Severing Ties - Graduation


Narrator (emitter and various NPCs), Shisei, Koko (NPC)

Date: December 19, 2010


A graduation ceremony for the newest Genin of Konohagakure turns complicated when a prison-break occurs at the same time.

"Severing Ties - Graduation"

Ninja Academy Courtyard - Konohagakure

Today is a momentous day. While many of Konohagakure's best and brightest are away at the First World Ninja Competition in the Land of Grass, those left behind in the Leaf Village itself have not been forgotten. Several Academy Students from this year's 'senior' class are graduating today. Among them is Uchiha Shisei, the only Uchiha in the senior class, and also one of the most skilled. It is kind of a toss-up between Shisei and Senju Koko in terms of which is the greater 'genius'. Shisei is a natural, but Koko has gone from needing crutches to get around due to a debilitating degenerative illness to being one of the most adept Taijutsu-oriented Student that the Academy teachers have seen since the Academy was opened, almost four years ago now. Everyone had told Koko she should focus on Genjutsu or ranged Ninjutsu, due to her low tolerance for physical activity and her overall weakness and slowness. She ignored what other people said, and while she has learned the skills required to advance to Genin, she has also made an astounding leap from cripple to swift, strong, and tough-as-nails kunoichi in her time at the Academy.
The story is different for Shisei. He had high expectations placed upon him, but he was up to the task. Maybe there were trials along the way, and maybe he even stumbled a few times, but no one could deny that he had mastered all he had been presented with in record time, is already considered an adult within the Uchiha Clan thanks to his mastery of the Great Fireball Technique at a rather young age, and is considered even more of a natural shinobi than his older brother was at his age.
Koko and Shisei may not have ever really interacted. They were in the same class, but they were also from two different Clans, and Koko's stubborn refusal to acknowledge Shisei's talents and her silent attempts to surpass him without ever challenging him directly may have caused tension between them that simply left each Student on opposite sides.
But now these two, and a handfull of other Students, are here together at the Academy's Genin-promotion ceremony, hoping to be promoted. They'll know when they're called up to the stage and handed a hitai-ite with the Village's symbol upon its plate. If they aren't called up… Well, there is always next year.

Arms by his side, Shisei is standing off to one side of the hall in a single-file line with the rest of the students. Just like Koko, he'd been gathering friends throughout his time in the Academy, although ofter he'd found that other students resented him, both for his age and because he was often able to show them up. Those few friends he had were quality though. On the other hand, Koko had made friends with almost everyone in the class, and Shisei now found himself standing in between two of Koko's posse. Thankfully Akane, one of Shisei's friends, was also nearby, and the boy made sure to flash her a grin before the ceremony started. He'd been advised that once they were graduated all the schoolyard politics would mean nothing, but the Uchiha boy still wanted to maintain his friendships.

Koko resents Shisei a bit. Everything came to him easily. She has had to fight her entire life against her own body and against the expectations of everyone else. Her parents had been against her joining the Academy. Her teachers had been against her even attending class, and preferred to just give her text books, pat her on the head, and then send her home to read like a good little girl. They seemed to think that because she was physically a cripple she was also mentally stupid and incapable of understanding what was being taught. They seemed to believe she couldn't hear how the other kids or even the adults talked about her from the other room.
She has been looked down upon, sheltered against her will, and treated with pity by almost everyone. She hates seeing pity in someone's eyes. More than that, she hates being alone. Being left to sit in her room and stew over her condition, or being left alone when everyone was to partner up for an assignment in class and she was told to work by herself because she was the odd one out.
She spent countless hours by herself, straining against the prison of flesh that was her body, trying to break free of the limitations others tried to place upon her… And gradually, she was recognized for her efforts. She was recognized for her accomplishments. And now she was going to be recognized for doing what everyone said she couldn't do. She was sure of it. There was no way she could fail to be promoted to Genin. She just knew somehow, deep inside, that tonight was the night. She had made friends. Real friends, who did not simply pity her, but trusted her and cared for her. And that group had grown as everyone realized she was no mere cripple, but a driven and capable girl who could defy the odds and shatter all expectations.
She felt supremely confident that she would be promoted.
But despite all she had done, she felt she was still behind. Shisei was 'ahead' somehow, even if everyone else said they were dead-even. She tosses a glance in Shisei's direction, barely making out the slightly-younger Student between two of her friends. She watches him expectantly, almost expecting he will detect her eyes upon him. But whether he does or not, she just glares and then focuses forward again.

