Seeing Without Eyes


Arika, Rikuto

Date: January 10, 2015


A young Miira seeks out the help of another for a unique form of training.

"Seeing Without Eyes"

Land of Wind, Sunagakure

It was early in the morning of the the third Sunday of the month yet a young Miira was still within the training area. With his hood drawn back, it was easy to see that Rikuto wore a sand visor that he has been wearing consistently for days. This time he had knocked onto the apartment Arika and Ping were staying, and handed a letter to the latter, asking for the girl to meet him to work on a 'project'. Moving a hand to the side of his neck, the young Miira tilts his head slowly, stretching out his neck one way until changing it to the other way. "I wonder how long is she going to sleep in.. most around here hardly use chakra."

Arika yawns as she wanders into the area, grumbling a bit in jealousy as Gyuki has been slumbering for the past while. She looks around to see Rikuto and wanders to him, poking the boy a few times. "Boo!" she exclaims, not trying to scare him. She knows she can't really surprise him. But she does wanna get his attention somehow.

For once, the young Miira doesn't seem to notice the young girl until she was basically on top of him, causing him to shift rapidly at first before calming down. Turning his head in her direction, he raises a hand to knock at the top of her head mildly. "I said meet me, not spook me" was said some what grumbling, wondering why he couldn't notice her sooner. "Anyways, can you guess why I wanted to meet you? You have three chances."

Arika squeaks, rubbing her head at the tap. "Rikkun!!!" she pouts. Then she hmms at the question, tapping her chin in thought. "Cuz you want me to help you with something?" she guesses. "Or you wanna train something? Or you wanna meet with Ping-San but are making me get him?" Three guesses. Is she right?

"Partly.. mostly.. nope" was answered almost as quickly as the girl has asked them. Standing up, the young Miira begins to brush off his pants before turning around towards the direction he could hear her. "Now, I want to try something.. different. This training isn't for you this time, it's for me, though you'll be popped on the head if you don't try hard enough, you'll get treats after if you succeed." Raising a hand up to the visor, he taps it lightly a few times. "I want to see, if I can sense when you're attacking me and get out of the way in time. Sound simple enough?"

Arika blinks a bit, but nods. "Okie! Sounds easy enough, yep!" she says, focusing her chakra right away. The girl scrambles away from Rikuto so she can get ready, too. "Ready, Rikkun?" she calls over.

With a light nod of his head, Rikuto begins to back up quickly, putting a few meters between them. "Don't go at your quickest just yet, I want to try to get more used to things, then if you still can't hit me, keep going, okay?" A light smile was on the young man's lips though the air around him was rapidly beginning to swell, he wasn't taking many chances as he begins to focus.

Arika shakes her head a bit, making hand-seals to send a gust of air to try and knock Rikuto off balance. Then she throws two Kunai at him, the weapons laced with chakra so he could probably detect them.

While he manages to sense each of the, only two clones seem to explode in front of him before he pulls out the kunai from his shoulder. "..Thought this one was going a little slower. Almost." Nodding lightly to himself, the young Miira tosses it across and into the ground a half a meter beside Arika. "Again.. though I did say slow, or is this slow for you now Arichan?"

"Hmm… No, not really that slow. I didn't think I would hit you with anything, though, Rikkun!" She seems pretty excited by that fact, waiting to see if she can catch the Miira off guard again. As she waits for an opening, she skirts the edges, idly wondering if she should make a shadow clone as well.

When Arika's chakra begins to flare as she was preparing for something. Bringing his hands together, Rikuto makes a few brief seals as he clucks his tongue. "What are you planning?" Focusing, his chakra pulses faintly, attempting to snare the girl with an illusion, a lesser one, though to her she was lingering dangerously close to a viper that has had enough and lurches forward, sinking its fangs deep within her ankle. "Arichan! Am I going to have to attack now too?"

Arika tries to get away from the illusion, wincing visibly when the snake bites her. She kicks it away, though the effects linger with her, and she makes a seal to attack Rikuto with only wind-chakra, using it to slash at the Miira.

Still lightly chuckling, the young Miira doesn't seem to react to the first kunai.. he doesn't sense it until it touches his skin and by then it was too late, cutting into his side messily. The following two strikes are notices, the third one only barely, causing Rikuto to breath out rapidly, causing a dome of wind to circle around him, though a hand drops to his side with a wince. "I.. didn't see that first one. I guess you're getting a bit serious now huh? I'm starting to get more of a hang for this.. Keep going."

Arika nods with determination, even if Rikuto can't see her. The fact that he's able to block her attacks is good. She performs a similar attack combination, but instead of using three kunai, it's two and a gust of wind to try and knock the boy off-balance. "If it was fire, I think it'd be easier for you to avoid this, Rikkun…" she notes.

Poof.. poof.. two clone is all Arika comes into contact with at first until another one of her kunai finds its mark though it would seem the young Miira was able to prepare himself more readily compared to before and quickly grasps at it and pulls it from his arm that acted as a shield from it. "Geeze.. That one.. I couldn't notice until it was really close, was an odd angle. Very nice." Raising the kunai up, he couldn't notice any chakra still with in it. "I think.. this is my limit for now though. Pushing it any more and I think I'll be in serious trouble soon."

Arika nods and goes over to the boy to perch on his back once more, checking on some of the cuts she had made in the process. "I didn't hurt you too bad, right Rikkun?" she wonders. That voice makes a faint sound of irritation.

When Arika suddenly jumps onto his back, Rikuto staggers forward a step but them managed to collect himself. Moving his fingers to his lips, a small sphere of flames is collected, only to then press them where he was stabbed and cut, causing a hiss from the wounds and from the young man as he tenses from the pain of the self scaring to minimize the injury. "Not too bad.. but I think I'm going to have to take you more seriously from now on at how fast you're growing."

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