Shadow Play - When It Rains, It Pours


Rain (as himself and Nuraku), Tosai, Ryuk, Kureno, Kirin, Mune, Sami (as Serin)

Date: August 7, 2010


The Takokujin make a move to take Konoha from under Hashiramako's nose.

"Shadow Play - When It Rains, It Pours"


Night was a time of fear and chaos. It was when the unknown played it's eternal guessing game upon all who entered it or observed it and where the curious found a rise out of finding even the most trivial thing as they stumbled around through the perceptually empty vastness of night. A grin would fill the face of one man at the very least as even his alabaster complextion was muted into a shadowy grey. His eyes burned through the darkness, giving clarity most would never know and assurance of victory weeks in advance. The feathers of a raven upon his shoulder would flutter slightly as it seemed to shift positions before taking off and flying away to destinations unknown. "Tick…" Uchiha Rainos would say with slight amusement in his tone as the signal to begin was cawed into the moonless night.
Quite far away from this, the echoing of the shadowy birds cry could be heard… by none other than Rainos once again. Looking towards Mune and the silent form that she had been charged with insuring the continued health of named Nuraku, he would say oddly to them, "…Tock." before begining to move towards the initial rendevous point where Kirin would begin to lead the way through the outward patrols and past the sights of the front gate in to the heart of the village. "Take your time, Nuraku… we are in no rush as of yet. However… be consistant, i do not want you faltering on the way." The berobed spectre of a man slowly raised his head from it's exhausted droop as he would power himself forward at a slow pace. "Mune, should we be seperated, ensure tha Nuraku is not harmed beyond his ability to withstand it, and he will take care of the rest."
Meanwhile, at the previous location, Rainos stood with Kureno almost blatantly in the open while Serin would begin orchestrating the ploy to get their attention. "Kureno… i am trusting you with a very large responcibility. This clone only has so much chakra. I will isolate any target that will be of any trouble to defeat, and you must stall them until this is over with largely on your own. This area will be a beakon in the night amongst the rest of the confusion that will take place, we will see if the lure is effective in drawing out it's intended pray. And remember.. do not kill whom ever it is you face, and try not to permanently wound them either. Serin and Kirin should begin soon in their areas of operation as well." Rainos then seemed to focus on his chakra, or atleast his clone did as he prepared for what was about to come. Soon, he would fire a moderate sized condenced ball of flame that would, after taking down several trees very loudly, suddenly explode in almost a liquid fashion amongst the ample tinder as a large roaring flame would suddenly be produced.

Shuddering slightly with each step, the heavily shoruded form of this man named Nuraku ambled slowly after Rainos who seemed to keep to his word about not rushing him. If there was a tree to lean on in passing, he would take it or any other suport to keep his balance. What significance this man would have to someone like Rain was going to be hard to guess truly, but it was enough that he staked his life on the outcome of Nuraku's abilities. Nuraku was silent, and given previous diagnosis, this would be because he no longer had a tongue. His physiology was truly disturbing. He was closer to the living dead than not, but there was just enough vitality flowing through him that he was still on the side, if barely, of the living. For a young middle aged man, he appeared to be ancient in comparison.

Kishi Mune has not been told why the old man is necessary. While there may or may not be some degree of curiosity, at this particular moment she does not really care. In a combat zone like this, and especially when facing the forces of a Hidden Village, Mune simply has no time for idle pondering. Keeping her senses sharp, and her mind free of distractions, the dark-skinned woman stays as near to Nuraku as she can without interfering with his movements, or risking her own actions being limited. If necessary, she can provide physical support in the event that the old one requires it, being young and healthy. But being in close physical contact with elderly men dredges up a fair degree of fear and repulsion inside of Mune, regardless of what her logic might be able to tell her.
She would blame her past for this irrationality, but she's trying not to think about such trivial things. Trying, but not quite succeeding. This is the first major battle of this type that she has been involved in. It is slightly nerve-wracking. "If you are injured, alert me immediately, Nuraku-san." she tells the robed man as she glances towards him with her vividly bright-blue eyes. She knows he cannot necessarily form words, but there are other ways of communicating.

