Rebel Agenda - Search For The Missing


Satoru, Sujin, Akiko, Katashi

Date: August 4, 2014


A team of Sunagakure shinobi are sent to investigate the disappearance of people visiting the local caverns and so discover more than they can handle.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Rebel Agenda - Search For The Missing"

Shiren Caverns

~Mid-day has just barely past on a clear, winter day. Though a few clouds dot the sky, there isn't an inkling of a hint of rain. It will be a dry day, and warm enough to be near to normal. The village itself was calm, but busy, when the shinobi gathered to be sent on their mission. Each received a summons to meet at the village center, with only the leader, Katashi, being told what the mission was to be. Upon distribution of info, the team left
The mission is neighter simple nor hard. They have been tasked with investigating multiple disappearances within a network of traveled caverns to the southwest of the city. Simple enough. Intelligence has gathered that it shouldn't be anything too nefarious. Probably just people that weren't watching their step! Either way, the caverns are their destination, and the missing people their quarry.~

~They let YOU lead?? No wonder they're a joke!~ 'really? You going to do that all day?' ~Probably!~ '…'
Katashi waited for the others to show up at that village center, shifting his bag on his back as he'd frown slightly. Shaking his head, he squared his shoulders and once everyone gathered they were off. "Be ready for search and rescue. We were told nothing major should be out there. So this is moly just attempting to see if we can find people. Obviously something is happening and we need to report what to Suna." ~They realized how pathetic you are and think it takes down Suna as a result. You're the reason for the issue. Shame shame shame!~ 'oh shut up.'

Another mission? Well, Kotone was the one to get the message from the hawk that was sent out, and she gave Akiko a rude awakening of pecks and screeches to wake the girl up. Akiko finally got out of bed and realized just what Kotone was talking about. With no parents, the girl made do with a simple slice of bread slathered with butter for breakfast, quickly racing out the door so she wouldn't be late.
Kotone flew ahead so she could tell the others her slow-poke companion was coming, the falcon keeping at least 3 feet between her and Katashi the whole time. Akiko listens curiously to the mission brief, making sure to follow after Katashi when they all took off. "Oh, I see… So we just have to find some missing people. Sounds easy enough…" she says. Kotone travels overhead.

"Understood, Katashi-sensei," Satoru says as he moves along beside everyone else. Search and rescue is a very important mission to undertake. If someone is lost and injured, they must be found! Whip is along for the ride, of course, resting atop Satoru's head as they run along in the direction of the network of caverns where people were supposedly going missing. The lizard always enjoyed it when he got a free ride at speed rather than a simple leisurely stroll.
He was somewhat pleased to see that he wasn't being tasked with leading yet again. This time they actually had a Chuunin along to lead them. Sure it was the strange, big taijutsuist that he'd met before, but that didn't matter. It wasn't him so he got a break from leading those low level missions. As they moved, he watched their surroundings largely out of curiosity. Who knew when they would find someone in need!

Sujin's summons would find itself heading into into the training fields to a Sujin who was training instead of watching for once. Robes and scarf cast aside he set himself on a rigorous set of striking exercises since early morning, having no clue he would be summoned for something today. Even Mijiko was hard at work with maneuvering exercises, weights strapped to her legs for added effort. While this was good and all that harsh training was finally occuring, it would make the news of a mission slightly irritating.
This brings a somewhat sweaty and tired Sujin to the group. "Hi…" A lazy hand reaches up, and he eyes the giant man, still some what uneasy around him. He'd then fall in line, still catching his breath from the run here. About half a minute later Mijiko would come swooping in and land on Sujin's head. No complaints from the boy, he wasn't up for it just yet.

~The caverns are reached with relative ease. It's traversing them that can often become tricky. Though the place is not without its pitfalls, there are certainly also strange creatures which reside in the caverns. Giant spider webs can often be seen dotting nooks and crannies within the caverns themselves, and those are only one potential hazard of the place. There are also the snakes and scorpions!
As they draw near to the caverns, there isn't a lot of noise. Either people have become wary of the caverns and are avoiding them not that people are going missing, or they've all disappeared. Either way, there isn't a soul in sight upon their arrival, and it's extremely quiet.~

Comes to a stop before the cavern, staring at it, then sweeping a glance around. Trying to isolate himself from the iritable growling within his head, he'd focus that other sense to see what he might gather ahead of them. Any chakra that he could sense and start a directed search. After a moment of quiet, but intense concentration, Katashi relaxed a little, nodding to one of the stones near the entrace of the cavern. "Tie a rope. We'll want to know how to get back out, just in case. Considering this is a cool area and we're dealing with winter, expect animals." he'd glance to the others, pausing. "The birds may wish to stay here.. or at the least be very prepared for confined travel. I don't want them hurt. Keep spread out and abreast, so we can cover as much ground as possible. Got it? Then lets go." Giving them the chance to prepare as he mentioned, he'd head into that cavern with them, using that other sense as he could to try and find signatures of people ahead.

