Sealed Fate


Rockpath (emitter), Kazumi, Hige, Naruko, Tsukino, Kiyoshi

Date: February 6, 2015


Kirigakure and Konohagakure are after the same man. One wants him dead for the information he holds, and the other wants to capture him to learn it all.

"Sealed Fate"

Near Border of Land of Fire and Land of Water (Coast)

A person that both Kirigakure and Konohagakure sought after for completely different reasons. For Kiri, the man on the run was an experiment. For Konoha, it was a man that should be killed. He knew many of their secrets, though the how was never revealed. He wasn't supposed to be a difficult target, though. The village had him classified as a C rank criminal. The information he stole, though, was priceless. His abilities were what Kirigakure considered valuable, though the documents would also be of use. Ammo against Konoha, what more could you want?
The man's name was Toujitakumi Kinomaru, a man formerly of Iwagakure. He was kicked out of the Explosion Corps due to 'unsafe business practices'. A mask covered half of his face, and a scratched out headband bearing the Stone Village's symbol hung at his side while the Konoha protector was tied around his forehead. Paths marked that he was traveling Eastward towards the docks.

This was one of those missions where Kazumi wasn't positive on the reasons he was sent, of all people, but it wasn't something to complain about. Certainly something Yoichi had requested in order to see the pink-haired boy's determination. So here he was, a slight shake of nervousness in his hands but a straight back and attentive gaze.
'Be careful not to get blown up, please. Your face isn't exactly attractive as it is.'
A small droplet of sweat trickled down his temple as he heard the voice in the back of his head, but he refrained from verbally responding as he considered what the objective was.

Hige had answered the call of the mission as he often did, packing and immediately speeding along with whatever other group had been assembled for the task. Konsho is with him of course, the nin-pup at his side as they travel the long and winding road to wherever the hell they're going…and however they're getting there. Regardless the Inuzuka boy is ready to take down their intended target. Really, how hard could it be?

Naruko wasn't really into…killing people per say. But she could beat the guy down and bring him back to konoha almost safe and sound… That was just as good right? it wasn't often that the young Uzumaki did missions for Konoha but with her extended stay she found herself lumped up in a mission. Nothing to complicated. Just take out a C rank target and go back home. Naruko followed closely behind Hige as they traveled along, her nose hung in the air with the hopes of catching any unfamiliar scents. "Hopefully we can just put this guy in a bag and head home.."

Tsukino had rarely been asked on missions the last few months due to the Silence's sudden activity and Daisuke was making sure she had security around her. But today she had heard of a need for another body on a mission and had slipped herr bodyguards. The uzumaki princess left her hair to fall freely down her back, bright and trademark red so long it brushed the back of her knees. She followed along with the others, a smile on her face as she moved. She was not used to dealing with criminals and knew that if she was hurt again on a mission kenta might not let her leave the hospital again… Still she was along for the riide.

Kiyoshi almost felt sorry for the target. Almost. For Kazumi's sake the moss-haired giant pushed aside his pacifist tendacies to ensure the success of the mission, and the continued existance of his comrades. Though he sensed Kazumi's nervousness, Kiyoshi could only keep an eye on his fellow Jinchuuriki, seeing as how moving kind of made things to difficult and doing so quietly made things difficult.
Aside from that, he shadowed Kazumi while keeping his senses alert for any signs of their target or traps. The explosive corps had a reputation, after all.

Together, Naruko and Hige's senses would help them find the exact path that Kinomaru took. It would lead them along a river, as the man had apparently been trying to cover his tracks knowing Inuzuka could be after him. A few broken twigs might be noticed here and there as Kazumi and Kiyoshi traveled, though it was Kiyoshi who managed to find the man's trail first. Eventually, both Kiri and Konoha shinobi would meet along the river with the Konoha team just a bit behind their enemies. It was along the border, though, so whose rightful prey it was is a bit… up in the air. Kino, for his part, knows people are after him. The man has placed explosive tags behind him in wait for those who might follow, and an unlucky mis-step could trigger them.