Shortly before Rainos launched his attack, a creeping fog had begun to crawl across the land, emanating from the forest. By the time the fire ball detonates, setting ablaze a number of trees, most of the area outside of Konohagakure's front gates, and surrounding the Village's walls, and all throughout the forest, has been immersed in mist. It is not so thick that it cannot be seen through, but from the outside it appears to just be a huge cloud of fog, with only occasional hints of movement and silhouettes within. For those inside the mist, vision is not much clearer, being limited to about a four yards in any direction, and at the edge of that range no details are detectable. Primarily, the mist's contents are but shadows and half-guessed-at shapes that are hard to discern the exact nature of.
Recordings of the sounds of battle have been prepared, and hooked up to speakers that are situated throughout the trees, shrubbery, and similar. The recordings are being played at maximum volume, producing a cacophony of the chaos of war, echoing everywhere. Hired hands from Higuregakure are set up with additional aids to the deception. For instance, low-powered explosives, or high-powered fireworks, are set off in various places. This produces flashes of red within the mist, giving the impression that explosives are going off. Others, mostly unskilled mercenary types or brave civilians, have been equipped with 'stage armor' and fake weapons, so that they can engage in mock battle with each other. They are kept at a distance however, to avoid any REAL combatants that might arrive to confront them.
These tricks and more are used to convince those guarding the Leaf Village that all hell has just broken loose right in their front yard. The man calling himself 'Serin' is overseeing much of this, despite not having any experience with theatrics of this sort. Deception is part of his specialty, but the tools being employed are unfamiliar to him. However, his real job is to disable anyone who attempts to get close enough to investigate or stop the 'battle' going on. Thus, he keeps on the move, his Hidden Mist Technique blocking his vision just as well as everyone else. The difference is that he can feel the location of everyone in range via the vibrations they produce. In this manner, Serin can discern whether someone is approaching or moving away. Presumably, only allies would be moving away, and only enemies would be approaching.
But for now, all he can do is wait for the defenders to begin defending.

The cloaked figure Rainos' clone was talking to was Kureno; And for some strange reason he had a smile on his face. "I assure you, I will not fail you, my Liege." He replied to the Clone as his hands clapped together, beginning to focus his chakra.
He was wearing what no doubt was some sort of Seishukuni battle raiment. Basically, a cloak with the Seishukuni clan symbol emblazoned on the back; weaved with crystalline menacing spikes of a dark blood red color.
He turned around than towards the village where he expected enemies would come as the speakers continued to blast the area with sounds of battle. His hand curled into a fist.
"Anytime now, I guess."

Having been at the rendevous point a good deal ahead of anyone else arriving, Kirin stands on a large thick branch of one of the tallest trees not far from the village, he stands unabashed in the open with seemingly little fear of Konoha's patrols and defense; the wind blows forcefully against him tugging at his clothing. The flames of Rain's beginning diversion reflect in his red eyes, the beginning actions of the operation commencing. For now, Kirin stands motionless as he waits for those that would go with him the secret way past Konoha's walls and protective barrier.
Upon the battlements, the large tower nearest Kirin..the one that would make him in plain sight of the tower guards - seem to have abandoned their post. Kirin's shadow clone steps into view, where two guards would normally be. Kirin's clone glances down at the two chuunin wearing standard issue military vests, seemingly unconscious.
"So it begins." Kirin says calmly to himself atop the branch, his high collar risen above his nose..leaving only his glaring red eyes.

This time of night seemed so uneventful. The time where everyone in Konoha was ending their day's toil, and going into what would be their days rest. That ninth hour where the night would beckon people to slumber, have dinner, perhaps even cuddle up, just until the next day would show itself brightly, and once again. It was pretty nice being at home, sure, but for many who had been the protectorate, and a first line of defense, the night only presented them with a duration, and even a schedule for which they would have to adhere and obey. The local nightly patrols and guard postings of the night weren't so hard as they days had been. Not much traffic to be monitored through out the gates. The amount of activity, to be chanced due to the hidden and unrevealed the darkness of this time held. And though there were these things to be considered, it was easy for the quiet and monotony of it all, to cause even the most, and energetic of these men, to fall asleep.