Akiko would greet everyone as they arrived with both a smile and a 'hi, <insert person's name here>' as well as a 'how do you do?'. She's so nice sometimes… That could turn out to be something very good or something very debilitating! Only time will tell. Once at the caverns, she uses her ultra-powered Hayato senses to try and seek out what they might be searching for. A shoe, a footprint, the signs of a struggle, maybe a lost piece of clothing or jewelry to key in which direction to go. Akiko unstraps her bow from her back and draws two arrows just in case, Kotone perching on her shoulder for now.
"Oh, I've got rope!" she exclaims, removing some from her beneath her cloak. Uhh, where did that come from? She ties it to a strudy-looking rock that's near the entrance. "Kotone's fine, I think. If it gets too narrow for her, she'll wait for us, but right now she'll stick to my shoulder." The bird bobs her head in a small motion of agreement, also keeping an eye out for anyone that might be around.

Satoru nods in response to what Katashi says, and moves off to take the left flank himself. It's dark and foreboding inside, so who knows what they will find within. Whip flicks his tongue out a few times, as if tasting the air. "Aye. It's dark and spooky in here, I agree. Hey, you can see in here, you jerk. Stop playing games." The lizard gives a toothy grin at this fact.
While Akiko proceeds to tie a rope down for their benefit, he clasps his hands together and focuses some of his chakra. They didn't know what they were going to find within the caverns, after all. That done, he scanned their surroundings, looking for anything out of place.

At the suggestion of leaving the birds behind, Mijiko instantly shows protest, with a shake of her head, then a nod in agreement with Akiko. Sujin shrugs slightly towards Katashi with a nervous smile, "She listens to my dad more than me. Would've been no hope anyway." He doesn't go on to explain.
Sujin looks down into a hole in the ground that didn't look all too natural, squinting, he could've sworn something was watching him from deep in there. Almost in a trance he starts to kneel to get a better look until Mijiko squeezes on his head, a sharp set of talons starting to poke into him. "Ow." He grumbles and attempts to brush Mijiko off as he stands up straight. "I should've left you." Mijiko shifts to his shoulder as Sujin dabs at his head, swearing he was feeling blood.
A quick glance back to the rope and then he reaches within his sleeve with his left hand, pulling out a kunai, not liking all these webs and the creepy 'watched' feeling.

~The entrance to the cave network would seem the least likely place for trouble, as warmth would be found further in. Still, the sensitivity of most of the shinobi is bound to do them some good as they search their surroundings while preparing to venture further in. Had they failed to do so, it might have been catastrophic for them.
From above descend not one, but two giant spiders. One of them falls swiftly towards Sujin, descending by silken thread from its perch above, intent on taking down the boy and his bird. The second descends upon Satoru, the unsuspecting victim who managed to fail his perception roll. Each is hungry.~

Katashi tensed. ~Bugs? Please.~ A shift, a burst of chakra and he'd move. Satoru knocked out of the way, potentially sent sprawling as Katashi planted his feet and launched himself upwards, to meet the spider head on with a spinning flipped kick to knock the spider flying for the wall. Blocking the strike that was coming in at him with a simple enough pulled kunai.

Oh wow, creepy spiders. Akiko is glad she noticed them ahead of time because the poor girl would likely freeze up with them so near her. "Satoru-san!" she calls out, an attempt to warn the poor guy as he is oblivious at the moment. It seems Katashi is already moving, which is good. It also means that she can focus on helping Sujin, the girl firing off an arrow at the spider that is quickly descending on her cousin. "Spider-san, Sujin-san isn't very good eats. He might give you a tummy ache. Best leave him alone!"

All of a sudden everyone is making noise! And Katashi knocks him aside! Owie! He's alright though, and thankful as he was about to get eaten by a giant spider, which is kicked away by Katashi before the Chuunin attacks it again. He breathes a sigh of relief. Whip is gripping his hair so hard that it actually kind of hurts. "Whip, calm down. We're fine."
Drawing kunai from his holsters, he targets the same arachnid that the Chuunin has targeted, whipping two kunai in that direction. Take down one before going after the other. Never leave an enemy at your back. He's falling into his groove now that he's not getting ambushed.

