Search for the Lost Comrades


Hayase, Naoya, Oda

Date: November 22, 2014


A standard mission turns the rendezvous point into a bloody battle. The backup team is faced with the difficult decision of withdrawing or advancing.

"Search for the Lost Comrades"

Small island on the Kirigakure Coast

The punishment in Kiri for rule breakers has always been painful. But the recent case involves something more than a shinobi who has put a toe out of line. A Touketsu, Riko Tatsuya, has been rumored to have conducted illegal experiments, and the timing fits with missing Kiri villagers and even a few shinobi. Since Tatsuya was a high level shinobi it was decided a Jounin and a capable Chuunin should go in, discover the nature of experiments off a small island several miles outside the Deadly Reefs, and withdraw without fighting.

It was decided though that two people might not be able to infiltrate the area, so backup was sent. The two should've completed the mission by now, and be awaiting the three. So Hayase, Naoya, and Oda were dispatched as support to rendezvous at the cove of the tiny island. They ride in a swift, narrow boat that cuts through the water. "A bit much for this mission," Hayase says, leaning against the side of the boat. She's somehow slipped out of rowing duties. "But I hear this is a high ranking mission. Think we'll get credit for coming, even when it's completed?" She doesn't say much else as they quietly dock inside the cove. She climbs out on the rocky shores.

"Doesn't matter if we do, as long as we do our job."

Oda says that as he hefts his heavy body out of the raft and plants himself firm on a slanted rock. Sometimes shinobi techniques do come in handy. He balances properly, beginning to pull the boat a bit more onto the rocks so it's secure. He looks over his shoulder at Hayase.

"I'll check for anything nearby in a moment, let me just get this stable."

Rolling his shoulders before he began to work the front oars, a series of spiders began to drag silk along the boy's arms, coating them in a thin layer seemingly giving him significantly more strength. "It's just a hide and peek mission.. doubt we'll be given much ryo for finding out why a few were being lazy on returning on time." The boy grumbles faintly when he was tasked with something Hayase could of been taking turns at.

Once the manage to row to the coastal shore, Naoya brings the oars into the boat and steps off the side and onto the water, taking his time to follow behind Hayase and Oda as the man continues to drag the ship further inland. Extending his left hand, the boy didn't say a word yet several dozen spiders begin to flow from his arm and under his shirt, each skittering inland and fanning out. "We'll establish an over watch now.. A moment."

Hayase breathes on her chilled hands. So cold. After awhile though she crawls up the cove's low wall and peeks over the edge. She climbs back down after a minute. "Lots of dunes," she says. "Some wooded swamps past that. I heard that the Touketsu's shelter is just behind the swamps. That's the path that the two said they'd take, to reach the Touketsu's base." It's a good hideout, just one of these tiny spits of land that Kiri hasn't bothered to explore. Who would be crazy enough to build a hideout just leagues outside of Kiri?

Oda would land beside Hayase. He looked at the ground only for a moment before looking back over at the Jounin. He's keeping a passive role in this mission, clearly. He would though tap her twice on the shoulder.

"You see that too, right?"

He would glance back at Naoya, nodding at him. A couple seconds go by before he just turns around. He looks like he's rubbing his hands together for warmth, but they are in gauntlets…Why is he?

Obviously, he's seeing if there is any trouble nearby…without being too obvious.

Tilting his head to one side, he boy's eyes become slightly dulled and nods to a few unasked questions before looking away from the other two. Tapping his foot against the ground, the boy disappears with a flicker of movement, traveling quickly into the cove but not very far in. Kneeling down at his new perch, Naoya begins to gather something without saying a word before disappearing once again, but he lands not too far from Oda's side, his attention distracted by a bag he held in his hands. 'Fresh too.. these don't have much water damage just yet.. hardly too frayed..'

Hayase seems troubled, and only more troubled when Naoya comes back with disturbing evidence. They should've been back hours ago, impatiently awaiting their young backup. Not still out, with their spare gear there. Hayase chews her lip. She glances at the raft that would take them home. But she doesn't want to seem cowardly in front of these boys. So she says, "Should we go out a ways and see what we can see? They could be just over the dune."

