Search and Rescue: The Merchants daughter


Hiroshi, Yuzuna, Tsukiko, Tetsuya

Date: April 4th, 2010



"Search and Rescue: The Merchants daughter"


Another day another mission such is the life of a Konoha Ninja. Spring time in Konoha has finally shown its true colors, here and there flowers are blooming and filling the land in its colorful foliage. Konoha afternoons were usually fully of hungry patrons left and right, but on this day the village seemed rather calm and quiet, maybe because most of its ninja were out on missions or patrolling the area. Hiroshi was such a ninja who was gearing up for a mission. The hyuuga would be well dressed sporting his green and black training vest which revealed just a small amount of his belly button. The suit was complete with green and black below knee shorts and ninja sandles. The teen hyuuga would be waiting patiently at the village entrance for the other members of his team.

The previous day Konoha's own weapons smith was on his way back to the hidden leaf village with his daughter as they were ambushed by bandits who wanted more money than they could carry in exchange for the daughter. He had exactly 72 hours to make the exchange or the daughter would be killed. Konoha's own Hokage quickly marked this as a C rank mission and compiled a team consisting of Uchiha Tetsuya, Hyuuga Yuzuna, and Abe Tsukiko.

Each of the ninja would have received a letter of summons which read, "Hidden leaf Shinobi I am burdened by sorrow. Our very own weapon smiths daughter has been taken by a gang of bandits. You will group up with your squad leader Hiroshi Hyuuga at the entrance of the leaf village gates. Tomorrow at 2:00 PM. There you will be briefed more on your mission at hand. Good luck Ninja of Konoha have a safe journey." It would now be 1:30 PM and Hiroshi would be waiting peacefully leaning back against a ladder which leads up to the village watch tower.

Tsukiko would read the note aghast. She knew the weapon smith and his daughter and owed him for helping develop her bangled senbons. She prepares dedicatedly in the morning and hurries to arrive at the village entrance early, hurrying to Hiroshi's side. She nods a greeting to him, looking pensive and serious given the nature of the mission. She turns to look for the others to see who her teammates are, unsure if it will be her team, or someone else.

From within his bed, he glanced out of his window toward the sun dial that gravitated in front of his parents' humble home. He rolled his eyes, tugging on the blanket that wrapped around his nimble body. It was hard getting up this morning, having spent a majority of yesterday night rummaging through the books that his father had demanded he had read. He appropriated himself with clothing, his headgear, several weaponry and of course the parchment that he had received yesterday evening before he hopped out the door and toward the village gates.
He was swift as he made haste toward his first mission. Excitement and fear both sweltered and coalesced at the pit of his stomach as waves of air brushes pass him. He quickly grazes the many wooden pillars of Konohagakure's wooden gates with his foot before lunging toward deep into the surrounding forest. His adept chakra control would allow him to easily maneuver in between tree branches, allowing him to arrive in a portion of the time it would've taken. As he neared his destination, he glances at the map once more. "Yep…" He silently muttered amongst himself before landing on the ground a few meters from Hiroshi and an unknown female kunochi. "Hello… Uchiha Tetsuya here…" He greeted, proper introduction included.
Tetsuya has partially disconnected.

A few feet above the ladder that Hiroshi is leaning against, another kunoichi sits perched with slender fingers laced silently, partically obscuring her face as she sits quietly with eyes closed. Long ebony hair twisted up for the mission, she appears to be dressed up in similiarly dark clothing. When the other two finally meet for the start of the mission, Yuzuna lightly quirks a thin brow as she opens her eyes, pale gaze glancing over them for several passive moments before releasing a slow breath. "Lets get this over with, Oniisan." she states, perfectly stoic.

Hiroshi pale opal eyes would be peering up at the sky as he waits patiently for his team to show. The chuunin hyuuga would have his hair tied back in a single braid which rest just below the mid half of his back. Tsukikos early arrival would not come as a shock to Hiroshi the young genin seems to have made on time arrival her goal. " Greetings Tsukiko, this will be your first C rank mission unlike the last we did, so stay sharp my little student." He would say petting the girl on her head for a moment before his attention gets turned to Tetsuya. "Ah, Uchiha Tetsuya many greetings to you. I am Hiroshi Hyuuga your captain for this mission, and this is Tsukiko Abe a member of my own private team who I will let give her own introductions."

