Sensory Training... To The Extreme!!! Part III - Oh, Snap


Hoiishime, Raiga (emitter and as himself)

Date: February 20, 2011


Hoiishime and Raiga succeed in freeing the ghosts of the Hitodama Highlands. That's when things get difficult.

"Sensory Training… To The Extreme!!! Part III - Oh, Snap"

Hitodama Highlands - Land of Grass

His warning, had seemed to be give nothing. Had Hoii been truly alone to face such a menace? Just what had could even amount to a strategy against a menace. The only thing that Hoiishime knew was that this /thing/ was here, infront of him and quite real. It's 'roar', was 'heard', though questions of what this and it consisted of were still flashing in Hoii's mind as the monster took forever just to make its crouch. However, it's own investigation into Raiga, seemed interrupted by the scattering of soul and spirit from this place, seemingly in fear of what was going on. Hoii then saw the large almost amorphous form, move its dripping self in offense to this, and seek to grab hold of them!!!
Hoii, almost in reaction to this alone, seemed more than opposed to this, and though fear quaked him deeply, instinct forced handseals, causing water to condense from and about his vaporous blue aura, before pure water pushed from about him in waves, attempting to force the creature back. Trees crashed about what Hoii considered sacred ground, in hopes of a titanic tsunami being what barred this nature of spirit away from whatever Raiga's attempts had been. "Ya deal wit me, mon!", was said courageously, as a large wave rose to meet this spiritual abomination, to smash into it with slow, yet mighty force.
Yet Hoiishime, was not done in what had been his use of Water Creation against this leftover piece of work. The water, from there was then made to move further about the monster, before forming a rather heavy sphere about it's reaching hand. His hands bruised against one another, as tight handseals sought to maintain the water's hold.

The creature is blocked by the wave of water and yet seems not to notice until the water has slammed into it. Even then it just stops moving for a moment, almost as though stunned that someone would dare to attack it. When the water winds its way around the gigantic arm and locks down to the best of Hoiishime's ability, the creature turns as though to inspect the imprisoning waters, even though it lacks a head. It then begins to pull away, swinging its arm in an attempt to simply tear free. The air disturbed by the passage of its appendage is akin to a hurricane, and the lake flows up and >out< of its bed, sloshing into a wave that Hoiishime stands upon! The water hangs suspended in the air for a moment, holding Hoiishime above and allowing him to look down into the suddenly-empty lake bed. The roots of the hand-shaped tree sprawl throughout the earth and clearly were fed at least in part by the lake. Luckily the tree won't have to go for long without sustenance.
Gravity wakes up and decides enough is enough. The water comes back down, sloshing into the lake bed and possibly submerging Hoiishime if he does not have adequate Chakra control and balance to remain atop the waters instead of being swept under them. The creature, whether it breaks free of the Water Prison or not, seems to have realized Hoiishime is present now.
Raiga's eyes snap open, revealing they look very bird-like now, with golden-brown irises and pupils, wide and unblinking. He rises to his feet and calls out over all the noise of large amounts of water moving around, ">IT SEEKS ITS HEAD!<" He then turns around and searches the area with his eyes and other senses, as though some kind of giant head would just appear out of nowhere. And then it does. If Hoiishime can pay attention through all the chaos, he may notice that there was a chest lying at the bottom of the lake when the water was displaced. And when the water covers the chest again, the glow of Chakra that is sensed by the mind and interpreted as 'light' can be seen through the churning depths.

Having not been believing his eyes the entire time he and Raiga were present in Hitodama, standing chance against such a monstrous entity made the Jinrai Monk blink once more. As the creature was knocked back, Hanma Hoiishime barely kept his seals focused due to the surprise of this dream like scenario. A heroic nightmare, himself against opposing odds, Hoii pured chakra into the waves for which he now road as he moved in closer. However, the power of his transformed form, was simply not enough to maintain the hold that was had upon the gigantic form of what remained of Hashiramako's former efforts. It annoyed him that even the greater of the Kages of the land, were susceptible to leaving business unfinished.

