Seeking without Peeking, Practicing Sensing Chakra


Tsuchi, Rikuto

Date: October 4, 2014


Rikuto seeks out his sensei to watch her train with her partner. The afternoon ends with an interesting way of playing 'hide and seek'.

"Seeking without Peeking, Practicing Sensing Chakra"

Land of Wind

Even though he was advised not to, Rikuto had left the medical center while still recovering. Walking was still tiring for him but with the windsail he has, moving around wasn't too limiting. The teen made his way out of the village and towards the desert's dunes, well away from where most villagers would just to travel. "Tsuchi is normally around here somewhere.. just where though?" After taking in a breath, the young Miira raises his right hand to chest height, letting his fingers waver.

Appearing at the other side of a dune, Tsuchi is busy already moving at high speeds with Sora. They are going back and forth with one another as they are disappearing back and forht behind various dunes and firing off wind at each other. Even as they move, they are creating blasts of sand as they move. Even as they arrive, she starts to slow with Sora and looks over in surprise at the pair. She leaps up and over a blast of wind from Sora and kicks another his way, knocking him back, "Hey, no attacking when I'm not looking!"

At times, the young Miira was looking in the wrong direction, losing track of the pair but once another burst of wind surges his hand shifts in that direction. "Hmm.." Furling his brow, Rikuto begins to study the directed dunes but then settles onto the the furry, and annoyed creature that was sent staggering. Looking down to his side, the teen picks up a book and opens it, making a few notations into it. "Tsuchi feels warmer than Sora.." was mumbled as he makes his notes. Even though he didn't seem like they noticed him just yet, he raises a hand and waves it towards the pair shortly.

A look at the Miira and Tsuchi walks up toward him even as Sora is picking himself back up. She nods to him and grins, "What brings you out this way, Rikuto?" She hmms as she shifts her shoulders back a little, "You come out to see what it is we are working on?"S he hmms and peers at him before looking over at Sora with a grin as he comes running back over to the pair, looking annoyed at Tsuchi even as she states, "You were attacking me from behind, don't be mad just cause your little trick failed."

At first Rikuto began to nod but then he shakes his head. "Not quite this time." Turning away from Tsuchi, he turns and pats the book beside himself lightly. "If I could've just sensed.. I'm trying to learn just how jutsu and people feel." Turning his head away and towards where Sora was, he points out towards the ferret. "You two don't need to slow down or stop. I'm just trying to get more practice."

"Ah I see." She nods her head, "You are trying to learn how to sense chakra then?" She hmms and peers at the young man before nodding her head, "I see." She then looks over toward Sora before nodding her head to him, "Sora, make a few laps with your speed and wind around the dunes." He smiles and gives a thumbs up before making a quick gesture and with a burst of wind he is off, running at insanely high speeds.

Arching a brow, the young Miira looks away and watches the ferret explode with a burst of wind. Looking around for a while, he continues to try to search for Sora but soon turns to the young woman. "Yes. I can feel how much chakra something is wrapped in by how 'hot' it feels. I don't really have much time to feel more beyond watching some genins practicing, most of them hardly are luke warm most evening.." A grumble escapes his throat but then his eyes focus onto Tsuchi, looking at her somewhat questioningly.

A look at him and she blinks, "What do you mean?" She tilts her head and even as Sora comes back, seeming confused as she had called him back to her side, she licks her lips, "Hot? Warm? I'm not at all sure what it is you mean, RIkuto? I'm not a sensor so I'm not wholly aware of this." SHe nods her head as she looks at herself and then back at him.

Moving his hand up to his chin, he lightly begins to tap at his chin. "I don't see chakra, I don't hear it either. To me it feels like.. heat. Warmth." Nodding his head lightly a few times, a light smile appears on Rikuto's lips as he finds the words for it. Pointing to Tsuchi he continues, "When I was sitting back, focusing on trying to feel you two, each time you made a wind blast, I could feel something cooler but.. over a larger area." Looking away from the pair, he looks back towards the dunes, his face twists a bit, beginning to think more carefully. "While you two feel warm, the thing that was in that city.. That felt like a fire compared."

"What thing in the city? You talking about that Jinchuuriki?" She hmms and peers at him before nodding ehr head, "And don't get anything wrong, that's what that was." She nod sher head, "A creature of pure chakra living inside of a person. A demon in a way." SHe nods her head, "Showing its full power and this one had seemed to take over that girl." She then looks at him carefully, walking up and placing a hand to his shoulder, "None the less, what is it you want to practice or try?"

"A Jinchuuriki?" was the only question he asked before going quiet again, listening to Tsuchi, nodding lightly though he does lean away when she pats his shoulder. "Hmm.. If it's something like that, then what I'm trying to think about is more important than before." Turning back, Rikuto focuses onto the young woman, offering her a faint smile. "How well can you control your chakra levels? I can't really feel minor changes right now. The more that flows, the more easily I can feel it."

A smile and Tsuchi nods her head, "I'm very good at focusing large amounts of chakra. Why do you ask?" She hmms and peeers at him before shifting her weight around to look at him more directly.

A widening grin appears on the young Miira's lips. Raising high right hand, he taps the side of his temple before pointing out towards the dunes. "I was thinking about maybe having you stand behind one of the different dunes around.. well this one. I'll try to see if I can see which one you're behind. I'll give a signal each time I think I can feel where you are." Turning his attention towards Sora, Rikuto extends out a hand, saying "Sora will be able to tell to make sure if I'm cheating or not. If you think it's too easy, try to hide it a little more or place it into a clone?"

