Shadow Play - Ignorance


Daichi, Tosai, Kaydin, Moriko, Yuzuna, Rain

Date: September 9, 2010


Having escaped from prison, Uchiha Rainos goes on the war path until he is given what he wants.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Shadow Play - Ignorance"

Toshiba Forest, Clearing

Daichi finally worked is way back into the village. he is still carrying the leaf he got durring his lesson with Moriko. Daichi is squinting hard and concentrating as hard as he can to splite the leaf. "Like a blade, like a blade, like a blade…." he repeats as he steps through the streets of Konoha. He some how managed to work his way back to the forest. He smiles, the leaf was cut slightly along its edge. "YES!!!!!!" he shouts unaware that someone may be around.

And finally arriving after some much needed vacation, and resting, Tosai was back in Konoha. Of course, he didn't laze about completely when he left for Kumogakure. He acted as a temporary liason, advising and teaching taijutsu techniques to the genin of the land. He had fun, got into a few spars, met an interesting gal, and when it was all said and done, decided home was where his heart was. Tosai, had a renewed feeling of duty for his home not that he returned, and with giving back to the youth in Kumo, he felt it time that he gave back to those back home.

Surely he had been a teacher of taijutsu at the academy, but it still hadn't given the close knit ties and instruction he wanted to impart. He wanted a team of his own, and with his maturity seeming to come in, he was eager for to look upon those kids he could help develop into the ninja they were destined to be.
Kaydin was halfway through a Kata when Daichi's yell brings him out of his concentration, bringing him half out of the kata. He looks to the hand which was out of place and only slowly brings it back to his side. He then forms a series of hand seals and when the last one is used, he says softly. "Byakugan." Veins bulge alongside his head as his eyes become more piercing. While his vision wasnt as good as some of the Hyuuga, it works in allowing him to see the current people nearby. When satisfied, the Byakugan vanishes, and he moves back into a Juuken stance to redo his kata. "It would appear I attract people, no matter where I go." He calls, so the two know he was here.
Daichi beams at the leaf "I gotta show this Moriko, she is gonna be so excited….wait." Before Daichi could think about what he said he would notice the hyuuga from last time, durring his run in with Meruin. "Hey it's you." Daichi dashed over and would go to shake the boy's hand. Settling down now Daichi tucks the leaf away. "We didn't get to indroduce ourselve properly last time. I am Daichi." Daichi smiled at Kaydin "And you are?"

Not having been looking to anyone specificly, Tosai would hear something, his ear twitching as he would turn his head. Tosai never expected to be alone in any place he was. In a world full of ninja that could disguise themselves, and sink into the ground, or even fade into their surroundins, it was impossible to do so. He would smell the air, a familiar scent being one of them, he would know Daichi's, but not the others. "One of Hiroshi's kids.. Must be practicing his sword play. But what of the other one.. smells bland." He would look to where the sound came from, and he'd flicker, only to appear on a nearby walkway, heading toward Daichi first.

"I'd hope you became a better healer since the last time we've met.", would be said with a gentle chuckle, and a wave as he'd walk toward Daichi, a distance being had between the two as to not scare the kid out of his wit. "Long time no see." He would look to the leaf in his hand.. It had been split. He wondered.. "I would hope that poor leaf hadn't been rended for nothing.", would be said jokingly before he would look to Kaydin, and smile. The other scene had been him. "It seems that me and Daichi or meeting you both for the first time… Akimichi Tosai.. I don't think I have seen you around the academy, have I?"
"No. Though I believe we met before your venture into Kumogakure. I was a Hyuuga who wanted to test something against you." Kaydin says then his hand is taken and shook, which he shakes back before looking to Daichi. "Hyuuga Kaydin of the Hyuuga clan." He says calmly as he moves to get his backpack which was with his bento box. He opens it and gets out two more boxes. "Would you both care for some food?" He asks calmly.
Daichi turns to see Tosai "Whoa, havn't seen you in a while! Hows it going tubby hehe?" Daichi joked. Taking the leaf back out Daichi presents it to Tosai "Moriko is teaching me Wind manipulation." Daichi smiled. Peering over to Kaydin chuckles "Hyuuga eh, the eyes totally didn't give it away haha" Daichi pats Kay on the shoulder "Nice to meet you Kaydin…" peering at the box Kaydin takes out Daichi realizes that his very hungry. "I would love some thank you" He says as he took the box. "What is it?" Daichi asked before opening.

