Pylon of Efficacy - Scouting the Outskirts of Konoha


Naru, Daomi, Itami, Takeshi, Sekisetsu, Shintaro

Date: October 4, 2011


Recently the Mist Shinobi had managed to take over the bridge leading to Konohagakure no Sato, Naru is on a mission to scout out the boundary lines towards it but gets lost, ending up closer to the bridge and being in immient danger. Shintaro however has his own plans, angered by the death of his friends, conviently these two Leaf Shinobi fight together against t he Mist Team 0, while an unsettling Wind Shinobi seals the balance.

"Pylon of Efficacy - Scouting the Outskirts of Konoha"

Konoha Border Bridge

The night was waning as the sun began rising over the ridge. The bridge that now connected the main forces of Kirigakure with Konohagakure had been taken with much bloodshed, shinobi posted at both ends from the kirigakure forces. And who better to guard the side closest to the konohagakure village than the crazies, we call them Team 0. Takeshi, the fearless leader, the guy…with a beer bottle in his hand while he wears the ceremonial battle robes of a kaguya elder…Yeahhhhh.
Then there's Sekisetsu, the young prodigy, the cream of the crop, the genjutsuist extraordinaire. The Craziest shinobi this side of the water…Watch out, she DOES bite.
Then there's Daomi..whose addition to this team is as of yet unexplained. The one sane one in the crowd. It was probably because they needed a base to their acid. A yin to their yang. No, it was because…He's the only sane one on the team. Every team needs one, the token sanity keeper.

What dastardly deeds will befall this group as they guard the gate? Who knows! DUH DUH DUH~~~~~~~Spolier: They get attacked. Audience: WTF Announcer guy. Announcer Guy: Problem Viewer?

Ah, things were much better in the cover of night. Less to deal with, more shadows to wander around in making for a trip of ease. Itami left her home village to cross the borders and potentially place herself in danger looking for somebody. She had a name and a short description to go by. The rest would have to be figured out on her own.
She might not like having less to work with, but she'll hang.

This was a definite change to the Okumo's more recent solo missions out into Konoha, as purely scouting missions. Now with reinforcements, he's on guard duty of a bridge. Not necessarily a problem, but it made it hard for the nester to observe and research those of other nations. For now, the other two in the team would have to do with stifling his curiousity. The young boy stared at Takeshi and Sekisetsu with wide eyes, taking in their actions. A yawn would escape his maw, but quickly went away. How long were they guarding this bridge? Time seems to have slipped his mind as the sunlight peeks over the horizon. Hopefully things were to get interesting quick or Daomi may just act out, but then again, Sekisetsu is normally good for an outburst right about now.

It seemed as though Today Konoha was tasked to assess the damage after their defeat at the bridge, having only a few loose brigades out take a look at things before Kirigakure no Sato's reinforcements truly have arrived… Naru would be apart of this group, sticking high in the shadows she awaited orders on what to do next, being out in the forest but not quite in range of the bridge, she kept her eyes peeled and looked forward… The bridge wasn't in sight… but she could at least see if anyone else…. Though her mission was to assess the area it seemed as though she went a little too far… outstretched by her own miscalculation she frowned as she nested in the tree.. " Where the heck is everyone…am I the only one out here…?"

No brainer… Sekisetsu was /still/ sleeping. It was /still/ morning!! Why expect any less? Her fight with one of Konohagakure's Mednin Genin left her slightly drained, and with quite the few slashes and bruises. And yet as she slept, the girl seemed a smiling angel, innocent and happy. However angelic her demeanor, her snore was that of a monstrous horde of hogs with asthma and a single lung. Prodigy and cream of Kirigakure's crop of talented Genin? Or sleeping beast of rambunctiousness and utter evil insulting? Well, of course both had yet to be revealed. What had meant to be guard duty important to Kirigakure's side of the war, was now snooze time for the slightly bandaged and drained little blond. Her mouth was wide as the sounds of a lawnmower ascended into the heavens. A snot-bubble shrunk and enlarged with every inhalation of breath. Sekisetsu, was out cold.

The only thing that could wake something like Seki, was… well… a war. But hey… even that had yet to be determined. For now, Takeshi had her in reserve, just incase an otherwise eventless night turned into a day from hell. Until the moment when Seki was needed, or until Takeshi chose to wake is adopted niece, Daomi would have to look at this small girl being as undedicated as always. Sorry to dissappoint the small Okumo, but, she wouldn't give him the outburst he expected.

