Science with Risu


Sousa, Risu

Date: November 20, 2012


Risu's unusual chakra paper test makes her a person of interest for the scientifically-inclined Kazekage.

"Science with Risu"

Ninja Academy [Sunagakure]


The large walkway leading up to the many stone buildings of the Ninja Academy has been built over the years by the students of the academy. The walkway leads straight past many training obstacles, pits that need leaping, courses that must be ran, and weights that must be lifted. Those are the simplest of trials that a student here must undergo, the rest are hidden deeper inside the stone walls of the building.
The only place a visitor is allowed is into the first building, the one that the walkway leads to. This building is really nothing more then a registration building, and a showplace of all the awards that the many teachers and masters, past and present, have won in their lives. Also featured is a photo of each years newest crop of Genin.
Immediately upon entering the room, any visitors are greeted by a Student, and taken to the front desk, to get a visitor card, or explain their reason for coming. This doesn't seem an unfriendly place, although it is definitely very strict, and guards its secrets well.


Well well, isn't this fascinating. A report of a genin whose chakra reacts with chakra paper in a way unlike anything ever observed before (at least, by any research Sousa has gotten word of). It's such an interesting anomaly, it merits an appointment in Sousa's schedule to meet with the genin in question. An appointment which, without bothering to officially write it in, has overridden meetings with a budget analyst, a trade commissioner, and the head of the sanitation department. Poor fools, they're probably searching the administration building for him right now. e.e But Sousa's not there, he's setting up several bizarre-looking instruments in an unused classroom of the academy. Only Sousa, Risu, and perhaps the messenger sent to deliver the request for a meeting have any idea there's something going on here today.

For Risu's part, she isn't going to turn down a request of a meeting with the Kazekage, no chance of that. She isn't a fool and figures the meeting is about her chakra paper test but that only leaves her more nervous. So with some trepidation she arrives at the indicated classroom and knocks on the door, as she peeks in, "Hello?" She says, stepping into the room and peering at the strange instruments one at a time as she takes in the strange sort of lab the class room has been altered into. "I ah…." Yep, there's the Kazekage, "I was told you wanted to see me?" She offers, still nervous. She always gets nervous around authority and you don't get much higher than Kage after all.

"Indeed," remarks Sousa, looking up just briefly from fine-tuning some geegaw. "I'm told your chakra has rather surprising properties. It behooves us to investigate." Sousa looks up thoughtfully. "In case you didn't understand that, basically I said I heard about your chakra paper test and I want to learn more." Sousa finishes setting up his devices, then swipes a stack of chakra papers from a table and walks over to Risu. "I realize this may be growing tiresome for you," Sousa remarks, holding out the first slip to Risu, "but I'd like you to repeat the test a few times, for my observation." Sousa flicks a few switches and points some antennae and receiving dishes in Risu's direction. No pressure. ;)

Risu accepts the paper, then shrugs, "It isn't consistent. Sometimes there's a small white flash then black, sometimes just black, and then… the paper is just gone." She tries to explain, as she picks up one of the pieces of paper. This is something she's done quite a bit even on her own as if it might give her some insight. So… she waits and looks to Sousa for some kind of indication that she should start, then… using the slip Sousa gave her holds the paper up and… concentrates. There's a small blackness that envelopes the paper and then… it's just gone. No dust, no crumbling, it's just completely gone as if it never existed. Risu turns to the Kage, "See?" She says as if to prove her point.

Sousa busily jots down Risu's testimony regarding her past attempts. Not that it's anything he hasn't already heard about, but, scientific rigor and all that. Sousa gives Risu the nod to proceed, then watches the process intently. Yup, just as she described, though again, Sousa writes it down exactly as he saw it. And heard it, which is to say with no noticeable sound. And smelled it, again nothing of note. That leaves the tactile and taste senses, plus of course whatever his instruments are picking up. Speaking of which, Sousa pauses to record some readings and adjust settings. "This next time I'd like to try holding the other end of the paper while you do it," Sousa remarks. "Do you feel anything when you do this? Any smells, sounds, or tastes that occur?" Unlikely of course, but hey, this is chakra we're dealing with, and strange chakra to boot. :P

Risu shakes her head, "Ah, no? I mean, not really? It feels odd, because I'm holding paper and then… suddenly my fingers are touching each other? But other than that, the paper is just gone. I don't know why sometimes there's a flash of white before the blackness though. I can't make it happen at will." She takes another piece of paper and holds it from the other end, "I'm not sure which end matters." She points out as she tries again, and… once again the paper just vanishes, in a small poof of blackness. Poof isn't the right word because there is no sound, nothing but the darkness that envelops the paper then when the darkness vanishes the paper is gone.

Hmmm…yup, just a sudden lack-of-paper-ness. It doesn't even feel as if it's moving anywhere or getting thinner, it's just gone. Sousa does more note-taking and instrument-adjusting, then picks up another slip of paper. "Science occasionally requires one to do things others might regard as ridiculous," Sousa remarks, then sticks one end of the paper in his mouth. "Just think," Sousa mumbles as he kneels down so Risu can grab the other end, "you can tell everyone you saw the Kazekage chewing on paper."
Through the course of the experiment, Sousa has Risu try all sorts of variations on the test. Using her other hand, both hands at once, her feet, even random other parts of her body if she can manage to gather the chakra to them; thinking about the five typical elements as she does it, or known combinations, or other things like light and dark and emptiness and fullness; performing any ninjutsu techniques she knows while holding the paper; and doing it with several slips of paper at once.

Sometimes there's a small white flash before the black, but usually there's just some blackness that covers the paper and… it's gone. Sometimes things touching the paper seem to be 'gone' as well, perhaps a few layers of skin from Sousa's lips if he's holding them that way. Basically the object is vanishing and sometimes more than just the object is vanishing. Sadly, Risu doesn't know a lot of ninjutsu, part of the reason she wanted to use the chakra paper was to find her affinity to learn some ninjutsu. But it becomes clear that the stuff is just vanishing, gone, not moving. It seems the mass just… goes away.

Hmm, yes, sometimes one has fortunate accidents like that in science. Like trying to taste what's going on, and winding up realizing that not just the paper is disappearing through the fact that it was in contact with a more sensitive body part. x.x After trying all manner of ideas and variations thereof, and probably exhausting a good bit of Risu's chakra reserves, Sousa starts shutting down his machines. "I think we've gathered enough data for today. Thank you, Risu-san, this will be accounted as a D-rank mission and you will be compensated accordingly. For the time being, I recommend you resume your training as normal, and if you observe anything unusual, write it down as soon as possible. In fact, here." Sousa tosses Risu a small journal with a pen stuck in the binding. "Keep that with you. I'll look forward to hearing of your further development."

Risu nods and accepts the journal with a curious shrug, "I was going to try to use this… stuff, like an elemental attack. Using some of the basic hand signs that are common to elemental attacks and try to see if I could make it do anything. I'm hesitant to do that with out supervision, but perhaps I can find a chuunin or the like who can help me out. I am planning on taking part in the chuunin exam, that's why I wanted the element stuff, so I might have something else to use for the tournament." She explains as she tucks the journal away, "I hope the results can tell you something. I will keep a log of what I can. Thank you Kazekage." And with that she gives a small bow to her elder.

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