Tosai was an early riser, normally. It was out of habit that this farm bred Akimichi clansmen, often found himself up in the wee hours of the morn, only to get started, and working on the crops he so worked upon, when not on duty. But even that early morning habit of his, still was threatened, as he would walk atop the rims of the outer wall. His guard posting had been upon the gate itself, the height of such seeming to look out upon nothing but the emptiness of the Land of Fire's abundant and plentiful woods. He was curious about what could be lurking beneath the foliage, other than the patrols that seemed to move quietly, and systematically beneath it all. A lone genin at the post, dozing off, would get a kick from him, along with a smile, as he would say, "Stay sharp my friend. Dying in your sleep, has no honor.", before then walking further on.

Soon the time would come when one of the patrol squads would come in for relief. Now normally, in certain cases, a squad who had been coming in to be relieved, often would be relieved by the next shift, who had come in fresh from resting at home. Tonight was different. Double shiftings, due to the sparing of nin to Kumogakure were a factor. So those who patrolled, often would end up being apart of those who stood guard, and vice versa. Tosai, had been part of that relief. He would proceed down, highfiving Yamanaka Ichizu, and smiling saying, "I was near the Eastern Perimeter. We got a shiny up there who can't keep his eyes open." The shy Ichizu would sigh, and say, "I'm not cut out to babysit.", before slumping, and pouting as he would make his way to the top, prompting Tosai to laugh, before proceeding out with the rest of his organized patrol cell. Then it would happened.. A loud boom, along with a rush in of wind and a large expanse of light would feel the sky with activity. Tosai would take a sniff, and a double take, as he would then say, "Dammit!! Just when my night was looking good." He would be about to take his leave, to join the patrol Ichizu just left. Tosai wouldn't be caught unprepared, so the generating of his own chakra would be a first measure in preparation, just in case things got bad.

And it seemed it had.. As clouds of Mist seemed to envelop the front gates, it looked as though there wouldn't be any need to actually go /out/ and see what was going on. The battled had ended up right on Konoha's doorsteps. A class of nothing but light sound, smoke, and clangs filled the air. Just what in the hell had been going on? Looks like Tosai wouldn't be leaving. He would look to where the guard at the towers nearby had been. It was a strange occurence, but with all that had been going on, it seemed that on one guard station was lacking anyone around. Tosai would snort, and head up there, only to look down, and see… two knocked out Chuunin.. This was not good. Tosai would look through the trees, keeping in mind that what ever ha ben the case, it would not be healthy for him.

Meeting with Kirin, Rainos would nod and wave two of his gloved fingers forwads before saying, "After you." as he maintained his slow and steady pace. It almsot appeared as if the real Rainos was not prepared considering how lightly he seemed to take this confrontation. Regardless, his lack of faltering atleast indicated that he was sound enough in mind to go through with this plan, even if the plan would lead to defeat. What exactly was the plan? Beauracracy. Politics. Extremely useful tools for controlling a government… whether or not it is the desired outcome or not. And without Hashiaramko in the way and her shinobi scattered about, it was only a matter of time before such an opening was to be used by someone.
At the front lines, Rainos would gaze beyond the roaring flames that formed a growing barrier before the two that stood here, that is before he would step up to the inferno and inhale deeply, almost taking in the ash and burning leaves before releasing a mighty exhale to force the inferno forward like a wave closer towards Konogakure's front gates.

Seeing what Rain is doing, Kureno had figured he should take a step towards attracting the attention of Konoha nin; So his hands quickly started forming various sorts of handseals before his hand clapped to the ground, and a massive spike of earth shot towards something important looking. Like a outpost tower or a gate. Something fragile.
Kureno would then nod to Rain, "Nice move. Though, you mentioned that your chakra is limited. Why not conserve it? I can handle attracting attention, with the other guy."

It was not long before Ryuk arrived having heard the sound of battle on the doorstep of Konoha. He was barely seen even by the people that lived there, but this time was different. When something this happens the most dedicated are there to defend what is important to them. This was their home, and these people were attacking, he had to help. The inferno came barreling toward the gate, and he couldn't do much about it 'Take cover!' Jumping up and over the burned area, Ryuk lands, eyes glaring with a still presence at the suspects, and veins form around his face activating the Byakugan.