A Hyuuga.. Well that explained the bland smell. Kaydin's mentioning of the spar would cause Tosai to chinrub some. He did remeber sparing a Hyuuga kid awhile back, but for some reason, he only seemed to remeber Hiroshi alot more.. Probably because he was the only Hyuuga that Tosai spared on a full basis. Tosai would nod, and smile, "Well.. I would hope that you have improved as well since we met. That way, the next time you show me your skill, then perhaps I will remember you easier. Otherwise, it is nice to meet you once again, Kaydin-san." Tosai would smell the bento first before he'd see it pulled out, and his mouth would water. Alas, it had been a little small for his appetite to stand, so he'd refuse rather kindly, with a gesture of his hand.

Meanwhile, the tubby comment, wouldn't go over so well with Tosai, as he would look to Daichi, and stare down at him, to call hadn't been funny.. In fact, it had been a bit rude. "I am not one to pull rank, even with a comment like that, Dai-kun. However, I do suggest that if you want to keep the hands you posses now, to train with Wind Manipulation as you do now, you should mind your words carefully.", a wide smile coming to his face as he would look to another question. Though he hadn't been appreciative of the boy's lack of tact, Tosai would be however good in seein that Moriko was teaching the boy something useful. The properties of Wind could make things sharper. It would be good if he could use such with that blade of his.. He'd be more useful to Hiroshi. "Otherwise, I do wish you luck with that Wind technique.. It will help you plenty the next time you call me tubby."
During the near silence of a light breeze, several leaves would pass by an area of grass in the clearing and begin to catch on fire. Their light and swirling course corrupted and changed to a near free fall as the healthy leaves burned for no discernable reason. That is until the ashes that floated away cleared and a body begin to burn itself through the thin air that previously existed. Slowly the form would simply seem to appear as the invisible fire decended from head to toe. Uchiha Rainos looked around for a moment. His escape route seems to be occupied. "Of course you would all be wandering around in the forest." he would comment as he seemed to measure them all with his glance. He debated whether to strike them down now, or walk away with the assumption that the news had not reached this group quite yet. He would wait a few moments to see just what their reaction would be.

A bit of a ways a way is Moriko, the Jounin reading over a scroll with a rather disturbing report on it as she winds her way through the forest. The girl sighs and shakes her head. "Really shoulda focussed on genjutsu and not tai'n Nin." she mutters to her self before rolling the scroll away and continuing on her way, the girl silently walking toward the clearing from somewhere off to the south, seems she's not intrested in leaving a large imprint of her passing or making it widely known she's even out and about, and rather obviously unawares of current events going on out of eyesight of her in the clearing.
Kaydin gives Daichi one Bento and then looks to Tosai. "If your worried about eating it all, do not worry. I carry mostly food with me anyway." He says as he pulls a second bento from his backpack and offers the two to him, or atleast he would, until Rainos shows up. He looks to the man and already his appearance caused the Hyuuga to be unsettled. He recognized the armor as Uchiha, having seen it a few times. He continues to watch the man, trying to keep his face stoic but the fact the man made him uncomfortable filled Kaydin with disgust. "Who are you." He asks calmly, Hyuuga pale eyes watching him, maintaining eye contact with the man.
Daichi chuckles neverously at Tosai's words. "I get the feeling that that was a promise to kill me one day hehe." Daichi sighs "Why are all the instuctors so scary?" he drops his head. Despite the eerie feeling Tosai bestowed upon him Daichi waves "Thanks." He lost his apitite a bit and decided to save the food for later. He looked to Kaydin "What are you, some kind of cook?" Daichi would ask before the appearence of another would cause him to stare. "An Uchiha?" Daichi responded after seeing the armor. He looks to Tosai "Who is this guy? You think he's lost?"