But that's when Raki makes his arrival, looking cold and grim but unharmed. He has a mop of dark blue hair and wears standard Chuunin gear. He glances around at them. "Hayase, Oda, Naoya," he says. "We need to go and meet our leader. He's changed the rendezvous point to the swamps, where he's gathered the information. Follow me."

Hayase lets out a sigh of relief. Here she was starting to worry. She sets off at once after him.

Oda would nod a bit, walking towards Raki. He would look back at Hayase and Naoya a moment, silent and stern as if he's checking on them. He looked right at Raki one more time and then nods twice to him.

"Lead the way, we have no time to really lose."

Oda would immediately draw Omoide no Taishoku, spinning it on his hand once before taking a ready stance as if he is ready to follow. His eyes would narrow a moment though…and make a sudden diving dash right at Raki, sword aiming right for the center of the chest in a sudden joust.

He was not going to take that chance, especially when he's the only Chuunin right now. He plows at Raki with enough strength to not only impale him, but drive through to the dune behind him in attempt to pin him if he survives.

Arching a brow slightly, Naoya would look between Hayase and Oda briefly when they were called but then focused onto the man before them. Licking his lips lightly, he offers a man a light smile before drawing closer. Before he could get too close he watches as Oda takes the initiative but lingers behind for a moment to crouch lower.

When the man narrowly avoids Oda's thrust, the young Okumo springs forward, charging at first forward before shifting to one side to the next, adjusting his angle before a final hop. Naoya at first seems as if he was just passing the man but his elbow extends, attempting to thrust it into the man's throat before carrying on past him.

Hayase lets out a yelp of horror when Oda attacks poor Raki. Strangely, Raki seems to be expecting it and he barely dodges out of the way. Hayase says, "Oda-kun! What are you…" That's when Naoya is attacking Raki as well! She doesn't know who is in the right.

Raki says, "Hayase-san! This unprovoked attack will get all three of you in trouble. Aid me!" Naoya is attacking him then, hitting him squarely in the throat so he chokes. Hayase nods to Raki uncertainly until Raki catches his breath and starts throwing a storm of shuriken at the two boys. She thought aiding Raki was defending against them, not trying to slice them up with shurikens! "Wait…Raki-san…stop that!" She lunges forward to strike Raki with the hilt of her sword. To stun him. Though it's a halfhearted attack with little success.

Oda, even though he missed, knows how to move with his weight. Without even needing to look behind him, he makes a sudden extreme dive to the right to jolt away and out of range of the shuriken. He then leaps…straight up! He's deceptively fast, but it's so clumsy in first appearance. That's how a Kuroyari fights, they are not shinobi. His eyes narrow while he is in midair…staring down at Raki quietly.

He knows Hayase would be smart enough not to fall for it, and he's glad Naoya caught on too. Must be the spiders. As he starts to descend down, his brow furrows…

In mid-air, he's preparing for the moment he lands.

After landing behind the man with a series of light steps before turning around to look at the man, wondering if he would of lost the illusion by now though he's greeted with tinkling of reflective metal. Hopping to the left and right, Naoya begins to hop and bend out of the way of the shuriken barrage all the while advancing.

Moving his hand up and to the right, the grasps the grip over his shoulder and draws his blade, using it to slash at 'Raki's' arm, but grumbles when the man manages to dodge out of the way with minimal effort. "Stay still a bit, we just want to ask a few things 'Raki'-san. Can't if you're moving!"

After the initial shock, Hayase is watching the battle more objectively. And at last the pieces fall in place. She could've hit herself for a fool. How could she not see through a Henge like that? Her teammates both had, somehow. Their opponent is fairly capable, weaving around Naoya's attacks.

