Seven Swordsman's Grand Ceremony


Aoitsuki, Chiaki, Fuuta, Kiku, Maikeru, Sakuryu, Tsiro, Yuudai, Yuge, Yuuka

Date: November 8, 2012


Kirigakure shinobi gather to dub one of their own as one of the Seven Swordsmen.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Seven Swordsman's Grand Ceremony"

Kaguya Village [Kirigakure]

November 8, 2012 - September 17 (Monday), 7 A.F.
Kaguya Village [Kirigakure]

This area smells very strongly of blood and views of ivory, each building in this district made by the Kaguya that owns it and out of their own bone. At the far west end of the village there is one house that is double the size of any other which could presumably belong to the head of the Kaguya Clan. Among the buildings are small resturants and shops, all made of the same bone material as the other buildings, though the merchandise is not necessarily such.


It was that time that had been mentioned in the posts about Kirigakure. Yuge had it set up within the Kaguya village, considering who was getting the promotion, it seemed appropriate to be within that area. Thus, as everyone that was off duty gathered, they would see the Mizukage in the center of the village with a small pavillion, a wrapped item on a long table, before his comfy chair from his office. Well, he IS the mizukage. He'd watch the people coming in, waiting for everyone to settle in the array of chairs for them, before Yuuka would be told via page to head out.

Tsiro, not currently finished with his own home, makes his way out of Yuuka's home with Yuriko in his arms. He's wearing some nice attire. Mostly black and blue in colors. It's easy to see that he's never actually killed anyone while wearing this. It's also a lot more fashionable than anything the boy use to wear, for those that knew him. He moves across the area until he finds a seat in the front. Then he sits Yuriko on his lap. He bounces the girl a few times as he looks around. Tsiro is sure to point out different things to the little girl. "That right there. He's the Mizukage. He's better than the last one…"

Kiku is here. Not by choice, but rather by two Jounin guards that have been assigned to …Kikusit the woman. There's a long list of seals she was working on, and her research has been going slow. She mutters a little bit as she looks at the two Jounin. Both wear marks of Sensornin. Those who know, know that these two specialize in sensing when chakra is starting to build up. Apparently Yuge isn't taking any chances with Kiku, and her work. Any time she tried something high level, they stopped her, so far. For now, they stay within striking/watching distance of Kiku as she walks the yard in a rich velvet silk dress that likely costs more then some of the houses in Kiri…

Now this was an important meeting. Everyone would try to be repectful and enjoy themselves. Fuuta had to attend and he had to be the center of attention, as usual. He arrives looking just as formal as he others. His hair kempt and fashioned in a braided ponytail, he wears a dark blue yukata with a white haori over it. On the back of haori is his name of course proceeded by 'GREAT' and he was currently looking for familiar faces. So far he could see Tsiro and it was eye opening to see him so clean of blood. That was it so far however. He moves by a woman in a rather elegant dress who seemed to be under the supervision of two sensor nin. This raises an eyebrow but he'd not ask questions just yet. "Well there're more weirdos in this village than I had originally believed."

Yuudai would is garbed in a pair of heavy set black fitted robes. His hair was actually well kept and neat for this event, tied back using a single string as it rest just down his shoulders. He would not be in a hurry to grab a seat, instead he would only peer over the area as he watches the people gather. His eyes would move towards the area where Tsiro was located a small smile tugging at his face before he makes his way over towards the seat two rows behind the boy. From the corner of his eye he would notice a woman in a rather expensive dress, not something he was really use to seeing in his field, nor something he found to interesting. As he took his seat his deep yellow eyes would focus upon Tsiro and the small child he was holding, as if watching them to ensure safety in his own mind.

