Send in the Clown! So this is ninja, huh!?


Satomi, Jin, Zankuro, Oskeo

Date: March 23, 2014


Satomi is training Jin, when Oskeo is assigned to Satomi's Konoha ninja team. Oskeo participates in his first spar as an unorthodox Genin, with Nara Satomi-sensei as his opponent. Zankuro sleepily prepares to cause mischief, but falls asleep spread eagle in the training field.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Send in the Clown! So this is ninja, huh!?"

Training Area #26 - Training Entrance

Satomi was lazing about on thick branch a few trees away from Jin. She was having him work on his fire jutsu. In this training area because she was looking for potential prospects to increase the size of her team!

They have been idle for a little too long. Her feet gently twitch occasionally while her eyes scan down the list of genin in the village without a team. Occasionally looking up to match pictures with those training. None of which caught so much as her attention. "How's your sister?" Satomi asks Jin casually, as from his right side a target pops up. Should he fail to hit it he would get soaked in a spray of water.

Jin seems to be in deep concentration as he works on his fire jutsu as was commanded by his squad leader. His hands move in a circle, as he controls a fireball, having it move around his body. He seems to be focusing on concentration and control for the most part. A glance towards Satomi causes a slight smirk to come to his lips. Despite her lackluster demeanor, he knew she was keenly alert though part of him wanted to test the theory by sending the fireball at her. However, such childish notions would have to wait. He seriously needed to increase his training and this was the best way to do it. "She's fine, as near as I can tell. I haven't seen much of her lately. I assume her duties are keeping her busy." He pauses. "How are you holding up?"

"Alrighty! Gonna just scratch out Hot Springs and try… hmm… Where >do< they hang out on off days?" Zankuro muttered to himself, tapping his chin with the edge non-ink end of his pen as he walked along studying the notepad in his other hand. So far there's already been three well known locations crossed out on the pad. Anyone with a keen eye or some other special mojo going for them that can read it would see that there's one thing in particular that may stand out about them, though typically only those apart of a certian circles would catch on to it. Whatever it is elicits a mischevious giggle from the bruised up boy. A teen woefully unaware of the fact that he's wonder into the training grounds, and ignorant of everyone else… for now.

A tall, thin man flickers into existence braced by the arms of two flanking ninja wearing veils and flak jackets. Releasing the man, one ninja flickers to the tree near Satomi while the other steadies the reeling passenger. Reaching into his vest, the treeborne ninja offers a note to Satomi. "A request from the village council, miss Nara." With a polite nod, the ninja flickers back to the ground near his passenger, before both ninja kneel, bow, and flicker off over the training field towards the village.

The tall man abruptly finishes brushing off his black felt tunic to humor his audience, a broad smile creasing his face as it had the moment his escorts had placed him on the training area turf. Clumsily finding his poise and in contrast performing a flourished bow with practiced dexterity, the man sang, "Oskeo Q Smartical, at your service," humbling himself first slowly towards the Kumochi in the branches, then again, more quickly towards the training ninja, and to the stumbling Genin in turn, as though he were pleasantly surprised to notice each personally, and once at a time. "I am!" the man finished even at length.

Satomi lowers the folder and sighs. "I'm fine, thank you." She says. "The period of mourning over Kaito is over. And while I didn't know him that well, he was still family. And we still laughed, loved… And hated together." She smiles. "But dad and I decided to cherish the good memories, and leave the bad to rest." She lets her eyes shift down to Oskeo. Taking a look at his profile yet again… Such an interesting case. "Jin, the control is good. You're certainly taking after that sister of yours…" Satomi says with a chuckle…

"But keeping your pattern the same will not train you. Challenge yourself, increase distance, tie a wrist to your anckle…" Satomi smiles. "Fight one of my clones while fighting the targets popping up." As she explains, yet another pops up. Again giving him a second or so to hit it before it would do it's punishing water blast should he fail to hit. "It's like practicing archery. If you keep doing it from the same distance one the same target, you don't become better."

"Heard about that new hidden village?" Satomi asks curiously. She read some intelligence on the stuff but from what she's gathered things aren't exactly secretive. So she was curious what a chuunin would know!

Only after finishing her train of thought she peers at the note, and the man making quite the appearance. This wasn't the way things usually went… And for it to go to her… The council must have quite something on their hands. "Welcome to the training turf. Your escort clearly believes physical restraint is the most efficient. The art of peace teaches us that the strongest restraints are furthest from physical…" Satomi smiles and yawns. "Then again, don't be mistaken. The fact I don't need to touch you to keep you in line is not a show of weakness. But one of strength. You won't make it very far by pieing me off." She closes her eyes, rubbing her nose. "So I suggest you behave." Apperently she left him free to whatever antics he wanted to pull. But it's also clear she puts the real responsibility with him. "This is Sarutobi Jin. From the proud Sarutobi clan. I suggests you two do a brief introduction before we move on to the next excersize." Satomi's shadow extends, flicking a switch to stop Jin from having to suspress the targets.