"Oh just sweat…" A sigh of relief from the Sujin but, that's short lived as spiders assault Mijiko seeing it slightly before Sujin, hops off his shoulder flapping rapidly and clawing at the spider's back as it dropped. Sujin rolls off to the side, the spider narrowly missing him, though this is according to plan. His right hand thrusts forward, a wrist blade launching out of it with the intent of impaling the spider in the head. "Thanks Akiko." He says this as he shifts to try and move closer to her as he launches the kunai at the spider.
"But bad eats?" Now he was reaching for his own bow and arrow, Mijiko flies back to him, sticking close for combo attacks.

~The kick from Katashi does some serious damage to the spider, but it isn't enough to decommission the thing. It regains itself enough to dodge both of the thrown kunai from Satoru, and then clambors up the wall enough to get a good look at it's opponents. Judging the larger one a bigger threat, it shoots a spray of webbing at the Chuunin in an attempt to take him down.
Sujin and his bird manage to dodge out of the way of the spider, and Akiko lands an arrow in the things head, getting a squeal of distress from the spider as it falls to the floor. Now on an equal playing field, and very angry, it launches itself at Akiko, intent on wrapping itself around her!~

Something was off about trying to attack Katashi, a slight look to the left, that webbing splatted against rock near his left foot. Glaring at the spider Katashi crouched. "Should of ran." Katashi launched himself towards the wall, then higher, a stalagtite to bound off of with a final spin of a double kick, the first aimed for it's head, the second that spider's body to try and knock it crashing back down to the ground. Following after it promptly to land into a crouch. ~Well. I'll give you credit. You can hit rocks. Of course. Rocks don't hit back.~

Akiko tries to jump back, which means she only her feet entangled in this spider. Gah, STUPID SPIDER GO AWAY!!! Akiko uses the two arrows she drew from her quiver earlier to shoot the spider. With it being so close to her, it'd be hard to miss, right? "GO AWAY YOU STUPID SPIDER, I'M NOT FOOD EITHER!" she yells, voice a bit shrill from fear. Kotone flapped off the girl's shoulder screeching loudly and attempting to claw the giant buggy.

Mislaid key. Both of his kunai missed? Hadn't he been practicing with those before? Yeah, he had. Shaking his head, he drew two more kunai, and then watched as the bug shot a massive wad of webbing at Katashi, which missed rather nicely, landing next to the Chuunin's foot instead. That was a good thing. He didn't want to see their leader getting webbed.
As the Chuunin went into assault mode, so did Satoru. Darting forward with drawn kunai, and using Katashi's distraction to his advantage, he swung both of his blades through the air at the spiders face, intent on slicing the eyes apart so it can't see anymore.

As the spider begins to approach, Sujin's eyes squint and he fires an arrow off in an attempt to slow it but, its speed increases and he manages to get to Akiko quickly. Sujin's heart skips a beat, as that could've just as easily been him and he seems to freeze up though, Mijiko knows better and doesn't do anything to bring him back to life. His eyes were scanning for weakness, a place to put all his might to shut down this spider while it was distracted. Of course that doesn't mean the team is leaving a fellow Hayato to fend for herself.
As Sujin draws his bow back at point blank range, Mijiko joined in the assault on the spider in a flurry of claws and beak. Meanwhile Sujin is sitting there pulling his bow to its limits or well, his, currently in his own little world. Its a shame, he never thought he'd have to learn a spiders anatomy.

~The falling rocks do a number on the spider, slamming into it in one case, and piercing its body in another. It squeals and flails and tries to escape until Satoru slices its face open, ending its miserable attempts at surviving. The big spider falls limp, pinned to the ground with a giant piece of stone pierced through it. One spider down.
The second spider is not lucky either. Having attacked the young archer, it has placed itself decided close to a powerful weapon. Needless to stay, both of the shots from Akiko connect after the first one pushes through its skull, stilling it instantly. Sujin's attack just adds insurance to the things death. Both spiders are dead, and the room is quiet once more. There are no signs of missing people here, aside from footprints leading further within.~

Akiko makes a slightly disgusted noise as she disentangles from the spider, kicking the body away from her. Of course, Kotone doesn't seem to pleased with it either, but… potential snack? Kotone sticks around this area for a few minutes while everyone continues on to follow those footprints. "Is everyone alright?" she asks, obviously concerned while they walk. The girl is nursing her own injury, which would be a few bruises where the spider grabbed her.

