Unholy Alliances - Sealing of the Light


Usagi, Naru, Taiki

Date: December 22, 2012


After the Chuunin Exams the entourage of Konoha shinobi are ambushed at the docks by a unknown shinobi presumably allied with the Recluse and Uchiha Natsuko's organization. While the assailant was defeated, it wasn't until he planted a seal on Narusegawa's body… sealing away her eyes from the light.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Unholy Alliances - Sealing of the Light"

Land of Water - Docks

It was finally time to leave Kirigakure for good. Leave back the dreaded exams and a village that many people still had fresh wounds from. Narusegawa was upon the many that felt comfortable leaving the not so safe walls of Kirigakure as they made trek towards the docks. Due to the amount wounded being escorted it took some time for them to have their own ferry back to the Land of Fire… It was about mid day, the lingering mists continued to obscure most of the pathway despite a few signs pointed off to the side to guide them to the docks, it was perhaps a little uneasy with the entourage that was venturing the land as of currently. Narusegawa herself was adorned in a black casual kimono, attempting to keep herself clothed up until her wound had completely healed. Walking to the docks had actually caused a few of her wounds to reopen, but it was a necessary task if they didn't want to be trapped in Kirigakure. " Hopefully…this won't take long," Narusegawa whispered to the group as she winced with each step. "This is…the worst walk ever,"

Taiki nods as he walks up alongside of Naru. At Taiki's request of his partner, and his insistence toward his genin, Ryo was riding on the back of Shinobu, leaving the guards free for whatever they needed. Ryo would be sat down on the ship, but in the meantime Nozomi was right alongside of Taiki. "I'm sorry Naru," he says quietly before looking back at Shinobu, "But Ryo currently has more problems walking than you do. If needs be though, a couple of the guards can carry you on a stretcher?" Though no longer injured himself, Taiki volunteered to lead the injured back, especially since Ryo was in such bad shape. This way the team got to stay together.

Usagi is not far behind , her gaze kept in a direction they're not watching as she listens in. "I'll help if I need also" She looks at the two briefly to see what they wanted of her, then back to the surrounding area. She sighs softly and looks back towards the docks. "Glad we're leaving though…"

"Unfortunately being on a stretcher like that can pose to be absolutely embarrassing… I'm sure that I can persevere a bit longer, so try not to worry about me too much… This is just unpleasant," Narusgawa explained, a half annoyed sweat drop trickling down her cheek as she kept forward with her steps. Things appeared to be moving along pretty nicely, at least that was how Naru felt. With the guards motioned about them she was pretty content with the amount of security. "You really have put those resources to good use haven't you?" She asked Taiki, in reference to the sortie of guards he had clambering about, only made her wonder just how much influence he was building up.

Taiki shrugs as he stops by the gang plank to the ship and turns to face the rest of the people. "A few words in the ears of the right people about how someone of my stature under threat of dubious organizations with no show of public support from the clan would look very bad for the clan. That and Kenichi'sama called in a favor. As I said, that I'm producing results where they didn't expect any also works to my advantage. Clan politics at its finest," he says before waving the guards to get the wounded on board. His star was rising, in some ways at least. "So am I," he replies to Usagi's last comment. "This place is most… uncomfortable…"

Usagi sighs and nods to Naru. "As you wish" She looks back to the mists, shaking her head slowly. She nods at the use of politics to gain his ends, but she has to say "Just don't become a politician, Taiki. It wouldn't suit you" Before she stands to guard the plank for now. She watches and waits for now, but does close her eyes. "…yea, it is…"

"I suppose that does make the situation a bit easier, I don't think even people in the Uchiha clan are able to summon guards like that… Just goes to show the difference between our clans sometimes… Everything we do is militaristic…" Naru informed with a light shrug of her shoulders, grinning to Usagi's point while resting a hand along her stomach, the pain was still quite there, and fresh as well. " Right, I'm not sure if you would make a good politician Taiki… especially with all that has happened up to now…. Being diplomatic is pretty difficult in times like this,"