Yuzuna would always seem to be the sneaky one who after making herself known receive a skeptical gaze from hiroshi, "How long have you been up there?" He would as curiously before shaking the thought of being silently killed from his mind. "Ok, you honestly have to teach me how you sneak up on people like that. It border lines creepy and awesome all in one." He would note chuckling lightly revealing dimples in the corner of his mouth. "Ok mine sliding on down here and joining the rest of us?" he would request as he brushing himself off.

Hiroshi would peer curiously at the members of his team before pushing away from the post. "Alrighty guys lets get this show on the road. As you all know our own weapon smith daughter was grabbed in hopes of gatherings gold in exchange for her life. We have reason to believe that they may have been hired by an enemy country to cut down on some of our supplies, but we have no real proof. So basically we are gonna simply go after the bandits and call it a day." Hiroshi would cross his arms over his chest as he starts pacing back and forth revealing a black duffle which was hidden behind him on the ground. "They warned him not to bring ninja assistance, but lets face it these guys can not be trusted but for now we play by their rules. In my bag are changing clothes that resemble merchant like ware and such."

He would clear his throat before speaking again, his once childish attitude seems to have changed to that of a serious leader. "The reason we are going as merchants is just incase they don't have her in the designated location we wont blow this mission by storming in killing them but at the same time failing our mission. Also resting in the bag are a collection of false pearls that resemble the tears of ice which are rumored to exist in the hidden ice village and are worth enough to buy a country. We will use these fake jewels as our currency. We will maintain our merchant like attitude until we can secure the merchants daughter. Any questions so far?"

Tsukiko nods to each of her teammates in introduction before turning to regard her sensei. She listens carefully as the mission is laid out. She regards the bag of costumes, asking, "why do we not use Henge no Jutsu instead of the costumes?" She tilts her head o them again and then asks, "and will we be able to keep our gear handy to us under them?"

Tetsuya glances around, scrutinizing the scene and his team-mates. Both of his team-members seemed more..reserved in disposition than he had hoped for, but it wasn't a debilitating influence on the connection he was willing to make with them. He stands firmly as the instructions were read. They were loud and clear, genius in fact. He respect Hiroshi's caution, he warrented proper appraisal for his experience and skill. He carefully listens to Tsukiko's statement, a brilliant proposal on her part. Just as he says so, he would remove the metalic head guard that symbolized his affiliation to Konohagakure no Sato. "In any case, our head gear is a dead giveaway, we'd most likely have to remove them in the case that these kidnappers are familiar with shinobi conduct."

"Long enough to show that your senses still need training." Yuzuna replies passively. Listening to Hiroshi silently for several moments, she lifts a brow again, fingers laced and poised. "It is something you grow into…" Releasing a slow breath, she closes her pale opal eyes. "I can listen will enough from right here." Her cousin begins and continues to explain the mission, silent as she hears him start pacing back and forth. Yuzuna opens her eye under heavy lids, narrowing on the bag mentioned with a mild frown. With a slow exhale, she closes her eyes as she slender fingers lightly flex. "We will have to camouflage our eyes somehow if we are not using the Henge no Jutsu, Oniisan. They are too easily identifiable."

Hiroshi would nod in acknowledgement to Tsukikos question, "Henge no jutsu would be wise, but as I said we are unsure if they were hired by an enemy country or are just petty thieves. Though the chances of running into enemy ninja are slim to none, you can never be to careful sometimes. In any case to play it safe myself and Tetsuya will go behind those bushes and strip down to our under garmets and garb ourselves in merchant robes." Hiroshi would peer curiously up at his cousin who seems to not want to come down, "If you catch a nose bleed up there just don't leave a trail." He would say turning to peer at Tetsu now.

"And to your statement Tetsuya. We will be removing our Konoha headbands as well as anything with a konoha clan symbol. And in response to my cousins questions, we hyuuga will keep our eyes hidden behind a pair of black sunglasses compliments of the Aburame clan. Those guys have different sunglasses for every occasion, and luckily they had a pair stashed away just for us." HE would say as he moves to approach the black bag picking it up by its straps as the mouth opens to reveal a pair of pitch black glasses with thick frames resting atop of a bundle of white cloth. "Cousin Yuzuna once we enter into their territory I would like you to use your byakugan and search the area for the location of the merchants daughter."