Satoru retrieves his fallen kunai, the ones from when he managed to utterly fail at hitting anything despite all of his hard work at the training grounds! Holstering them, he proceeds to clean the spider blood from his other weapons before turning to look at the other two. They seemed fine, though Akiko is busy untangling herself from a spider that's been turned into a pin cushion for arrows. "I'm fine, Akiko-san. Katashi-sensei and I weren't injured. You two?" He looks between both Sujin and Akiko, and then visually checks the birds too.

Sujin lowers his bow, the thing thankfully seeming to die. "Sorry, it's hard to tell with those things. New experience." He'd say this while trying to help Akiko get out of there. He'd then peer at Akiko when she asks if everyone was alright. "Are you? Did it bite?" He looks Akiko over, scanning closely before looking to Satoru, giving him a thumbs up in response to his own condition. "Were these spiders always in here?" Sujin lifts his arm for Mijiko to land on so he can inspect her for any previously unseen injury.

Akiko smiles a bit and nods. "Good to hear!" Kotone returns to Akiko's shoulder, one talon holding the two arrows that were previously embedded in the spider's body. Akiko inspects them curiously, cleaning them off a bit before re-nocking them into her bow. Kotone is uninjured since she was mostly out of the fray, preferring to distract the spider rather than attack head-on. Akiko's injury is so minor she barely feels it anymore. "It just got a good grip on me. I'll be fine, Sujin-san. Thank you. And Satoru-san, too." She looks around a bit. "So… Do you guys see anything in here? Aside from the footprints that seem to be leading that way." She starts to follow them despite… well, any caution that she might want to have on her… She is either being really brave or really reckless!

"Whip is trying to pull my hair out," Satoru says, turning his eyes upwards a bit. The little lizard is still tugging ferociously on his hair, trying to remain completely and perfectly still, as if hiding from something or other, though he's rather obvious in his location. Shaking his head, he looks over to Akiko as she starts to walk off. "Hey, Akiko-san. Slow down. We need to be careful. There could be more spiders and whatnot." He moves over to start walking with her. Katashi seems to be keen on hanging at the back for the moment, perhaps to guard their rear? "Don't see anything here, but clearly people have passed through here at some point recently."

"Good and no I didn't pick up on anything." Sujin is currently concerned on being snuck up on by more spiders, watching the top of the caverns moreso than the ground. "Well… oh hey." When he focuses back on the group Akiko and Satoru were already taking off. He shifts Mijiko to his shoulder and notches an arrow, quick stepping to the two.

~You let them get hurt! You FAILED! You're a useless Shinobi that can hurt rocks and nothing else.~ "…" Katashi was looking really concerned at a rock, the mental fight continuing well past the physical. He'd snap out of it a moment, looking to the others. "huh?" ~They have to go forward you rock brain.~ "Right. Sujin-san. Watch above. Satoru, Akiko, keep tracking the ground. We'll keep going forward. Make sure the rope doesn't get snagged." Moving forward then, he'd head further into the cave with the others, seeking to track those whom they came down here for to start with.

~As they move on, it becomes accutely apparent that people have definitely gone the way that they are going. They continue on for a while without incident, though for Katashi and Sujin it becomes aware that there is more to this place than meets the eye. The Chuunin sense definite chakra ahead of them and to the sides. Not spiders, but people, in alcoves and behind rocks and within holes in the cave floor. Sujin would notice them as well, and both of the two would notice that there seems to be something odd about them. Are they really in danger? Satoru notices the people, but can't see as much about them as the others, and Akiko, in her haste, can make out maybe one person nearby, in an alcove, but that's it. None of them are moving. Yet.~

Akiko sees people. Well, if one person can be called people. She pauses where she is, focusing hard on this one little alcove. That bow in her hands grows taut as she pulls the string back, but she doesn't fire yet. It's unsure if this person is a friend or enemy. 'Kotone, see if you can do a bit of scouting,' she would tell the bird. The falcon, who is still actually small, nods and makes her way around the room, staying in the shadows for now. The little falcon hops around, being all sneaky as she tries to figure out what the situation might be up ahead.

Satoru is extremely wary of what's going on around them now. Not necessarily because of the fact that he can see that there are a few people nearby, but because they aren't struggling or moving or calling out for help of any kind. This makes him feel rather uneasy. So, too, does Whip not like it as he clambors down within a pouch on the Genin's belt. He shifts the kunai in his hands around a bit uneasily and looks between all of the others. "I don't like this. Stay sharp." He moves closer to Akiko so if anything happens they can cover each other.