Kirin's eyes fall from watching everything unfold only to regard Rain as he approaches. With a flicker, Kirin disappears and appears just the same infront of Rain..bowing his head lightly in greeting. As Rain speaks, Kirin turns ad begins walking torwards Konoha..keeping his pace even as Rain further manipulates his technique in the name of diversion. Moving into a walk over to the base of the same tree, Kirin comes to a stop at the trunk. Closing his eyes slowly, Kirin slowly, softly places his hand on a knob of the tree..stepping through what would seem like solid tree. As Rain would follow, he and Kirin would find themselves in part of the underground tunnel system underneath Konoha; it doesn't need to be said they have to be quick moving into position now.. Kirin flits through the shadows with the utmost speed, taking routes known to only be used during certain procedures..many of which are lacking with the Hokage's absence - one could say this was almost too easy..even still, it would take somemore covert trailblazing to reach their topside destination.
Meanwhile, Kirin's shadow clone watches out from the vantage.. keeping an eye on himself from behind. As Kirin himself leaps down to meet with Rain..Kirin would hear the soft steps of someone approaching. Turning around slowly, Kirin would see Tosai out of the corner of his eye..slowly moving to face him..his red eyes set in a glare. "Tosai-san, it is unfortunate you are on duty at this time." Kirin says calmly.

As Tosai would have been checking on his two unconscious comrades, it seemed to be quite suspicious. Had they been knocked out? Or had they simply fallen asleep? Two slaps would used. Nothing. It was as if they had been drugged? Had that been the case? It had to be something, for even as the constant noises of battle seemed to rang out, it was as if they couldn't be woke up!! And then as if things couldn't get any worst, a rumbling of the wall would happen all around, causing Tosai to stagger some. A voice would rang out, saying, "Front Gates are being attacked!!", causing Tosai to look back and and forth, his eyes widening in horror as a large flame would burst out, barging and burning into the mighty gates of Konoha with a furiousity the likes he had never seen! He would say, "Tch!!", as he would look to the sleeping ninja, and the look to the gate. A decision had to be made. Stay and investgate this or, help reinforce Konoha against the throngs of attack.

And while the fat nin had been trying to decide on what else to do, things had been getting even worst. Kureno's attack, had been attacking the towers just west of that, causing many of Tosai's fellow ninja to be called into action toward the front. This was getting back. Overwhelming attacks and noise, threatening in the night, hitting at random points but all concentrated at the front area's. Was this a direct assault? Tosai needed to find out, and it hurt, to say, but sympathy towards his comrades, and the need to help would probably cause this nin of Konoha to back up his own. But all within this quick instant, Tosai, would have overlooked one things. Someone was near them. Moving to where the chuunin were, Tosai would be alarmed by a familiar voice speaking to him. "Kirin-sama? You?!!!", being said as he would then realize at least that this guy had been part of this. "You…traitor..", would be said moments before then nin would say, "Of course, even if you are probably stronger, this won't be good for you.", and with that Tosai would flicker out of his view momentarily, all before an immeasurable amount of force would felt at Kirin's left side. Tosai, as a ball of flesh, would be seeking to knock into the Jounin, with out asking any questions.

Ryuk observed the attackers, and noticed one with a Suna headband use a jutsu to try and destroy something. 'Unacceptable, what is this all about?'He wasn't about to try and igure that out at this point, and as he sets his eyes on Kureno. Starting off with a flying kick from the side to get into close range, Ryuk continues with ninja fast juuken strikes on the offensive.

Ryuk would not be alone obviously given the sheer presumption of an all out attack on the gates of Konhoa. While no one was i nthe way of the flames, the inferno's intensity and obvious direction was more than a threat, it was an open act of war upon Konoha. As they all would pile in to investigate and face what ever was beyond the towering flames, Rainos would be waiting, and immediately he would focus on a single seal. Suddenly, the ground and trees in the area would seem to shatter and break apart as it is ripped assunder by a nearly invisible power. Those with adequate perceptions would be able to tell however that it was neither the ground nor the trees that were in action, but thousands upon thousands of shuriken, kunai, senbon, and various other sharp but basic tools emerginh from the surfaces near by. If they were not able to evade the attack, which most certainly were not, they would be struck. Such weapons are often times less than lethal to shinobi however.. it was the sudden torrent of an electrical charge that made this jutsu's true power emerge. All that were struck by any piece of this torrent of blades would be unable to move, paralyzed by their very own nervous system.
The true form of Uchiha Rainos would have followed Kirin down the rabbit hole, and while he raced forward to secure the way, Rainos, Mune, and Nuraku too ktheir time approaching from behind. Nuraku's presence in the meeting chambers was absolutely necessary as far as the plan was concerned, and Rainos would not put haste over the mission. There was still plenty of time. Rainos would be taking up the rear now, not looking over his shoulder, but certainly not allowing Mune or Nuraku to take what ever may come from behind should Konoha become wise of the situation, as unlikely as that was.

