Final Release - Sealing the Seven Tails


Mushi, Red, Michiko (emitter), Sachiko, Naruko

Date: November 1, 2014


Mushi, rushed to the Kumogakure Clinic, has her Bijuu, Chomei, removed by Saito Yuki, an expert on Fuuinjutsu (seals). Those that were already present to help rescue Mushi earlier are in the room and assisting how they can.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Final Release - Sealing the Seven Tails"

Kumogakure Hospital

They had reached the gates of Kumo, and Mushi looks as bad as she ever was. Usually in this instance she'd heal herself, but it's just a waste of her chakra as the wound sucks it in. She's shivering uncontrollably, though the day is warm. And she can feel the seal weakening. If her bijuu Chomei still loathed her it'd be trying to break free, and have done so already. "My bijuu is trying to remain sealed," Mushi says, wiping her brow. But even it has its limits, and soon it will emerge and go into a mindless rampage. At least, that's what it says.
Haggard face, pale skin, her teeth chattering. She soon has her cloak out and she's huddling beneath it. She looks as if she'd aged by ten years, and not in a good way. She eventually ends up biting her lip. She'd go anywhere they led her.

"Hang on, Mushi! We're gonna make sure you're okay." At this stage, Red has even gone to the step of taking off his small coat, revealing the skinny upper body he has underneath. Not that the young boy cares about such looks, who throws it over one of the healer's shoulders in an attempt to keep her warm. Despite the words though, he looks worried. He hates seeing Mushi like this, so frail and sickly. Even her skin is cold to touch, something that feels truly bizarre.
Maroon pupils glance around him, taking in the figures of the surrounding Kumogakure ninja. "Are we there yet?"

Michiko had managed to get the Saito, as Hiei (aka Viper) had called for, and immediately passed out after the dash back to the village. She only got a few minutes of rest, which was hardly enough for her to recover by. Nevertheless, she's determined to wake up when called upon with news of the Jinchuuriki now in the village, and the called-upon seal master ready to go. "Hai…" she mutters, getting up a tad stiffly.
Before her stood Saito Yuki, named for her white hair and pale complexion. The woman was of average height and build, though the paleness of her skin gave her an ethereal appearance. "Iwata-san, you wanted to see me?" she asks serenely. The Chuunin gave a nod, saying, "Sorry to disturb you, but Viper-san called for a skilled Fuuinjutsuist and said to look amongst the Saito. I assume you're the one they sent." She gets up, then, rubbing the exhaustion from her body. "There's a Jinchuuriki. Weakened. We need to somehow remove the Bijuu and seal it in another person or thing before it goes rampant," the girl explains.
"I see… I'll see what I can do," replies the Saito, removing paper from her pouch and starting to note what seals she'll need. A shadow clone forms and immediately dashes off to get the supplies needed as the pair make their way to the weakened Mushi, who was directed into a separate hospital room.

The KRD agent, Viper, had set Mushi down at the entrance and had set off to find some necessary impliments to aid in healing the injured Jinchuu. Sachiko was left to help keep the woman on her feet and would, if actually necessary, carry her herself. The Iga wasn't as weak-muscled as she let on most times. "Good… Tell it to keep doing its best," she murmurs, leading the group toward the hospital and into a room. "Sit… Hopefully that will help you keep your strength a little longer…" As if. The woman sighed, blindfold still in place as she looked toward the door, thankful to see Michiko and the Saito were pretty quick on their feet.

Naruko had done what viper previously asked for. Stay back and make sure the people who had assaulted Mushi was nice, captured and good to go. After which she directly became interested in how the situation was unfolding. Was they too late? Was the Bijuu going to be released within the village? A part of Naruko remained curious yet vigilante, rushing over to meet up with the others along near in the hospital room. "Hey, is she okay?" Naruko asks curiously, trying to move a little closer and investigate things a bit more personally. "What's the situation? Are we going to be in danger? This is a pretty big deal right?"

