Sensory training with Kuoroke pt 1


Asao, Kuoroke

Date: Unknown (log received July 23, 2012)


Kuoroke agrees to help Asao with training and starts with Asao's way of training first

"Sensory training with Kuoroke pt 1"

Suna training grounds - day

The training area was busy as normal, taijutsu being practiced by genin, chuunin trading ninjutsu manuvers with a few jounin about to help teach everyone. Asao was off to the side, a series of blocks on a table before him as he was attempting to focus himself. With the noise plus the genin that couldn't help but be attracted to the puppet, Tokkan that stood 'guard' of sorts to Asao, he was not able to really focus himself for that sensory training he was attempting. Giving up on it for the moment, he'd be reading his book again, although the materials were there for further work on the sensory training if a possability came to be.

Still breathing heavily, and with slightly bruised knuckles, from his own workout, Kuoroke, putting on his coat, moved on to his other purpose in the training area, to assist the training of others. Adjusting his glasses somewhat, the Kuroki moved through the group, dropping his usual series of suggestions, ideas, and corrections. In this way, he passed Asao, training with Tokkan beside him. "Everyone BACK TO YOUR OWN WORK!" he barked, as soon as he saw the group of Genin attracted to the weapon. "You've got better things to do than gawk!" A few rapid steps brought him to Asao, "And why are you leaving your tools just sitting out in the open? If you're not using it, put it away."

Asao glanced up at the approaching councilmember. A nod of his head was given in greeting. "Kuroki-san. It is actually acting as a chakra relay. I'm attempting to train my chakra sensing. The puppets I use are part of how I do what I do, thus it increases my accuracy, however I have to have the puppet out to practice. Unfortunately the younger genin would not listen to me." Asao shook his head slightly, glancing at Tokkan for a moment before putting his book away to look back at Kuoroke. "Kuroki-san, if you are not too busy, would you be able to assist with my training? I need someone to hold up the blocks with a set of tongs and flood it with chakra. The blocks are designed to emit different types of chakra. It will be a minor flow among a larger flood. If I can pick out what type it is, then that will further tune my sensing ability." He'd shrug his shoulders slightly. "If you are busy, I can attempt other forms of training with them though, hai?"

Alright, hand them here." Kuoroke answers, after some brief consideration. He examines the blocks, turning them around in his hands, and then asks, getting into position, "I just focus chakra into these, correct? Oh, and, before you start selecting individual patterns in the general din, how is your detection of the presence of chakra -at all-?"

Asao would give a nod, the tongs for the blocks were given across as well as the tray the blocks were on. In a small stylized image, Kuoroke could see the sign for each chakra style on them. "Without Tokkan, I have a 15% margin of error on a 25% output of chakra from any given source. With Tokkan, my error ratio is down to 3% with a 5% output, a bit stronger than the blocks are now. I still need to practice with sensing different types of chakra output, thus the tools we have." Asao would shake his head slightly. "I am not worthy of saying I am a sensory nin yet. Beyond the 300 feet range, I lose a lot of accuracy, even with Tokkan, I am at a 65% margin of error. Not accurate enough to be worth relying on."

"Uh-uh." Kuoroke nods. "Well, let's try it your way, first." The Kuroki moves behind Asao, at a small distance. "Close your eyes, and let's see how good you are, and if this is really worth the time. When I activate one of them, you will tell me which one it is." For the next, very long, three minutes, he clacks with the tongs twice, without touching anything, and once picks up a block -the wind one- without activating any.

Asao would nod in affirmation and wait patiently. Tokkan's clicking increased a little in volume, although the pattern didn't alter. He waited in silence as Kuoroke would try to fake him out with the sounds and the waiting. There was a slight shift of Asao's feet as the wind block was picked up, brows furrowing as he concentrated, but he never said anything. He still wasn't quite able to pick out the block in the amount of background chakra levels from everyone else in the area training. So, he'd wait. Asao was really good at waiting it seems, patient while he prepared to react once Kuoroke activated a block.

The Councillor once again puts the block down, and changes to the Lightning one. Then, slowly, gradually, Kuoroke allows a bit of chakra to trickle through the tongs, into the block, causing it to glow slightly. Just bit by bit, drop by drop, watching closely at what point the younger ninja will notice and indentify the block for what it is.

Once again there was that small shift as he changed blocks. Focusing himself, Asao waited for that chakra trickle again. It would take a moment or two, before his chin lifted a little. A moment more and he'd finally speak up with a small nod. "Lightning." Asao continued to focus however, trying to verify even as he picked out the proper colors creeping into exsistance behind him.

After establishing that treshhold value, Kuoroke begins swapping the blocks, in various orders, every time staying near the treshhold. He builds up the pace, holding up the blocks for shorter each time, and with shorter intervals for the boy to, so to speak, clear his palette. Randomly, he drops in lulls, much like his opening sequence, in which he'll either do nothing at all, or, again, pick up a few blocks without activating them, just to make Asao unable to depend on any of his other senses.

Asao was at least good enough to not respond when Kuoroke didn't charge any of the blocks. He'd continue to maintain himself at that heighten awareness, working at keeping up. Kuoroke would find it took Asao about a minute for each block, give or take a little bit. Lightning was his fastest block to respond to, at 45 seconds, while water was his worse. What may be surprising for Kuoroke about Asao is the endless patience in a teen, he was willing to keep going non-stop and each round he was a little bit faster on each response time, as he honed his capabilities.

For a while longer, Kuoroke kept up the training, until he decided that progress, for now, was enough, and he had more important things to do, at which point he announced that, albeit in a more polite manner. In asmuch as "Training is over, we'll resume it when I have time again." is more polite. "You made some progress." While turning away, he gave the Genin a glare to remind them to stay away from the clockwork construct weapon. "I expect to see more of it when I return." He took a step, and just dropped, "Bye."

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