It's a little difficult to lead a mission when your skills are less than those following you, but other than a slight sweatdrop when the path is pointed out to him, he takes it quite in stride. He follows after, trying to keep his attention sharp as they walk along. With directions given from the other male, they finally make it to the river… and at first, Kazumi doesn't even notice the other team. That is, until he hears a 'Hmm…' in the back of his head. His head turns and he frowns slightly. That's… not good. "Is he close, Kiyoshi-san?" It's a quiet question, no stutter, but the tone definitely saying it's the boy and not the 'other'.

"I don't know Naruko," Hige says with a glance back at her. "They seemed pretty intent on having him dead." Of course if they really wanted him dead they would've sent ANBU but, well, Hige wasn't going to risk himself or any other Konoha nin by trying to capture the man if that would prove more difficult. Not that he was in charge or anything. "If he gives up we can take him maybe?" Konsho gives a soft yip in agreement as they continue along. Once they catch the scent the boys mouth tightens into a bit of a grimace. Well, it's what he was here for as a member of the Delta Clan. "You sense anything?" He asks over his shoulder.

"A trail," Naruko perks back up to Hige, turning back to face Tsukino. She overs her a light smile…after all it had been quite some time since she had last interacted with the Princess. Oh so long ago… Naruko then rubs a finger along her cheek, curiosity getting the best of her as she began to lead the way. her intentions were to move further and hopefully get a stronger lead of the person they were trying to catch. "We just need to keep going… I'm almost sure we will run into him,"

Tsukino was.. in a word.. clueless. About the path and just what she had volunteered for. She was the last to notice the Kirigakure shinobi at the river… And when she did she paused, watching them with a hesitation in her movements. She sidestepped, watching the Kiri shinobi with a wary yet curious expression… She had grown up int he Land of Whirlpools (and she still wore the spiral hitai-ate on her forehead) and they had dealings with the land of Water, but she had never met a Mist nin before… It was enough of a distraction for the princess to trip one of the wires. She had a second's warning, the scent of fire, before she let out a short yelp and ducked as the tag she'd triggered exploded. She took some minor burn damage along her leg but mostly she was just embarassed… Her cheeks matched her hair. Well, now the Kiri nin knew they were there. Sheepishly she looked at Naruko and Hige…

Kiyoshi resists grinning after making the course correction, though with great difficulty. He couldn't always play officer morale, but he would try his best when allowed. Kazumi needed the morale booster that the mission promised with success. Albeit that is assuming he's able to give the right orders, and nothing too bad happens…
That depressing thought aside, the two make the river quickly. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as if they were the only ones on the hunt, assuming that explosion earlier meant anything more than an unlucky squirrel. "Mm… Not as close enough, but still.. if we keep it up we'll catch up to him. But.. He's prolly more than aware of pursuit." Kiyoshi says before turning away from the general direction their target seemed to be going to regard Kazumi. If they had just one more member… He shook his head.
"Either way, its up to.. Kazumi-san. One of us can hide and wait here to make sure no one catches up, or.. we go on. Chances are he might get over confident and think that explosion slowed down his pursuers."

The explosions alert Kinomaru to the presence of others… He frowns. He thought he had more time, but apparently not. A quick burst of chakra focused behind him, and he can sense two individuals traveling. It takes a moment of standing still and focusing, but eventually he aims, performs the handseals, and fires two bolts of lightning at Kiyoshi and Kazumi. ZAP. ZAP. Can't afford to get caught. He doesn't have employers right now, but he has valuable information. And he'd rather barter with it than give it away for free.

COMBAT: Kazumi defends against RAIKOUHIRA(26) attack from Rockpath with a TENSE…8

Kazumi considered his partner's words and turned his head back around to regard him. "The problem with that idea… is obviously I can't find him myself," he utters, that sweatdrop coming back. "If I stay behind… I won't slow anyone down terribly much." Of course, as he's saying this, he doesn't realize there's lightning coming at him… As a result, he's caught by the spark and falls to a knee, twitching slightly. He can only hope Kiyoshi saw where that came from… Of course, they can't be sure if it was a different persuer or if it was Kinomaru. "Looks like there's company," he utters.