"Thanks Red, thanks," Mushi says, giving Red a brief one armed hug. "It'll be okay. After this I'll just need to rest a bit." By the time she reaches the hospital she's practically leaning on Sachiko who'd have to half hold her up.
The fuinjutsuist who came might be surprised by one thing: multiple kinds of seals are over and inside Mushi's body, most of them made by Mushi herself. "Get me a piece of paper, too, and pen," Mushi says. And then with a hand now no longer trembling she quickly covers the paper in precise drawings of seals, nine in all, and explains what they do. Most unrelated, but two sealing her bijuu's chakra. Then she huddles back under her cloak, shivering, but explaining not only how the seals function but how she's altered them. Even medical suggestions. The only problem is most of her techniques are different from Yuki's.
Though afterwards she seems to lose her coherence. She just sits there, her eyes closed, and relating an old story on why she made one of the seals. "Crazy Kaguya," she says. "But the baby's alright…so old now…baby sealing technique, hehehe."

Red continues to linger near the healer, the boy reduced to a state of only being able to watch her unravel as quickly as she is. Every now and then he clenches his fist tightly, so tightly that it shakes. Her cousin could never be forgiven for this. Never! "So… Mushi will be all better once the monster is taken out from her stomach?" Red asks the professional sealer, unsure of how all of this stuff really works.
"Please do your best and hurry. She looks super sick at the moment."

"Keep everyone but those I request out of the room. I don't want interruptions for this process," Yuki says sharply, the Saito not wanting to screw up. If she did, it would mean bad news for her village. The woman turned to Mushi, then, giving her a long look over that really only lasted a minute. "Is there anything important you have to tell me?" asks the seal master.
Michiko slides against the wall she has her back against, eyes closing as she relaxes (somewhat). "If Saito-san doesn't seal the Bijuu, then there will be trouble. But hopefully it will go well." She gives a bit of a nod, watching another shadow clone dash out of the room Mushi is held.
Yuki nods to all the information, studying the various seals Mushi had created for the specific purpose of sealing the Bijuu the most. "Hmm… Looks like I have to get to work, then." Several shadow clones are created, and all of them set to work quickly. The one who dashed out was tasked with retrieving the sacred artifact from Viper, who was (Assumedly) on his way to get it while the other copies formed seal upon seal. All was mostly setup, but a few were meant to strengthen the already-placed seals on Mushi's body. "Don't worry, boy, I won't let anything bad happen," she tells Red, brow furrowed in concentration.

Sachiko listens to everything the Jinchuuriki says, her brows furrowing slightly at the end there. Baby sealing…? Strange… Which reminds her that her own son is with his grandparents. Gulping slightly, she fidgets in place. Then her attention turns to the two sort of crowding the woman. "Try to stay out of the way," she remarks to Red as gently as she can manage. She doesn't want to tell him to leave Mushi's side, but to Naruko, she murmurs, "If you want to be that close, stay to the opposite side as the Saito, all right?" Just so as not to disturb her. Sachiko only said these things at all because she felt… a strange sense of responsibility, being the oldest resident of Kumogakure that was part of the group that saved Mushi and Red…

"Hai, I won't stay too close," Naruko relates to Sachiko, gesturing a wave of her hand while she tried to reach out and take a hold of Red by his shoulder. "Hey, Red was it? Want to stand next to me? We have to let Yuki-san take things from here. We have the best of the best here in Kumogakure so you shouldn't worry. There isn't anywhere else better than here," Naruko attempted to comfort him, her expression lingers to see how the process unfolds.

"The last time the bijuu was released was in my country," Mushi says, and looks at Red. "It killed hundreds. We finally stopped it, by sealing it inside me. But this bijuu will go wild again if it's unsealed. Before that happens, Yuki is going to seal it up. It's a risky procedure…but if we don't try, it's sure to go bad. So mind what they say. They're nice ladies."
She looks to Yuki, when she asks if she has anything important to say. She pauses, and then says, "Yeah…but Red. Channel chakra into that feather. In an hour. It'll call Kirameki. And when she does, ask her to bring Kuoroke-senpai here. He's a useful guy. Uh…and my Center. Tokio and some others know what I am. And the Waterfall…my cousin acted independently, or so he said. And Kiri…oh wait, never mind them. It's their fault if one of the Seven can be pancaked in one shot…"

"O…okay." Red gulps a little bit as he's pulled aside, putting some distance between himself and Mushi. With Naruko's hand on his shoulder, he just looks to the healer with a forlorn expression. At the instructions, he seems to nod quickly and without question, taking the orders on the chin. "Right! I'll do that." Fumbling around in his bag, the youngster withdraws the feather. Ready for the hour to pass, so he can start fuelling chakra into it.

