Searching for Hiroko - Part II


Shinji, Shoki (emitter)

Date: April 27, 2011


Shinji goes looking for clues and meets some new 'friends'.

"Searching for Hiroko - Part II"

Somewhere off the coast of the Land of Fire

After the time rebuilding in the village, and helping with repairs and the like Shinji finally had time on his own again, his debt paid for the limited information he had gathered. North was the best clue, north and look for some kind of island, but there were dozens of small islands along the shore and the massive disruption lately has leveled many of them. The odds of finding a real clue in the mess left by that tsunami is almost zero. Add to that the years of time and… it turns into a real mess. But it is all Shinji has to go with so far. At least the weather had improved, sunny and hot for the most part. The forested shores, the broken beaches and the few small islands all to go on for now without any real path to follow other than the shore line itself.

Knowing that this mission wasn't going to be easy and with years old information, Shinji made his way north to the forested shores. The weather is pretty nice for a change, and well with the time alone from the others and the village it felt like he was back wandering again. Going through all the information he had, he hopes that he is able to find something, maybe if the island he is seeking can be found, maybe there will be some other clues or something that would help him.
Walking along the shoreline, Shinji looks around for any traces of clothing, weapons, maybe some year old tracks that would have probably been washed away from the shores due to the tsunamis, or hell even some sort of secrect passages leading underground. The story from the old merc, he stated that there was a mist which in the mist he lost most of his mercentile force, maybe there is possibly some hidden area here or maybe he will need to walk out to one of the islands.

Shinji is a man with soft, dark-toned flesh. He appears to be in his early twenties. His height is about 5'10". He has medium-length, raven-colored hair down to his shoulders. His bangs consist of two stark-white spikes of hair that hang down over his forehead. He has hazel eyes. He has soft, youthful facial features and often a pleasant smile on his face. Shinji has an athletic build, with toned arms, but as he moves there is a feline grace to him that indicates he is likely more of a gymnast than a body builder.
Shinji wears a long pair of black, baggy pants. The pants come down to just over his knees, and from the knees down to his ankles there are blue-black leather straps wound around his legs, over and over again. Black, metallic shin plates with gold trim guard the fronts of his legs. Around his waist, there is a black sash with the design of a red dragon upon it. The sash hangs down alongside his right leg. He wears a garment on his torso that resembles a black, sleeveless coat, with two pointed coat tails trailing behind him. It is buttoned up the front with a total of six gold buttons. Worn on his arms, from his elbows to his wrists, are black-colored "detached sleeves", with a pointed flap on the end of each that extends out over the back of each hand. On the forearm of each sleeve is the kanji for "Chi" in red. Completing Shinji's clothing are black socks on his feet with simple, flat sandals.

Someone is approaching. From inland, moving without any attempt at stealth. One… two… three people. A small group. They are moving nimbly, through the trees. Perhaps a group from Konohagakure? Shinji had been in the village for a while, was he spied out? It is unclear who or what the intent is though, only that a group is approaching. From the sounds it is one in the lead and two as 'backup' slightly back and to each side, heading straight towards the shore, near Shinji's location.

Having seen the individuals, Shinji just backs up into the forest a little, he watches them with his hands in his pockets. With the ways he's dressed he looks pretty common. Granted the Tao-Shih doesn't have any uniform that they all wear which is a good thing for him. He has no visible weapons that could be seen, but then again, if this is a patrol they may just pass him by with not much regard, but then again if they do question him, hell he's at a beach enjoying the weather. Though he does take in the group, checking for possibly weapons, and figuring out who does what within the group just to be on the safe side. It's something he's always done when faced with ninja, he really didn't count himself as one due to his partial training as a ninja. But for now using the forest to blend in a little as well to move out of their way. He waits to see what happens.

As the group comes into view, it is clear this is not a normal patrol. The leader and his two followers are dressed in completely covering outfits. Head to toe the outfits are dark, black and red outfits, hoods included and goggles. Gloves, boots, the whole outfit covers every inch of flesh. The masks are cloth, a mesh over where the mouth would be, but dark, so nothing past it can be seen. The outfits are strange to say the least. The leader has a pair of twin blades on his back, and kunai on his belt. One of the followers has a bow on his back, the other has a staff. They clearly are organized in some way but the outfits, the colors, vaguely the land of fire but nothing easily identifiable. There's a pause as the group reaches the shore and the three pause. After a moment the one with the bow gestures slightly in your direction and the group turns that way and starts to approach, weapons still undrawn.

This does come with a warning, as Shinji looks at the group he could only think that they are apart of some Covert Ops group. He knows that ANBU normally have a ceramic mask of animal design, and Hunter Nins just a plian ceramic mask. This indeed is very intruging to him. As they land and pause due to him not being where he was, he figures they did spot him so as they approach, he is simply leaning against a tree looking very relaxed. "Hello." he says and give the group a nod. "Pretty nice day out huh?" he asks as his voice is slightly different from when he was in the village <think of Gambit from the X-Men, cajun flava.>. "Why dress up in dem de're hot clothes, shoul' be out enjoyin da weather no?"