The confines of the underground passage didn't seem to sit well with Nuraku, or perhaps he simply wanted to prepare for what was to come. Regardless of the situation, his chakra gathered to him relatively slowly.

It was safe to say that Kureno was expecting an attack sooner or later. But he didn't expect an Hyuuga. He had heard of their strange eyes, and their even stranger style. But to see it in action? This was an honor.
Kureno would stand calmly, taking the flying kick to his gutt; and than he was hit again and again; A smile lingering on his lips before his form would puff into smoke and disappear.

The ground would part from somewhere beneath Ryuk and a spiraling spike of earth would shoot out at him; revealing the opponent's elemental style. And than, as if cream to the cake; A irregularly moving jolt of lightning would attemptt to come from behind Ryuk and strike him in the back; While Kureno watches not far from Ryuk's position, hand seals already prepared.
"You are weak." Was all he would tell his opponent.

Kirin races down dark corridors, turning sharply and continuing every handful of seconds. As much ground that's been covered, only the slightest noise is caused by the fast movement. Coming to a certain wooden door, Kirin opens it with the press of a gloved hand and slips through..acsending the stair topside..coming out near the Hokage's lookout, just under the great face statues of the fireshadow mountain. Kirin steps out into the streets..seemingly, all is quiet here. Remaining silent, Kirin regards his surroundings with a simple glance as he awaits Rain's next move.
Kirin's shadow clone stares at Tosai complacently, his words marking him as a traitor seem to have no effect , though it's not like Tosai was on speaking terms. As he moves to attack, Kirin is well aware of Tosai's abilities and the clan he hails from..his meat-tank attack is expected. Kirin narrows his eyes lightly, flickering out of view as Tosai barrels through nothing but air. Flickering into view nearly in place, Kirin half-steps to turn and face Tosai..his hands concealed beneath his long robes. "..Yes, the village is under attack. You should be able to determine what enemies you can and cannot defeat, Tosai-san." Kirin's clone closes his eyes slowly. "You should be alerting others in earnest, your shouts don't carry far. This path, leads to death." Kirin raises his right hand slowly..his sleeve falling back to reveal his gloved hand. With a few simple flickers of his finger, fire swirls for an instant on the tip of his index finger as he points..sending several darts torwards Tosai.

Having been passing through nothing as a ball of meat and flesh, Tosai would not be surprised. After all he face a jounin. But this was not something he worried about. His anger over betrayal is not something for which this big guy could tolerate. He would sail passed, still airborne and traveling forward with utter and complete momentum, and yet, Tosai seemed completely in control of his trajectory. As he would revert from his balled form, Tosai would hear the relative nonsense that Kirin spoke, an arm would multi-size and stretch, reaching to a nearby pole, and swinging out all of the darts but one, and even that one was a minor scald by comparison. "You betray a village, and yet you address as a superior??? You sir, are now a /target/!!", being said as he would swing back around, speed. The nin would seem to flicker about Kirin with full speed in his step, attempting to confuse, despite his knowledge of the Sharingan. He knew not of the link made for genjutsu that Kirin used, but he did know, from experience, that Kirin, was a genjutsuist.

And thus Tosai would reach into his uwagi. His pills… the warnings against use of such was warrented in his clan, only for desperate times as these. Tosai had it figured. It was Kirin, or himself. And one way or another, he had to either try and stall Kirin enough until back up would notice him gone. This was /that/ counter measure that hopefully would help. Tosai would pop it in, with a large crunch, and before long, the pain he would experience, was phenomenal. It go from his stomach, and then through out, and before long, Tosai's body, would be enveloped in steam, as muscle and body becoming taunt, and slimming down slightly, his body seeming to redden as before long Tosai's speed, would reach immense proportions. Soon he would seem to vanish.

Then the force of wind amongst Kirin's form would seem to flush from around him, two truck sized palms infringing on the Shadow Clones, space, not withstanding any decision to hold back. They would seek to clap the Uchiha inbetween with dominating forces, knocking all sense, wind, and other faculties out of his standing form, just enough for Tosai to get some answers.