The thoughts weren't given a chance to linger by the monster that remained dormant until now. How could the water be literally torn up from its natural place? For Hoii, it was like having a rug pulled from beneath him, and his footing suffered tremendously. His chakra control had been well maintaining of the water's adhesion, but in the end, that same elasticity was what now sent him flying up and back through the air, as water sloshed outward and back into its source. The monk fell along with the spray of a descending tide, feeling the passage of time almost in slow motion, as he descended from high heights. Just when the boy seemed to brace for his own landing, an eye-widening and baratone shout caused the monk to react. His head? Of course!! That was the one thing that was actually missing!!!

The monk's body turned in air, going from a back first plummet, to an aimed dive. He saw the pool beneath him and felt the 'light' that shown off the chest at its bottom. Water not only encompassed the monk, but broke his fall from a grisly smash into a rocky bottom. Thankfully, this transformation enhanced the boy's natural control of the element. He'd swim quite well despite the bone shaking impact of such a large amount of water. As he descended into the depths, arriving at the pools bottom, more seals were made by hands both sore and tense. As Moses parted the Red Sea, thus would Hoiishime split the lake, freeing his lungs to breath air, and allow him to call to Raiga.
"What now??!", was shouted as the boy choked up swallows from his plunge.

Raiga finds the chest at the bottom of the lake with his own senses, just as Hoiishime did likewise. ">MAKE IT WHOLE AGAIN<!" he roars out. Then he turns to the monster… And starts >flying<! It is not a leap or anything, he is just zipping through the air! He does not even form handseals for anything he is doing as he launches various types of Lightning Release projectiles at the creature. Surprisingly low-level, though. It seems he is trying to >distract< the creature rather than truly harm it.
It is up to Hoiishime to grab the chest that apparently holds this monstrosity's head, open it and… Who-knows-what happens after that! Maybe it will just become obvious somehow. Either way, the chest is small enough to be held in both hands by anyone other than a small child. But it is heavy enough that even an average adult would have trouble lifting it by himself or herself. A ninja? It would still be enough that it could cause a back injury, but it could not only be lifted but also >ran< with or even >thrown<.
The creature seems remarkably subdued as Raiga flies around it, attacking it. Then its surface begins to boil, and tendrils of Chakra rise from it that reach for the Yotsuki man, trying to snare him or perhaps simply destroy him with a touch. It >does< have that nasty 'make living things decay instantly' property to it…

Make it whole again. Yet still this notion astonished Hoii as the inverted colors of blue and white eyes now stared down upon the chest. The moment of truth… Had it all come down to the replacement of this anomaly's head? The instructions from Raiga were submitted to, despite of whatever end they may have provided. He went for the chest, but not mere moments, before the large man he accompanied, took off from where he stood. Hoiishime's eyes followed his flight path in amazement. Only once had he seen G. Yorai take to the air. This time and that one, both mimiced some form of urgency, showing the Yotsuki moving into danger to save the day. The only difference, was that Hoiishime too was having to take up his own strength, and give help.

The heavy chest was gripped with hands that were trained in taijutsu. Hoii's own strength seemed only enough to lift the case in this form. Even then, his confidence wavered, his own thoroughly trained body more weak than he though.

However, something inspirational came from what he saw happening. Turning toward the entity, Raiga was seen putting forth his own effort to stave the fiend off. Many things admirable changed Hoiishime's mindset, only in that one second. The faith he had in goodness. The courage of an exemplary man. The many souls who had yet to see finality in there existence, yet having to remain tied to this mortal plane. The energies of sadness, loneliness, fear, regret, and a lack of closer to deeds done. Hoii's faith as a monk of the Jinrai… In all his life, this small monk had never realized how betraying he was to the statutes that made it great. His mind had been frantic, and emotional, in complete chaos. In this frame of mind, he felt himself wanting to cower. Yet, a man not of the Jinrai Shrine, Yotsuki Raiga, though he feared as well, still stood firm.

Negative emotion was something Hoii could no longer bare. With a quieting of his mind, this things began to be shed. A lone mantra was then hummed loudly. It was not shouted. However, a voice god-like in its serenity seemed to pierce the void of darkness that cast itself upon the Highlands. What had been an aura of blue upon Hoiishime, soon became that of gold, turning from a light foam, to that of gold steam. The chest before long, was lifted slowly, the small monk's strength seeming to increase with every inch of upward movement. Gold lines, both horizontal and vertical, began to stream up and down lightened white by a pure Life Energy. Eyes glowed bright gold, while dots of the same light number parts at the forehead, chest and belly.