While smiling to his own friend, Shisei catches the glare from Koko out of the corner of his eye. For a brief instant he isn't sure how to react. After all, he hadn't really meant her any ill-will, and in his humblest moments he had to admit that she'd done well for herself. But she'd seemed intent on causing a division between them, and the young Uchiha was never really sure how to deal with it. So, in a manner that shows his childishness, Shisei just glares right back at her, and leans back into the line in order to face the front.
'What's her problem?' he wonders to himself, shaking his head slightly as he waits for the graduation ceremony to begin, 'She's such a pain, and thinks she deserves so much just cos she has some problems. I never asked for any special treatment.' Although he appears to be standing at attention, the boy's mind is wandering off due to the lack of action.

The chattering of the parents and various other adults, and sometimes older siblings that have already graduated, all gradually ceases as the head of the Academy walks onto the stage. "Good evening, everyone. We're here today to usher in the newest group of Genin to be awarded that Rank."
Elswhere, at this same time, the newly-constructed prison capable of containing even ninja convicts is currently operational. A number of inmates have already been transferred from other locations and 'installed' in their cells, but some are still being transported. Just a dozen yards away from the front gates of the prison, an armored transport that is essentially a metal box on wheels is being pulled along by horses. The transport has six ninja prisoners, each with Seal-based restraints >and< physical restraints to keep them from doing anything to break free.
Red eyes with two tomoe in each watch the transport from the shadows of a nearby tree top, as Konoha's guards escort the prisoners.
"These Students who qualify will become Genin -- the workers and achievers of the Leaf Village. It is here that their journey truly begins. Some may continue on to become Chuunin, or even Jounin… But that is a concern for later. And even if one remains a Genin one's entire life, one will still be an important member of the community. One who we rely on…" the Academy Head states for his speech.
A few feet away from the gates of the prison, just before an I.D. check can be performed, six kunai go flying upwards at a sharp angle from the trees. They all land in a straight, left-to-right line on the >far< side of the transport, inbetween the horses and the gates. Each kunai has an explosive tag attached to the handle.
"…to protect…"
A dark shape flits out of the tree top and lands a few feet behind the transport, seconds after the kunai bombs detonate, drawing everyone's attention in that direction. The horses are blown to bloody bits, along with their driver.
"…to strengthen…"
Two quick slashes of silver in the air take down the shinobi guards at the rear of the transport. The head guard turns at the noise of death screams.
"…and to serve as an example…"
The transport's doors are sliced open and a pair of Sharingan stare in at the startled prisoners that have been sitting in the darkness. "…Come with me if you want to live," says a male voice.
"…of what we can all aspire to be." The Academy head turns his attention towards the Students and says, "Thank you all for indulging an old man and his penchant for speeches. I'm sure you're all eager to hear whether you've been promoted or not, so I will let your teacher call your names now." The audience applauds for the man as he heads off stage.
75 seconds. 75 seconds to turn eight shinobi into corpses -- or less. 75 seconds to free six criminals and bring down an enormous number of ninja guards from the prison only a few feet away, in order to investigate. They don't realize the prisoners and their 'rescuer' are both already gone until another minute has passed.

