Senju Spar: Bear-ly a Scratch


Isato, Daisuke

Date: October 14, 2012


Isato lets his curiosity get the better of him and wanders into the Chuunin grounds, only to be attacked by a bear before meeting his cousin.

"Senju Spar: Bear-ly a Scratch"

Toshiba Forest - Chuunin Training

Isato was looking for a little challenge and thus he would sneak into the chuunin training grounds for a little more adventure. As he stepped into the grounds his eyes would be darted about before he could focus on his target which was a advance looking test dummy. As he dashed towards it nothing else seemed to matter much as he held his tonfas in hand until a huge bear came out of nowhere and attacked him. It's clear that the young man was in serious danger as he panics helplessly on the ground.

Daisuke had been out in the actual forest wandering around when he heard the sound of a wild bear. Having locked himself up in his training facility for a solid month, the chuunin had finally come out just a few days prior or else Isato might've been in a pickle. Using his speed to move towards the sounds, Daisuke spots Isato and a bear and chuckles. "Wrestling with a bear isn't the greatest taijutsu training, despite what some taijutsuists say." he says after using a series of handseals to bring up the ground beneath the bear and knock him down, sending him running off into the bush. "Also training in this area without being a Chuunin isn't recommended either, though some still do."

Isato would start to stand up after he catch his breath and sighed "thank you for saving me…Senju, Isato Genin." Isato would be rather formal when speaking to a senpai although that quickly faded as he looked at Daisuke "thanks again for the save I needed that." A smile would grace his face as he flicked his nose before shifting his weight around, "I came out here to get a glimpse of what's to come."

"Overeagerness isn't always a bad thing, I suppose." Daisuke says as he walks around the small chunk of earth left over and offers a smile to Isato. "Senju, huh? I'm Daisuke. Most likely in some way your cousin as I am also Senju." He looks around the area, doing a quick scan for anything else dangerous that the bear may have attracted, not noticing anything. "Not to spoil the illusion, but this area is really just an expanded forest training area like yours in the Genin area. As you grow your techniques get more complicated, and sometimes explode, so this area is rather larger to accommodate that. And yeah, the Jounin area is huge."

"You seem to be rather informational…oh so you're sensei Daisuke that hokge-sama keeps talking about." Shaking his head as he smirked about "oh all this is a bigger genin area? What a rip-off." Puffing out his cheeks the young make crossed his arms over his chest and sat down. "Since you're a Senju that means you're strong too oh do you have this on you?" Isato lifted his shirt showing off his Senju brand mark on his chest.

Daisuke listens as Isato speaks, reminding him a bit of himself when he was his age. When Isato shows him his brand Daisuke lifts an eyebrow. "No… not quite. I wear our symbol on my vest and shoulder of my shirt, I think my aunt would kill me if I got a brand." he says with a chuckle. "And the sensei title doesn't suit me. I would be Jounin right now if it did. I am here to train and keep the village safe. Kami forbid if anyone actually picked up my habits."

"Well my father forced this one on me, I thought everyone cool was doing it." Laughing to himself the young man would start to stance once more before pulling out his tonfas "since attacking that dummy over there is the same as attacking one in the genin training grounds how about you spar with me?" Isato may have asked his eyes were reflecting that he wasn't going to take a no for an answer. He would dip into a stance and focus a little chakra as his tonfas started to spin picking up speed and causing a little cooling breeze.

"Ouch, well fathers can be strict. I know of a few people in Konoha with a stick up their butt that probably had mean fathers." Daisuke comments as he watches the over eager boy just itching to burn some energy off. "I could be a moving target dummy for a bit, I suppose. Sure, come at me, lets see just how Senju you are." he says to the boy, his eyes sparkling a bit as he meant it as a tease to urge the boy into beginning.

Isato would be burning with energy the comment of Daisuke aided him in increase his willpower tenfold. "Well well Daisuke I think I'm going to start now." His chakra was focusing as well as his eyes as they scanned Daisuke "tsk, no matter what I do something inside is telling me that you're well defended…this isn't a good start for me." Isato would narrow his gaze as he kept on scanning.

Daisuke waits as the young Senju prepares and talks some battle-smack. He converts some of his stamina into chakra so that he can be a better moving training dummy and nods to Isato. "Ready whenever you are, Isato. Feel free to try whatever." he says to the youth confidently as he stands there where he has been the whole time.