" and I would request that you all remember these code words. My eyes are not what they use to be, means she is nowhere in our general area and you cannot see her. My feet hurt would mean she is withen walking distance of us, but still far away. I am thirsty would mean she is very close possibly near a cave like structure or the river, and finally I loved pickled veggies would mean she is somewhere in the forest. Even though we will know her location we wont act, but simply if things go bad It would be good to know where we need to head to. Make sure to keep the cloth around your head good enough to keep them from viewing your veins."

"You and eye are both blind which is the reason for our head ware and if at any time you are asked to remove your glasses stay calm and simply close your eyes and allow them to remain closed until you replace them with your frames." Hiro would turn to approach Tsukiko and Tetsu smiling at them both, "I am leaving you both in charge of the transaction. Simply make the exchange and keep a straight face, no pressure and nothing to worry about. Try to bargain with them and get them to bring you the merchand girl first to assure she is safe. If they deny you of this three times simply hand them the jewels and away their next move. If it's a hostile one strike to disable not to kill. So any questions before we change and embark?"
Long distance to Tetsuya: Hiroshi pants and thinks this should be the last jumbo sized pose until the meeting iwth the bandits.

Tsukiko nods, then looks around, "where… where can Yuzuna-san and I change?" She crouches down and seeks out the garments chosen for her disguise, inspecting it with a frown. whether its for the utility of the frumpy clothes, or just the lack of fashion, its hard to say. "And what of our tools?"

Tetsuya nods in acknowledgement, despite the constant input of information that he had to quickly process and memorize. "Y-Y-Yes!" He replied, his voice stern and collected. He stares down towards the several articles of clothing that were brought for the mission. He grabs one and quickly darts for the bushing, stripping down from his shinobi gear, including his headband, and weaponry. He would slip on the overwelming amount of garments often associated with merchant-folk. With that, he pops out of the bushes, a veil of fabric that stretched down to his feet was present. "Looks like a freaking dress…" He groaned lightly to himself.

Yuzuna openly sighs to herself at her cousin's solution, but doesn't argue with the logic as she lowers her chin slightly, nodding once at his instructions. Wordless, she lifts her weight to stand on the rails of the slanted ladder before slipping off, landing easily on her feet as both Tsukiko and Tetsuya sort through the clothing at will. When Tetsuya darts into the closest bush to change, Yuzuna blinks, only to shake her dark head and give Hiroshi a glance.

"Yuzuna and you are not required to remove clothing until you only have under garments unless its by choice. Simply place your leaf headband into this duffle bag after you remove all of the clothing from the bag and we will leave it with the gatekeepers of the village." Hiroshi would return to his chuckling smiling attitude as everyone collects the items. "I know the codes seem hard but they basically tell the clues in its sentence." He would state before taking the dark sunglasses into his hands placing them over his ears as he gives a quick smirk. "Wow these things are dark, how do the aburame see out of these things. Must need some type of night vision jutsu or something." He would say as his pale eyes are completely cut off by the dark tint.

Taking his own over flowing robes in hand Hiroshi heads behind the tree as he waves to Yuzuna, "Try on your glasses you may love these things." He would say finally ducking behind the bushing out of sight. The teen hyuuga would first unbutton his vest opening it in the front to reveal his tan bandaged body. "No pain no gain, whoever said that did not go through the torture I did." He would say to Tats before discarding his vest to the ground and garbing himself in the over flowing robes. After a final quick adjustment with the head cap Hiroshi would emerge from the bushing looking a hot mess.

The once teen hyuuga would now appear as a mysterious figured garbed in heavy overflowing merchant like robes. "Man I gotta admit this stuff is more comfortable than my own robes." He would say waddling over to the others as he gives the final call, "Tat once everyone has placed their headbands in the bag return it to the village guard and we will head off. Now, are their any questions before we get this mission on a role?"

