Shadow Play - Making His Mark


Rain, Fuyu, Moriko, Nobu, Hinotori

Date: August 17, 2010


Uchiha Rainos makes his mark on the Uchiha Enclave. The Uchiha Clan Head attempts to confront him about it. Will a fight break out? Will the three Konohagakure ninja watching have to step in?

"Shadow Play - Making His Mark"

Uchiha Enclave - Konohagakure

Uchiha Rainos had been doing quite a few things lately apparently on his own as if there was no danger present within Konoha's walls. This may seem strange to some, but none more than the Takokujin itself. Rain has barely lifted a finger since it's inception as far as actions are concerned mostly because the people that choose to follow his leadership do those tihngs for him without question. They protect him, fight for him, scout for him, and he generally simply directs them. However, since donning his Uchiha Elite ancesteral armor and going by his true name, he has done far more things of ihs own accord without direct assistance from others. He was almost a different person when he went by his given name. Rainos could be considered rather peaceful and docile, eloquent even. Rainos however was not truly considered peaceful nor docile… elequent was another matter.
Standing within the central area of the village, mostly looked upon with a fair amount of apprehension both favorable and against his presence, Rainos would remove the glove of his right hand and kneel to place it upon the ground as he intoned, "Manako no Kuragari Rakuin." His hand would glow faintly for a moment before the seal was suddenly emblazoned below his feet and around him, but not much larger than he was as far as space occupied. The symbol was strange, very old, but certainly some form of seal. His eyes were closed as he got to his feet slowly, but he soon would open them, displaying his Sharingan blatantly. "My apologies for prying…" he would seemingly joke about the activation of his kekke genkai. "And do not mind the seal… it will not harm any of you or the village, it only has to do with me."

Uchiha Fuyu had kept a large number of defenders, primarily the Uchiha Clan, from engaging Rainos or his allies during the initial take-over, and not engaging in any covert operations to undermine or do away with the man. The reasons behind this had not been revealed, but rumors and whispers abound, ranging from the practical to the absurd. One rumor was that Fuyu was a sympathizer with Rainos's group, and was keeping attacks from being launched upon him so that she would receive more power, authority, or prestige via the new leadership. Another rumor was that Fuyu intended to appear complacent, only to strike when the renegade Uchiha's defenses were lowered, and sever the head of the venomous serpent that had insinuated itself into Konohagakure's governing body. What would happen after such a hypothetical event would depend on who one asked.
Some claimed that Fuyu would turn over control to Akimichi Noab, or the Hokage upon her return, and all would return to normal. Others claimed that Fuyu would take over Rainos's position, and declare herself the new Hokage. And a very small and very quiet portion of Konohagakure's population whispered of a different possibility… A possibility summed up in a single, horrifying word: genocide.
Yes, there were a small number of people out there that believed Fuyu had not abandoned the methods and goals of the Clan Wars, and sought to exterminate the rivals of the Uchiha. Even amongst this extreme minority there was debate over whether this would be restricted solely to the Senju, or whether anyone not of Uchiha descent would be slaughtered.
However, that is all just rumors…
…And whatever rumors may say, actions will speak louder than words. News has reached Fuyu that Rainos is in the Uchiha Enclave. And rather than send people to investigate or spy, she has come in person. Walking quite swiftly from the direction of the Clan meeting hall, Fuyu is garbed in full combat gear. Armor on her forearms, shin plates on her legs, leather boots with steel toes, a form-fitting leather breastplate with a flexible and light-weight chain mail vest underneath, shoulder plates, fire-resistant pants and shirt, and a war fan strapped to her back.
However, it is not simply her attire that indicates readiness for hostilities. Fuyu is somewhat well-known for the nearly tangible aura of anger and near-violence that she radiates. This is not 'killing intent', just barely-contained rage and a sort of sentient bloodlust that can make some less experienced warriors recoil when she even looks in their direction. Right now, there is so much of that anger flashing in her eyes that, when taken in combination with her black clothing and ebony tresses flying out behind her, she almost resembles a storm cloud in human form, roiling down the streets of the Enclave.
When Fuyu finally spots Rainos at the central point of the Uchiha Village, she wastes no time in stomping over to him, ignoring those who back away from her, and shoving aside those who are too slow to do so. "RAINOS," she calls out. Her voice echoes through the area, eerily mimicking how thunder behaves during a storm. She continues approaching unless stopped, and does not stop herself until she is within a foot of the rogue Uchiha, at which point she would simply stand there and glare.

Mo had heard about a possible confrontation in the Uchiha village, and so she made her way that way rather silently, the girl moving along the rooftops rather rapidly, her form barely even a flicker as she leaps from rooftop to rooftop. Then as she nears the village, she drops into the normal pattern of foot-traffic, the girl dressed as she normally dresses, though she wears a ballcap at the moment. She stays in a nearby crowd, the girl watching Rainos, and also Fuyu at the moment.