There's trouble a foot! Or so the rumbling in his tummy seemed to say, giving the Sarutobi pause long enough to start PAYING ATTENTION to the present. As soon as hear some folk speaking — but more specifically, the word Sarutobi get thrown about — Zankuro puts Taizen-sensei's training immediatly to work by trying to cruise his way into hiding. Then, do a little creeping along the ground if he can to try and figure out just what unlucky kinsman has managed to cross his path!
The loud shirt, giant scroll, and stout body kind of make it next to impossible for him to genuinely hide from anyone…

Jin nods faintly when Satomi talks about Kaito, and he feels a little pride when she says he was taking after Kazuo. "Thank you, Sensei." The fireball hovers over his palm for a moment before he spins to point his palm towards a tree. The fireball flies from his palm to impact the tree in a shower of sparks, though there is no damage at all. He stand up straight while pushing his glasses up his nose. He inclines his head to the newcomer. "A pleasure to make your aquaintance, sir." Always polite, this one. When Satomi gives him more fuel for his training, he inclines his head. "As you say. However the tying of my wrist to my ankle is a bit much." A ghost of a smile curls at his lips from the teasing. He withdraws a cigarette from his coat and lights it with his finger as he moves to retrieve his bag and his own large scroll that's propped against a nearby tree. He quickly calculates the possibilities of what the next exercise might be, given his familiarity with his teacher. The odds were not in his favor.

Oskeo sputtered a myrthful laugh, bowing once more to Jin. "Jin, then." The man's mouth remained open, but he thought better of engaging Jin in formality as he watched him expertly deal with his instructor's progressive drills. Seeing that she did not seem bothered to speak while deploying her distractions, Oskeo turned to the instructor instead. "Oh I wouldn't dream of angering anyone, Miss. Nara, was it? Miss Nara- if I may. I am a dealer of smiles, afterall." Oskeo offered another sweeping bow. "As for my escorts? Fufufu, their handling was more for my benefit than anything else."

Oskeo reached back to nervously rake the hair on the back of his head. "You see, I'm not-" the man's speech slowed cautiously as the younger ninja scurried into position. "…quite as dextrious as one might expect from a leaf ninja-" The man's arm fell back comfortably near his bowed knees as his sentance collapsed into more sputtering laughter. "Myself as a leaf ninja- oh, that's a joke in itself isn't it!" Clapping his hands together ceremoniously, Oskeo sighs, "But I do see I am in good hands afterall. I am."

"Satomi-sensei, or sama…. Or sempai, depending on what makes you happy…" Satomi muses while slipping off the tree. He shadows coming up to soften her landing, catching her and putting her down. She did weave the seals to do it, but it was all done with an aire of casual "Okay, now you two have met, lets get right to things shall we?" Satomi asks. "We're going to work on stamina today." She explains. "My father often calls this excersize jutsu pong." She grins.

"The rules are simple, you each get fire targets in a row. You are to hit all of them with your favourite jutsu. You start back to back, but the first one to hit all the targets get's a point." Satomi smiles. "After five rounds, the points are counted and we'll have a winner. That said, if one of you two forfeits or collapses before the end of the excersize, the one left standing is automatically the winner." Satomi grins. "Loser buys is ramen after!" Hey, this Nara knows how to turn a profit okay!

Jin prepares himself for the contest and then pauses. He looks up at the sky and then closes his eyes with a frown. "Sensei. I apologize, but my sister and my father are probably waiting for me. We're supposed to have a meal together and then discuss clan issues." He rubs the back of his head. "Father wishes me to be more involved, so he made me a clan consultant. I must go." He looks at Oskeo. "It was a pleasure meeting you. I'm sure we'll see more of each other in the future." He turns to bow with respect to Satomi before gathering his things and making his way out of the forest.

Satomi calmly nods. Wise man, this father… Jin's got the brains. Plus the experience will do good for him. "Dismissed." She calmly says while turning to Oskeo.. "So that leaves us.." She flashes a grin. "How about we do this then. Since it's our first time training. I thinkit's good if you show me what you can do!" She leans back against a tree gracefully. "So don't hold back. Show me what you got!"

Bowing - more politely, this time - to his new instructor, Oskeo chirps, "As you wish, Satomi-sensei." He claps his hands together and rubs vigorously, turning to his new mistress' star pupil. "The pleasure is all mine! My but a contest? Then perhaps you'll excuse me for our brief introduction, Mr. Jin. There's no better way to get to know someone than over a friendly game, afterall!" Oskeo swept his arms around him and pivoted away from the departing shinobi and towards his targets. "Mr Jin? I'll practice for next time, but I do warn you: There's no way I'll lose. There is not!