Taiki chuckles a little as he watches the people file on board. "I know I've said this before, but the Founders clan is the power behind the throne, so to speak. To be honest, there are two things the Founders are best at as a result: code breaking and politics. I found the lessons I had from age 5 in politics very boring, that's part of why the rest of the Inuzuka started looking at me askance. And in a way, I already said I was being groomed for my dad's old spot, as a diplomat. Truth is, sometimes I find the fact most people don't consider me very political to be a blessing. They never suspect that I understand a tenth of what goes on around me politically, and thus they never really consider me a threat until I've already taken action. Most of the time though, you're both right, I really can never truly be bothered."

Usagi sighs again and shrugs slightly. "I don't blame you….and I think that's why half the Nara men are lazy" She shrugs again and looks over to them. "Ain't that the truth…" Is directed to Taiki's last statement, then she grins at Naru. So far, things were going better, and who knows? She might get a flak jacket when she returns home. She'd have to wait and see, but she was definitely hoping.

"Da da daAAA! You all talk about the most boring things? Being well groomed for politics HA who gives a glow about politics?!" A voice bellowed from within the mists, approaching them from the side of the light forestry. Before them was a very burly man, heavy large, fists the size of barrels. His heavy body filled out the linings of a skin tight jumpsuit. Even his face remained hidden, wrapped up in bandages aside from his beady chocolate eyes, slightly fanged teeth, and a shinning bald head. Slowly he began to approach them, each step thumping against the ground beneath him as he flexed his muscles, chakra forming up about his body. "Don't worry Inuzuka boy, you already had yours. Now have some business to take care of that little Uchiha you've been prancing around with, for quite the penny as well," the burly man explained while cracking his knuckles. " Let me see the girl for a moment before I beat you silly got it? These hands aren't big for no reason,"

"I will be honest with you Taiki-kun…You definitely have proved yourself quite a bet these past few months, even if it doesn't seem like the council or whoever isn't acknowledging you… As your strength grows deep down inside they know you are becoming more capable. You wouldn't have your own team if it was otherwise," Narusegawa informed with a smile, even going as far as peering off at Usagi with a light grin, everyone seemed to be in such good spirits… Until they were interrupted. The burly man who stood before them was someone she had never seen ever. This approach had prompted her to act defensively, taking a step back and focusing chakra into her eyes… her body wouldn't allow her to focus too much however. " You are very foolish to come here by yourself… You should leave while you still have a chance… I'm not sure where to came from or why but this idea you have is quite moronic…" Narusegawa taunted… Of course she was half bluffing, fighting now was a terrible idea for her.

Taiki's head whips around to take a close look at the approaching man. Okay, this guy just seems off. But when he starts speaking about Taiki having his, and now it was Naru's turn, his heart takes a plummet to his feet. This is precisely what he's been worried about since the death of his mother: someone going after his friends. But he realizes this is no joke, and he tries to jar himself out of the fear. "Guards… protect the wounded. Someone get Ryo off of Shinobu's back, and get him aboard… now! I've got this…"

"But Taiki-sama…"

Taiki lets loose a growl even as he takes a battle stance, with Nozomi by his side. "No buts! Do it, now!" Shinobu quickly presents himself to one of the guards, intent on getting the genin removed from his back while Taiki continues to issue orders. "Usagi… protect the ship. Do whatever you need to, just don't let him reach that ship."

As the guards finish getting Ryo off of Taiki's back and dragging him aboard, Shinobu joins with Taiki as they face the man. "If you think for a moment that I'm going to just step aside and let you hurt or kill one of my precious people, then you're even stupider than Naru just said. Leave now, before I rip your head off." The dogs then get down into battle stances as well, ready to spring into action.
COMBAT: Taiki focuses 3000 stamina to turn it into usable chakra!