"Yeah I smell it too. Let's keep-" Hige cuts off at the explosion and looks back at the poor victim to make sure she's okay before continuing. Well, there goes the element of surprise. The boy turns back around to continue onwards until he gets to the river, Konsho landing next to him as the boy looks around for the person they were after. Wait, who are those other peeps? Accomplices??

This was a moment of pure confusion. Was two teams sent out to catch this guy? Never once did she have to deal with such an annoying problem. A sweat drop trickled down her cheek as she tried to evaluate the situation. What she would do to have a few more members on the squad to lead the way… ? The best war to get information after blowing your cover? Simply just ask. "Hey! You guys want to back off while we finish our mission here?!" Naruko asks the others as she motioned closer, keeping some dangerous distance in case lightning was to be thrown in their direction.

Tsukino winced as Hige looked at her and whispered a soft 'sorry'. She was Not exactly the best example of her peple at the moment. A quick once over of her wound told her it was manageable but annoying so she tried to ignore it. Focus on the mission! Tsukino! You're a princess and the Hokage's girl! Get your act together! Naruko's calling out to the other shinobi team got a hesitation from Tsukino. "Naruko-san… They're from Kirigakure!" The whisper was hushed but Tsukino looked a bit freaked out by the fact.

COMBAT: Kiyoshi defends against RAIKOUHIRA(36) attack from Rockpath with a WHAT-YOU-WILL…50

Kiyoshi grimaces, but couldn't argue with Kazumi's logic. This would be the first time the two worked together, so he only had Kazumi's word when it came to his ability. The crackling of lightning is the only warning the Kirryu gets. Unfortunately, that warning doesn't come in time for either Jinchuuriki. Kiyoshi grounds himself as best as he can, and turns, hoping to catch sight of the general direction of the orb.
No sooner did the thought pass his mind did Naruko called out. Kiyoshi wastes little time in answer questions, but instead pulled out a gas mask and smoke bombs. The latter is thrown in the direction of the group, obscuring sight as well as smell thanks to the blend added to them. By the time the bombs exploded, Kiyoshi has snatched up Kazumi and took off after their target. With luck, they'd be able to cross whatever obstacle and approach unhindered.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against ADVANCED-STEALTH(32) attack from Kiyoshi with a TREMOR-SENSE-II…42
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against ADVANCED-STEALTH(33) attack from Kiyoshi with a TREMOR-SENSE-II…34

Kinomaru sees the smoke bombs erupt, and immediately takes action. Seals are formed quickly, the man getting more of that lightning chakra focused. Then a few movements, and lightning-imbued stars are sent scattering at all the shinobi that are within the smoke. Not even Kiyoshi and Kazumi can hide from his, as the man can feel their footsteps through the ground. Piece of cake! It's a shame that… Well… He's actually not strong enough to do much against them.

The pink-haired teen winced and coughed a bit at the smoke, but resisted making too much noise. He makes a noise of surprise when he's snatched up, though. As a result, he coughs a bit more and starts to form seals when he notices the stars, only to realize Kiyoshi is defending him. "Th-thanks," he utters uncertainly. The uncertainty came from quite suddenly feeling like he was worth something to another person. Kazumi's surprised by the amount of people who are willing to defend or help him. After a small cough, he asks, "Where is the other group?" Once he got some directions, he'd form seals and toss back a couple globs of acid designed to stick.

COMBAT: Hige defends against ADVANCED-STEALTH(33) attack from Kiyoshi with a INUZUKA-SENSES…33
COMBAT: Hige defends against ADVANCED-STEALTH(35) attack from Kiyoshi with a INUZUKA-SENSES…24
COMBAT: Hige defends against LIGHTNING-STARS(24) attack from Rockpath with a EVASION…27
COMBAT: Hige defends against STICKY-ACID(46) attack from Kazumi with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…43
COMBAT: Hige escapes from Kazumi's stun.