Oskeo brings his flamboyantly outstretched arms together in a soft, percussive clap, forming a quick and subtle tiger sign before unfolding his arms into sweeping thrust with his left arm, and a flourish with his right arm, leaving it palm up and fingers wide behind his head. Responding to his sleight, the grass in the training field twisted and bowed as dew droplets lifted from them, forming all at once into a sphere of water over his rear palm, and washing through the air over his gesturing arm.

Satomi remained unmoving as the water attacks are directed towards her. Getting nailed by the attack and collapsing back… Only to explode in a *boompf* of white smoke. A clone! Such a basic technique! "Not bad…" Satomi says, shifting her right foot to kick up a stone, before doing a spinning kick to launch it at Oskeo's chest. Followed by the rest of the stones by her feet just floating up as she weaves several seals…! You better dodge! "KAI!" She says, as the things begin machine-rifling towards her new student.

Expelling his welled cheeks, Oskeo spurts a mouthfull of water towards the ground, where it meets with water from the field to join in front of his hands as they form the snake seal. "Water Style:" echoes out as the water forms into a sphere and hurls itself forward and disperses the weight of the teacher's kick, "Splash Guard Jutsu!" The airborne droplets draw together in a sphere, but are unable to build up tension enough to stop the next blow. Caught in his teacher's volley Oskeo grunts in displeasure as he is lifted into the air and thrown back onto the turf.

Oskeo coughs and sputters up a hearty laugh in spite. "I'm not too keen on dodging, you see." The jester twirls another tiger sign into his gestures, which are already starting to look a little stiff, "You all move a little fast for me, Nara-Sensei. You really do!" collects more spheres of water on his palms as they collect from the puddles forming in the training area. "Water style:" echoes his voice, as his throws two and turns on his heel to throw a third as he collects it, "Heavy Splash Jutsu!"

Satomi decides to show off the tip of the iceberg of her abilities. So her hand comes up, shadows weaving around her body. Which splash out in a wave of their own, catching most of Oskeo's attack with ease! Satomi even runs into his last attack, disappearing at the last second, only to reappear behind Oskeo. "Boo.." She says, aiming a spinning kick at Oskeo's middle. Followed by a two fist punch at his lower back (or gut if he turned around) before Satomi retreats back a few steps.

Watching almost relaxedly as his new instructor dances through his attacks, Oskeo starts at the sudden instance of her voice… behind him? Oskeo spins around and crosses his arms in front of Nara-sensei's kick in an ineffectual block, then drawing his hands into a boar sign, he echoes "Splash Guard Jutsu" as he uses the assistance of a lifted puddle to deflect his teacher's lunge.

Staggering back to his feet, Oskeo sputters his incessant laugh and rubs his palms together, smiling, "Don't underestimate me, Nara-Sensei, I'm a very fast learner. I really am."

Satomi grins and takes a small step back. "Not bad… However." She compliments. "And if you weren't a fast learner they wouldn't put you on my team. I don't work with half-wits." She weaves some seals. "Let's see how well you fight against this!" She moves her hand down and stomps it onto the ground! SHE KNOWS A SUMMON TECHNIQUE!? AND IT'S THAT BIG!? O_O ….

Leering the unknowable hellspawn with a smile as it rises from Nara-sensei's summon sign, Oskeo sputters a dismissive laugh. "Nara-Sensei," he calls to no direction in particular, spreading his arms wide, "You're facing a performer! I know how to put on a show, and I know what one looks like!" Flourishing his hands together into a ram seal, Oskeo blinks his eyes once and calls aloud, "Release!"

As his eyes open again, the smile on Oskeo's face curls tighter on one side, but the other doesn't follow. His lips purse silently around the words, "I can still see it… I can…" As his smile snakes its way into his left cheek, his eyes grow wide, and he looks manic, even desperate. Suddenly, Oskeo folds to the ground with his hands clasped above his head. "Forgive me, Nara-Sensei!" He croaks, "I surrender! I do!"

Right before one of the beasts pounces on Oskeo Satomi appears, the beasts gone. "You were on the right track guessing I was fooling you.." She says with a warm smile. Outstretching her right arm and holding it out for her new comrad to grab onto! Yes, brothers in arms, regardless of his past. Satomi didn't seem like the wrothfull type anyways. "Welcome to the team." She smiles warmly…

Peering cautiously up from his repentant posture, Oskeo's smile gradually crawls back to the middle of his face, and he accepts his teacher's offered hand. "You fooled me all the same!" Oskeo laughed as he found his way to his feet. "If you're not too proud to teach me, no doubt I have a lot to learn." The man sputters preposterously as he brushes the dust from his tunic, beaming past his new teacher and guide to life as a leaf shinobi.

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