Hearing the voice of the Head of the Academy, Shisei stands up a little straighter to full attention, and focuses his eyes on the older man. For now all thought of Koko has been pushed from his mind as the boy listens to the proceeding speech. 'I just wish my brother, or even my parents, could be here to see me graduate,' Shisei thinks to himself, having to consciously stop his eyes from the scanning the crowd in search of familiar faces. Of course, the student doesn't doubt for a second that his name will be among those called in the list of graduates. His Uchiha pride wouldn't allow it. So for now he stands with his back straight in an attempt to make his parents proud from the other side of the grave.

Koko also pushes Shisei from her thoughts. She knows inwardly that he's not really her 'rival'. But she has thought of him as such for a long time now. He is a genius, and she is 'normal'… Or even 'below average'. It's really her own doubting of herself that causes her to treat Shisei with disdain. But tonight the doubting is over. She knows… She just >knows< somehow that she is going to be promoted. She passed all her tests, even the really hard ones, with above-average to very-high scores. She has done her very best. And her best is more than good enough.
She just >knows<. She waits eagerly for the class teacher to announce her name.

The instructor gives his own speech about how proud he is to have taught and worked with this class, and how he has high hopes for all of them. Then he pulls out a list and says, "I will begin calling names in alphabetical order. Aburame Nugou…" This proceeds until he reaches the 'S's. "Senju Jin-roh." Then he proceeds directly into the 'U's. "Uchiha Shisei. Yamanaka Okashi…" And then the list is over.
Every single Student passed. That is new. Usually there's at least a few that are not passed. But all of them passed this year.
All except Koko.
"Thank you, everyone! I'll miss you kids!"

Shisei is a little surprised when Koko's name hadn't been called. He'd never thought of her as the best in the class, but certainly all her effort had brought her to at least Genin standard. Still, the Uchiha doesn't have long to consider the turn of events. When his name is called, Shisei strides proudly towards the stage bearing an expression that speaks of determination fulfilled. The boy accepts his forehead protector, binding it tightly around his forehead and spending a second to make sure that it sits straight and neatly on his head before he returns to the line. On his way back he spots Koko, but doesn't spare her a look. Instead he reaches his space and performs a tight heel-turn.
When the instructor dismisses the kids, Uchiha Shisei splits out on his own, having no family to share the moment with. He stands off to one side in the shadows of the hall as he watches the other students with whom he'd spent the last few years as they rejoice, and he folds his arms over his chest as he begins to ponder the things that will happen in the next few days as he meets his team and begins taking missions.

Koko stands still and does not move from her place. She never hears her name called. She feels hollow. Like she's in shock. She doesn't know how to react. She >knew< she would be called. So there has to be some mistake, right? She rushes over to the class teacher and asks, "Sensei… Did you miss my name? It should be in the 'S's. Right after Jin-roh." She is trying to remain calm, but her body is starting to quiver a bit as panic sets in. There is no way she failed. She passed everything! She's totally Genin material! There is just >no way< she didn't graduate!
It doesn't make sense!