It was this form that had stood erect, carrying the erect chest, and speeding toward Raiga, consciously emitting a calm and power not emitted by the monk before now. The speed that carried the monk, was quick enough to bring him in close proximity. The chest was opened immediately by that same ninja Hoiishime, who yet still hummed a meditative and peaceful sound, as mysterious as the headless creatures own call.

With the chest's contents revealed, what had yet to be done?

The chest has a Seal on it, but no lock. The Seal is meant to keep the chest closed against just about anyone or anything that may try to open it. Only someone with Wood Manipulation can break the Seal by force. That was the plan at least. But Hoiishime doesn't know that. Somehow, when he attempts to open the chest… It just opens for him.
And then a ice-blue >star< goes off in the monk's face! Unless he drops the chest, however, the 'star' turns into a column of blue-white fire that tears upwards into a pillar of supernatural flame! It grows wider and takes on a shape as it rises higher and higher! The shape it takes on… Is that of a giant cat's head. The cat >YOWLS<. And it is not the sort of yowl a housecat makes. It is more like a housecat the size of a tiger… x1000. Unlike the monster to which this head belongs, the energy that composes this structure is bright, full of life and vitality, and… Pain. The pain of seperation.
For nearly 14 years, this portion of the Two-Tailed Monster Cat's Chakra has been cut in half. A piece of its soul was ripped off, and then that piece was cleaved in two — and yet it remained awake and aware the whole time. The monster has been released. It is free to rejoin its body! It can end its suffering!
And it does!
The head flies to the shoulders of the decapitated abomination, and the two are rejoined! Instantly, a shockwave of power that vibrates every atom in the environment for about a mile radius expands outwards from the point where the head and body meet. A thrumming sensation that can be felt by the very >souls< of the >entire Land of Grass< results from the reunion. What begins as a wail of fear and pain from the ghosts soon turns into a chorus of raw >joy< that threatens to blind both Raiga and Hoiishime with tears of happiness, threatens to deafen them without even producing any sound, threatens to take them both to their knees with the knowledge they have made things >RIGHT< in the world! Then, the goal of all this…
The release of the lingering dead…
A silent sigh of relief, like a wave of pure pleasure, washes over the two ninja. Even Raiga falters in what he is doing. He starts to descend from the air, too dazed to continue fighting. Not that it appears necessary. The dead have moved on. Even the fragments of destroyed souls have been rejoined and are nowhere in sight.
It's just Raiga and Hoiishime now…
And about 1/3rd of the Nibi's power.
It looks pissed.

There was little moment in time for Hoii to see exactly what was inside the chest he was now opening.

Now… Normally ninja caution and procedure may cause any /wise/ ninja, to actually assess whatever container that lies before them. The normal check for seals, locks, a potential booby trap. These precautions were both life preserving, and displaying of very smart thinking. For Hoii, the oppurtunity never popped up for him to display such a intelligence. Look at what they faced!! Some entity of pure energy which threatened their very beings, and trapped more, had been opposition quite scary! Besides.. Hoii heard from Raiga what was inside the chest. At the same time, he didn't quite 'know' what was inside the chest.

Oh the surprise!

The shockwave of energy that shot up into the sky, disguised what reaction Hoii had taken to such. It was threatened to blow his body apart and more, as the force of such power alone threw him yards away from what he had just released. How could he had released opened the chest, when a Kage's seal kept it shut? It was a scary notion. One Hoii surely may have time to ask later… or would he? For the Head of what vile anomaly had been residing.. no… /imprisoned/ here in Hitodama, sought its freedom and its completion, in the most spectacular, and most unpredictable fashions Hoii would ever live to experience.

It was indeed a shock.

Light filled the sky, bringing clarity to darkness, if only for a small time. The feeling which lept within the ghostly hearts of man, woman, and child, all seemed to cause Hoii to tear, and smile. looking around in wonder, Hoii grew shocked at what seemed to be more gratefulness from the dead, than he had ever experienced from the living. %
They were being praised.