Yuki watches as her clones all set up various seals around Mushi. They should strengthen the ones already on Mushi, so now all they had to do was wait. In the meantime, she sends chakra through what has simply been prepped, threads of chakra surrounding Mushi's body. They don't have any draining effect, which was a slight modification to what the original technique was, but they /do/ hold Mushi down in case something bad were to happen. "Just a few more minutes…" she murmurs to herself, sensing where the one shadow clone is with Viper. It had met up with the KRD agent, and the two are traveling back to the village even as this process is going on.

The redhead nodded to Naruko, thankful for her cooperation despite Sachiko maybe overstepping her bounds. She was just a villager, after all… technically the shinobi held more power than her, even Genin. When Mushi mentions Kuoroke, the woman makes a bit of a face. Fantastic… Just what she needed. The Iga's hand rises to rub the back of her head as she shifts to stand back, by the door. Sure… she wasn't a missing nin anymore, apparently, but that didn't mean her and the Kuroki got along any better.

Naruko didn't really relate to what Mushi was talking about, but she did hope that such e vents wouldn't come to their own village. Hundreds of deaths? Naruko was goign to do everything she could to prevent that from happening, so far though everything seemed to be going well. "See, no problem at all. Just need to sit tight…" Naruko whispers softly, not really having much else to say, instead she simply retained some silence so that Yuki may concentrate.

"One more thing," Mushi says. "It wasn't hard to seal it because it fights. It flees. It flies. You'll want trackers ready, people with great speed. If things go bad, the best bet is to try and destroy its wings."
Mushi stares at Yuki's shadow clones. They're coordinating the healing process. "Why didn't I think of that?" she asks, and then she hangs her head in embarrassment. Or maybe not embarrassment…exhaustion has finally gotten the better of her. She's slumped on the ground before the chakra threads are even attached. She closes her eyes and says, "Just need to rest a bit, Toshiro."
It's strange…the extraction of this bijuu. One would expect thunderous jutsu, screams, and roars. A ground shaking battle. But it's quiet, almost silent. More as if it's a normal procedure than a life or death moment.

"Are the healers going to fix her from freezing like she is?" Red asks, watching the Shadow Clone spring to life and start preparing for the healing process. He's obviously way out of his depth, unaware of what the absolute complications are with bijuu extraction and what that means for the host. "Get plenty of rest, Mushi!" He calls out, watching as she dozes off. "I'll make sure you get right again."

The clone finally comes in carrying the Amber Purifying Pot, or the Kohaku no Jouhei. The pot itself is amber in color. A thick rope wraps around the top, and a stylized kanji for 'lightning' is painted on it. Yuki looks a strange mixed of relieved and worried. "Good, they made it…" She takes the pot, clones disappearing left and right as she begins to gather chakra. It's a large amount of chakra she gathers, too. Yuki's whole form seems to shimmer from the chakra she's gathering in preparation for the sealing process, and the surrounding atmosphere gets dense.
Another medic comes into the room, this one meant exclusively for healing. It was another jounin-level shinobi. He was here to back up Yuki, the man setting about healing Mushi as best he can with that wound of hers. "Dang… Is there any way to reverse the draining effect on this injury?" he asks Mushi, though the man is immediately hushed by Yuki as she focuses.

Sachiko gulps as she stands there, turning her head as if to look at the pot as it comes in, despite her lack of sight thanks to the cloth. She then fidgets as the air becomes dense with the chakra. She could hear it, thanks to one of her disembodied ears tucked away in her clothing. Something she always had on her to help her catch things like this, usually. It was somewhat overwhelming and the Iga leans against the wall, letting herself slowly slide to the floor.