Smiling as the Hyuuga insisted, Tosai would smile and say, "It is fine Kaydin san.. If there is any left, I will partake, but for now, its not wanted." He would look to the Kaydin's face as he'd look to Rainos's way, and scratch his head. "Hey, is everything oka-…HMMMM??", being said just as he would see the armored nin, and then look kids shouting, "You two! Scatter!! Now dammit!!!!!!", being shouted, as Tosai would move in front of them, pearing at the man rather angrily, as he would say, "Twinkle!!! I figured they'd as /least/ decagram seal the bars on your cage, Rain!!!", this being said, as a hand would already have flicked to his pack, a fist being balled up, and carrying a certain pill… one that Tosai swore not to use unless he'd be in a situation just like this..

It wasn't good that Rain was here.. and for that much, Tosai would feel himself shame.. He hadn't known what the hell was going on. But he wouldn't be letting this guy go this time.. Not for a second.. Tosai had to last.. at least until help arrived. "If you two don't notify someone, I swear that in my death, I will haunt you, now GO!!!!!!" Tosai had this figured to the most of his being. He might end up being genjutsued, but he was not going to let Rain get off easily, nor hurt the kids he had with him.. Tosai would pill pop, a large yellow ball crunched down and swallowed with authority. His body would contort in a sharp pain immediately before chakra would flux and parts of his fat reserves would began to burn on a cellular level, converting to his chakra, and causing his power to magnify by 75 percent. Soon his body would redden, and began to steam all over, his eyes reddening under the stress, and his muscles buldging as he'd stomp violently into stance.. Tosai's anger, once dormant, would return in full force.. So much for a vacation… His speed, would intensify, as he'd flicker, before appearing infron of Rain, a large hand, the size of a Volkswagon drawn back to smack the Uchiha silly.
Though Yuzuna was lounging on a tree branch near where Tosai and Kaydin are seeming to share a meal and company, the kunoichi breathes out slowly with calm, purposeful breaths. Pale eyes closed and never moving as the faintest of breezes threads through her long, ebony hair. With Rain captured, the village was easing into a more relaxed state of mind, shinobi a bit more light-hearted and cautiously at ease. Though now, her senses scream at her, causing pale opal eyes to suddenly snap open and reflexively activate her Byakugan. Yuzuna tenses at the sharp spike of chakra, seeing those nearby with her sight including the one that had just entered. Someone's chakra that she didn't recognize.

It seemed that someone was certainly aware of atleast the scope of the situation. That was unfortunate, but it was not unexpected. Rainos would take note of Tosai, focusing on him as he shouted his orders and prepared for battle. As the attack would close in on him, Rainos would flick his wrist towards one of the people that were ordered to flee and it would appear that maybe he launched a weapon after them. Tosai would have the urge to briefly pay attentino whether it was his own will or that of Rainos that cause it, and that instant was all Rainos required to wield his blade as he stepped to the side, leaving the blade out for Tosai's enlarged hand to cut itself on with a long swath. He had not noticed Yuzuna or Moriko yet it seemed. "If more of you must die for my simple request to be taken seriously, i do not mind granting your wish." Rainos would say with a tempered heat to his voice. "Where is Hyuga Yuzuna?" Casually, he would apply a link towards everyone he could currently see, though the Sharingan was not used as of yet. His chakra would also be gathered swiftly, he would be outnumbered throughout the rest of his stay after all.
Kaydin widen's his eyes at the order and begins to leave however something stops him. It was the question he asked. All of a sudden, Kaydin turns, Byakugan activating on it's own without his hand seals and he runs for the Uchiha, sending an open palm for his stomach. He knows he is perhaps out matched but the fact this man was looking for Yuzuna and easily hurt Tosai, caused his anger to actually flare, something he thought he could control easily now. "I will not let you hurt them." He growls softly as he tries to fight this being.

Mo would hear the commotion as she neared the sound was faint. The girl pauses, frowns the picks up speed, still moving in silence as she heads toward the clearing now. It may take a bit for her to get there, but she was now heading in at near a silent run, the girl flitting over the forest floor with increasing speed.
Daichi glanced to Tosai. "He's serious…" Daichi looks to grab Kaydin but he charged in too fast. "Damn…" Daichi does the smart thing for now and goes to get help. "Don't you dare die on me Tub-err I mean Tosai!" Daichi dashed off regretably "Damn it, damn it…" Daichi would run and find someone to help. "Anyone, HELP!" he called out. Hopfully some one would come.