Usagi didn't even have to look for her shoulders to slump, and a look given upwards as in 'Why did it have to be us, now…'. She shakes her head and turns around slowly, forming the handsign of the rat as her shadow lances out to those around her, connecting to them and extending her reach with the shadows. A smoky mist seems to cover her body, not really concealing anything, but a side effect of the usage of her power. She also focuses some chakra to her system as she looks at the man, raising a brow. "Well, considering he said 'girl', I'd think he'd be more after me than Naru….she's more a woman" Yes, she's arguing semantics at a time like this. But, she also stands in front of the ship, but that does not mean she's out of the fight.

"Nothing but venomous fighting words, the information we gather about the lot of you never appears to change. Don't worry I will make this as quick as possible, you don't want me to smack you around with these hands, can you imagine rocks bleeding?" The man grinned with his fanged teeth curling up those fingers into tightly curled fist. "I'm going to enjoy playing this game. I do have a mission to accomplish but they didn't say I couldn't have a little fun so… HERE WE GO!" The bulky man curls back a fist and thrusts himself forward! Despite his heavy build quickly he was able to close the distance between of two of them aiming a tightly chakra packed punch in their general direction, strong enough to send them soaring back away from the boat with a single swing if hit. " Say cheese!"

Narusegawa didn't stand a chance against the strike before her. Her body was unwilling to move away from the attack, at least not without opening up even more wounds. Things did happen in somewhat slow motion for her though, prompting the Uchiha to manipulate the mist about her and turn it into ribbons of wrapping energy. The defense still failed and she found a mass fist slammed right into her fast, sending her back spinning against the ground and picking up dust. " Of all times…" Naru cursed under her breath attempting to pull herself back up, a single hand reached out towards the burly man, focusing her chakra mixing lightning release with a solidified energy. " Taiki… don't hold back against him we can't allow him to do whatever it is he is trying to do!" Upon those words a brilliant surge of energy escapes her finger tips…Slow but deadly to pierce the man's flesh from a distance.

Taiki and his ninken can see the attack coming long before the guy throws his punch, and with a series of quick handseals he calls out, "Raiton: Raiashinami!" Blinding white light blares out from his feet and hands, allowing him to glide out of harm's way in almost blinding speeds. "Big mistake pall. You're about to see what happens when you push people too far!" That said, he launches forward blindingly fast, his hands extended into lightning claws. Before anyone can blink, Shinobu is up in the air, twisting around as he comes at the man in a lightning charged tsuga. Nozomi, in the meantime, positions herself next to Usagi, appearing to wait for just the right moment…

Usagi remains near the boat, looking down at Nozomi after a few moments. Taiki may or may not realize it, but his lightning was throwing off shadows that she could use….shadows that would do well towards her particular skills. She forms a few handseals, first coming up and trying to put her combined shadows onto the burly man, to restrict his movements and take out his ability to physically function. All from standing in one spot still, as her shadows shift to connect and reform shadows as they form and fade. "This should be good, Nozomi. though if he's able to hurt Naru that much, I think I'll stay over here"

Penetrating the man's defenses wasn't going to be quite the difficult task, after all he appeared to be equipped for handling multiple targets if need be. The spear of lightning simple racked across his flesh without any sign of problems, he merely batted it away as if it were nothing, the second stream of attacks however were a bit more daunting than the predecessor. As Taiki swept from above he reached an hand out to stop the claws of lightning digging into his flesh, it racked and buzzed until finally piercing through the thin solid barrier along his body, though considerably lessened the strength of the blow, there was now a flesh wound. The other attacks weren't so lucky, brushing against his skin and finally he dodged away from the shadow bind, prompting him to be a bit more quick on his feet. " Now that I think about it I don't have a whole lot of time to play with the lot of you… and I know how much Inuzuka boy likes to play," there was a wild grin and finally he was off yet again, in a blink of an eye he was right in front of Taiki, attempting to train a fist right into his gut while exchanged a glance with the Nara. "Cut off the cheap tricks or you will be next on the list, got it kid? " He threatened brutishly until finally having his follow up, his body pushed forward towards Narusegawa, attempting to nab her forcefully by the neck his powerful hands. " Nice…and easy…"