Yes, more shadows… The more shadows, the better the creature of darkness can move unseen. He has all but abandoned the Nara Village. The darkness is now his home. He shall abide in it until her blood has been repaid a thousand-fold. Memories that were once happy haunt him now, hanging in front of him in his mind to taunt him with the fact that he will never see her again. Kirigakure will pay…
Moving through the shadows, Nara Shintaro walks toward the bridge silently. The mask adorning his face shields the world from the scowl on his face as he makes his way toward the Kirigakure shinobi's post. Only his cold eyes can be seen for that mask, the light in them gone out. All that remains is cold and a definite thirst for blood… Not yet in sight of the bridge, the Chuunin continues forward, intending to at least attempt to quench his thrist for blood tonight.

Takeshi yawns as he looks at Daomi, "Yo, What's up?"
He doesn't really sense anything yet, but it's likely alcohol is the reason for this. But hey, he was here guarding a bridge with a sleeping sekisetsu and a daomi that looks like he's using them as a science experiment. You're right, this is normal for him. "Hopefully someone attacks us. This is boring Daomi."
Then he looks over at Sekisetsu and nudges her, "Wake up sleeping beauty."

It wouldn't be long before Itami was drawing close to the bridge, though she wasn't aware of what happened here, the area seemed a little cold and lacking in life. It seems it was still a place that was scarred by battle. She sighed to herself and made herself alert to her surroundings, looking around in an attempt to keep her eyes seeking out potential threats.

Daomi would almost frown at the fact of Sekisetsu being unreliable, a rare occassion he thought, but he couldn't blame her for sleeping. It was something he wished to do as well and will be sure to catch up on later. His attention turned however, with Takeshi speaking, "Nothing." A simple response, meant to answer most possible meanings of the question posed. Even the spiders that he had spread about the area weren't picking much up or at least weren't sharing with him what they found, "It is, but I don't think it will be for long." The latter of his statement being in regards to the Kaguya nudging at Sekisetsu to wake up. What could be the possible outcome of her being disturbed during her rest. This may be something worth watching indeed.

It was then Naru had finally her location, by mere chance she fell silent and a giant thud in her heart as she peered from behind the leaves, onlookin the corner of the bridge where a few of the mist nin had been allocated to… " What…. mist ninja… here?" Naru questioned quietly under her breath, attempting to remain hidden from the small group the remained. " This is Uchiha Naru…can anyone here me? I've spotted hidden mist Ninja at the bridge…. hello… Anyone?" Naru continued to speak…cursing herself… She must've been out of range from her group… For now she would wait and see…

Recieving the nudge, Seki would make a full turnover, landing on her face and still snoring. For a moment it seemed nothing could wake her, until a wide mouth yawn came from the girl who made a full rise to her feet. Her stretch seemed a slow and gangly flail before she scratched and looked around, yawning. "Aiyyaaa… Why is the sun rising?", was said with a groan, before a look was shot to Daomi and Takeshi. Seki's face frowned as if not recognizing the two ninja before her eyes were rubbed and her face slapped.

"Well… Looks like I get to have some free time again! Shift over!! Snooch to the nooch, croonies!!", was said with a rude cackle, before the girl began to simply walk back toward the camp. Smiling, her nose turned up as she sashayed swinging hip she won't have until she reaches her teens. "Later, Wrinkly-jii-chan." was given as a wave as she walked off. Did she really think guard duty was over?

Continuing his trek toward the bridge, Shintaro comes into sight of the bridge. While others stick to the shadows, and most of his clan DEFINITELY would, he steps right out into the open, walking straight forward the Kirigakure outpost. As he walks, he brings his hands up into a seal and begins moving through them. The shadows of the night and his black attire might make it so one doesn't notice him on first glance, but he is definitely not trying to hide. As he walks, the shadows of objects he passes seem to begin to stick to his own as it touches them, creating a rather large radius of shadow around him. He finally comes to a stop right in front of the Kirigakure camp, hands continuing to move through seals as he prepares for combat.

Takeshi looks over past the bridge, "So like, this appears to be going to get very interesting. Are you two ready?"
He looks over at Sekisetsu and shrugs, "Maybe because you slept for a long time. It's morning, wake up." Then he looks over at Daomi, "I hope you're right."