Tosai would snarl as his hand would be cut and he'd soon see that Rain's battle prowess had been rather strong, even without the Sharingan, most of his clan had been dependant on. His hand would bleed rather profusely, seeming to slightly limp as tendons would be sliced. But Tosai's anger, and his threshold of pain were equally strong, and of high variety as he would simple ball the bloodied hand up, and charge his chakra to higher masses. He wasn't through with Rain yet, and perhaps he would have much to talk about, as part of his plan to distract. After all, Tosai knew well that he couldn't defeat Rain alone.. The genjutsu of the Uchiha tyrant wouldn't let that be plausible.

Instead Tosai would stance strong, his foot stomping into stance, and making a visible crevice in the earth beneath it, while the force of his chakra, for all to see, would seem to cause rock and dirt to fluster and disturb.. Then Rain would question him of Hyuga Yuzuna, only after making a threat.. "I rather die putting my foot up your ass, than to simply lay down, and disregard anything that this village represents, you tin foil wrapped /soupcracker/!!!", would be said to the comment, and yet the questioning would get a mystified glance from the large oaf.. "And you asked me this because you think I know? Or is this a test to see if I'll be stubborn.. Because honestly, Rain, you asked the /wrong/ coalescing person.", Tosai's chakra even now, seeming to climb higher with ever bit of anger he now felt.. "I have not answer nor a truth to give, so stop talking, and just die!!!"
Kaydin would have moved to protect his clan from harm like a good branch member, moving to strike Rainos and…succeeding? Yes, he would hit Rainos as the uchiha raised his hand a bit too slowly. Or was it? The strike would hit Rainos' upper chest, but the hand would move to grip Kaydin's wrist before a surge of electricity would be sent through his body. Moving away while attempting to side kick Kaydin back up against Tosai, Rainos would simply say, "As you wish." as a ball of flame was loosed upon them and exploded before hitting them, causing a wave of near liquid fire to move to bathe them in flame.
Kaydin manages to pull his arm back but being kicked back and then blasted with liquid fire is a bit much for the Genin. He pants, burnt, and his chakra wavering. He then glances up at Rain and begins to focus his chakra, focusing himself before assuming another Juuken stance. "I am not going to leave you here with this beast." He says as he tries to keep himself standing.
Yuzuna doesn't have to be any closer to see and feel the action that has erupted yards away. Worse still, Kaydin attempting to hold his own against Rain. Her expression darkens as the Hyuuga kunoichi begins to focus chakra. Knowing that the Uchiha clan has a flaw, she had trained her ninjutsu in such a way to focus upon that weakness. She doesn't move from her branch as she begins to harnes her chakra into the jutsu needed.

Daichi looked around "Damn it." He ran even further "Somebody, anyone, I need help." He runs and runs until he spies someone. Desperate to help Tosai and Kaydin Daichi heads toward the person rambling "Help, you gotta help. Tosai sensei and Kaydin are fighting this weird guy in armor called Rainos or something like that. Anyway he's an uchiha and..and…" He looks up and recognizes the face "Moriko!?" Daichi gawks "Quick you gotta help." Daichi starts tugging her in the direction of Tosai and the others.

Mo kneels briefly and nods to Daichi "Knew something was wrong." She runs her hand through his hair and kneels slightly. "Now this is what I want you to do. Run back to the town, don't stop to look back. Run as hard and as fast as you possibly can. I'll go help as much as I can. Raise the alarm, get ANBU, any jounin you can get to respond to get out here as soon as possible, ok?" She says, the girl's voice quiet as she takes on a brief look of concentration. "I don't want you in that clearing, you understand? There's going to be too much chance of collateral." She states, then stands, the girl grabbing stuff from her backpack and hanging it off her belt, and puts some things into various pouches on her vest before she zips it more. She then hands the backpack to Daichi. "Go now, ok? And Run, don't look back." She then starts off toward the clearing at a dead sprint, the girl still oddly moving quiet.

