Sensory Training for Stealth part 1


Kuoroke, Suterusu

Date: September 28, 2012


Kuoroke helps Suterusu with his sensory training

"Sensory Training for Stealth part 1"

Training grounds in Sunagakure

That figure was out in that field of training. He was working on sensing the different people within the training area. His attention, from the shadow of the wall, was to place where each person was at. Those other genin and chuunin out working out their jutsu would allow him to focus inward, virtually unseen with eyes closed as he would try to place each person. Afterall, what else could be the best use of the field being used for training than to train on the trainers?

Kuoroke notices Suterusu from afar - the boy's quiet meditation is a sharp contrast to the activity of most of those training here. As soon as he has noticed him, he makes his way through the crowd, making sure not to get into any of the shinobi's way, and approaches Suterusu. "Hello. How is your shadow clone training progressing?"

Red eyes opened to look up at Kuoroke. A small nod was given in answer to the hailing, he would focus slightly and with a set of seals, that second figure would poof into exsistance beside him, both of them sitting there to look up at the council member. Never much for words, he figured that showing the council member he could do it, was as good as any sort of answer given by words. After a moment, the clone would get up and head into the training area to start training with the others. No reason to waste the use of the clone.

Kuoroke watches the clone come into being, then nods. "That's not bad." He observes as it walks off. He turns back to Suterusu still meditating quietly. "Are you busy with something? I wouldn't want to interrupt your progress."

A small nod was given. "I am attempting to expand my capabilities as a sensory style ninja. It requires having chakra sources to determine where they are, using senses other than physical." He would pause to nod at the rest of the people out training, including his own shadow clone. "I am using them to assist me with the training, Council Member. If you have a regime for such, I would appreciate it as well."

"Well, what you're doing right now is quite functional…" Kuoroke answers. "But you need more pressure if you want to achieve results. Sit still." The Kuroki takes a few steps away and draws a circular line in the sand, around Suterusu. "I'll be sending random people from the training ground towards you. When they pass this line," he draws another one, "But before they pass this one, you announce where they are. Some of them will be moving quietly, some of them running, and some will stop just shy of the line. And of course, you'll be wearing something to stop you from hearing or seeing."

The figure would nod firmly. He pulled out of his own pocket a set of muffled headphones. He also grabbed a face mask. Ok, well, it might be kinda odd for someone to be carrying something like that, it seems that he was intent on learning. Showing them to Kuoroke, he'd look at the council member. "Should I put them on now, or is there a pre-determined time you are wanting me to do such at?"

"Right now is good." Kuoroke answers. "Go ahead." Once Suterusu is done preparing, the Kuroki turns around again. He looks for people who are not currently busy doing anything, mostly people just coming in or being ready, and sends them towards Suterusu, as he has promised. The first few are sent in at a quick walking pace, without any excessive hurry.

The figure would give a nod, putting the face mask on, then the headgear, so he was blocked from the world once more. Sitting there quietly, he'd reach out with that other sense, doing what Kuoroke had told him to do. As they would pass one line, he'd focus for a long moment and usually before they got to the line, he was pointing at where they were at. He was close to consistant on that judgement, as each one came at him, he got a little faster in pointing to where they were at.

As Suterusu's speed increases, so does that of the people coming towards him: the Kuroki tries to keep them coming fast and often enough, so that each one at least comes close to reaching the second line. After this has gone on for a bit, Kuoroke adds a few difficulties: several people are sent to run at him and stop just shy, or just past, the line. Some run past Suterusu on mere centimetres from the outer line - or mere centimetres inside it.

The figure is definitely slowed down when Kuoroke mixes it up. He is able to catch them, after a fashion, that outer line the hard point for him to tell where they are at for sure, where as the inner line gets nudged in and out mentally by him, so sometimes he points falsely. It's slow, so it does take a while, before he starts to be more accurate about where they're at. He was definitely getting there, but would still need to work on that ability it seems.

Kuoroke has his 'volunteers' keep up the running until he sees some significant improvement, and until they're sufficiently tired from the ever more quick running for it to qualify as exercise, as well. Then, he lets them go, one by one, as they catch their breath, and as a final test of Suterusu's awareness approaches the line, and produces a piece of chakra-conducting melee. He charges it up and lobs it at Suterusu, not hard enough to do serious damage, but it might hurt a bit.

The figure kept it up, as best as he was able, improvement indeed occurring, although it was still obvious he would need to train further and focus harder. Towards the end of the routine, he was getting 3 out of 5 correct. That last thing had his head tilt to the side as he sensed that large chakra source coming at him. A moment's pause and he'd duck to the side as it was launched at him, bouncing off the wall behind him instead of hitting him in the chest. He'd straighten up after a moment, waiting in further silence until a sign was given that he undo the covering of his eyes and ears. That hand of course, was pointed right at Kuoroke, tracking where he was at.

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