Since first hearing of Rain's takeover of Konoha, Nobu has been unsure of exactly how he should react. On one hand, control of his village has been seized by a (foreign?) power. On the other hand, everything has happened with fairly little violence, and nothing much seems to have changed in the village itself. Even actually meeting the man himself hasn't answered many of Nobu's questions. The man didn't seem unstable or malevolent, but at the same time he still seems too mysterious and elusive to fully trust, even as far as a recently installed suzerain goes.
So, with some apprehension, Nobu has come here, to hear the man speak. About what, he doesn't know, but as long as he's allowed here, it can't hurt to have more information about what's going on. Seeing Rain activate his Sharingan and some kind of seal at the very start, seemingly with no reason, makes him doubt that sentiment, however. If he didn't tend to gravitate near the back of crowds to begin with, he would probably be making his way there now, though as subtly as he could, at this point. When another Uchiha furiously storms into the area calling Rain's name, however, he's positive that something big is about to occur. It could simply be nothing more than a yelling much between Rain and Fuyu, but Nobu himself is getting ready to dive for cover.

Where has Hinotori been since the invasion? None knew but him and that answer would never come to those who don't ask. Today he was circulating around the Uchiha village, the young chuunin didn't have orders, and didn't want to engage and not have any backup so for now he did his job and gathered information. Having come from his home and about to go to the western side of the village, he noticed somewhat of a issue and decided to go find out what was going on. As he does he hears a name being called. The voice he recognized, and he quickend his pace. Upon reaching the center of the Uchiha square, he sees Fuyu stepping in front of Rain. Immediately he steps back a step and keeps an eye on the rest of the crowd, and making sure no one is trying to make a play to attack her from behind.

Rainos would hear, turn and look to the storm that came to blow him away. He could not help but smile. "Breath taking as always when you are truly driven. Are you trying to make my knees weak?" Rainos would raise a brow and half step closer, likely uncomfortablly so, though he remained within the seal. "I suppose if that is the case i should apologize for the rigidity i maintain in your presence. Hopefully it is not too distracting for you to continue in such a volatile tone. I would hate for you to… stop so soon." He would continue, obviously playing at the current Leader of the Uchiha's strings… or was he? Perhaps he truly did want to see her erupt, or atleast see her continue to blaze so hottly as she was known for. It was unfortunate… as for very few she likely encountered, this was likely an very atypical reaction. "Please, continue."

Fuyu may be known for radiating hostility, and being scary, but she also has a measure of self-control. At the moment, that self-control APPEARS to have flown out the window. And yet, when Rainos makes his comments, her expression does not change, her eyes do not deviate from her focus, and there is no additional indication of planned violence beyond appearances. No muscles tense, no fingers flex in anticipation, and no weapons spring to hand.
There are a few reasons for this, though the only one that might seem most apparent to Rainos is that there are civilians all around, and that starting a fight here might endanger their lives. The other reasons will either be revealed in time, or be kept secret. When Rainos steps forward, she does not budge an inch, regardless of the closeness. Listening to the mutterings and whispers of the crowd, she attempts to identify if there is anyone among the on-lookers that is armed. It would be fairly easy to judge by the clink of metal, the sound of heavy foot-falls, the cautious adjustment of weight, or any number of other audio cues.
If neither Hinotori nor Nobu is armed, then without looking around she does not, at this point in time, know they are present. Similarly for Moriko, given that she is dressed 'normally', which presumably does not include ninja gear or heavy-duty weapons. Being aware of who around might become an enemy or an ally is useful knowledge, but is observed silently. "You will explain the purpose of this seal you have just created, and if I find your explanation unsatisfactory, you shall remove it." While not yelling, her volume is definitely sufficient for others to hear. If the new arrivals had not noticed the seal recently branded on the ground before, they would now have a reason to look around for it and spot it… And perhaps wonder at why it is here.

Hinotori doesn't budge, but he does scan the crowd. He isn't going to let anyone get the jump on Fuyu. He felt guilty for not coming to her in the first place but he would be damned if he let anyone including Rain to bring harm to her. He didn't care if she was able to take care of herself, he would make sure she stayed protected. As he glances around he does look up on the rooftops and as he does he looks for areas he would use to hide in but also ambush positions. After looking he would look back to where Fuyu and Rain is and continue to watch.

The weapons Nobu is carrying with him are not immediately visible, but it would be fair to expect that he's carrying weapons, even with a cursory glance. He's wearing a chuunin vest, and that alone could be expected to have a number of weapons or other ninja tools in it. On top of that, he has the usual kunai holster and pouch of equipment, all of which can be plainly seen. With a closer look, one might see something long and thing on his arm, making a small bump in his sleeve.
Who he'll side with should a fight break out — assuming he sides with anyone at all — is another matter entirely. While he's ready to react to /something/ he doesn't yet know what that something will be, or how he should react to it when the time comes. For the moment though, he's simply watching things play out. He's definitely interested in hearing Rain's explanation for the seal though. Even with the fighting that might be about to break out, he's more wary of that seal than anything else.