Just as Tosai's chakra would seem to max, his mind seeming to try and focus despite the pain, Tosai reaction time would be cut in half, just as Kaydin would seem to join the fray!! "Kaydin-san!!! What the fuck are you doi-Arggghhe!!!", would be shouted just mere moment after he would watch lightning course through the boy's system, unable to stop Rain's touch from shocking some much needed since into the disobediant Hyuuga.. Boy.. Tosai would have some much needed words for him, if they made it out of this one. However, those words would have to wait, until after he would have to dodge an explosive ball of flame. Tosai's reaction speed would kick in, just mere seconds after the ball would come down inbetween he and Kaydin, resulting in the splitting of ranks between the genin and chuunin. Tosai hadn't been able to stop the damage… However, he wouldn't waste anytime in snatching the boy up, in his attempt to keep Rain from taking anymore advantage of the situation.. Once grabbed, Tosai would stare a hole into the boy, before sighing.. He'd been hung up.

What Kaydin had not realized strategically, was that Tosai, had not been strong enough to protect both him, and fend off Rain from attackers.. But yet instead of following orders, he tried to help defend someone stronger than him, by facing someone even stronger.. Bad move. Tosai would have no choice but to remain however.. For further distraction would give the approaching scents he now smelled, time to approach the scene, and back him up. But one scent would cause him alarm.. It was the one Rain had been looking for. Tosai would widen his eyes.. 'What they hell is she doing here?!', would be thought in Tosai's mind. He couldn't let Rain find out Yuzuna had been around.. He would stare at Kaydin once again, and throw him up to a nearby tree with some force, before saying.. "Last chance runt!!! Go get help or Else!!", being said menacing before he would focus his attention back to Rain..
Seeing as how they were grouped up once more, and how one of thme have moved to escape and Rainos had let him go… for reasons, Rainos would barrage his opponents with a variety of ranged attacks as he would put some distance between himself and his opponents. Even though he was in an assumed rush, he did not seem to be trying to do things quickly. The shuriken, some even being Fuuma, were maninpulated easily between his fingers as he would crouch against a tree. Others were coming, he was aware of this much, but now quite who. Setting up the battle field for more opponents was a priority at this time.
Yuzuna parts her soft lips slightly as she breathes out a slow breath, her chakra spreading out and wide into the atmosphere. Into the moisture of the atmosphere. Within seconds, the air throughout the entire clearing begins to thicken with a cloudy haze. The fog builds, almost making it impossible to see through, for the specific purpose of clouding the Sharingan and eliminating its use, and the possibility of the Genjutsu being used on the shinobi of Konoha. All while the Byakugan snaps through the fog while the Sharingan is useless. With the mist in place, Yuzuna parts her hands as she leaps from the branch, landing with a slight roll as the mist envelopes and thoroughly hides her. "You know, I am not going with you without you working for it…" she murmurs as the intensity of the Byakugan stares straight at Rain.

Daichi looks at Moriko as she instructs him. He couldn't believe how calm she was about this. As she handed him the backpack he would feel a sense of warmth come over him. Blushing slightly Daichi snorts and takes the back pack "I'm not kid, you don't need to speek to me like one. Shesh you can count on me so don't worry about that. Just…Just don't die ok…save everyone."f Daichi felt a bit better about going to get help now. He took off with haste towards the village. Daichi does his best to get to the village asap. "You can count on me…" he repeats to himself. Smirking "She thinks she's so cool…I kinda want to be that kinda shinobi." Daichi said as he darted toward the village.