Naruko sat back to let the professionals do their work. Any word out of her mouth could hav easily let to some distraction and unceessary chit-chat. Instead she merely leans back against a wall as well, some distance away from Red so that he my have sime space to look over Mushi from afar. "Everything is going okay, right?" Naruko akss herself under her breath, not sure what to expect as of yet.

Mushi is severely drained of chakra. The first seal, the A-rank seal, is completely gone. And the S-rank seal applied by another person is fading fast. If Chomei wished to be released it'd be child's play at this point to emerge, which says one good thing for the demon that is possibly about to kill everyone in the room.
"Heal…physically, yeah," Mushi says to the medic. "Chakra…to reverse it…no. Maybe Kuoroke. Maybe true love's fi…uh, a kiss." Well, he could always try. Mushi closes her eyes, cold out now.

The giant pot is gawked at by Red too, the youngster unsure what the heck it is! He doesn't shout or holler though, instead just remaining as quiet as possible. He sniffles his nose idly, curious on how this procedure is going to work exactly. Anxiously, he looks around to those around him. It seemed increasingly like this was a big deal, considering the amount of effort made by those around him.

Yuki grips the pot herself, now, and starts to send chakra into it. Slowly at first, but more and more as it demands so much effort. The pot is set before Mushi's weakening form, and the jounin healer pressing his hand to the Jinchuuriki. "Ready," he says, not bothering to try an kiss Mushi. He doesn't believe that nonsense…. "Okay," says Yuki. She makes a handseal, and the pot uncovers itself of its own accord, immediately starting to draw in the Bijuu. Yuki's already pale face turns whiter as her chakra is drawn upon rapidly, but she manages to keep the sealing technique going.

Sachiko observes in her own way, gulping slightly as everything happens. Yuki doesn't seem to be doing very well… and she's starting to get very concerned. Before they started, she should have asked if multiple chakras could be given to this… She would have volunteered to continue if the Saito's attempt faltered. Now she doesn't have that possibility, as she has no idea how to help…
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"So just put the beast…in the pot?" Naruko questions outloud, though obviously thigns were a little more complicated than that. Naturally she took a further step back, really trying to fight the urge to take a better look, but also to keep herself out of harms way incase things went down hill.

Yuki is doing a good job…the sealing pot is absorbing the bijuu chakra, not Mushi's or even the chakra threads holding her down. Still it can't be pleasant having a vast amount of chakra forced from her body, and Mushi lets out a horrible cry. Then she goes completely still and silent again.
Chakra is seeping from all her pores in a vaporous cloud. Not the bright red of bijuu chakra, but blue and green and turquoise. Fanning wings and sharp legs. It takes on the hazy form of the bijuu, and would be sucked into the pot in a rush.
But as it leaves her body entirely there's a moment when it reverts to its wild state, and an ear piercing shriek of defiance fills the room. It's like the howl of a hurricane, and a blast of wind would blow back every loose thing in the room. Plus any shinobi who don't manage to keep their feet. It'd last for several moments, and die as quickly as it came.
It's then however that the pot itself begins to shake as the bijuu fights to be released. Not a little trembling, but rocking so violently it's in danger of toppling over.

Red continues to just stare, stare and stare. His lower lip trembles as Mushi goes out completely, his gaze drifting to Yuki as the sealing process begins. A long, slow breath is taken, before his head tilts. His nose sniffs at the air for an idle moment, before he shakes his head. Trying to rid himself of some random thought, perhaps.
These idle thoughts shatter completely when Mushi cries, and screams fill the room. Red jumps in surprise, pressing palms against his ears in an effort to try and dull the shriek. Then the wind follows, bowling him clean over onto his back with a yelp. Attention whirls to the pot as it shakes and rocks violently. "It's gonna fall over!" He cries, watching it bobble about.