A chuckle and a nod and Tsuchi gives a grin, "Well, that works just fine. Hide and seek, eh? Such an odd game for me to play but I like it." She then turns and starts off, "Now close your eyes and count to ten." She chuckles before nodding ehr head and starting off with a smile.

"Count to.." Shrugging lightly, Rikuto closes his eyes but the smirk on his lips fades as he tries to focus. "One.. Two.. Three.." was counted out loud but as he counts, he turns his head a bit as if looking around but without peeking. "..Nine. ..Ten." The teen doesn't open his eyes but he does begin to hum a light tune. "This is like playing hide and seek without any lights being on.." After a few moments, he turns and sucks in a breath before exhaling sharply, breathing out a small orb of fire. The small orb expands and soon explodes against one of the nearby dunes.

A chuckle as the orb explodes the dune she is behind and she slips around it quickly before giving a wave and chuckling nod, "Good job." She nods her head and focuses some chakra as she does. She licks her lips, "GOod job, Rikuto." She then tilts her head, "Do you want me to really try to mess with your senses though?"

"If I was smart I'd say no.. I'm curious though." Opening his eyes, Rikuto look out and watches Tsuchi but he sits up straight a little more. Curling his fingers into loose fists, he begins to focus but only faintly. "Are you planning to try.. No. I'm not going to guess. Show me?" Looking over towards Sora, he checks if the ferret would give him some insight.

A grin and she gestures to Sora, "Stay to the side." She grins and then she looks at Rikuto, "Remember, you asked for it…now find me!" She then creates a few quick gestures and grins before she suddenly unleashes snapping and popping, crackling lights everywhere and when they fall, she has vanished from sight.

Rikuto squeezes his eyes shut, bringing a hand over his eyes with a bit of a snarl. Using his left hand, he begins to wave it slowly around the air, using it to track Tsuchi but then it suddenly stops and his fingers curl some. "Dang it.. that was bright." Blinking a few times, he would look at the different dunes before breathing in again, and exhaling sharply, blowing out another orb of fire where he lost track of the young woman.

Popping out from a totally different dune, Tsuchi shakes her head, "NOpe." She comes running back up and then shakes her head again at him, "One more time, focus." She nods her head and then she takes a few gestures and once more, she fills the air and disappears in that brightness and loud popping.

Unlike the first time, Rikuto didn't leave his eyes open though the flash disorients him none the less. Moving a hand back to stroke his eyes, he begins to feel at the air gently, trying to probe it for answers. When the teen drops his hands, he shakes his head before turning to a new direction only to shake his head again. "I can feel that she's still close but.. where? Give me a minute more!" The last of his words were said rather loudly, hoping the other woman could hear him.

A look back from the dune, she only hears him and for her part, she simply stays where she is at, letting him have another opportunity to try to sense her out.

Frustration begins to set in as the teen stand up from where he had been sitting. Looking around the desert's many dunes, he begins to stare at them expectantly. Raising a hand up, he slips it behind his head, scratching at the base of his neck restlessly. "The more she moves the more blurred everything feels.. I'm starting to feel warmth from half the dunes at this point." Rikuto didn't speak loudly,, but began muttering mostly to himself, though Sora might be able to hear if he tried to listen in.

Looking over at Rikuto, Sora grins as Tsuchi doesn't move, "Well, you want to give up and have her come out?" THe ferret asks and peers at the dunes, "I'm not even sure I know where she is at this point." He nods his head and then shrugs, "You gotta sense her out." Sora states, "Or give up…one of the two." He chuckles.

Glancing away from the dunes for a moment, Rikuto turns and glances at Sora. "If I wanted things easy I would if not called her sensei and stayed a courier." It was easy to hear when spoke that he was agitated but then turns away suddenly. "She's.. not over there.. or there." Rather than trying to seek Tsuchi out directly, the young Miira went in reverse, starting to mark off where he could feel the young woman wasn't.

A snicker and Sora nods his head, "I guess that's why Tsuchi picked you to be her pupil then, eh? She never gives up and you don't seem ready to either." He nods his head and looks around at the various dunes even as he ponders, "Where oh where could she be, RIkuto? You gotta focus there buddy or you'll never find Tsuchi."

At this point, Rikuto was beginning to focus on not listening to Sora's taunts. In the process of starting to ignore his hearing, his other senses become more refined. Bringing his hands up to his lips, the teen breaths in before exhaling a orb of fire, taking aim at the top of the dune where he thought Tsuchi now was hiding behind. "There."

A grin and Tsuchi comes out of hiding with a nod and then waves to him, "Good job!" She calls ot Rikuto and starts his way before shifting her step a little and rolling her shoudlers, "You have done a fine job in this." She nods again before looking over at Sora with a smile before looking back at Rikuto, "I'm very impressed." She then licks her lips, "Was that something like what you were hoping to try?"

The teen's face was painted with surprise when the young woman's hand was shown and waved towards him. A smile spreads across his lips and dips his head lightly. "I'm getting better, but that last time took me longer than I would've liked." Slipping his hand up, Rikuto uses a hand to massage the side of his neck. Lowering his head again, he bows to Tsuchi briefly. "Thank you sensei. I've been meaning to find a way to track a certain person but, I didn't think that being able to feel them like this would be.. realistic."

A look at him and she reaches out to ruffle his hair before nodding her head, "You'll find your way, Rikuto."S he nods her head and then pats him on the back, "Come on, lets head on back to Sunagakure and get something to eat. What ya think?" She nods her head and smiles before pointing, "A good jog to build up an appetite!" She nods her head and starts jogging.

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