Moriko suddenly appears, just right out of the blue, the girl managing to catch, two shuriken and keep them from landing home before she attempts to place a clone in the way of the Akimichi palm grip. When she her self is grabbed she sighs. "This coulda gone better." She mutters and shakes her head, before sighing "Y"can let go now." she states, her 'cool' entry ruined a bit about rushing into things and ending up caught in a hand of an ally. She then glances over to where Rain is and sighs. "This is really gonna be fun." she mutters before waiting for the next attacks.
The Hyuga heiress had arrived a bit ahead of schedule it seemed. Rainos seemed just barely pleased about this. "Now i don't have to tear your village apart for your company. If i must work for it… then you shall be given my fullest attentions, Hyuga Yuzuna. There will be no doubt that i have earned you by the end of this." With the less experienced shinobi fleeing, and Rainos currently unable to necessarily see his opponents, he would raise his blade as his Sharingan activated and the moisture in the air would begin to sizzle. "But first… i will have to dispose of your company." he would state as he slowly lowered the blade in a circular fashion, a swath of the mist being cut away before being replaced by newly generated chakra enhanced moisture.
"You seem a bit cranky for an old man…" Yuzuna murmurs absently to herself. Her pale opal, intense gaze narrows on Rain as he slashes his blade through the air, creating a thin streak through the fog for an instant of a moment before the mist slowly ebbs into place once more. Focusing chakra through her hands, the kunoichi's expression darkens as she pushes off with sudden speed, dashing straight towards Rain with an instant Juuken strike to his very core, only to blur with speed as Yuzuna attempts to disappear into her fog once more. Clouding herself.

Well at least Tosai let her go. Mo frowns and glances back toward where she hears voices. "Ookay this is getting difficult." She mutters, the girl making out a faint white light shaped like a blade maybe through the fog? Mo then forms several seals, sending her chakra out into the air around her which starts moving just ever so slightly, almost really imperceptable in its nature as her chakra moves outward and away, really just a seemingly faint amount as the girl finishes her seals then glances around her, her senses now sufficiently expanded, she places a hand on one of her wounds, the girl's hand faintly glowing green. Once finished, she glances forward, starting to form seals and concentrating on the picture in front of her. "C'mon make it in time…" She mutters…
Even as Yuzuna would seemingly burst out of no where, Rainos would roll around her strike with a mere slide of one foot and a bit of a lean. Her strike was swift and accurate, but he moved as if he saw it coming from a mile away with only an instant of recolection. Her attempts to vanish were thwarted by her movements leaving trails that were easy to follow with his enhanced senses and knowledge of where she had come from. "Stay put… i will take you without a second thought in a moment, Heiress." he would state as a near inferno would encompass his blade after the blade seemed to become near blue hot. Holding it out to his right side as he began to move towards the glowing hands of Moriko with a slow walk.
Her expression darkens as the Juuken Dash Strike appears to be uneffective, not that she was expecting Rain to be instantly on his knees. Still. Yuzuna crouches in the mist of the fog, her pale, intense gaze staring at the Uchiha as he seems to stare at her back. Her right hand lightly curls as her jaw firms, "I must be a fly buzzing around the head of someone far bigger than I can imagine…" Yuzuna murmurs, "But that does not mean I will not try despite it…" Even while the blade flames dangerously with intense blue heat, the Hyuuga kunoichi blurs with speed once more, dashing straight towards Rain with the focus of chakra at her fingertips. The attack was percise at the core of his spine, striking swiftly in order to paralyse him.

As Rain turns toward her, Mo actually finishes up her seals. Suddenly she's incased in blue chakra as her features become more feral in nature. She's covered in white fur, her ears lengthen and cup as they move to the top of her head, becoming more vulpine in nature as her feet lengthen as well. Suddenly a long bushy tail sprouts, and her hands become more feral in nature too, sprouting of all things claws. As all this goes on her iris spread till they pretty much encompass the girl's eyes, and her pupils narrow to slits as her upper and lower canine lengthen into sharp looking fangs. Seems the Kirryu is actually using her own Kek.
The girl gets to her feet at this point, focussing and forming seals as she stands. Suddenly she has a pair of ball bearings in her hands, which she seems to 'flick' at Rain, both giving off as harp report as they blast away from the girl at rather insain, and both trailing small arcs of lightning in their wake. Next she suddenly moves forward, the air around her hands and feet suddenly whirling around them as she moves in for the 'attack' as it were, the girl's speed nearing that of the insain as she simply flickers in and out of existance, launching a rather fierce barrage of cutting attacks. Oddly instead of being rather jerky, her movements are actually quite smooth, and rounded, each movement flowing from one to the next.
His full attention was not on Yuzuna, but there was enough for him to lean into her attacks, causing her to nearly look as if she was flailing her arms around him in some sort of strange, excited hug momentarily. The magnetized spheres however were a whole different matter. They came at him with… extreme speed, but also, extreme linearity. Shifting his weight, kipping up into a side skip and then a some what casual duck, he was not necessarily faster, but he moved even before the shots had left her hand, avoiding them both. Her rapid series of attacks were however easily matched and surpassed by Rainos' own speed as he stared at her with his demonic sharingan. "Enough." He would state as he slid back, drawing his white hot flaming blade back.
"Katon…. Ittou Kasou!" he would state with the first true strain on his voice, even if it was minor, he'd allowed the entire time he has been in Konoha. The blade would be thrust forward with great speed as he lunged, but regardless of the narrowness of the single blade, fire literally exploded outwards from the hilt to become dozens of times bigger, though the general shape remained in tact as a gigantic blade of pure fire erupted towards Moriko. Swiping his blade as if clearing blood from it, he turned to face Yuzuna's silhouette in the mist. "Now it is your turn." he would state with certainty.
Having yet to successfully land a hit on the Uchiha, Yuzuna firms her jaw as she lifts her right hand to grip at her left arm, stance parted and prepared to defend herself as the intense Byakugan stares at Rain to face towards her. Slender fingers flex, curling slightly into her arm for several silent moments as she calculatingly stares at the approaching Uchiha. "What do you need of me…" she murmurs low, nearly growling with disgust. "You seem the kind of man that cares little about opening the eyes of pitiful shinobi and villagers. Why makes you drive this hard, so intently…"

