start off with a bow to each other?" Yuriko asks curiously, uncertain how this kind of thing happens. This feels different than the playing she's done with her brothers and mommy and daddy. Still, she doesn't hesitate to reach into her long sleeve and pull out an ivory dagger.

Sei would nod towards Yuriko, whistle.. or.. well, tying them up should work. He'd look to Aishio then, watching her in silence for a few moments before he'd nod his head in agreement. The pad was held her way then. ~Whistle, if you feel overwhelmed. Otherwise, click your tongue. Whistle is yes. Click is no. For this, Whistle is yield.~ He'd wait, letting Aishio read the pad before glancing to Yuriko with a shake of his head. He'd step back a few steps, gathering his chakra as he'd focus himself, preparing for the multiple target fight ahead of him. The spiders would retreat back into his sleeve, the pad folded up and put away once more as he'd watch the two girls. He didn't bow.. he didn't really take a guard. although spiders were all over the area now. The brood spreading out, preparing much as Sei did.

Aishio looks down and starts to dust herself off, glancing up as the sign is presented once more and she stares. "Oh that's what you two were talking about, I'm gonna be honest if I start getting all freaked out I dunno if I'll remember that. "Eh, you'll get when I'm done!" She had to worry about the now. "Let's do this!" No tact, Aishio just charges head on and as she closes in she calls out, "Ultra Kick Combo!"
Aishio adjusts her feet as if about to kick only to shift it into a step forward and punch rapidly, "Hyahaha!" For being pretty awful… she was kind of good?

Yuriko blinks her bright blue green eyes when Aishio straight out dashes right at Sei. No dodging or whatever to try to throw him off, though the little Kaguya thinks that with the spider brood around them and Sei linked to him, it would be difficult or next to impossible to throw him off.
This was a stupid plan.
Yuriko breathes out lightly and twists the dagger with her wrist, expression hardening her young features as she narrows her gaze on Sei. Now he's prey. While Aishio is drawing his attention, the little one disappears.

Sei didn't move.
As Aishio would seek to try and strike at Sei, she'd find massive strands of webs, from both sides would launch outward, latching onto her fist and much akin to what a puppet might feel like, pulled them off course. They would miss him, he didn't move. Suddenly from over Sei's shoulder a thick goop of webbing was aimed right at Aishio's face, the clingy mess hard to get off and definitely leaving her open. That's when a portion of the brood began it's assault. A coordinated attack, from different sides of Aishio to knock her about, they followed up right on where Yuriko went to hide, having not lost track of her at all and she too was to be engaged in this combat.

"Heh." Aishio wouldn't seem fazed by the fact that her attacks were defended against. Her being all in his face would be more than enough time for Yuriko to- "Bwa, ugh wha?! No!" He shot web, all over face. While this wasn't necessarily binding by normal means, it was distracting enough and had a high shock value on Aishio, causing her to flail before pulling it off. Only to start feeling the little insects attack. "Ugh!" Aishio backs up, kicking her legs as she moves to get rid of the spiders. "Okay…" She rolls her shoulders, doing her best not to itch her legs. Her hands come together, "Let's try this." She focuses chakra through her body and goes after Sei again, continuing to throw herself at him until Yuriko can get an attack in, fairly confident being the older one she can take more of a beating.
At least this time she was faster, and getting a bit more creative, striking high with a jab them harshly stomping at one of his feet.

She's been seen. Not surprising. Sei was quick to find her the last time they played hide and seek in Konoha. Spiders jump at her as Yuriko runs, landing, quickly spinning webs and biting while she makes a lousy attempt to deflect them. She huffs a short breath, and while Aishio makes another attempt, the younger girl prepares for her next strike. Shifting the grip on her Epigaea Dagger, Yuriko concentrates chakra through the bone, making it especially sharp. Now its her turn. Just after Aishio makes her move, she strikes and releases a hard burst of chakra straight at Sei. And regardless if he's stunned, she twirls and makes another slash.

Sei watched the actions coming in. First one, then the other girl would try to attack him. Pondering, the spiders went to work again, pulling attacks off line, making them simply.. miss.. Sei shook his head slightly and as the chakra strike came in, a hundred spiders all at once flooded that one spot with webbing, the chakra strike piercing the fabric weaved so quickly, but leaving nothing left but a general blow of wind to whoosh past Sei's shoulders. The blade would get much the same effect as Aishio's attacks. Webbing from the spiders in the wall snagging it and deflecting it off course smoothly. The spiders immediately swarmed the girls, both of them getting a dozen or so spiders leaping at them at once, to bite and tear at flesh, painful? oh yes. Very much so.

"Ugh." This was definitely not going to work out if she can't even come close to him with her full force. "Hrm… time to try this." Her hands would come together and she starts to do hand seals, probably some water technique, but that doesn't matter. The heat of the moment caused her to completely miss out on all the spiders that were on her, wildly biting at her, where there were sores before she was now open and bleeding, and the spiders kept shifting and biting where others have previously. Her teeth gritted, she couldn't even make a sound. Her first time experiencing this level of pain, something embarrassing happens next. Aishio just sort of whimpers and faints.

Her attacks are easily deflected it seems, or absorbed somehow. Either way they're nullified, and spiders jump in further swarms over Yuriko and Aishio as a result. The young girl plants her foot and tries to spin, and attempt to fling off the spiders, to no affect. When Aishio faint though is when Yuriko comes to a stop, clicking her tongue on the roof of her mouth just like she was taught before kneeling beside the fainted companion. "Hm… that was shorter than I thought it would be…" she murmurs. Her eyes glance up to Sei with a regretful smile. "I think we should stop here for now. Get Aishio-san to a doctor to make sure she's alright." Really Yuriko wanted to see this through to the end, but this can't be helped. "Can you help me carry her? I don't think I can do it on my own." With his help, Yuriko and Sei are able to get Aishio to a doctor. And maybe next time she won't be so eager to leap straight at a target head on.

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