The instructor pauses and actually >does< seem confused, as though he must have missed her somehow. He says, "You're right. There must have been some kind of printing error. I didn't see your name on the list anywhere. One moment, Koko. I'll speak to the Academy Head and see if he can have another hitai-ite brought out for you." He smiles reassuringly, and then walks towards the old man in his robes. He passes by Shisei on the way and pauses for a moment to slap him on the shoulder and grin. "Good job, Shisei! I hear the Jounin are already practically fighting to determine who gets you on their team!" He gives a thumbsup and then continues along.
A moment later he finds the Academy Head and begins to speak to him. He is within hearing range of Shisei, but not purposely making himself heard to others. He just speaks conversationally. "There was some kind of error on the graduation list. It seems Senju Koko was left off of it! Could you please order one of our new hitai-ite brought out for her?"
The Academy Head turns to the instructor and hmmms. "I am afraid there was no error." The teacher pauses and says haltingly, "I… Don't understand." The Academy Head then says, "Could I speak to you over >here< for a moment?" He then beckons and moves a few feet away while lowering his voice. The teacher hesitates then follows. Though still mostly quiet, someone as keen as Shisei would no doubt be able to hear certain words and phrases, if not read lips. "Senju Koko is not allowed to graduate." The instructor says, "What? Why not!?" His voice becomes a bit louder at the end, and draws attention from some people, though more than a dozen members of the audience are already chattering and muttering to themselves about the girl standing all alone near the stage.
"As the Academy Head it is my perogative to deny any Student I feel is not suited for graduation to Genin, for any reason. I do not feel that girl is suited for Genin." The teacher stammers for a moment and then says in increasing volume, "But… Why!? She has made remarkable progress! Unbelievable progress! She started classes handicapped and unable to even walk without the aid of crutches, and now she is able to fight on better-than-even terms with any of the others that were just promoted, and in the same field that everyone said she should avoid! Taijutsu! She is one of the two >most< qualified to become Genin out of this entire Class!"
"Would you lower your voice?" the old man asks in a way that is clear it is not a question. The instructor pauses, swallows to wet his suddenly-dry throat, and then waits. "She is not being permitted to graduate because there are those >other than me< that have expressed their distinct disapproval of such a possibility." The teacher says quietly, "You mean… There are higher-ups that want to keep her from graduating? Pressure is being put on you?" The old man says, "Not quite. More like a very strongly worded request… And a favor for some >old friends<." The teacher follows the Academy Head's eyes to the crowd, where Koko's parents are sitting and looking back knowingly and calmly.
The teacher breathes in shudderingly and then turns back to the Academy Head. "So because her own parents don't want her to graduate… You're denying her promotion? Even though she qualifies under every criteria we have!?" "Lower your voice--" "I will >not< lower my voice! Do you have any idea how hard she worked? How much she suffered to get where she is!? And you would just throw it all away as a 'favor'!?!" The Academy Head just clears his throat and stares back at the instructor. The teacher finally looks behind him and sees how most people are staring or at least listening in and talking amongst themselves.
"If you do not pass Koko, then I will resign," the teacher says as he turns back to face his boss. The Academy Head just stares at him, then goes, 'Heh' and pushes past. "You really have to make this difficult…" Then he pauses when he's a few feet away, looks towards Shisei, and calls over his shoulder, "I'll see you tommorow, Anjin." Then he sighs and mutters, "If only she were in your situation, Shisei… Then she would have been promoted for sure… But if you were in hers… I'd have promoted you anyway." Then he turns and heads towards the courtyard exit. The noise level gradually returns to normal.

Shisei's attention is quickly caught as the teacher walks past him, and of course his eyes follow along as he approaches the Academy Head. Although the now-Genin has no love for Koko, the boy is both inquisitive and just by nature. Although at first he can only hear snippets of the conversation he manages to read the facial expressions and put it all together. Then the two instructors look over to Koko's parents, and the final piece of the puzzle falls into place in his mind. The Uchiha takes a deep breath as he tries to work out what he should do, and as he does the Academy Head walks past him, complimenting him. Shisei bites his lip for a moment and looks back and forth between the Head and his instructor, but gives the older man a bright smile in return for the compliment.
Leaning forward off the wall to bring himself up straight, a plan begins to form in Shisei's mind. The boy reaches into the satchel he wears at his waist and he pulls out a pair of kunai. The boy then starts walking straight towards Koko, hoping to catch her attention. 'Surely if they see that she can nearly match the top in the class those fool parents of hers will change their tune,' he thinks, throwing one of the kunai toward the Senju girl. He isn't aiming to hurt her, but rather to provide her with a weapon and a little warning before he attacks. Half way through the kunai's flight to the girl… it's on!
Shisei charges in following the kunai, his own weapon held in an underhand grip as he flies toward her. The boy makes a single large slash at her arm, then nimbly jumps up and with a tuck and flip, he lands behind Koko. "Show them that you're capable or spend the rest of your life humiliated," he growls at the girl as he switches the kunai to the other hand and makes a backhand slash toward her body.