Hoii wanted indeed to rest, but the intensity of his new found power seemed all the more to keep him lively, inspite of the surge of Spiritual and Bijuu chakra that now filled the air. Wait…. Bijuu chakra? Hoii didn't know how to identify it of course, but, soon the howls of what else was around gave a complete identification. Dazed indeed, Hoii turned dizzily, gold eyes looking upward at what they now face. The calm of his mantra lingered in the air, and yet for some reason, the boy could not help but be humbled at the sight of what he saw. The Two Tailed Demon now stood before them.

And Round Two had now begun.

Raiga is, for once, at a loss. He recovers quickly from the euphoria he has experienced, but the Two-Tails's fragment does not wait tht long. It lashes out with its glowing claws — and even though Raiga manages to evade easily thanks to the enhancement to his physical abilities that comes with his mysterious transformation he seems to be injured somehow regardless, because he falls to his knees for a moment. It's like the wind was knocked out of him violently. It only lasts a moment, though.
Then he appears suddenly in front of the Two-Tails manifestation and punches it so hard that the hundreds-of-feet-tall monster's head snaps to the side in a flash of white light, trailing 'saliva' that is more like liquid Chakra. Raiga follows up with more attacks. He is punching and kicking all over the psuedo-Bijuu, and the >impacts< of his blows can be seen in its Chakra 'flesh'… And some of them do not even match his movements! It's like… It's like he's throwing invisible Taijutsu attacks alongside his visible ones!
Chakra Shaping, perhaps? But none of Hoiishime's expanded sensitivity to Chakra shows any sign that Raiga is firing Chakra blasts or anything similar. Whatever he is doing, he is attacking twice as many times per second as what his bodily movements indicate he is doing. Whatever the case, >this< Two-Tails's power seems to be far less than the genuine article. Even at hundreds of feet tall, if a single man — no matter how strong — can keep it pinned down like this, then it must be much weaker than its full strength.
Then Raiga pulls back a fist in preparation to strike, and the Two-Tails's ghostly eyes, like two orbs of fire, previously closed in pain, snap open instantly. The Monster-Cat whips its head around and opens it mouth wide. Blue-white Spiritual Energy erupts from its maw before Raiga can react, and it washes over him! He is sent flying backwards into the trees of the forest surrounding the lake!
Raiga's >soul< is seared.
He wants to scream, but he keeps his mouth shut.
The Two-Tails, either believing more opponents lie in the area or just wanting to destroy things, turns his head to its left and sends forth another stream of Spirit Fire, but it keeps the stream going continuously, while gradually turning its head towards the right. The forest is being obliterated by the flames, but even though no physical sign of damage is visible, a great wail of pain goes up! And not the kind of wail that is heard with the ears. Are…
…Are the >trees< screaming!?
The Bakeneko tilts its head back and roars loudly! Maybe Raiga and Hoiishime restored it, but it feels no gratitude. Only fury for having been sealed to begin with!

Why on Earth do things like this exist? Forces of nature, taking the form of malicious chakra, and having only a beastly sentience. The Tailed Beast. To even fight a weakened one alone, had to be mad. And even the though of such a… /thing/ residing in someone's body seems foolish. Hoii could no longer doubt things like the existence of the souls trapped in the mortal plane, or demons existing from nothing but chakra. They had been witnessed by his eyes. His life, from now until the day he expired, was changed. He couldn't go back to once the naivity he once knew. This was not a dream. It was a reality. One that not only he had to face, but, also what Yotsuki Raiga, was now facing.

The boy came to a slow stand, his body still shaken by the union of head and body. The shock of Raiga's power against this large being, was enough for him to be brought alert to what was now the current situation. Raiga seemed to have the upper hand. The monk had not the time nor want to analyze the depth and function of Raiga's attacks. Sure, he grew fascinated at what had been at what had been the massive effects of only simply blows, but prayer for Raiga's safety too much more precedence than that. Hoii's smile was premature, forming only when it seemed the beast was almost through. However, it was only when Raiga seemed to ready the finishing blow, that the demon turned the tide, causing hope to fade greatly.