Beating after beating there appeared to be no hope for Naru, at least not within this state of hers. her eyes began to becoming slightly embolden with chakra as she noticed her attack merely wash over him rather than sustaining any sort of damage. It was annoying, though before she could use her next jutsu almost instantly she found her neck locked within the jaws of the burly man, tensing, choking and wobbling within his grasp as she was lifted off the floor. Her fingers laced and attempted to tug him off but now there was absolutely nothing she could do.. She gagged as her air ways began to collapse… Her eye's began to build up with hidden rage yet again… The tomoes slowly but surely melding into her pupils… If she was set free she wasn't going to take any chances.

The lightning dodge jutsu still active, Taiki attempts to avoid the blow to the stomach, only to fall prey to the hard attack. But instead of winding Taiki, it only serves to bright him off. "You get one warning… let her go before I kill you." Nozomi leaves Usagi's side and runs around, prepared to join with Taiki to re-enforce that ultimatum, bringing all three partners close together as Taiki's claws grow longer with lightning arcing along them. Taiki strikes again, this time with the dogs acting as mere distraction. This is a much more powerful version of his previous attack, and evidence that Taiki isn't merely "playing."

"Fine then. No 'tricks'" Usagi shrugs, flipping through several hand seals again before she finishes once more on the rat. From several of the shadows, lances fly from them, literally solidified tendrils of shadow, that are aimed to stab and bind the large man in question, but are definitely avoiding Naru's body at this time. They snake, they coil, and attack from where they can, trying not to leave him with any easy method of escape. She doesn't speak otherwise, but does look towards Naru to see if she's holding out alright. "Right about now would be nice, Taiki…."

The Burly man wasn't able to defend against the attacks. Taiki's speed had made it almost impossible for the man to develop a strong enough barrier about his flesh. Just as easily as before he managed to pierce into his body. While the barrier did help lessen some of the damage it was considerably stronger than the first, causing a deep gash revealing flesh and muscle from the man's body. he didn't scream only grunt as the shadows began to overlap over him, keeping him stiff in place, his hands still clasped along Naru's neck keeping her suspended in air. " You think…this will hold me for long?" The man taunted with a raspy voice, his physical prowess was beginning to tug away at the shadows and keep his hands snug tight along Naru's neck in the process.

Narusegawa truly was holding up, still grasping against his massive hands as she attempted to break free from his gripe. She violently kicked and wiggled about, but it only appeared to strangle herself even more. Her cheeks were quickly becoming blue and even her eyes were becoming more blood shot along the whites of her eyes… Any longer under that gripe and she was quickly going to lose oxygen.. The firm gripe along her throat wasn't going to change until perhaps Usagi made him do so, or Taiki tore off his limbs….

"It doesn't need to," Taiki growls as he jumps back beside Shinobu. Nozomi jumps on top of them both, straddling the pair as Taiki runs through a series of handseals, stopping on "dragon" before calling out, "Jinju Konbi Henge: Fusei Santouro!" A large cloud of smoke envelopes them, and a second later not one, not two, but /three/ growls can be heard from /high/ above. The smoke clears away to reveal a monster of a beast. A triple-headed wolf that stands very tall, all three heads growling at the man. Suddenly both claws lash out at the man's arms, charged with electric claws. This massive beast means business.

Usagi narrows her eyes slowly. "What he said" The shadows binding him coalesce around his throat, trying to return the favor to him as for what he's doing to Naru, while a second tendril lashes out, not trying to attack him directly, but carrying an explosive tag, that would be placed on the far side of his body, relative to Naru. "Let her go, or die" And she says no more, her hand still in the rat to try and maintain this as long as she can.