Koko sighs a bit in relief as Anjin heads over to talk to the Academy Head. Of course this was a mistake. And now it will be cleared up. But after observing everything that is said, hearing the whispers of the adults, feeling the eyes of parents and recently-graduated Genin both upon her, she is left standing there, fists clenched, eyes tearing up. A blank, emotionless smile rests on her lips -- a distorted version of the relieved smile she had at first.
The fact her instructor is willing to resign over this is understood but not really cared about. Not right now, at least. She is too crushed by this sudden turn of events to really feel the full scope of emotions she should be feeling. But then Shisei throws a kunai to her. She catches it more by reflex than by conscious decision, and she just stands there dumbly when the Uchiha boy slashes her arm. She winces a bit, but the pain and the sight of her own blood -- even if it is just a scratch -- both bring her back to the present. "Wh--" she starts, only to leap forward when Shisei lands behind her and attacks a second time. His kunai cuts through air. Turning before she even touches the ground, she faces her unwilling 'rival'. "Are you crazy!?" she asks. But she understands what Shisei is doing. This boy… Maybe what he's doing is foolish in the eyes of others. But in her eyes, she sees an opportunity to prove herself once and for all. She had avoided this confrontation because she feared a bit that she wouldn't be good enough if it came down to a fight between them.
But now she can finally find out, and show everyone. If she wins, she'll be promoted. If she loses… Well, she wasn't going to be promoted anyway, right? She has nothing to lose by fighting, really. So she sets her mouth in a determined line for a moment… And then smiles. "You're probably going to get in trouble for this. But I guess no one you really care about will look down on you for it. So I'm going to do my best!" Then she charges at Shisei with remarkable speed for someone who was only >just< being considered for promotion.
She lashes out not with the kunai she was thrown, but with a sharp-angled side-kick aimed at Shisei's chest. This is followed up by turning the lowering of her leg from that kicking position into a hook-punch with the kunai blade preceding her fist, directed at Shisei's left shoulder. She doesn't want to do any potentially lethal harm after all. Rivalry does not necessarily equate to desire for blood.

Anjin grits his teeth as his threat to resign is casually dismissed. But as a mature adult he knows he can't just give up on teaching more of the Village's children because of one old man's refusal to let a single one be promoted. Maybe Koko >does< deserve to pass. But there has to be a better way of ensuring she gets to become a Genin. He turns and stalks off, leaving all the muttering adults behind. Maybe he can plead with the Academy Head some more, out of line-of-sight of the ones responsible for this mess.
When Shisei draws and throws a kunai to Koko, and then attacks, few people immediately notice, simply because they are too busy with their own affairs. The other newly-promoted Genin have already begun filtering out of the courtyard, many of them with their parents or other guardians. But one lags behind enough to see the sight of Koko and Shisei going at it with >real kunai<, not just the training kunai they have been using for a year or two now! He gapes for a moment, adjusts his eyeglasses, gapes some more, and then goes dashing out of the area.
Very soon…
The doors of the courtyard burst open as glasses-boy yells, "Shisei and Koko are >fighting<!" then he turns and runs back inside. The startled parents just stand there and take a moment to process this. The Genin and other kids almost immediately drop everything they are doing, from icecream treats to holding the hand of a parent to showing off their hitai-ite to each other. Shortly about a dozen kids are rushing up the stairs to the courtyard and trying to squeeze inside to see this epic match-up.
It's almost like that one movie.

As Shisei tries to recover from his overextension on the second slash, he notices movement out of the corner of his eye, and immediately goes into a tuck-roll. The maneuver just barely takes him underneath Koko's kick, but as the boy comes up he finds himself on the receiving end of the kunai strike. He rolls with the motion, taking on a small slice on the back of his shoulder, but now he knows that it's on for real. He jumps back away from Koko to gain some distance, and throws his kunai at her at the same time. As the Uchiha boy lands he begins forming handseals and drawing chakra into his chest. He forms the final seal - the tiger, and blows out a cloud of burning ash and dust towards Koko as he draws another kunai, getting ready for the girl's counter-attack, which he's sure is coming.