Rainos would lock his gaze on to Yuzuna's for a long moment before he would state simply. "I want what is mine, and i will use your sight to reveal it to me. Then, i will leave this village." Rainos would put away his blade, still sending light wisps of heated air as contrails to it's movements before being sheathed. "The sooner that you cooperate, the sooner your allies can rest with some sense of ease." Rainos would raise his hand slightly, turning his gloved palm up. "Please." he would state firmly, but seemingly honestly. His rage remained, but was tempered in to a moment of civility.
Yuzuna blinks her pale opal eyes with some surprise, hearing that he is searching for something specificly that his own sight can't find. His please only causes her further confusion, causing her slender brows to furrow gently for several moments of quiet. The kunoichi's gaze hesitates before looking from his hand behind him where Moriko is, silent for another further moment. "It must be someone you wish to protect." Yuzuna murmurs softly in thought as she looks back to Rainos, quiet and stoic as the intensity of the Byakugan watches him. "To have such intent, such drive… I do not see how you could be so resolved if it was anything less than someone dear to you." Though she softly presses her lips together, Yuzuna murmurs to Moriko, "Halt your attacks. Right now, I am willing to compromise and see what he needs." And despite her better judgement, she sighs as she takes steps forward to place her hand in his raised palm.

Mo frowns, hand glowing green again as she starts healing her own wounds. "Are you sure Yuzuna?" She asks, teeth still gritted as she looks to the Hyuga… Then her glance veers back toward Rain. "Y'know I can't just lightly let you go taking members of this village off to go wherever it is you want, yes?" She says, the girl frowning as she stares at him. Yes she knows that right now she's no match, but she's hardly one to back down, still she pauses as she glances to Yuzuna again. "I'll wait on your actions then.." Of course she knows that in all odds more help is allready on the way.
Taking Yuzuna's hand almost delicately, Rainos would not reveal his weakness in his gaze. He refused to. He refused to ever allow this to happen again and to be used in this fashion. Only this person would know of his secret beyond the perpetrator. Her youth and lack of direct authority but still the nature of her up bringing aside fro mher abilities gave him at the very least, confidence that the situation may remain… stifled for a time if not silenced altogether. A hardened, older, experienced Hyuga shinobi may not take a second thought in revealing his current state of affairs, and may even use it against him upon the revelation. He was betting alot on the heart of a young woman.
Their bodies would begin to burn away in to nothing as an invisible flame engulfed them. "Our time together shall be brief." he would state as he looked back towards the wake of destruction that his attacks had done. "Prepare your people for Nuraku, Kirryu." he would warn as Yuzuna and himself would disappear into the afternoon air. The glow of his sharingan was burned in to her memory as the clone displayed it's true self as the genjutsu faded. "No!" She would scream before heading straight for the door which she couldn't quite touch due to the way the material reacted to having chakra flowing through it.

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