Tsukiko looks at the costumes then to Yuzuna, offering the two left up so the girl can take her choice first. "They seem to be pretty much the same, I think. I do hope the boys can fight in their costumes, I really don't to see them break out of them to fight in their underwear should a fight happen." She looks at the other girl, "With Two Hyuuga, no one should be able to hide anything from us."

He frowns lightly, as Hiroshi directs Tetsuya's attention to the many scars enscribed on his body. How visible was his frown? Quite. He dones on a psuedo-smile, lightly chuckling in response to Hiroshi's so-be-it joke. He waddles over to the hefty black bag to Hiroshi's side. He would then place his headband into the depths of the bag, adding to it's contents. He would waddle back toward each and every one of his team-members, bag outstretched as he awaited for them to relunctantly abandon the headband of their village. Once this was accomplished, he would awkwardly walk, stumbling a few times, toward the village guard. Penetrating eyes would glare flagrantly at the guard which diminished the daunting smile at the base of his lips. "Here," He said, handing over the bag full of headgear and various other equipment before walking back to his team. "None, commander Hiroshi."

Taking the pair of dark glasses from Hiroshi, she slips the over her ears, instantly darkening her vision and hiding the paleness of her opal gaze. Turning slightly, she takes one of the random dresses from Tsukiko and drapes it over her shoulder. Wordlessly she reaches up and unties the forehead protector from around her slender neck, lifting it up in motion before setting it in the bag as well. "That better not have a scratch on it by the end of the day…" Yuzuna murmurs as she narrows her eyes at her cousin from behind her glasses. Shaking her dark head, she drapes the material around herself over her orginal clothing.

The guards would sure get their share of laughs and giggles at the sight of the Uchiha but quickly hide their emotions just as he approaches them. They accept the back only to give him a passive glance before saying, "Good luck" As Tats returns to the group Hiro would be seen flapping his arms up and down as if he were doing jumping jacks, "Man these robes are comfortable, I may have to get my own private set." And with that the ninja were off travelling down the dirt road in the general direction of the forest pathway. "Normally this would take no more than a few minutes but travelling on foot like so will take about an hour maybe hour an a half so just pace yourself until we get there." He would say as the group makes their way down the pathway.

An hour would have passed since their journey started and they were almost in enemy territory. "In another 30 meters we will be withen their territory and we will become as merchants so simply remain calm and remember your orders. Yuzuna you can start scanning the area when ready but remember your words and plan." His last words would come out in a rather calm tone as they enter a deep dark forest area. The light from the sun would almost get cut off by the tall dark tree's, The squad would walk another several minutes before reaching a fork in the road and there waiting for them was a large overweight bandit covered in ragged clothes. "Doh, uhh, hey ummm wait." He would say in a large horse tone. "Da' boss said dat, I am spuosed da make shur yousa, uhhh, not shinobi." Hiroshi would simply blink his pale eyes behind those dark glasses and reply, "Of course we are not shinobi, if we were shinobi would we be wearing these merchant clothes and this silly merchant head dress?" Hiroshi would ask calmly peering up at the large man.

Tsukiko keeps herself well covered in the merchant robes, keeping her own hood drawn down. She stays ahead of the hyuuga girl, in case someone demands to see faces. She stands mostly to block the bandit's line of sight to yuzuna, but remains quiet, letting Hiroshi do the talking.

He does the same as Tsukiko, hiding behind the taller, more commanding Hiroshi as he calmly addresses the large, ape-like bandit. He struggled to keep his composure, with lips aching to frown in reflection of the bandit's slurred speech and body odor! In his hands, a black, gold encrested box sat, their psuedo diamonds and minerals in it's keep. He glances at the bandit once more. He was disgusting. In contempt of this however, Tetsuya manages to remain calm.

Yuzuna subtly lowers her chin, activating her Byakugan from behind her dark shades as she lifts a hand, tugging at the hem of her shaw wrapped delicately over her head, making sure that it obscures her temples. Narrowing her eyes slightly, she makes a face some as she murmurs out loud for the others to hear, "My left foot is starting to ache from all of this walking…" From the way she words it, it almost sounds like she's complaining.