The baby girl in Tsiro's arms is dressed in a formal kimono of pastels much longer than her pudgy feet, dangling several inches as her large bright blue green eyes constantly explore her surroundings with the utmost curiosity. All these people in one place, Yuriko stares with unhindered fascination at all the pretty colors. When Yuudai takes a seat not too far behind where they were, the infant breaks into a big smile and squeals happily, clearly recognizing at least one person's face from the crowd.
Not far from the pavilion that the Mizukage set up Yuuka was waiting inside of her own little hut, peeking through the front door, the inch of space giving her enough of a look outside to see all the people that are gathering. In reality, she had no idea how much of a big deal it was going to be. Or the fact that this Mizukage (apparently) was into throwing big, formal parties. It was almost a bit unnerving even.

Chiaki walks out to the gathering glancing around a bit nervously, she had never been to a formal gathering before. Still she attempted to look as presentable as ever, and wore a light blue formal Kimono with calico koi on it for decoration that was still a little big on her. It was hard finding clothes that fit with her small size, especially with formal wear, but at least she had something to wear. She looks around attempting to find people she knew, and manages to find Fuuta. Making her way over to him she stands obediently by his side and bows formally before him. "Evening Fuutama-sama.."

Watching everyone settle in, Yuge would stand from his seat. "As you all know, we have recently lost someone that was very important to Kirigakure. Keisuke-san was one of our seven swordman. The wielder of Kubikiribocho, he was an inspiration to many, a husband and a father. His loss was felt by all in Kirigakure and we have worked dillagently since then, to recover from it." Yuge's eyes would flicker a moment to Tsiro, then Kiku. Looking back over the crowd in general, he'd start to pace. "Recently, a request for the ability to wield that blade has come across my desk. The wielding of one of the seven blades is an immense importance to Kirigakure. The person must be strong, determined, loyal. The world looks at the seven swordmen of Kirigakure as our epitome of strength." Yuge would stop then, turning to face the crowd. "It has been decided the wielder of Kubikiribocho. The one whom was closest to it's previous wielder has stepped up to attempt to replace that hole." Yuge glanced over to where Yuuka was at then. "Kaguya Yuuka, come forth."

Tsiro had looked back at some of the people who had arrived. He's turn Yuriko and point to people, naming the ones he pointed at. It was a really good showing. Then as things started he turned his attention forward. At the mention of Kiesuke, Tsiro bounces Yuriko up on his knee. He was sure she did not understand. Perhaps it would be a long while before she would. "Where's momma?" Tsiro asks Yuriko as he scans over for Yuuka. He then points so that Yuriko would follow and look. "Be sure to smile." Just to make sure, the young Kaguya blew air across the back of the infants head. Kind of like a zerbert.

Kiku blinks. She sucks in a breath, and lets it out slowly. The woman already knew this was going to happen. The woman mutters under her breath. "Why the cleaver did it take him this chop long to do this? Probably going to blame paperwork.", she says under her breath. THe woman pulls out a pad, and goes to work on the new seal she's making. The two Jounin blink as its two seperate seals…being drawn together. She got the idea from seeing Maikeru's own seals. See! She can learn! Once in awhile. She also has some really badly drawn copies of Maikeru's seals…By badly drawn….Yuriko probably could have copied them better then her.

"Oh hey She-Viper." Fuuta waves to Chiaki. He then looks back to Yuge as he announces the real reason they're all here. "A new swordsman? So long as Sakura isn't dead yet I have no concern of them." The chuunin then recognizes the name the Mizukage called forth. "Yuuka…isn't that the one that made you look so…not gross?" he asks Chiaki with a smirk. Fuuta folds his arms. "So who is this Yuuka anyway? I know she's Tsiro's sensei but other than that I haven't heard much about her." Fuuta looks around peering at the other attendees of this ceremony. "Sure are a lot of Kaguya here…."

Yuudai could only smirk as the baby girl breaks out into laughter his arms proceeding to wrap around his chest as he slowly begins to scan over the area as the ceremony began. Yuudai would remain silent as he looks towards the Mizukage who is currently starting up his speech. The people have settled as all eyes appear locked upon the kage. As the kage speaks Yuudai would only peer forward at the wrapped cloth before him, and then turning back to watch Yuriko, he really disliked large gatherings and the deep annoyed look hung upon his face. Several times over he would shift in his seat rather annoyed at how uncomfortable the clothing was. Seven swordsman, that is a big role to fill not to mention a life of danger, "So this is what its all about." He would say muttering to himself as he leans back in the seat.