As the group approachs, and you make no bones about hiding, the back to fall back further, leaving the apparent leader to approach. The group moves with trained percision. No words, small hand gestures only and nothing you recognize. Non-standard hand signs? Perhaps or something more. The leader slows his approach as you speak. You can't see his face, or his eyes. Nothing about his is exposed. His poster seems almost mechanical, nothing given away.
"You were asking about the Daimyo's Niece." The voice is flat, and slightly altered. You'd guess some kind of mechanical effect or something. It doesn't sound natural. The words are a statement, not a question. "What organization, clan, land, or other group are you working for?" There's the question. The posture is still neutral, the two behind him are back far enough to be out of the way if combat does start, but they haven't drawn weapons either. From the way the group is operating you get the feeling the one with the bow is a sensory type of some kind.

Stretching a little bit and letting off a sigh, everything and movement they make is caught in his vision. Trained pretty decently on what to look for, Shinji notices this isn't a good scene for him. But until they do something he wouldn't act, not yet at least. Quirking his head to the side as the mechanical voice speaks, looks like he's been caught asking questions, but then again, this mission is very important and he couldn't be stopped now. But then again, all his leads are years old so maybe there is something with this group. "I could be mon'aime. Who's asking?" he smiles. "As for orginization, I'm not with anyone really." he smiles. "But it looks like you dere be with someone." he says as he looks to each member then back to the leader.

It has the feeling of talking to a stone wall. Hardly a motion. These three are highly trained or… perhaps puppets? Whatever it is, they aren't giving much away. "You spoke with the one survivor that we know of. We know his story. You know his story. The lead is cold. If you are someone who can be worked with then information might be given to you that you do not yet have. If you are not someone that can be worked with then either you will be made to stop your investigation or simply stopped." There is a coldness to the voice. Those darkened goggles don't help much. It's damn creepy. The group of three waits for your reply, not looking any more or less tense than when they first came into view.

Shinji blinks a few times, do they really make stone wall puppets he wonders. Because that what it feels like he's talking to, but as the leader speaks, it does catch his attention and he already knew that his info is damn old and probably would lead to dead ends. Whatever information this group have, he wanted and well the whole them stopping him only makes him chuckle. Nodding his head, "We can work togethea mon'aime. Seeing as you already head da ol'mans story. So how do we do this whole you and I sharin'?" he asks.

The leader holds up a hand, flat palm towards you, gloved. "We don't. There is a group, a team, who has been assigned to find Hiroko. I tell you who this team is. You go and either follow them or find out what information they gather. If they find Hiroko you tell us. That's it. We aren't asking for her. We aren't telling you what to do with her when you find her, if you find her. We tell you who the team is, and I give you information about the team members. In exchange, you tell us if she is found, and where she is." He pauses, and you get the feeling he's studying you, then asks, "Is that an acceptable exchange to you?"

Bringing his right hand up to rub along the neatly shaven stubble along his chin, Shinji listens and seems to think about this. He knows that there are people who would rather Hiroko not be found at all, and if she is found they would possibly use her for their own gain or have her killed period. He would have to watch how he interacts with this group. They already know to much as it is, but for now he will play. "Alright, seems accepteable to me mon'aime." he says. "Who be dis team?" he asks.

There's a quick reach back, smooth and a small scroll is pulled from behind the leader. He tosses it towards you. "When you know something, return to the village you spoke with the survivor at. We'll have someone meet with you there within a few days. Vanish or betray us and you will regret it." He says, still with that oddly modified voice. The scroll is extended. The scroll case is simple, plain, the kind used many, many people, nothing to identify it as special. "All the details are here." He waits for you to take the scroll.

Not reacting to the shinobi as he reaches back to grab the scroll, as he hands it to Shinji. The man looks to the scroll then to the shinobi and reaches out for it. "De're be no need for threats mon'aime. Though as for as you taking care of me….." he just lets that trail off. Knowing what he knows and honestly he hasn't had a good fight in a long while. He shrugs and tucks the scroll into a inside shirt, "Well I will head back and read what you've given' me and will begin my search as well as meet up or follow this group." he smiles. "Anyting else?"

The leader hops back a bit onces the scroll is given. Those dark goggles look back at you. Silence for a moment then, "The trail here is cold. All evidence was destroyed long ago. Do not waste your time or ours by looking under rocks for things that are not there." With that he makes a small gesture and the pair behind him move in unison back into the woods. The leader pauses and says, "You need to work on your disguises and accent if you are going to succeed." And with that the lead of the group leaps back towards the woods to leave apparently as quickly as they approached.

A chuckle is given as he is told to work on his disquise and voice, "Eh." he says as he looks to the trio as they are now fading into the woods. Shrugging his shoulders, "At least I have something new to help me." he smiles and begins making his way back to the small village. He will read all he needs to then go from there.

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