"Awww come on guy, if we were shinobi do you think we would be this well dressed? I mean if I was a shinobi would I be wearing these black glasses right now reguardless of how stylish they are?" He would ask the large man only to receive a dumb found stare from the chubby bandit. "duh, no, wait' eh wait da minute' dum ok, yousa not shinoobi, I can show you to da boss then." He would say its obvious this bandit is the dumb one. Hiroshi would smile lightly nodding his hooded head as he says, "Thanks dummy." The large bandit would frown lightly turning around and in a large rough tone ask, "Whadt?" Tilting his head to the left Hiroshi would reply, "I said there is a rumble in my tummy, could we perhaps not go to your boss right now, but instead partake in a small snack, it was such a long travel." The dumb bandit could only scratch his homer simpson hair do and shake his head. "Nuh uh da boss wanna see you now."

Hiroshi caught Yuzuna's drift and knew that the merchants daughter was down the left path, but obviously the large guy was leading them down the right path. The shinobi like merchants would walk for several minutes before coming up to a large dank cave which looked like the home to a million bats and Kage knows what else. The large heavy set nin would stare blankly at the merchants as he beckons them to come over. "Da boss isa'uhhh; will see you now." He would speak stating the obvious. As the group inters the dank cave it would be luminated by a large amount of torches on the side wall.

As they reach deeper into the cave they would come up to a large stone room with a large king like chair in the middle. Two the side there would be several slinky like men, three heavy set men, one medium archer, and an axe wielding midget. In the center of the room would rest a man even taller than the dummy they were lead here by. Dummy one would speak up and say, "uhhhh bossa, Uhhhh I brought da merchants to you, and they are not shanobuu." He would say. Hiroshi would simply peer curiously at the guy and say in a calm tone, "Hey you're pretty smart. Oh humble servant of the king of bandits, I myself am without sight so I will have my helpers make this transaction."

Tsukiko, still shielding yuzuna from too many outward inspections by standing in front of her, speaks up. "Where is the blacksmith's daughter? I learned to never pay for good without inspecting them first. i don't see how she should be any different." Her accent shows more, an accent from the nothern reaches of the Country of Fire. "We were promised she'd be safe."

Ahh….crap, their introduction had been made and it was time for them to take center stage! He surely but cautiously steps forward, beyond the distance Hiroshi had been standing. Tsukiko, whom stood right beside him did the speaking. She confidently pried the objective out of their grasp through the statement of her request. Tetsuya wasn't far behind, the jewel encrested box in his arms grasp, as though in presentation.

Following as everyone walks ahead of her, Yuzuna narrows her sharp eyes as they are led to the right, tilting her head subtly to glance leftwards out of the corner of her eye. With a slow exhale, she only remains silent, listening and keeping herself aware of their surroundings as the large guard leads them to the opening of the cave. Eyeing it shortly, she keeps her emotions hidden, looking blankly in front of them as she is seemingly lid blindly into the heart of the cave.
Hiroshi would move back a few steps allowing Tsukiko and Tetsu to take the floor. The two hyuugas on the so ever watch while the genins handle the business. The large boss bandit simply scoff angrily at Tsukiko before he begins to pick his teeth with a small pocket knife, "Check them for ID Biggy." He would say to the large bandit whom lead them their. Hiroshi would quickly clear his throat as he takes the floor to stop the large bandit in his tracks once more. "You don't need to check our ID." Hiro would say waving his hand in the air. The large bandit would blink idly before repeating, "Yar, I dun ned to cheek der ID." Once again Hiroshi waves his hands, "You checked it before we came in." And once again the large dummy responded, ,"I checked it before they came in." Wow this is actually easier that I thought, kage bless dumb people. And with that Hiroshi finds his place once again in the back of the line.

The king bandit simply grits his teeth before shaking his head, "Fine, but I wanna see how I will be paid first, then we can talk about the girls safety. Now, show me what I want to see!" He would demand in a loud tone his voice echoing loudly through out the cave. Hiroshi would only sigh as he closes his pale eyes taking deep calming breaths as a current of air circulates through out his clothing.

Tsukiko nods. "fair enough." She turns to regard Tatsuya. "My associate has the payment right here." She pauses quietly, looking around the room, as if suddenly realizing bringing the payment was a bad plan. She keeps her cool though. "An honorable man like you, we can trust."