Mo moves a little closer, the girl nearing the wall of a building where she continues to watch the bit of confrontation. "Could get intresting." She whispers to her self before she tilts her head to the right and then she settles to leaning against the wall whilst staring at the Fuyu and Rain for now.

"I was just about to explain that, actually." Rainos would smirk just slightly as he drew alittle back from Fuyu, standing more at his full height. "This seal… is a curious thing indeed. Once could say it is a reflection of your soul.. or perhaps something you desire so deeply in your psyche you aren't even aware. Or perhaps… it is simply something that it defines as necessary… No matter the case, this seal is unique to me. The reason it is currently being displayed is primarily for your safety. I do not have to show it in this fashion… but it is easier to explain this way. It is a connection that allows those who are capable of recieving it's message to know of my safety. It's potential… well… simply is not for those of this village." He would state as he looks to the rest. "Why would i show such a thing to you all so blatantly? I thought it may help to show a tiny piece of the world beyond these walls, and it's mysteries. Simply to convey the thought that in an artificially tamed world, there are more possabilities then simply following the crowd."
Looking at Fuyu squarely, he would state mostly for her, "I can get rid of my visual representation if it bothers you. But i am very certain this is not what you came here for. So please… tell me of your… purpose." Rainos didn't seem to scan the crowd for enemies, for sneak attacks, or anything like that. Perhaps he was so self assured that even being surroudned by likely enemies didn't phase him, or perhaps he knew something they did not.

Fuyu listens to the explanation, and does not move anywhere during it. She finds the explanation given to be convoluted and not really much of an explanation at all. It reflects someone's soul? One's desires? What the seal itself deems 'necessary'? Since when are Seals alive or self-aware enough to decide things!?
At the rogue Uchiha's request to hear her purpose, she responds quickly enough. No sign of confusion or uncertainty about what Rainos has said so far. If she feels such, she at least has enough practice at concealing her emotions to not betray her inner thoughts to one she clearly does not like or trust.
"You have thus far been permitted to continue your charade of 'ruling' the establishment of Konohagakure because you have not interfered with the Uchiha Clan's own purposes, nor have you directed additional violence towards those within the Village's walls. If you are actually the new ruler or not, I do not think anyone here in the Uchiha Enclave has agreed to acknowledge you as such a ruler. They chose ME to represent them. And I have not found your goals to necessarily be in line with either the desires or needs of MY Clan. if you intend to put down mysterious Seals to 'show people' whatever the hell you just said, you will file for permission to do so, and I will approve or deny your request. You are not the Hokage that the majority of this Clan has elected, and we are under no obligation to entertain your wishes. Regardless of my personal feelings, I am loyal solely to the well-being of this extended family."
She allows some of the heat to bleed out of her voice, as she eases off a bit. "Consider in the future whether you would be permitted to perform a certain act unquestioned if you were a member of this Village, and then act accordingly. If the answer is 'No' and you perform your action regardless I WILL find you, and I WILL make sure that what you are doing is not a threat to the safety of my people."

"Ah yes.. that is correct… the Uchiha "Elected" a Senju to be their leader did they not? And then that Senju permitted you to be in charge of the clan. My apologies for not recognizing your authority to begin with, Fuyu." Rainos would say, no longer smirking at the woman. "Why would i ever think about what is permitted within this village? Why would i bother giving it even a moment in my thoughts? All of you are crippled and powerless for absolutely no reason. A mere 5 years ago, Madara would have resolved this same within moments." Rainos would look squarely at Fuyu then as he continued. "Your words are empty without the will to follow them through. Do what you must to preserve the Uchiha, and i will do the very same. Do what you must to preserve this village, and i will test every decision, every plan, every pillar and every nail holding it's foundation together. When you are chosen due to your actions instead of your inaction, feel free to find me Fuyu. I will be waiting."

Fuyu listens to Rainos's words, and though she has been very self-controlled throughout most of this encounter, her apparent 'anger' only being discernible by volume, as opposed to physical actions or words or expressions, her eyes narrow a bit, her lips press together more tightly, and a bit of tension finally begins to form. What was previously just a somehow-detectable aura of violence and anger begins to focus a bit more onto Rainos directly, and to gain less the emotional content that was projected and more the intention to do something with it. Not quite Killing Intent yet. But it's hinting at it. However, she relaxes a moment after and whirls away, storming off the way she came.
She provides no response to Rainos. Has he intellectually or verbally defeated her? Maybe. Or maybe she never intended to fight Rainos in the first place…

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