Koko was not really expecting the use of Ninjutsu in this… 'Proving' fight. But once she throws her own kunai in response to Shisei throwing his, and the two blades clash in mid-air, the next thing she knows she has a huge cloud of flaming ash and dust heading towards her. It seems ready to sweep over her and burn her.
And then it does! Further, it continues on to scorch the chairs that the audience was sitting in before they all departed! And then, in the middle of the burning cloud, a chair poofs into existence in a much whiter cloud of smoke. It seems that Koko replaced herself with that piece of furniture.
She comes hurtling out at Shisei from the side, leaping from behind the podium up on stage, and landing in front of him in a crouch. One leg sweeps out in an attempt to knock him off his feet. "Leaf Gale…" Then she leaps into the air and lashes out with two kicks, with one leg aimed lower than the other. "…And Leaf Whirlwind!" Despite the fact that they are both likely to get in trouble for this, Koko is grinning. It's almost… Fun. Or almost soothing, rather. After so many months of thinking maybe she isn't good enough… To see she is just as good as the one she envied is a relief.
She knows she'll be allowed to become a Genin after this.

All the kids crowd into the courtyard just in time to see the billowing cloud of smoke and bright-yellow embers that sweeps over Koko. "Whoooaah!" a number of the boys let out, while the girls just gasp in shock. Then Koko comes barreling out of nowhere and attacks Shisei in response! Shortly, the various adults come up the stairs as well to get their kids and go home, but then they see the fight going on and just sort of gape, unsure of what to do. The shinobi and kunoichi parents decide to do something about this, but before they can, Anjin hears of what's going on.
"Shisei and Koko are fighting in the courtyard," someone announces just as Anjin is speaking to the Academy Head about a potential 'probationary period' for Koko, where she can be considered a 'psuedo Genin' until they are sure she's qualified. "What!?" the instructor yells, and then puts his hands together in a Seal before vanishing in a plume of smoke. The Academy Head just looks on and goes, "Hmm…" while stroking his thin-bearded chin.
Koko's parents were, actually, not hanging around. They figured Koko would join them at home when she was ready. Though her mother had some misgivings about leaving their 'poor, fragile Ko-chan' behind.
When they hear the commotion, Koko's father just grunts. Her mother, however, is quick to rush back to the Academy, hoping that Koko hasn't fallen and hurt herself. She used to do that all the time when she was younger. Brittle bone structure
About the time that Shisei has already had a chance to react to the two most recent attacks, Anjin reappears in a puff of smoke inside the courtyard, ready to intervene! …But he doesn't step in when he sees the fight. He knows he >should<, but he doesn't. Not yet.

It seems that in the same instant that Koko disappears in a puff of white smoke, she's suddenly flying at Shisei again from one side. The boy instinctively jumps into the air and forms a handseal, creating a pair of clones on his way down. All three copies of the boy run straight towards Koko, but Shisei notices that her parents have already left. 'Damnit, this whole charade is for nothing,' he thinks, as Koko's flying legs scissor through one of the clones, causing it to burst. As the real Shisei closes on Koko, he slices at her legs with his kunai, hoping more to take her off balance than cause any real injury. As he does so the Uchiha boy pulls a hand-drawn seal from his pouch, and holds between his hands as he forms the tiger seal again. "Sorry Koko, but our time's up," he explains cordially as he whips the seal bearing the sign of the North Wind straight towards her forehead.