She lunges forward to kick the man's legs out from under him, but hops up a moment later to aim an elbow at his face. It connects with a crunch. "Although of course you're not Raki-san. What did you do to him?" she demands. With the ruse over, the Henge ends in a poof. And there is a much older man, dressed in non-descript clothing, bleeding from the nose. The attacks come in greater force: needles of water flying out to strike them from behind.

Oda's focus on Raki was his downfall, he didn't know someone else had joined the fray. It was only when he had the needles piercing through his armor did he initially perform one of his moves to readjust his position. He swings his sword like a bat and uses the momentum to move…not fast enough though. He lands hard on the ground, looking back at his back a moment before looking up at the older man.

He narrows his eyes, and takes a second to take a long, low breath…

He was making sure there were no more surprises.

"Naoya. Go for the older one, he's got more capability. Hayase, keep attacking 'Raki' with me."

Oda would turn to look back at 'Raki'…and suddenly grinds his Omoide against the side of his armor.

That's when he'd suddenly flicker and strike harshly at 'Raki's legs, aiming to slice them into submission.

Even the steps of the dance Naoya began to flow with had its limits, evading the first of the set of needles but the second set he knew was new close and raises up his left arm, the webbing becoming more dense though much of the webbing is shredded, leaving a faintly blooded train in its wake.

Glancing towards Raki and the new man, he glancing back to Oda briefly and nods, first moving his wounded hand into his pouch and tosses down a smoke bomb before trying to use it as cover as he moves away from the quartet.

Hayase flinches when Raki is joined by someone else. There's only one explanation. They had expected them to come. The fact that they knew their names was proof of that. But how had they gotten such information so quickly? Hayase shoves these troubling thoughts aside to follow Oda's instruction and aim for Raki. He's sliced by the stealth attack, and as he's stumbling Hayase is there smacking him in the nose yet again and then another time with her hilt. He shakes his head, dazed and disoriented for the moment.

The non-descript man manages to see through Naoya's smoke bomb, and aims a throw shuriken at him through the smoke, as well as towards the other two. "Don't be beaten by these kids, you fool!" he barks to fake-Raki.

Oda's already moving before the shuriken even gets to him. This time, he powerhouse dives at 'Raki' one more time like earlier. It appears he doesn't use that previous technique often. Now, in succession each time he slices at the legs of 'Raki'. His blades cleave now towards the back of the calves and knees. He knows an opponent who cannot move cannot fight. Although…in a moment of unexpected opportunity, he attempts to outright lob off 'Raki's' left leg all the way.

"Hayase, keep on him!"

Oda looks back at the unnamed man, noticing Naoya's attempt to vanish. He narrows his eyes, expecting another attack on him.

When the blade manages to not only cut through the smoke but track after the boy, Naoya didn't have much time to react though he does manage to side step before the blade cut into him, but could feel it passing close to his arm. Pausing for a moment, the boy furls his fingers together into a seal, quickly beginning to focus his chakra to a singular point. 'Keep stable this time..'

Hayase flinches when Raki is joined by someone else. There's only one explanation. They had expected them to come. The fact that they knew their names was proof of that. But how had they gotten such information so quickly? Hayase shoves these troubling thoughts aside to follow Oda's instruction and aim for Raki. He's sliced by the stealth attack, and as he's stumbling Hayase is there smacking him in the nose yet again and then another time with her hilt. He shakes his head, dazed and disoriented for the moment.

The non-descript man manages to see through Naoya's smoke bomb, and aims a throw shuriken at him through the smoke, as well as towards the other two. "Don't be beaten by these kids, you fool!" he barks to fake-Raki.

Before he can clear his head, fake-Raki's leg is cut out from under him in a spray of blood. As he falls, his limb flips through the air and lands in a puddle with a red splash. Hayase looks at the leg, and then the shinobi bleeding profusely. In such pain the illusion of Raki vanishes, and there lies a much different looking man. For some reason Hayase looks curiously calm, and then she says, "Look at the bright side. You'll need to buy fewer socks."

The sight of his comrade moaning in a pool of blood is enough to make the other man reconsider his battle options. He glares around at them. "You'll all end up just like your two teammates. Just wait." Then he bounds off at high speed.