Hige eyes the others across the way until the one throws that damn smoke. It messes with his nose and though he's barely able to sniff out one he's lost the other. "Naruko, can you find them?" He calls out, looking back at the girl. The glob of sticky stuff catches him off guard as he turns around in time to see it. Gross. He can't really move much at the moment and so instead he takes out some kunai. He doesn't throw them at the intruders though, but their main target. He can worry about the other two later. He's got some death to deal.

COMBAT: Tsukino defends against ADVANCED-STEALTH(41) attack from Kiyoshi with a PERCEPTION…22
COMBAT: Tsukino defends against ADVANCED-STEALTH(29) attack from Kiyoshi with a PERCEPTION…21
COMBAT: Tsukino defends against LIGHTNING-STARS(22) attack from Rockpath with a UZUMAKI-SEAL-WALL…37

Tsukino lifted her palms suddenly as the lightning came at her, a seal wall thicker than the average wal springing between her hands and opening, blocking the lightning coming her way. She winced at the impact then ran ahead, past Hige toward the target of this mission. "I can't see the Kiri nin, watch out for them!" And as she ran her hands flashed through seals, palm glowing suddenly as she tried to slap him with her hand.. and a paralyzing seal while she was at it… This was followed by another palm seal, blasting a burst of pure chakra at the hopefully paralyzed man.

COMBAT: Kiyoshi defends against LIGHTNING-STAR(37) attack from Rockpath with a WHAT-YOU-WILL…48
COMBAT: Kiyoshi defends against LIGHTNING-STAR(48) attack from Rockpath with a TEMPERED-DESIRES…50
COMBAT: Kiyoshi defends against LIGHTNING-STARS(20) attack from Rockpath with a DODGE…31

"Towards the left." Kiyoshi whispers, managing to chide himself and shift Kazumi briefly out of the way of an attack. He wondered as well if he had been wrong as well. Was it not practically a fashion statement back in Kirigakure? Either way, he had a spare for the acid king, though first he needed to shrug off the tingling sensation of some many lightning projectiles. Another moment wasted when he should've been acting instead. "Grr… We don't have time for this." He growls out as his eyes shift from brown to cereulean. Thoughtlessly, he leaped after Tsukino, meaning to fling the girl back at her allies if he can get his hands on her long enough.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SHARP(18) attack from Hige with a DODGE…22
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SHARP(19) attack from Hige with a DODGE…22
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against NORTHERN HEAVENS SEAL(38) attack from Tsukino with a EARTH BARRIER…22
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SOUTHERN HEAVENS SEAL(38) attack from Tsukino with a EARTH BARRIER…20

Kinomaru watches as destruction takes place. It was a bit odd to see people fighting over him… You'd think they'd work together to take him down, but apparently he's not that important. Though it does look like he can be pretty much free! Oh wait, there's a red-head chasing after him! He tries to run, able to dodge the kunai that Hige threw at him, but the attempt to block the seals fails hard, and he ends up getting paralyzed and a bit too tired for his comfort. Dang kunoichi are so sneaky… The man just ends up sitting there waiting for his doom, which comes in the form of… another seal! This one ends up knocking him unconscious somehow (it was a really well-targeted attack or something). And now… who the heck is it that gets the target?

Tsukino watched with a sinking dread as both her seals landed, knocking the man out cold. She bit her lip, glancing back at her comrades and then toward the Kiri nin. She was closest and she had failed heavily today… But she was also aware of just how damning the documents could be… She quickly searched the man's body for them and sealed them into a scroll before she drew a kunai. Her hand trembled, her heart threatened to beat out of her chest… She.. did not want to.. But she had no time! What if the Kiri nin got closer?! they were monsters and stronger than she was for certain.. And Naruko wasn't from Konoha.. Hige was a genin.. This was her responsibility…. She bit through her lip as the Kunai descended into his jugular vein, sending a spray of blood back at her, but hopefully she ended his life quickly.. "Forgive me…"

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