"Raiga-sama!!!!!!", was shouted as the man was swept away by a Bijuu Blast, seeming to disappear from view. Had he been done?? Hoiishime looked on to where the blast went, wondering if it had all been over. As the Bijuu began to rage, Hoiishime's own power seemed to grow as well, his want for better and his will to press on enlarging, though it seemed Raiga was gone. He refused to believe such, and thus was the reason why he would go to where the blast ended.

His search for Raiga had begun.

Raiga is struggling to his feet already when Hoiishime arrives. His flesh appears untouched except from some scratches and splinters. Though engulfed in flame, there are no signs of burns anywhere on his dark skin. But he still is moving like someone covered in third-degree burns. Gritting his teeth, Raiga says relatively calmly (considering the circumstances), "Hoiishime, I need you to make a sacrifice. I apologize for having to ask you this. But please know that if I was physically capable of surviving it, I would do it myself. You are young and strong still. You will not only survive but recover fully. Perhaps even become stronger as a result!" Raiga starts to stomp forward as the Giji Bijuu <False Tailed Beast> thrashes its two tails, sweeping away trees. Phantasmal blue-white Spirit Fire burns all over the forest… And yet does not actually seem to be consuming anything.
Raiga wonders for a moment if Hell is made of fire like that. Constant pain, with no chance of receiving the comfort of destruction. Burning forever… His weathered face grows more grim. He expects Hoiishime is following him. Raiga's transformation seems to have faded away at some point, because he is back to normal. Hoiishime, meanwhile, seems to be full of power still. His own transformed state grants him strength and abilities that Raiga apparently thinks will let him survive and grow stronger from… Something.
"Hanma Hoiishime of the Jinrai Monks…" Raiga begins. He stands on the edge of the lake, his form silhouetted against the supernatural fires on the other shore. "…Will you accept the burden of Cursed Power upon your shoulders, until it can be delivered to the one whom it belongs to?"

A relief washed over Hoiishime as he came to arrive at the place Raiga had been launched to. To see he had been fine, was way more than just a relief of his fears however. Hoiishime, though he was powerful, had little experience, and power when it came to dealing with a situation like this alone. Plain to say, if Raiga was a goner, so would he be as well. Raiga stood in his near peak physique, and tranformed power slowly, Hoiishime feeling little need to help him. The man even apparently had a plan, according to what seemed to be his request. The only peculiar thing to cause Hoiishime reluctance, was the word 'sacrifice'. Hoiishime felt little need to know what exactly that word entailed, but only out of fear.

However, that same fear was what Hoiishime knew he hadn't needed at this point. It was pushed aside, despite knowing the depth of Raiga's request. "I be standin' by ya so far, Raiga-san. I tink it to late to go back now..", was said with a chest stuck out, the boy still showing that he had power within himself to at least keep going forward. Unknowingly, his form apparently had stated the obvious way before then, causing him to be chose for some great task he knew nothing of. Hoiishime had been chosen for alot in his life but for Raiga's request to be such now, it caused the monk to question alot of things. What had his life been about until now? Had he truly lived up to his task as both a shinobi and a monk? Were these task only limited to the things he understood from teaching of rites, and jutsu?

Those questions were soon answered by the presence still of souls that had now been hoping from their own freedom, and relying on Hoiishime and Raiga themselves. Especially that of the small boy, who was riddled with Kunai much about his body. The boy, in the moment he was asked to bear a curse, caught his eye. Hoiishime cried… He wept for these people in that short moment… He wanted change. That same change had now relied on a single choice. Hoiishime's tears dried, as resolve and strength, replaced sadness and want for a final time. The boy's answer was one which cause the gold chakra he emitted to shine its brightest for a final time. His answer was short.

"Yes.. Use mine body as ya will, Raiga-sama. Whateva' it be takin'."