As Yuge starts his speech, the front door to her modest little hut opens smoothly, noiselessly as she steps out. The bright noonday shines brightly from her snowy locks, causing them to glow as the Kaguya kunoichi steps seamlessly from the rear entrance of the gathering itself. Yuuka blinks her vivid aquamarine eyes slowly as she steps through the crowd, the skirt of her gown barely brushing against the cobblestone road and her gaze focused on the third Mizukage as she eventually emerges. Taking a light step up onto the platform alongside Yuge, she closes her eyes beneath dark lashes as she bends at the waist, bowing low in respect as several curl trail against her cheek. "My Mizukage."

Sakuryu smiles a little as she enters late, Sakuryu a looking kinda beat up in her battle fancy Kimono, the look of the fatigued and beat up noble girl a contrast to the fine silk kimono she had adorned herself with. Along side her was her older cousin Aoi, a smiling Saku would look up at her every once in a while before finding a seat.

Fashionably late as always Shirayuki Aoitsuki found herself treking into the crowd, going as far as to push a few people to the side in order to get a closer look as to what may have been going on. Formal attirement actually turned out to be her usual dress, a vibrant snow white kimono ribbon sashed at the waist. She kept herself settled next to Sakuryu after finally getting a seat, for now she kept herself quiet, folding her hands into her lap as she waited for the ceremony to unravel.

Chiaki blinks for a moment at Fuuta's words and smirks slightly at him. "I prefer the word low maintenence to gross..But you look quite nice this evening Fuutama-sama..Quite an..interesting choice in attire..And to be honest I have not really gotten to know Yuuka-sensei, she seems really nice though. But Tsiro-san likes insisting that she can be quite scary when she needs to be.." Looking forward at Yuge when he addresses the group, she tilts her head slightly as the kage speaks and watches as Yuuka steps forward. She smiles to herself. Even she had to admit that she looked quite pretty today, well even prettier than usual. She listens to what Yuge had to say quite curiously, before turning to Fuuta. "Would you like to find a seat with me?"

While Maikeru hasn't been much of a 'suit-and-tie' occasion kind of guy lately, today's events seemed to be rather important. Still sticking to his dark patterns, he wears a traditional formal collarless suit that is completely black. He flickers to appear in a seat in the back with his arms folded over his chest as he listens to Yuge, waiting for the announcement to be made. A light smile touches his lips as it is announced that Yuuka will be the person replacing Keisuke. From what he's seen on their latest missions, she will be quite capable.

Yuge would give a formal nod back in response to Yuuka. Addressing her directly, he'd carefully unwrap the length on the table, revealing it to be the massive blade that use to be carried by Keisuke. "Kaguya Yuuka. You are being promoted to the rank of Seven Swordman of the Mist. Your blade awaits you taking it up. This is a grave responsability, you represent Kirigakure at all times while wielding this blade. If you accept the responsability, please state such for all here to witness and pick up the blade. It should not leave your person again, until Death's embrace has brought you into the next world."

Fuuta nods to Chiaki "Oh I was just joking. You're adorable." he pats Chiaki on the shoulder. "But let's find a seat, yes." Fuuta moves with Chiaki and notices Sakuryu had arrived. "Oi Raindrop!" Fuuta waves at her and Aoi. He found them both to be unnecessarily cold at times but Sakuryu was at least willing to compromise and Aoi…well she addressed Fuuta as -sama and even though it was sarcastic it was good enough for Fuuta. He looks back to the Mizukage and Yuuka. "So the new wielder of Kubikiribocho is Kaguya Yuuka. Well I guess I could pay her a visit…see what kind of person she is." Fuuta nudges Chiaki "1000 ryo says she's not as GREAT as me."