The request for Identification nearly caused his heart to stop! He could've sworn that a fight was imminent, but thanks fo the efforst of Hiroshi, the worse was evaded. He nods, "…Here are your goods…I hope they were too your liking…They are nothing but the best of the best……" He explained, fingers lingering at the box's notch before popping it open. 'Click, Creeeeeeeeeeeeeek' It sounded, as the 'goods' inside revealed itself. Hold your breathes.

Upon eyeing the payment the greedy king would rubhis hands together cackling for a moment before pausing for a moment his blood shot eyes glare at the group. The large nin would stroke his chin in a deep thought before snapping his fingers, "Bring the girl." He would say to the second largest bandit (dummy 1). The king would then turn to one of his men beckoning them to come over and one of the slinky bandits (slinky) did just that. "Go collect my payment, and watch em carefully." He would whisper in the bandit ear. Slinky would simply chuckle as he reveals his a small pocket knife he kept at his side. HE would then move over and collect the box of jewels from Tets eyeing the merchant teen for a quick moment before snatching the box away from him and presenting it to his master.

Moments later Dummy 1 would emerge from the deep depths of the cave merchants daughter inhand. "Should I, uhh, boss?" The large boss simply smirks as he nods before snapping his fingers. At the snap the other bandits would stand up from their resting place and gather their weapons. "Yes, as promised I will return the merchants daughter to you, now the bargaining currency for your own lives shall grant us another pretty penny with Konoha. Don't ya think boys?" He would ask as the bandits simply cackle at the merchants surrounding them all attempting to block off their exit. "Tets take the merchant daughter and high tail it out of this cave, Yuzuna back him up, and Tsukiko you stay with me. We will make sure none of them emerge from this cave until Yuzuna and tets are atleast half way back to the village."

Hiro would say as he quickly removes his clothing only to reveal he kept his green and black shorts on, but is still bare chest save for the bandages which are mostly around his ribs. "Hi, I'm Hiro by the way." Removing the black sunglasses to reveal his pale byakugan eyes, "Hyuuga hiroshi of the hidden leaf village. He would say smiling lightly at the king. Dummy could only blink curiously at Hiro before point his large hand at the hyuuga, "Hey, you said you were a merchant." Hiroshi would smirk lightly as he charges towards two of the bandits blocking the exit, "I also said you were smart, but that was a lie to."

Tsukiko throws off the clunky outer cloak and reaches to her pack, drawing a kunai and a small pebble sized something out. She sweeps low at the knife wielding bandit, not doing very well, then turns to the axe wielding midget and hurls her kunai at him. In the same movement she flips the pebble towards the bandit king after charging it with chakra. The compacted ball of powder and glitter explode in his face, sending little reflective bits everywhere about the room. She steps back to Hiroshi, not wanting the bandits to be able to seperate them.

He quickly grabs the merchant's daughter by the waist utilizing his left hand. His right hand however, quickly lunges towards the exchanger, whom at this point was still proximal to the daughter and himself. His fist was balled in a column of momentum and velocity, sinking into the shallow abdomen of one of the many bandits. He would quickly release the girl from his grasp, clapping both hands together and forming a single handseal. A puff of smoke would engulf his figure until he emerges with an all-blown out intent to attack…Or so they thought. The lunging Tetsuya bursts in a wave of smoke, it was a clone! The tangible Tetsuya was already off in the opposite direction, merchant's daughter in hand. "Shit, shit, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!" He cries, darting full speed toward the entrance.

Yuzuna narrows her eyes at Hiroshi's back as she listens, lowering her chin silently. "Hai." she murmurs. Turning, she sheds herself of the merchant clothing as she takes off beside Tetsuya, his clone having not fooled her as it lunges at one of the bandits. "You just make sure you keep your hold on her, Uchiha!" The Hyuuga says a bit louder as she pulls off the dark shades, slipping them into an unseen pocket before her right hand pulls out three dark balls the size of large marbles between her slender fingers. "Lets see if this will slow them down some." The corner of her lips tugs some as she twists her body in midleap, tossing the first ball at the ground behind them. Upon impact, it instantly scatters into several spikes in their wake. The Hyuuga kunoichi doesn't hesitate to throw the other two as well.