"Alright sempai." Sujin listens and keeps his eyes up, though keeps his bow low for the sake of comfort. It'd be for the best though it doesn't make their next find uneasy. Sujin's voice stays low and he whispers to the group, "You seeing this?", whatever good whispering does in a cavern. A glance is given to Kotone just before she leaves, that answers his question or at least he assumes it does. Uncomfortable, his body was more poised moreso to evade and run instead of attack. If they were the missing people they'd probably be friendly, if they were the cause of people being missing, well… they had the advantage of seeming really comfortable in the nooks and crannies of this place to feel confident in fighting back.

Katashi moved forward with the others, slowing as they'd spot those others. At least him and it looks like two of the others saw something. "Ambush..?" Frowning, his attention went left, then right, scanning as he'd hold a hand out for everyone to pause in forward motion. ~Whatcha gonna do? They're surrounding you. Above, below, no place to go. They gonna kill you too!~ '…' Katashi motioned to the right, moving to have everyone go with him so they had what looked to be solid rock, at least, no chakra signatures near it, there. Pausing as he'd look around, a small nod was given. "Plenty of people here. They don't look like they're struggling. We look out numbered. Either unconcious, hostile and waiting, or friendly and waiting." He'd glance to the others with a small shrug. "I think you should wait here. Let me go look." ~Suuure, send the king to do the pawn's work!~ 'the king is stronger than a pawn.' ~….~ Katashi would nod to the others. "stay alert." Then start for the nearest signature he saw, keeping low, although hardly the type to be able to sneak really.

~From further within, a whistle sounds, and a kunai slices through the air aimed at Kotone. At the whistle, four bodies sprang forth, including from the place Katashi was heading towards. Each of them was, in fact, fully awake. They were all also wearing headbands from Sunagakure with the symbol slashed out. Rogue nin! Four of them and perhaps more!
The one in front of Katashi makes a few quick seals and a blast of fire rushes towards the Chuunin. From his left, another leaps forward to kick at the Chuunin's head. The alcove that Akiko was drawing near reveals a single figure springing forth with a blast of senbon aimed at both Akiko and Satoru. From beneath a place in the floor, a pair of hands suddenly reach up with the intention of dragging Sujin down to the floor.~

Why is Akiko so eager? If she wasn't, then she probably wouldn't have senbon sticking into her and turning her into a porcupine. Kotone is alright, using the quick wit that birds seem to have to dodge the sharp kunai that was aimed at her. She flaps back to try and help Akiko, giving the girl some small encouragement that the bird is both okay and Akiko can fight against these guys… Maybe. They're pretty strong. Also, their rogue shinobi, which means they probably have just as much training as any of the genin if not more. What luck!

Rogue nin. Not a good sight. A cloud of senbon are coming right at him. He narrowly avoids getting struck by dodging aside, but looks back to see that Akiko has been hit by several of the sharp weapons. Not good. Angry, he draws both Kunai forward and lunges at the Rogue Nin that has stepped forward, attacking with a dual sweep aimed at the ninja's chest. This is not looking like much of a fun fight. And he's pissed that the girl who's parents he promised he'd look out for is injured.

Sujin cringes as the whistle rolls through the caverns, this couldn't be good. His body tenses momentarily as he watches his team get attacked. The distraction strong enough for him to miss the underground assault. His subconscious kicks in, the sound of the ground shifting below was enough to cause him to move without even thinking of it.
"Mijiko. Careful rogue ninja." He'd focus on the hands momentarily but, that was a bad target, he'd just try and help out the others, "Defensive." He chimes to Mijiko, causing the bird to stay stationary, watching over Sujin to warn him for an oncoming strike.
This time, he won't fail his shot… hopefully as he sure as heck wasn't going into that painful looking barrage.

Once more there was a slight alteration to reality. His team may or maynot notice that he was doing a few quick handseals as he'd back up. The fire blast crossing in front of his head, with the kick coming in to his right. Katashi flowed smoothly, aiding with a chakra fueled strike of his own to the chest of the one that kicked towards him. Backing up to the team, he'd motion. "Retreat." ~Ahhh.. poor thing. Got surrounded and can't play no more.~ 'They're genin. We're out numbered. We have to retreat.' As Katashi picked up speed, he'd pass where the hands had grabbed for Sujin, pausing with a slight thud of one foot as the other would crank back and plow forward with as hard of a kick into one of those revealed wrists as possible. Katashi didn't stay to see the results, seeking to keep himself between the genin and the rogues as he'd try escorting them out. "Let's go. We need to go now. This is not a place for us." 'Why are there so many rogue?? This isn't right. Something doesn't fit.' ~They heard ab out YOU! This is YOUR fault! You're the weak link and they're attacking it. You should just LAY DOWN AND DIE!!! LET ME FREE!!!!~ '… shut up.'