A Faint smile would tug at Yuudai's face as Yuuka made her appearance, a swordsman well now this makes things even more interesting he would think to himself. As Yuuka is presented the blade Yuudai would cast a brief smirk at her direction nodding his head if she were to look over. Hearing Yuge speak Yuudais heart would harden as he listens to the words, the path of a swordsman is a heavy one is she willing to take this under her wing he wonders, his head would hold down as he nods lightly, turning to cast his attention up towards the sky now, the frown upon his face growind, "I hate these clothes." He would say to himself as he simply shakes his head as if trying to hide his happiness.

Straightening the slender curve of her back, Yuuka lifts her eyes once more to look directly into the Mizukage's eyes, only breaking away shortly to glance at the massive length of the sword he carefully unwraps. The sword that she had seen every evening in her own home, though for not long enough of a time. She silently stares at it for a moment longer before lifting her blue green gaze once more, focusing on his words, her responsibility towards her village as a whole. "I accept such a responsibility towards my village upon my shoulders wholeheartedly. Nothing else would give me as much honor." Yuuka dips her chin with a small nod as she returns her full focus on Kubikiribocho as she lifts her right hand and reaches for it, carefully wrapping her fingers around the giant hilt before effortlessly lifting it from its resting place. The enormous butcher blade looked as if it would topple the small woman easily, yet she stood firm and unyielding.

Sakuryu smiles a little bit, settled into a decent spot where she could see everything she just listened to the comments. "I think from the way people talk…that she will be a great kunoichi….I guess that's another person I have to surpass to be legendary." She gives a childish smile to Aoi as she turns her eyes back to the ceremony, a soft sigh of happiness escaping her snow white lips.

"You have such childish dreams sometimes… Just remember that the strongest of individuals here are also our allies," Aoitsuki whispers quietly to Sakuryu, her legs lace and cross along one another as hshe leaned back, watching as Yuuka began to accept her new responsibility, it was interesting to see Yuuka reach for such a blade, only time would tell exactly what would happen next, from what Aoitsuki knew, Yuuka definitely deserved the position.

Chiaki follows Fuuta to their seats and looks over at Sakuryu when Fuuta addresses her. She only remembers meeting her once, but it seemed that Fuuta knew her well enough to give her a nickname as well. She looks forward as the ceremony continues glancing over at Fuuta when he nudges her. Chuckling faintly she'd shake her head "I do not think that is something to be betted on Fuutama-sama..Afterall everyone is great in their own ways. Um..Fuutama-sama there is something I'd like to ask you.." She leans over to Fuuta whispering softly, hoping no one would hear her and mock her ignorance of the situation. "Could you please explain the full signifigance of the Seven Swordman to me at some point?..It is something I have not yet had a chance to study fully.." She shuffles a bit nervously in her seat before turning her attention back to Yuuka as she wielded the blade. It was definitely intriguing seeing her lift such a weapon, and she was sure that Yuuka would uphold her duties above and beyond any expectations set.

That sword is quite massive, especially for someone of Yuuka's size. Seeing her wielding it makes Maikeru rather proud of the Kaguya woman. It definitely shows she has made some serious progress, far from being the same Genin he met that day in the village. This should make things quite interesting, especially in the coming tournament since Yuuka will likely be assumed to be participating in the Legendary bracket. The Jounin smiles slightly again, simply remaining silently as he watches the ceremony unfold.

Yuge would give a nod as she took up the blade. He'd bow to her formally again, before turning to the crowd in general. "Everyone, please welcome the newest swordman. Refreshments will be put out shortly and all are welcome to join in the feast while congradulating Yuuka-sama." He would pause as a jounin appeared beside him, listening, a small nod was given as the man would vanish. "As much as I wish to attend.. the work is never done." A light chuckle was given as he'd wave before heading out of the village. Obviously, it was something important, if it would pull him away from such a celebration.

