Scroll of Sacred Secrets: Koseitama vs. Kiku


Koseitama, Kiku

Date: November 29, 2012


For most in the exams, the scrolls are a means of proving they are worthy of the next rank. For some, though, the scrolls are…more important?

"Second Promotion Exams - Scroll of Sacred Secrets: Koseitama vs. Kiku"

Ruins [Land of Water]


This place stands as a relic of what was once a great civilization, now gone. All that remains of them is this stone city. Several buildings of varying heights stand, all mainly set along what would be a main street, though there are a few set off for other winding streets through the area. Most of the buildings have vines and other vegetation growing up around them, uninhabited for ages and thus unkept. This place would make a valuable campsite area for anyone looking to hide out.


"Dadada-dadada-dahn-dahn, dadada-dadada-dahn-dahn, dahn-dadaaaaa~!"
Koseitama moves swiftly through the shadows of the old ruins. She leans back against a huge pillar, peers cautiously around it, then takes off at a low run. She dives and rolls behind some fallen stone blocks, then pokes her head up just enough to scan the area. Really, she's being so awesomely cool and stealthy you'd never know she was there at all if it weren't for the epic themesong announcing her presence to the audience.
Y'know, the one coming from her mouth.

In the center of the ruin, is a young woman in a light set of armor. Of course, given that there's somebody singing their theme song, rather loudly, the woman doesn't move. Mostly just that she's waiting for said singer to move closer before she makes her move. Kiku Kaguya, a fighter with three separate styles, waits for her prey. There's a small sigh from her lips. This could be her last chance to get a scroll for awhile. Her mind slowly sharpens, and her hands reflexively itch as small bones poke out of the skin. For now, tis a waiting game as her chakra builds up in her.

"It's time for adventure!" Koseitama vaults over the stone block and dashes out into the open. "Koseitama-sensei, explorer of ancient civilizations and discoverer of fabled treasures, will seek out the truth and defeat the agents of the evil empire!" DRAMATIC SIDEWAYS POINTING POSE!!! …Oh hey, there's actually someone else here. :o "Aha! Your uniform clearly marks you as a pawn of darkness!" Koseitama's chakra spikes, and her necklace brooch glows a faint green. "Surrender the Scroll of Sacred Knowledge that you stole, or face the consequences!" >D

Kiku sighs a bit, and stands up. She takes a deep breath for a moment, and focuses. She turns around, and a bone plate slides out from under her left eye. The symbol for fear etches itself into the bone. "Maybe you should suffer.", she states calmly. From the center of Kiku's left eye, three dark shapes come spinning out of it. They start to spin more and more rapidly as they move towards Kose. Just what does the Kose see? The illusion or three nightmares coming to rip at her? The woman holds her hands out, and one willow blade comes out of her right hand.

Koseitama looks stricken by some invisible horror. "Zounds! The Scroll of Sacred Secrets must have given this fiend the power to summon wraiths from the underworld!" 8O Koseitama holds her arms over her head defensively and drops down to one knee. "Ngh…no…stop…nnnnnnghRAAAAAA!!!" Koseitama suddenly stands up again and flings her arms wide as if throwing off her tormentors. "HA! It takes more than that to break the mighty spirit of Koseitama-sensei! Now, feel the wrath of the secret techniques bestowed upon me by MY discoveries!" Koseitama forms handseals, then breathes out a jet of flame. It shoots off to the side of Kiku, then spirals inward in an attempt to hem her in. Koseitama follows up by spewing a huge ball of flame straight at Kiku.

Kiku takes a deep breath. Her seals activate on her body, but they don't protect her from the flames. She can't move to get out of the firestorm, as it burns her. Then the fireball blasts her out of the firestorm. She takes a deep breath as she comes out. The woman growls a little bit, and then races forward. No more needing to hold back as she rushes in. She spins around, and then a bone plate comes out of her knee. She aims for the temple of Kose, looking to dizzy the woman right away. She spins around, attempting to slash the woman with her willow blade. She growls a bit.

As Kiku rushes in and swings her knee in midair, Koseitama suddenly whips backwards with a rush of air. She lands in a backwards arch and attempts to tumble aside, but the bone blade catches her and draws a shallow but long cut along her back. "Hngh! A worthy opponent, I see!" Koseitama regains her footing and draws her arms up in an X formation in front of her. "Let us see how you handle the piercing winds of JUSTICE!" One arm and then the other sweeps outward, sending scythes of wind chakra at Kiku.

Kiku brings up two bone plates. The first one takes the winds solidly, and holds, but the second one shatters, cutting her deeply. The woman looks like she's having a hard time standing, but she's not breathing very hard. She mutters a few times. "Why did they talk me into doing this damn exam. My skills aren't up there yet…All my jutsus are just too weak right now.", she growls. The woman takes a moment to take a deep breath. Her mind focuses a bit, as a bone shard comes out. She sighs a bit, and throws it out. When it hits the ground, it explodes out. Hopefully the seal inside will help a certain overenergetic ninja take a nap…

Koseitama's eyes narrow at the incoming shard. "A devious trick, no doubt!" Koseitama forms a few seals, and suddenly a vortex of wind forms around her. The smoke from the bone shard seal is quickly whipped up into the wind and blasted up and away from the battlefield. Koseitama continues her seals, and a howling funnel of wind pelts down at Kiku to plaster her against the ground. "Surrender the Scroll of Sacred Secrets, minion of darkness, and you will be spared further punishment!" >P

Kiku tries to dance out of the way, but the wind blast is too strong. It knocks her to the ground, and bounces her off it for a second, stunning her. The woman yells out, trying to hold onto her scroll, but knows in the end, its ultimately hopeless. The woman takes several deep breaths, as she clutches it tightly.

The wind blows down on Kiku unrelentingly. It tugs at the scroll, almost seeming to be actively trying to pry it from her grasp…in fact, it is! The wind forms into a clone of Koseitama with its hands wrapped tightly around the scroll, and it finally heaves the thing from Kiku's grasp. >.< "Justice is triumphant!" Koseitama proclaims as her clone trots over and delivers the scroll. "The Scroll of Sacred Secrets will no longer be used by evil hands! And now…Koseitama-sensei, AWAY!" Koseitama leaps off into the forest in a dramatic hero exit.

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