The slash at Koko's legs results in her leaping into the air even faster than any of her other movements so far, allowing Shisei to lunge in at her while she seemingly hovers in front of his face. It lasts less than a full second, but it's almost like time slows down as she swings both legs out quick and strong, clobbering Shisei. But as a side-effect of this, she is left wide-open to the Sealing Technique she never even noticed in his other hand until it was too late. It is slapped onto her neck, rather than her forehead, due to still descending from her leap when the second attack comes, but the effect is the same. She feels her active Chakra vanish and her body go numb.
She lands on the ground heavily, and can't seem to fight any further. And yet she doesn't just lie there like a lump. She actually forces herself up and into a sitting position, even though she feels incredibly weak -- as weak as she used to be before her training began. But she isn't going to be taking any action, offensive or defensive, for awhile. Panting a bit, she looks up at Shisei, wondering what he means by their time being up.
Sure, she's unable to attack back right now, but they can keep fighting if he wants to--Then she notices the teacher standing nearby. "…Anjin-sensei! I…" she starts. "We were just…!"

Anjin steps forward a bit too late to stop things. Koko's mother has just pushed her way to the front of the group of people that have entered the courtyard, and just as Anjin is saying, "This isn't the right place for this. I get what you two are trying to do but--" that's when Koko's mom screams out and charges forward. ">Get away from my daughter!<" she yells. Anjin turns in surprise and says, "It's alright, Ranka-san. She isn't seriously injure--" But the mother just snaps, "How dare you! You call >this< 'not seriously injured'!?" She grabs Koko's slashed right arm and holds it up, showing the vivid red blood on the surface. It's not a deep cut by any means. A scratch, really. But her mother is freaking out over it.
"Worse injuries than that scratch have occurred before, and Koko--" "You think that's supposed to make me feel >better<!? 'Your daughter has gotten hurt worse before so this injury is nothing'!?! I can't believe I trusted you to take care of my child!" Anjin knows the woman is just overreacting and is upset, but the words sting regardless. He should have stepped in sooner instead of waiting for them to finish and trusting that Shisei could stop at any time he wished.
Speaking of Shisei… "And you!" Koko's mother starts in on Shisei with, "I have half a mind to--" But while she's busy ranting at the young Uchiha, a Chuunin arrives with a message for Anjin. Anjin notices the woman in the Chuunin vest and Courier-Nin ensemble as the instructor is pointed out to her, and sighs as he walks closer to receive the message.
A moment later, Koko's mother has progressed from 'overly concerned parent' to 'over the line'. "You're lucky you don't have parents or I'd insist they deal with your actions with a whip! You're just like your traitorous brothe--" But the Academy Head calls out, "That is >more than enough<, Ranka." The woman shuts up for the old man the way she wouldn't have for Anjin. "We can sort this all out in my office tommorow. For now I think it would be best if we all went home." Then Anjin steps forward and says, "Gyaku-sama is right. Everyone is to return to their homes. There has been an incident at the prison, and no one is to venture outside unless the need is dire. Direct orders from Noab-sama, the Acting Hokage in the absence of Hashiramako-sama." The Academy Head says, "Well, that appears to be that."
Anjin then nods and walks over to Shisei. "Shisei… We need to talk outside when you have a chance. It's about Satoru."

Shisei steps back from Koko as Anjin interrupts the session, and stands silently while the instructor speaks. However when Senju Koko's mother begins to speak up, he raises an eyebrow towards her. As she begins to heat up even further the Uchiha interrupts, "You're one to speak, coward. I'd heard that the Senju had honour and skill, and at least your daughter displays those. You on the other hand…" The boy shakes his head. The gaze he gave the woman might have been directed at a lump of cow manure, had you not known better. "You can keep talking if you want," and its now that the Academy Head calls out to Ranka, "or go and bargain with the Academy Head to…" he stalls mid-sentence, hoping not to tell Koko that her parents were the ones keeping her from graduating, "Well take note that it took a Chuunin level jutsu from the most proficient of the graduating Genin to stop her." And with that Shisei makes to leave, saying, "I'm done with trying to undo your mistake." His exit is blocked, however, by Anjin.

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