Itami continued along her way, minding her own, though it seems she'd be met with an odd occurence Why were the shadows moving? She looked up to see if the moon was responsible, but…then again, it doesn't move that fast. Something else was at work here. In turn, she began to prepare herself for what was to come. She doesn't realize the one responsible for it all is ahead of her, but that isn't her concern. Besides, it seems she's turned up at some sort of camp around here… Hmm. She places her hands together to prepare some chakra for use.

The Okumo simply headtilted at the response from the girl. The information he had collected on her, though sparse, still seems to be rather unreliable and incomplete. "Sekisetsu, we have company." The spiders that are around the area, finally giving Daomi knowledge of another that was hiding within the forest. This could be bad. Not wanting to wait to see what the intentions of the person that hid were, he had some of the arachnids flush out the individual. "Ready?" The boy turned his attention to where Takeshi was looking, seeing someone who appeared to be dressed in shadows itself. "I will be shortly." He focused his chakra for a brief second before extending it out toward the newcomer.

Her cover was blown? That quick? A frown slowly began to form along hr as she witnessed another shinobi start moving toward the bridge, this time without any source of back up… It caused her to grunt lightly under her breath… If he wasn't able to hear her it meant that he didn't belong here… His jutsu though was very familiar… Watching her her shadow was stretched out into the mass of trees that surrounded her it was at that point she had felt it… instantly the swarm of spiders began to crowd and lash out at her body until instantly she poofed into a pile of smoke.

She reappeared however, right from out of the bushes as her plan went into action. " Your going to regret that…" Naru spoke outloud, hoping, praying that this shadow shinobi was on her side. " I'll cover you!" She shouts and brings two kunai to life, lashing them out and propelling them both towards Daomi.

Kiri's Imp skipped back toward the camp, humming a tune. The words from Teshi were ignored up until the point where he asked if they were ready. She'd stop, a tick of anger obviously forming on her forehead. Then Sekisetsu would start screaming as she turned around. "Didn't I just /say/ that I was leavi—" Her words stopped when she all of a sudden saw a black form just strolling down the bridge. The form seemed male, though from the distance she was, it could have been somebody's… well, shadow. And as he approached further, more shadow seemed to be floating about like some kind of really weird water.

Seki blinked before walking back over to the rest and saying, "Whose the Darky? Didn't anyone tell him black is out of fashion in fall?" The girl sweatdropped and began building Chakra. "I guess this means target practice.", was said with a crack of her neck. "You gonna give me some time to work, eh, Uncle?", was said with a smirk as Sekisetsu was beginning her own seals. When Daomi spoke of more people, Seki's arms flailed as she whined. "ReallY?!?! Ugggghhhh!!! I wanna sleep! Why does this happen when I don't want it to!!" As she flailed, just as Naru appeared… being chased by shadow? No… by alot of spiders. Looks like Daomi was busy. Seki looked on saying, "Well, there are just two.. You sure you guys need me?" Thats when kunai knives were thrown into the air… Seki face scrunched.

As spiders move toward the Uchiha girl, Shintaro doesn't really even look her way. Hopefully she can handle herself because he apparently doesn't plan on helping her. When she calls out, however, he glances over to her. "I don't need it. Cover yourself," he says, his voice almost a growl. His eyes return to the group of Kirigakure shinobi, his breaths sounding like growls now. "Into the darkness, slaves of the Mist!" he calls out. His shadow begins to crawl toward their camp in a larger fashion and starts to rise. However, if Sekisetsu is distracted by that, shame on her because a barrage of fire bullets is headed right her way.

Takeshi stood up and drank the rest of his bottle of booze before tossing it off the side of the bridge. That's right, he littered. Ya'll better deal with it, because he's old enough to have an excuse NOT to walk to the garbage can. It's called arthritis and it is the end of realms. However, while his two compatriots were busy getting their own battles started, that left the woman coming towards the center lane, towards the big kaguya, charging up her chakra. This should be interesting, he knew this chakra, it was that one from Sunagakure, the one he liked.
"So we meet again," yelled to no one in particular as he slams his fists together. "Let's see what you're really made of."
A flick of his wrist sends a kunai heading straight towards her path to him, even amidst the shadows.