Kiku listens to the whole thing, and oddly doesn't yawn. Ok, so some mednin has actually taught a Brat how to behave. Something that nobody else in Kiri has managed to do. Then again…Its called strawberries. The woman pops one of her little treats in her mouth, and gets up. She spots Maikeru. There's a bit of a mutter as the woman starts to walk off while working on her next set. The two Jounin keep watching her. For the most part, Kiku stays off by herself, not saying much, as she works on the details…She's hoping to have it finished by the end of the week…

Fuuta grumbles as Sakuryu didn't seem to hear him. He strokes his chin and returns his attention to Chiaki. Fuuta blinks at Chiaki and then laughs "Ahhh how cute. You still don't understand the GREATNESS that is Yoko Fuutama. Buuut to answer your question…" Fuuta crosses his legs. "Yeah you are from Konoha so I can see why you might not know." Fuuta sighs and shifts in his seat "The swordsmen of the mist are notorious to other nations and are basically a military cornerstones." he looks to Yuuka "While it's also a great honor it's also a huge responsibility." He looks to Chiaki "Get it? They're almost like generals."

Yuudai would once again lower his attention to the stage as Yuuka takes the massive sword in hand with such ease. Now that is impressive, she is able to pick that thing up without failing, ohwell I wouldn't expect any less I wonder how she would use it in battle he would ask himself as he proceeded to lean forward. As he watches the Kage explain himself as he leaves, a small smile would tug at Yuudai's lips as he watches the kage leave. Yuudai would stand to his feet at he slowly walks forward nodding lightly as Tsiro who was holding the small baby, He would remain near the two, "Well Little one looks like your mom has a new toy she can pass down to you in the future." He would say with a small smile upon his face before he turns his attention back to yuuka, casting a small grin towards her direction.

Yuuka-sama. She'll probably never get used to that honorific, so she may as well just grin and bear it. Well, until the first round of sake anyways. Yuuka lifts her aquamarine eyes up at Yuge as she lowers the blade at her side, angled in such a way not to touch the ground before she bends herself into another low, respectful bow to him, if but briefly. When she straightens once more Yuuka sighs softly to herself, content that the deed has been done.
Her sword arm reaches back over her shoulder as the bone emerges right where the neck and shoulder meet. The ivory laces up and back to wrap through the giant circle in the sword to attach it along her back. It isn't surprising that Yuge disappeared due to work, she knows the feeling all to well herself, but still Yuuka doesn't hesitate to turn towards the crowd with a light smile touching her soft lips. "Please feel free to enjoy yourself this afternoon. We have enough sake for everyone to have if you wish. And thank you for attending if I do not have the honor of speaking with you in person today."

Sakuryu stretches a little before looking at Aoi "Let's go train before the sun leaves us okay?" She grins and stands up, obviously the resting here to watch the ceremony reinvigorated her at least a little. Her stomach growls rather loudly as she blushes "Um….let's go eat first…"

Aoitsuki decided to keep herself a little distant as she watched the handing of the sword take place and the more common festives begin. As Sakuryu began to react and become a little restless the older Shirayuki arched an eyebrow and nodded her head. " Well this place might be best for enjoying a little bit of dining before we leave, how about we take care of that hunger her before we head off, hmm?" She perked a brow and began to rise from her seat, gesturing for Sakuryu to follow. " Let's get a few bites to eat, Saku-chan…" There was a slight smile upon Aoitsuki's lips as she spoke, a little unusual for her but still she was sure they could disappear amongst the masses for a bit to eat.

Chiaki nodded as she listened to Fuuta taking in the information "Thank you for explaining Fuutama-sama.." She looks around a bit surprised that the main part of the ceremony seemed to be over. She rose to her feet and smiled at Fuuta "Well I believe I will be off for now..I do not do so well with festivities..If you are in need of me I will likely be visiting the Cold Springs to get some meditating done. It was a pleasure seeing you again." With that she makes her way out of the gathering remaining to herself for the most part. She still didn't do quite well with crowds, but she was improving a little bit.

Once the official part of the meeting is over, Maikeru stands up from his seat and glances around. It's rather interesting to see all these people of different clans and ranks gathered here to celebrate Yuuka's promotion. After a few moments, he walks over to where Aoitsuki and Sakuryu are, giving a nod. "Hello there… Aoi, if you have a moment, I need to ask you about something."

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