Although Tsukikos sweep kick was not much she did manage to land two attacks. Not only did her glitter bomb stun the king, but It also scatters and gets in the eyes of a majority of the bandits. "Nice move Tsukiko." Hiroshi would say as he quickly activates his byakugan with a single hand seal. The bulging veins would burst out in an instant as the hyuugas eyes fill with a sharp intensity. "Remember Tsukiko Pick up, dance, put down. And I will take care of the king for now." He would say but while they were talking the king has shaken off the damage from the glitter and used his speed to appear behind hiroshi striking him from behind(35). Dummy one would have also recovered as he peers over at Tsukiko, "Uhhhh Rittle gurl trck me. Me make you go smush!" He would say swinging his large overweight arm at the girl, but unlike the king it was rather slow. (15). As for the bandits tha were once in hot persuit of Tets and Yuzu, then seem to have rain into a rather spikey turn of events(-5 to spd roll)

Hiroshi simply smirks as the king is instantly behind him, but in a flash Hiroshi ducks and dodges the large king, "That's impressive speed you got, how about I use mine?" He would say as his pale eyes shine down brightly upon the bandit king and the hyuuga moves off into a seriese of palm strikes. Flickering three times to strike the king in though the king dodges the first two he is hit hard by the hyuuga teens spine strike which would leave him drained and stunned. "I just damaged your spinal cord. Consider yourself out of commission for awhile." He would say as he moves on to pick a fight with the remaining bandits.

Tsukiko back steps and slinks away from the fat bandit. "you won't be touching me, foul bastard." She takes a fighting stance, looking over to make sure tets and Yuzuna got away. "How long do we need to hold then?" She calls out to Hiroshi.

He nods, a sigh of relief rolling off the tip of his lips as he spots the older, more powerful, Yuzuna by his side. Everything was fine, the depths of the cave growing increasingly distant as light from outside begins illuminating the distant borders of their path. That is…until a hefty rock brushes up against his feet, causing him to turn and tumble several times on the ground's surface. His grip tightened around the merchant's daughter after his clumsy fall. His teeth were bare as his momentum further carried him. After a frenzy of tripping 'fevers', he would immediately leap upwards, continuing his leave with the merchants daughter on his back. But what's this!? One of the bandits were right behind him! His hand was outstretched, fist rapidly approaching! "Yuzuna-chan!" He called.

Her head snaps back the moment that Tetsuya trips and sends him into a tumble. Narrowing her pale, intense eyes, Yuzuna slows her pace as he manages to get up and take off again with the girl cradled on his back, bandit only inches behind him. Scowling darkly, she leaps backwards to appear beside Tetsuya, her slender fingers already moving as she concentrates chakra into the seals. "Stay close to me and do not make a sound." Yuzuna warns him, only seconds before their immediate surroundings become enveloped with a thick fog. Grabbing Tetsuya's arm, the Hyuuga kunoichi yanks him to the side and into the forest, off of the worn path they were running on. She narrows her eyes through the mist as she watches the bandit become lost in the fog, while she on the otherhand can see perfectly with the Byakugan.

"Well since the boss is down I figure the other worns will follow, I would say they are a done deal. Lets go meet up with the others now." Hiro would say knocking down one more bandit beforte beckoning for tsukiko to follow. So much for the bandits, both the persuing and the bandits inside of the cave have been royally terminated. Hiroshi and Tsukiko would both emerge from the cave safe and sound and before long regroup back with Tets and Yuzuna who were already withen the sight line of the Konoha village. "Seems like this is Mission complete for us." Hiroshi would say still lacking a proper shirt, but he doesn't seem to care. "I am proud of all the hard work everyone did during this mission, and It's a relief to see you are safe lady Merchant. I am sure your father will be relieved to see you are safe." He would say as they make it back to the village gate. Hiroshi would sigh lightly as he accepts his duffle bag from the guard jounin. "Tsukiko if you wouldn't mind dropping my back and items off by my home? I need to make a report for lady kage, and purchase some of those merchant robes."


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