A battle just started. Yay and Itami was now a part of it. She turned her body to the side to evade the kunai that was thrown at her while she kept her sights settled on Takeshi. Sealing, she drew some eearth up to both her hands to fire off towards Takeshi in response to the kunai that was 'offered' to her. "What are you going to gain from this?" She inquired while firing off earth from her hands.

The spiders that he had sent out to draw forth the person that hid within the forests, worked. Unfortunately, he should have prepared himself better when Naru retaliated with two kunai flying his way. Naturally, with Seki and Takeshi both dealing with their own opponent, Daomi was going to have to deal with this one himself, but he couldn't pass up this opportunity to observe and study the girl. Slowly to respond, each kunai struck, tearing through his silken clothing and into his flesh only for the shirt to quickly patch back up and hide the wounds. He looked at the girl, eyes wide and purple tears flowing down his cheeks as he focused his chakra.

Watching the Okumo boy was enough to make her frown, noting that the chakra was racing throug h his body she knew it was time to react as well, and fill up her own arensal with her own chakra… Motioning into a ram handseal a fiery like aura began to build up about her slightly before diminishing, keeping her eyes upon him while every now and then glancing at Shintaro and the newer comer…She didnt know who they were but they all had something in common… " I won't forgive you… Not for all the people you all killed in your first strike!" Naru shouted out… Ready to move into action

It had been funny how Sekisetsu had wanted to cause trouble, mayhem, and alot more other harm in this war since the first time she heard of it. Now that the same kind of chaos she wanted for is walking to her doorstep, she seems to be rather… annoyed that it has. Once Daomi is hit by the Kunai, and Takeshi is throwing his own, this thing seems to become rather real for Sekisetsu… And soon, her anger at this all, seems to sky rocket. The girl ignites with a growl, becoming the closes thing to a sun on the battle field. Her body heat alone makes the temparature of the field rise tens of degrees in temparature. The girls aura lights up the dim morning with flitting sparks of flame, probably leaving little shadow amongst where the Kiri group now stood. As she grimaced, she looked to the man in black, as he had begun his own attack. By process of elimination, it seemed that this man would be her opponent.

He must have realized it as well, because now fire was coming at Seki. That shouldn't be unusual right? Well, Seki wasn't laughing. Especially when she tried to defend the blast. As the attack came in, her scroll unrolled with a sentience paper shouldn't have. Once it had, white smoke plumed from a revealed seal, revealing a large octagonal shield. Should be enough to protect Seki, right? Well… Not really! "OOF!", was shouted as the shield rebounded from the force of impact, smacking her clean in the head, and pushing her back. After the shields resealing, suddenly, Seki could be seen with a bleeding forehead, and a rather ruthless smile. Suddenly, eyes would disappear behind a plume of blackish green smoke. From the, this same girls form was hidden in an explosive of green flames. A cocoon of sorts, this girl was left to change inside. After the flames died down, Takeshi would probably be the only one to know /exactly/ what this new form was. Currently, it was mean, and hand sealing… Exhaling a large green fire ball, and attacking this black forms chakra system with little forgiveness.

When the fireball collides with Shintaro, he seems to dissipate in flames. Standing about five feet back and to the side of where he just was, the Nara chuckles a bit, his hands moving through seals as shadows begin to crawl up his body, creating an outer shell out shadow over his entire body as his shadow shifts, joining with all in its reach to create a huge radius of shadow around him. So far, he doesn't seem to know he is taken into a link where Genjutsu would be able to pierce into his mind. As he continues to move his hands through seals, his shadow begins to creep toward Sekisetsu, intending to latch onto her shadow and freeze her in place.

Yes, the beautiful symphony of battle begins as the earth starts to fly, the shadows form and the spiders bite. This was what he lived for, the adrenaline, the battle, the blood and gore. It was time to fight once more. Something he will never forget how to do. As the hollow earth bullets slam against him, some simply hit him, shattering into dust while the others hit the chair behind him and utterly destroy it. Brushing off the robes however, he strides forward.
"Well that tickled. Good to see you again too." Little did she realize, he had been using that time to meditate. Now it was time to meditate upon kicking some arse.

Itami hadn't known that he was meditating in between their exchange and so she's left a bit confused on why things have ceased. With the temporary lull, she looked about the area to see how the rest of the fights were going. It's only now that she realizes that she's being held up in her task. She needs to find someone, but she isn't sure if this person was around here. It's a slim chance, though. She sighs and looks back at Takeshi. "You still haven't answered my question. What will you gain out of this?"