The attacks that came were relentless, though it wasn't to say that he was ill prepared for this battle, they sent him on this mission for a reason definitely having knowledge for an onslaught of attacks. There was a sly grin from the burly man as he had flexed his muscles, he felt as though he had the leverage to release himself from Usagi's jutsu and that he did. Keeping his position for now he literally tanked the attacks, allowing them each to soak into his skin tight barrier, finally slipping out of the way from the final attack as he still managed to clutch Naru's neck, the man knew if he stuck around any longer however he actually might be in trouble.

" Now, how about I black out those pretty eye's of yours?," The man bluntly speaks there was a slightly glow along his fingers as he tensed his grip along Narusegawa's neck, it appeared as though he was squeezing the life out of her until suddenly dropping her to the floor. smoking exhaust began to emit from around her neck as if someone had put out a fire. With that completely her turns his attention to the two final combatants, training a tightly curled fist into each of their stomachs. " You know what… you guys win this time! How about that?!

It was hard for Naru to determine what was truly happening. As she was being choked she could feel the sudden shift in his chakra, gagging from lack of air had suddenly turned into an immense burning sensation scorching along her neck along with the feeling of someone slowly driving a nail into her flesh. Despite being out of oxygen and gagged and screamed tearing at her vocal chords. The sudden sensation also had other effects, her eyes which were molding into the Mangekyou Sharingan began to fade out, the tomoe's disappearing from her eyes and replaced with a blanket of redness, her vibrant vision had suddenly become a washed in complete darkness. "Ta…Ta-kun…" Narusegawa gasps as she clenches at her throat, lungs pleading for air while she scurried along the ground in confusion. "I…can't see…"

Taiki growls as he is punched, but this massive form doesn't seem to go down easily. Instead it just growls a deep rumbling growl as one of its massive claws swings downward, charged with even more electricity to the point the claws arch with it. The center head then says in a rough, growling voice, "Who hired you and what did you just do to her?" The other two heads snarl, watching the man carefully.

Usagi's eyes narrow slightly, her shadows coalescing around her form and taking the entirety of the blow. She does scoot back a foot, but no harm has come to her. Instead, her shadows again lash out in tendrils to attack the man, trying to 'keep' him there. Information would be good to get out of the man, especially with what was just done. Taiki already asked the pertinent question.

The lightning claw once again didn't appear to do much against him, however the shadows were difficult to get away from, especially with all the fighting that had gone about. As he remained under the Nara's grasp her merely began to channel his chakra, waiting just to see what will happen next. " You should have an idea as to where I come from… I choked her with my own hands until her eyes were ready to pop out of that little head of hers… It will be foolish of you to ask any more questions, the mission is done," The main summarized, he wasn't taking any more questions.

Narusegawa herself slowly began to start slipping away, her breathing had quickly gotten heavy, the blindness matched with the choking and pain along her neck seemed to had been draining away at her gradually, guiding her into a slump along the ground. She was still breathing but her consciousness quickly began to leave away from her, she passed out right then and there, her body becoming chilled to the bone and slightly become pale. At this point she was definitely out for the count and didn't appear to be waking up any time soon…

Taiki growls once more, before the big dog leaps and gently picks up Naru's body, moving her away from the man. The big dog doesn't have anything to put Bully down with, and now has to worry about getting Naru away from him.

That left….well….her. That wasn't going to end well, at least that she could think of. But nonetheless, she was at least going to make a show for herself. "Let's see how you like it, then" And with that, the shadows coalesce around the man's throat, trying to choke him out of it again as she growls softly at him. "And -stay- down"

After the final barrage of attacks from the Nara finally the man began to falter, however in a more interesting way than before. The flesh on his body began to slowly drip and fizzle off of his body, slowly but surely turning into a pile of muck. Taking in so much damage though had finally gotten the man to talk before turning completely in to muck however. " The seal I planted on her was custom tailored to seal away the light from those eye's of hers… At least for now, there is more to it than that but only time will tell…" Just like that he was as good as dead…. Everything appeared to go at least for now…

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