Hayase looks at him and then says uncomfortably, "We can't let him get away. Even if we kill him while he's fleeing, we can't let him get a warning to the others." And then she runs out of the cove after the man.

Oda watches him start to dash. His eyes narrow slightly and nod…he doesn't pursue immediately. He knows Hayase is fully capable of catching up and stopping the escape. As Oda would spin Omoide no Taishoku in his hands before digging into the ground with his feet and one hand. He knows Hayase has that covered, and now knows he must help where it's needed.

"Hayase, disable his hands."

Oda immediately launches full bore into the air in a giant leaping arc…coming down right for the man with his blade slicing in a broad cut with the intent to knock him hard off of his feet.

The boy's body slowly becomes covered by spiders and silk, wrapping him almost like a second skin of silk. With a light shake of his hands, Naoya settle himself before looking around towards Oda and Hayase and then towards his original target which seems to have disappeared for the time being, almost. Some of the young Okumo's brood noticed where he was heading, snapping the boy's attention towards that direction and leading him forward after him.

Shifting his grip low onto the grip giving him another few inches of levering, Naoya slashing forward several times, the focus of his strikes weren't to kill the man but aimed at the back of the man's thighs and knees, trying to cripple or slow him down enough to snag him.

The man doesn't get very far. Hayase puts on a burst of speed to punch the man from behind. He falls to a knee and then Oda and Naoya are there, finishing the job so he falls forward, a beaten and bruised corpse. Hayase sighs and rubs the back of her neck.

"Our teammates have been killed," she says, "or captured. This mission has gone from a rendezvous to a possible attack mission. I think at least…they might not expect us. They didn't send much muscle to beat us, or try a very good disguise to fool us." She pauses. "If we go back it'll take hours to form a team. Long enough for the people here to realize these men failed to subdue us. They'd be prepared for us and any muscle we bring. Or we could advance…and hope our luck holds out. It may be better to do it soon, if our comrades are alive."

Then she looks at them with cold eyes. "I think whatever we decide, we should do it together. And I vote…we leave. Get help. A Jounin and Chuunin was beaten, and we're a Chuunin and two Genin."

"Naoya…Seal the imposter's leg so he doesn't bleed out. Have his hands bound to the point where they cannot move or even bend…"

Oda's right now checking his bleeding back a bit, grunting low. He would pace a second over to the body, slanting his head.

"Mm…Take this body with us too. Resources for later. We should fall back to Kirigakure and return. I will go to the Mizukage and request an attache with us."

Oda would start walking back towards the injured 'Raki' stabbing his blade down into the ground beside his head.

"Don't worry, I don't kill helpless."

"I just want them back."

"We weren't ordered to mess with this to this point. Even if they are prepared.. doesn't mean we should walk forward as they are waiting on." Turning his attention back to Hayase and Oda, the boy's eyes grow to a dull amber and in response the brush around them begins to trip lightly with movement of skittering shadows.

The boy's brood surges forward but also fans out, starting to look around the area with more detail. "They think they know more about us than we them.. We'll change that. Will be able to see what truths these ones will say or what not." The boy's eyes don't seem to brighten at all even as he begins to lower down until he was in a kneeling position. "I'll just need an hour.. maybe not even that before we.. they all return."

Tilting his head to one side, he arches a brow listening to Oda and nods faintly but never moves. In his place, a dozen large spiders crawl form the boy's clothing and moves towards the injured men, soon binding them with silken pressure bandages but also binding their ankles together and their hands in silken mittens to make it more difficult to try and break free from the spider silk.

Hayase looks intensely relieved when they unanimously decide to withdraw for now. "Yeah, advancing right now might risk our comrades more than helping. If we failed, it'd take much longer for the village to realize."

With the two prisoners bound they'd depart. They had gathered some intelligence, and even more with their prisoners. Hayase takes one glance back at the island. They'd come back and get them, as quickly as possible. And this time with plenty of manpower.

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