Daomi stared at the girl with a blank expression as she shouted out her rantings. It was understandable for her to be upset, he guesses, but he was not there during the strike nor does he agree with the war. As a genin for Kiri however, he would never voice such an opinion outloud and has only told one other person. Someone in hindsight, he shouldn't have.
With Naru looking for blood, this wasn't something he was going to be able to talk himself out of this time. "Prepare yourself then." The Okumo didn't make a move, instead his clothing began to rustle and move about wildly until suddenly swarms and swarms of spiders came flooding out of his pant legs rushing towards the uchiha, each one climbing over the other in an attempt to get to their target first. They were hungry and it showed. At the same time more purple tears flowed down his face, the tear sacs being engorged to more then what they could contain and his chakra extended outwards.

Naru was definitely heated… Though she had a break fro mthe previous battle she could feel it, the feeling of hate rushing through her body as her blood began to boil…. These were the same people that killed her comrades… And suddenly for the first first time of her life she felt the urge to kill… Seeing that Daomi accepted her challenge she began to focus on him, the rest of the battles were hard to note yet she still maintained eyesight of Daomi… Each time the spiders leech and ate against her flesh her body would explode into a log of smoke, only to reappear out of the attacks and away from the spiders…

" You will be the first shinobi… I will kill!" She shouts out, launching herself into the air above him, from her arm guard she chucks out another kunai in his direction before motioning through the hand seals ending on tiger. " Fire Style! Fire Bullet Barrage!" from her mouth she exhales a mass of fire bullets honning in rapidily in his direction…

Only one inch away… Seki was literally one inch away from being totally being out of range of this man's shadow. The moment she had begun sealing, an image of her body metamorphing, was being sent to Shintaro's mind. However, when the shadow had touched her own, the image went to a blur, and rendered the young blond to be immobilized by the Nara Hidenjutsu. "…What th — Hey!! I can' — How… Let me loose!! Let me — Orrrraaaa!!!" The small girls growling seemed timed with the ever presence of heat which seemed to suddenly push and move against the shadow around her. Her Chakra was struggling, just as Seki had, and reacting to the girl's large spikes in emotion. Shintaro better hold on to that seal… because if Seki ever got loose…

"Be silent, child," Shintaro growls out, holding the girl with his shadow. "Give in to the darkness, and your death will be much more peaceful." While Sekisetsu struggles to break free from the binds, she is far from safe. From the front of the mask, two fireballs are spit in succession her way, intending to burn her to a crisp where she stands.

Takeshi shrugs, "Hell if I know, I just go where they make me and destory things until they tell us to stop fighting. Kaguya way and all that." He pauses, "Not really, I'm mostly here just because I'm guarding the bridge. Wars are awful, but oh well, they happen." He looks over at Sekisetsu and turns back to Itami, "Hold that thought for a second won't you?"
Then he's gone and standing before sekisetsu, an arm going around to grab her shoulder as he steps to the side of the flame, pulling her along with him. A whistle is given as the first one ends, "Thas'a spicy meatball'a." But the last stream, oh she'd be unharmed, but hell if she wasn't getting a wake up call from her caring uncle. A kick sends her through the tail end of the fire quickly and skidding along the ground, "I taught you better! Get up and wallop him girl! Niyami will have my ass if you die here!"

Itami was a bit miffed at having to hold her thought, but she maintained herself and waited patiently. In the meantime, she watched the spectacle of a girl who was saved…and subsequently kicked through a fire. She didn't understand what was going on all that well between the two of them. What she was seeing was just one large scuffle. She lifted a hand to her head and rubbed it gently.
Her attention turned to the fire breathing guy. Something seemed off about him, if only because he seemed to be holding a great deal of tension around here. She knows the war is bad, but this seemed to be something of another level.

"You're going to kill me?" Daomi tilted his head and peered at the girl with curiousity as she leaped through the air. At first, it appeared as if he was going to simply take the kunai once again as he had the previous times, but as the weapon hit the target it disappeared in a poof of smoke. "I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor." The okumo said walking back into view, only to have to defend himself from a barrage of fire. Which missed its mark as the wraith like child vanished and appeared a few feet off. Daomi focused his chakra and went through some handseals, "It seems my own spiders aren't doing the trick." With that, a few spiders began to crawl from behind shrugs and out from leaves, crawling over the ground and down the bark toward the Uchiha. Meeting up with others until they formed a massive swarm of rolling black that moved toward its mark. If that wasn't enough, spiders even began to fall from the sky, attached to webbing as they went to trap Naru from all sides.