~One of the two shinobi fighting against Katashi is nailed hard, sending him flying backwards. He begins to pick himself up, however, and prepare to continue the fight. That one, in particular, looks rather worse for wear, but each draws several kunai and flings them at Katashi. The shinobi facing off with Satoru and Akiko receives a slash across his chest for good measure from Satoru, after dodging Akiko's attacks. He manages to dodge the second attack, but spins and twirls his cloak about him, revealing that the tips are made of daggers, each attempting to slice into the two genin. The leader performs a few seals and his arm becomes coated in rock armor as Katashi tries to kick it. It withstands the attack. He rises from beneath the floor, directly in front of Sujin, performing seals as he does so. When he releases, a wave of stone spikes rises from the ground in a trail aimed directly at Sujin.~

Akiko is easily distracted by … well, action, apparently. All that training in the training center isn't coming to fruition, but that might also be due to the fact that she hasn't actually faced a live opponent. Dummies can really only take so much abuse and get a shinobi so far. She should spar people more often, maybe, and that would perhaps help. To help the escape, Akiko would nock a few more arrows, backing up towards the entrance of the cave. Sure, her last round of arrows didn't hit, but having a handy distraction could totally save the loyal Suna-nin!
Kotone skedaddled out of that playing field as soon as she heard the order, quickly winging her way back out of the cave. She's fast enough that she might end up fleeing before the Chuunin. Also, Katashi is at a disadvantage with two of the rogues attacking her… Hayato Akiko, thanks to her pausing to launch off arrows (and also she didn't see the spiky sharpness in the cape), ends up slashed across her midsection. Owww… It's enough to make her head for the hills, but not without tugging Satoru along and maybe Sujin if she passes him.

Satoru isn't about to argue with the team leader about getting the heck away from where they were. This was not going well, and Akiko kept getting hit by the guy they were fighting. As he moved to follow after the smaller Genin, he was also slashed across the midsection by the cape attack. Blood began to seep forward from the wound, but he winced and tried to ignore it, making his way behind Akiko and towards the exit. He didn't stop to throw a last attack, he just went. They needed to get out of there, and quickly. "Keep going! I'm right behind you," he assures Akiko, who isn't looking that well now.

'Retreat?' The word echoes in his mind and he spots an opening where his target was in no easy position to avoid and he was just about to let the shot loose. Everything is thrown off as the leader pops up again, Mijiko herself unable to react appropriately to his sudden appearance. "Nono." His eyes shift from the man's own, down to his hand seal forming hands, he'd let the arrow go as the leader prepares his attack, trying to pin his hands to his chest. Wait, just as Sujin was letting go, the boys body would shift slightly. A moment of confusion, the arrow goes off weaker and off target and soon he'd find himself in a lot of pain and lifted into the air. Mijiko takes to the air to split away and avoid damage while keeping an eye out for Sujin. Looking down Sujin finds a spike in his midsection, the pain crippling… he's never been hit that hard.
Thankfully Mijiko thinks quick and slams into the impaling spike, shattering it to stop Sujin from being pinned in place. With a loud screech Mijiko snaps Sujin back into reality and he begins to run, quickly.

For the most part, Katashi seem to simply.. ignore the kunai hitting him. Either hitting his clothing without actually seeming to pierce his skin, or actually bounce off. One managed to connect, high above his shoulder. Katashi just ignored it as he'd keep going after the rest of them. "Sujin, send your bird to Sunagakure immediately." As they'd follow the rope back, Katashi hung back, being a literal meat shield between the enemies and the genin. Getting closer to the front, he'd launch himself again, going upward to kick out some of those large rocks, seeking to knock them down and cause a delay in the rogue trying to chase them as they'd work on retreating.

~With the actual Suna ninja fleeing, and with several of the the rogue's sporting wounds, the Rebel leader whistles lightly and none of them move to follow those that flee. They aren't going to press their luck when they aren't massively far from the entrance to the cave network. These guys are smarter than they look.~

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