The pot isn't going to fall. Yuki has a good grip on the artifact as it absorbs the Bijuu, and though she's barely able to keep herself anchored to the ground with her chakra. The pot is, thankfully, not one to fail if enough chakra is provided. Yuki has just enough stored up for it that it succeeds. Once the tailed beast is completely sealed inside the pot, the lid closes, and the medic Nin that's on hand is immediately in action. First he places a seal on the lid of the Pot to make sure the Bijuu is truly sealed, then he begins to transmit his chakra into Mushi, realizing that she'll likely die now that Chomei has been released and resealed. Yuki ends up trembling slightly in her spot, barely able to set the Amber pot down before the need to sit down overcomes her. Quickly, she rasps out orders, "Get a cycle of jounin to channel chakra in Mushi-san. Have this pot watched over twenty-four-seven, and don't let anyone near it. Someone get another medic Nin to work on the chakra-absorbing wound."

The scream elicits a wince from the Iga as she sits there, the screech that followed making her worry a bit. Sachiko was already on the ground, thankfully, so she didn't have to worry about getting knocked on her feet or into the wall, but she did have to block a chair from smacking into her. Grumbling lightly at that, she then listens to Yuki's instructions and, being that she's close to the door anyway, she moves to call out for more medics as needed.

Naruko was….perplexed and concerned. She plugged her ears and watches as literally the beast was pulled out from over her body. She could feel her stomach churn briefly, before releasing a small pool of vomit at her feet. "Oh Kami that is…" A mix between revolted and concerned… it was a wonder how something like that could be inside of herself as well. "That is gross…so gross…" Of course the shock wave sent her back into the wall, and some fluids along with her with it.

Mushi doesn't act much. In fact, she doesn't even move. She's completely out and her skin seems to drain of color along with her energy. It's not the natural decline of chakra used in jutsu. It's forcibly being sucked from her. It's encouraging that she was initially alive after the extraction. Perhaps the initial cooperative nature of the process lessened the strain. But it looks like unless the Jounin want to eternally be life support for Mushi day and night, there's little hope for her.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Red begins to charge his feather with chakra. Maroon eyes focus on the thing with great determination. "Come on you stupid feather. Go! Go!" It looks like he's not keen on waiting the whole hour out, the youngster wanting to give his guardian as much chance as possible in surviving. That involved getting Kuoroke here.
Dashing over to the hospital room window and opening it, he leans out to look for what he was told would happen. Kirameki is already there, the hummingbird summon of Mushi hovering in the air with rapidly beating wings. "Mushi needs your help!" The boy cries in desperation. "Go find Kuoroke in Suna and bring him here. He can help us!" The bird is gone before Red even has time to shut the window again, turning about to face Mushi.

Some of the medics that arrive are of lower rank, but still capable. A few of them transfer chakra to Yuki so she can actually do things again while the higher ranked shinobi start pouring chakra into the main patient. Once she's recovered, Yuki starts to bark out orders again. "I need as many hands as possible on Mushi. Someone who's an expert with the traditional tools, too. Go get Kirara right now!" Yuki is in full swing, even in her weakened state…

The Iga has nothing to add now that she's helped by calling for the medics. Sachiko observes the happenings and decides… that yes, she seriously needs to learn medical ninjutsu… She'll need to contact Akane soon. Hopefully it wouldn't cork Hiei off…

"I'm… I'm gonna try and find some herbs or something!" Red declares with sudden gusto. With one fateful look back to Mushi, the youngster departs the room in a hurry and heads off to leave the hospital. Seems he just can't stand there and do nothing, and this is at least /something/ can do.

Naruko didn't have much to say after the whole event, instead she merely held her stomach and began to buckle for the exit. She couldn't stand being in that room any longer, and the closer she was towards the pot the more nauseous she felt. "Shut up…" Naruko cursed quietly under her breath, holding her lips and hopefully slipping out of the door un-impeded.

Mushi had assured everyone that Kuoroke could help. And supposedly the man in Suna would be around in a day. Until then Mushi would spend the day in something like a coma. Completely healed of wounds on the outside, but never far from death. The bijuu would be safely sealed, though once again in its untamed state. Disaster had been averted for Kumo at least.

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