Isato would advance a little closer to him as he started to attack him with a simple tonfa strike it would be an attack aimed at the neck of Dai, before he spun around and attacked with another strike to the stomach before using some of his fire chakra to heat of the tonfas to bring his last strike to the Dai back however this strike would be done in a manner to that mirage effect on it.

Daisuke would weave his way through the tonfa attack, flickering from view and deciding he should retrieve his own weapon. Reaching behind him, he lifts the flap on the holster for his staff, retrieving what looks like a small cylinder. With a twist of the object, the cylinder extends in both directions till it reaches around six feet in length. Spinning the staff around his body to prepare himself (as it had been that long since he used it), he nods his head as it feels right and attacks back at Isato with his own weapon, rapid attacks with each end of the staff to keep Isato on full defense without any room to attack.

Isato would try and block the staff assault however it was the perfect weapon to negate his spinning effect and thus he took hit after hit. Stumbling back he would have a little smirk on his face as he started to flow once more with willpower that he would use to fuel his attack with a single powerful tonfa strike to the stomach trying everything to knock the wind out of him. "You are really good with that thing."

Daisuke spins the staff again into a perfect grip behind him, standing tall and straight just like his staff. "I am out of practice, but one day I would like to develop my techniques more. It's on a very long list of things 'to do'." he says as he stands there while Isato attacks, swiping at just his afterimage as Daisuke appears behind him, expertly weaving his staff between the feet of Isato to try to trip him up.

Isato would block the staff as it was about to expand when his tonfa knocked it away as he shifted as he tried to spin around and bring the other tonfa to the right knee of Dai. Hit or miss the young man would flash into the air as he started to rotate them at such a high speed fueling them with chakra to crash them down upon his shoulders.

Daisuke is impressed with the move Isato uses for defense against his quick attack to trip him up. It reminds him of a move he hasn't used in quite a long time. With the use of a few hand seals, he superheats the air around him, creating a dome-like barrier of heat to deflect the tonfa attack. "If you have anything else you want to try out, now is the time." he says as he moves back from close range to put distance between them. Using more handseals, Daisuke would channel the ground beneath his feet and send spires of earth up from the ground to try to smack Isato around.

The first was evaded as the second one broke through his tonfas landing a clean hit in the center of his chest. It knocked the wind out of the young senju and make it rather hard for him to move his legs. "Okay I'm done." Waving his hands in defeat the young man would be trying to capture his breath but failing.

"Everything working well enough?" Daisuke asks as he makes his way over to where Isato was trying to catch his breath. He pats the kid on the back, giving him a 'job well done' type of encouragement. "Your advanced fire rotation is pretty impressive and it seemed to work well enough. Did you teach yourself that technique?" he asks curiously, giving the boy something else to think about while he comes down from his sparring high.

Isato could feel the hand on his back as he started to bring it back slowly, calming himself so that he would be able to breathe effectively as he looked at Daisuke. "Yeah I made it myself as well as the tonfa haze attack, they both use what I know with the blaze technique for both offense and defense." Nodding his head he would have a smirk on his face as his cheek blurred red "man I didn't hit you once or even cause you to break a sweat…I have a long way to go." Isato would laugh as he rested back with a more carefree pressure than before as he was happy to know that he has grown since under Atsuro leadership.

"If it helps, I was the winner of the Jounin candidate bracket of the World Promotional Exams, so not many did score a hit on me." Daisuke says with a shrug. "No big deal if you didn't hit me, it's the practice that helps you, not the hitting, right?" he says as he takes a seat on the jutting earth left over from the fight that makes a nice stool. "What does your sensei have you working on, anyway? I don't imagine too many people have knowledge of Fire taijutsu."

"It does help, the fact I was able to keep up with you means my sensei is teaching me great taijutsu skills of defense and evasion." Nodding his head the young man would scratch the back of his head as he smirked "the elemental taijutsu skills were all on my own though I bought these special tonfas that have these holes that seep oils that allow me to fuel my fire through to create heat and explosive damage if done right." Isato would having fun chatting with Daisuke this was the frist time they have met and it appears that he has taken a liking to him.

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