Caught off guard? And what was with his movement? She watched carefully as her Kunai once again had missed its mark, and even more so was his interesting technique… he seemed to vanish out of thin air of her attack, the fire from her jutsu coated the ground instead leaving her at a disadvantage… " Damn it.." Naru cursed under her breath as she quickly motioned to look around, noting that he had reappeared not to far away from her…. She was panting, tireless but she had no idea what would happen next… She knew she was burning in a fit of rage though… She wasn't able to catch him with her strongest techniques…. Was she outmatched…

"Wish me the best of luck? Are you mocking me?!" Naru shouted back out towards him, pulling up a shruiken from her puch until something had caught her attention… she noted omre and more spiders moving in on her direction, and with so many of them coming at her at an alarming rate, it made it difficult for her to escape, feeling htem move along her flesh and sapping away at her energy…She dropped her shuriken and found herself pushed into a fit of fear, even more so with the spiders above her began to rain down on top of her…

"Ahh!" Naru screamed, quickly buckling to the ground as she found herself motioning into fetal position, simply clinging to her legs as they continued to encircle her… She thought to herself however, " Is he really going to defeat me… Just like this? I can't die here… Not yet…. Not Yet!" It was then her body began to burn with clarity… most of her strength was sapped away but Naru could see clearer now.. " I can see him…clearer?" She whispers quietly under her breath, kicking a strong foot in the ground she attempted to rush at him quickly. " I'm not going to let you kill me! Naru proclaimed, her eyes, burning red while single tomoes began to form in each eye, she rushed, shrugging off the spiders as they slightly began to fade off of her, while motioning through the hand seals she parried off a double fire technique… "Katon! Bakuhatsu No Jutsu!" Out from her mouth was a moderately sized ball of fire, concetrated together to slam into his form… and then another right after the first!

"Bite me, butt-wipe!!", was shouted with all the tart of a lemon, and a disposition just a sour. Meanwhile, rays of heat seemed to push out from beyond the girls aura, causing the shadows around her to thin even more, loosening there hold. Seki's body wiggled, and wrestled like a child posssessed, her hate for this man alone seeming to drive her into a frenzy. Pools of smoke where eyes should be, seemed to plume more and glow brighter. Her fiery tale went into hysteric, lashing to and froe without guid or purpose. And heat from her Chakra's spread seemed to began to /burn/ and scorch everything about her. And yet, she was still stuck, probably doomed to suffer an ironic fate of being burned alive.

Her smoke voids widened at the mere sight of flame once again shooting at her. This was going to hurt. She knew it had hurt others when /she/ use flame. How much it, she never really looked into? Well… maybe if she squinted her eyes real hard, it might not hurt so bad. Well, once she had squinted those eyes, it wouldn't be a front impact from flame she'd feel. First it would be the loving arm of a relative, caressing her and pulling her out of range. "Ojii-chan!!", was said with a smile. Then before she knew, she'd feel the size 10 of a hateful and incompassionate sensei, shoving her forward at high speeds, and further out of danger. Didn't mean it was all fine.

"Waaaaahhhhh!!", could be heard as a foot sent her flying through and pass the the second round of attack. Her hair was blown back, as the girl would go tumbling down the bridge until she was dizzy. As the girl came to rest on her feet, many unchildlike curses could be heard being spoutted from her mouth. "You don't kick the people you love, ya prune eatin' bastard!!", was said with a fist shake. Meanwhile, Sekisetsu will probably notice a foot print on the back of her dress. She'd come to a stand, still slightly dizzy but obviously looking for Shintaro…

Watching the Kaguya kick Sekisetsu away from his fireball, Shintaro emits a low 'hmm'. Perhaps he should take a different approach to this. "What's the matter, child?" his growling voice rings out as steps back into the shadows. "You have to have your grandpa take care of you? Find me when you can stand on your own two legs." With that, he begins to encompass himself in the shadows of the forest in the night, intending to disappear into them and make Sekisetsu give chase, at least enough to keep her from taking out Naru.

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