Raiga does not even take a moment to acknowledge Hoiishime's response verbally. The Two-Tails is beginning to stomp its way westwards… Towards the bridge that leads down to the Gaza Plains! He accepts Hoiishime's words and takes off into the air. About half-way to the psuedo-Two-Tails, he yells, ">BEAST! LOOK HERE!<" The Two-Tails turns its head to look at Raiga.
Raiga has already begun working through handseals and finishes them by the time the Two-Tails catches sight of him. Dragon, Ox, Dragon, Ox, Dragon, Ox, Dragon, Ox… About one-hundred handseals are formed, swiftly and precisely. Then Raiga calls out, "Lightning Release: Eight-Fold Thunder Mountain Chains!" The moon-lit sky instantly fills with storm clouds. They appear out of nowhere. Instantly. The only light in the area now is from the frequent bolts of lightning streaking down to strike the ground. About three or four every second. But they are gradually striking closer and closer to the uplifted 'island' that is the Hitodama Highlands. Then Raiga raises both hands above his head. The Two-Tails lets out a shrieking, yowling roar, and prepares to breathe Spirit Fire on the Yotsuki male once more. Raiga yanks both hands downwards as though he has just grabbed hold of something invisible and was jerking it from above.
And perhaps he did, because two massive columns of lightning tear down from the sky, clamp onto the Bakeneko's two Chakra 'tails', and then transform from lightning to… Well… Giant chains. Of lightning.
The Two-Tails is furious.
But it only has time to turn and look at the chains before they begin wrapping around the Bijuu Chakra manifestation, tying it up, binding it… And then plunging into the earth the monster stands upon. For a moment, Heaven and Earth are physically linked.
The blue-white Chakra of the Bijuu begins to flow both upwards and downwards. Some of its power heads to the sky, and the rest into the dirt. It shrieks not solely in rage now, but also in terror. Raiga then calls out to Hoiishime, "It cannot attack as long as it is bound! But it will not remain bound forever! Come closer so that I may seal it away…" He lands next to it, demonstrating his confidence that it is safe. The Bijuu-fragment thrashes against its bonds, but no matter how violently it moves, it never budges from its position even an inch. It seems to be well and truly paralyzed.

Jutsu use at its largest. No wonder they call this man legend. Yet again, Hoiishime still thought he was dreaming. This was going to be something that he'd wake up from, and know well that it was nothing more than a weird culmination of a meal eaten to late, or stress from his job. If there was, then maybe he would have been dead along time ago… right? Right? Genin don't generally be around for this stuff, do they?

No they do not… They aren't around for when the sensei's who take them under their wing, decide they suddenly need a host for the Tailed Beast thats now attacking. They aren't there when suddenly, the only choice for their master to take, is the one thats standing right infront of them, looking young, and probably even seeming helpless. Do Genin honestly get to witness the use of an S Rank Jutsu, on that same Tailed Beast, trapping them with lightning formed out into /gigantic/ chains?? Or do they get to see a blur of handseals, too fast to count? Perhaps they aren't suddenly called forth to stand before that same master, as suddenly the legendary man imparts the sense of urgency of the situation. Perhaps they may not see the day when only a third of a Bijuu stands above them, snarling, and weakened, just to be sealed within themselves like some sort of pot, or jar!!!

Raiga has performed this technique before. Maybe the difference in power between one Bijuu and another is comparatively minor when viewed alongside even powerful human beings, but the Two-Tails is sufficiently weaker than the Eight-Tails that the Yotsuki man will have little difficulty sealing it. Further, this is not even the full power of the Two-Tails. Just a third of it. However, the burns on his spirit are painful. He will need someone very skilled to heal his soul. He can not even imagine who that might be.
Unless… His grand-daughter…
Shaking his head, Raiga holds up both hands in the air and points them at the bound manifestation of Bijuu Chakra. "Thunderhead Seal!" he calls out. Then he swiftly points his hands at Hoiishime and seems to shove him. But despite how powerful Raiga's body may be, he can control his strength well. It is more like a very gentle push or 'tap' with both palms. Hoiishime might move backwards like half an inch, or he might remain right where he is. Depends on if he's ready to be tapped or not, balance-wise.
The Two-Tails's Chakra starts to flow away from its main mass. The monster howls and yowls and makes noises of distress and anger the whole time as it is siphoned into Hoiishime. But Hoiishime would not feel 'stronger' as a result of this infusion of Bijuu Chakra. On each of Hoiishime's shoulders, the kanji for 'Cloud' burns into existence upon his flesh. No pain results form this 'burning'. The flesh just is stained with black as though ink had been applied. The two Seals glow briefly as the last of the Two-Tails vanishes within, split between two different vessels.
Then Raiga heaves a sigh of relief. "It is over. Most Seals meant to hold a Bijuu are supposed to do so long-term… And to allow some of the power of such monsters to trickle into the Jinchuuriki gradually, granting strength and more Chakra to the vessel. But we are not going to be leaving this power within you long enough for you to learn how to use it. It does not >belong< to you. It belongs to the Two-Tails's Jinchuuriki. My body is old and damaged. If I tried to contain even this small amount of Bijuu Chakra within me… It would last perhaps a day at most. Then my body would reject it. You are young enough that even if the Seals had not been placed properly, you would have been able to adjust to the Bijuu and survive indefinitely. A month, a year, ten years, a hundred… It would be based upon your willpower and whether the Seals were fixed or not."
Raiga turns to look up at the chains of lightning that remain. They crackle and then disperse, setting off an electrical charge that makes every hair on both Raiga and Hoiishime's heads and bodies stand up straight. He seats himself slowly on the ground, groaning a bit from the soreness. He looks barely scratched. Is he just old? Is it his old man joints creaking and making him hurt!?
Only partially. Mostly it's the fact that every movement reminds him that a layer of damage exists on his soul that will never go away unless he finds someone capable of healing him. "You will not be keeping this Chakra long enough for it to matter. It has been suppressed as completely as I know how. But this Sealing Method itself is not well-suited to containing such a presence. It >will< weaken eventually. Therefore, we should leave as soon as possible." He doesn't say where they are leaving >to< though…

How could Hoii not react to this event? He was having something placed /within/ him! Implantation, why not unheard, still was rather strange, expecially for someone whose very religion was based on working with what was already /there/. Spiritual energy… Life Energy… Chakra… All these things, when used within the bounds of ninjutsu, were considered sinful to the Jinrai especially when used to harm others. The exception to its usage, was Hoiishime, who though he did use ninjutsu, had been trusted to remain faithful to his calling as a monk. This calling was one which the monk never took lightly. And the difficulties in his life were often only due because he had to balance both the forbidden, and the accepted, being both ninja, and monk.

Raiga, had introduced something that may one tip that balance.

How, was matter lying within the confines of the unknown. For now, the task at hand relied on Hoiishime simply being present, Raiga's hopes and dreams being within the power of his youth. Hoii hadn't known whether or not this sealing required him to be still. However, he was still, almost frozen in his standing, but not frigid. When Raiga began the sealing, Hoiishime took a deep breath, as if before submergence. His body instinctively flowed with the push, not being knocked back, but seeming to work with its momentum. Hoii's muscle memory at work. When the incomplete Bijuu's chakra seeped into Hoiishime, he was brought to the tips of his toes, his arms thrown back behind him, and his head tilted back.

For his the tattoos for 'Cloud' to embed themselves, and remain visibly black upon his still transformed form, meant some powerful sealing had been being used, despite it being only a less powerful form. As they were imprinted upon his skin, the clothing about Hoii's shoulder part ways, both causing the tattooing to be seen, and ruining a perfectly good ceremonical kimono. Thanks Raiga.

As the two seals came to glow, a result of their completion, Hoiishime's Mind and Body Enlightment form, dissipated, leaving his skin a normal tone of chocolate brown… It was if his Tenketsu needed to reset itself for what had been a foreign invader. When it was all said and done, the trance for which had been induced during this process, was slowly awakened from, Hoiishime placing his hands about his head, and shaking dizzily. He felt the weakness immediately, of this entire deal set upon himself slowly, his mind awakening to the first bits of Raiga's explanation of the future to come. Hoii was not to weakened to listen to this all… However, he was slowly feeling the need to rest…

The results of a tough ordeal, surely.

And by the time Raiga had mentioned to say, 'It >will< weaken eventually.', Hoii's eyes widened in fear of the thought, before the boy's strength fled from him. His body landed with a thump upon the grass. Too bad too.

The skies had cleared beautifully, perhaps as a symbolic promise of a new day for the Hitodama Highlands.

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