Ryuk hit a clone "Damn…" He says as it poofs, he couldn't have known it was a shadow clone even with the Byakugan. He noticed the power of a strong jutsu, and tries his best to focus on it as well as keeping focused on Kureno, but the sharp weapons and projectiles suddenly come up from the ground, he hadn't known this was a trap. Timing was everything when it came to defending with an attack such as this, spinning Ryuk releases chakra all around him, if he had just had a little more time, but the trap hits him and he takes wounds from kunai stuck in him.
Ryuk's brow tenses slightly as he looks at Kureno from under his headband

Ryuk hit a clone "Damn…" He says as it poofs, not usually one to curse, he couldn't have known it was a shadow clone even with the Byakugan. He noticed the power of a strong jutsu, and tries his best to focus on it as well as keeping focused on Kureno, but the sharp weapons and projectiles suddenly come up from the ground, he hadn't known this was a trap. Timing was everything when it came to defending with an attack such as this, spinning Ryuk releases chakra all around him, if he had just had a little more time, but the trap hits him and he takes wounds from kunai stuck in him.
Ryuk's brow tenses slightly as he looks at Kureno from under his headband '"You do not know the extent my power, do not assume things by appearances!" The weapons lodged in him made it difficult to dodge the elemental jutsu from Kureno, he was not in a position to talk at all, and he looked down for the count. Ryuk's arm moves and, defying all logic, the willful Hyuga pushes himself back up, standing loosely. He barely had the physical strength to move but he concentrates chakra, and a blue flame surrounds him. His mind controlling the chakra, this was dangerous adding injury to the already life threatening attack.

The shadow clone of Rainos would gaze upon the after math of his Gyoraishin and Kureno's collaborative efforts. The whole lot of thme defeated already, all but the lone standing Ryuk. Rainos might even have been surprised, mostly at the falling of so many shinobi with such ease, but also at the willingness of Ryuk to stand firm against an enemy to his way of life with barely enough life left in him to continue standing. However… Rain did not view the world this way. He expected Konoha to be weak, but he never pulled his punches. This would however back fire should this Hyuuga die in the process. "Kureno, stand down." Rainos would state as he eyed Ryuk. "Your survival is within my control. Regardless of your will to fight, i am the one who controls the out come of this confrontation. I am responcible for your continued existance. I suggest you accept the remainder of your life peacably." Rainos would warn the man as he would seek a grasp of his inner workings just incase.

Beyond the tunnels, Rainos and crew would eventually emerge at the Hokage mountain and he would survey the land that was moments away from being his. "There will be guards in the meeting chamber of the elder council. The only thing i require of you from this point Kirin, is to open the door. The rest is handled, and we can put an end to this extremely short game." Rainos would state as he'd move forward towards the obvious central government building of Konoha.

Nuraku may not be able to comment, but he surely could listen to what was going on. Mune aided him in getting out of the coridoors and he would inhale and exhale slowly now that he was out in the night air again. As Rainos moved forward, so did Nuraku, slow as death itself.

"So weak." Kureno would repeat again; and with the new order received, Kureno would leap back and continue his earlier assault of battle placements on the walls. He figured he wasn't hurting anyone; and it was giving the group tactical advantage in that that it seemed the main assault was happening from Kureno's position.
"My Liege." Kureno would say, "I am sure your chakra is considerable; but just in case a strong opponent comes, shouldn't you save what you have left?" He says as his hands form handseals and than he launches another two spirals of earth at the battlements; hopefully giving any reinforcements a harder time to approach.

Kirin turns his head lightly to the left as Rain approaches and speaks, though he remains out of his peripherals. Without a further word, Kirin moves to comply..turning and leaping on with blurring speed torwards the Hokage's Lookout which he's been to many times; though he isn't going through the front door, instead he aims to again use his in depth knowledge to circumvent a more conventional route. Landing in a crouch atop the roof, Kirin slips in an plain obscure way to a back-hallway within the building, this area reserved for ANBU who watch over specific delegates and most importantly the Hokage from above, listening and watching through special roofing designed for this purpose - though, everything would be terribly vacant. Taking slow steps down the hallway, Kirin stops as he glances over to the nondescript simple door leading over the Hokage's chamber, several other doors also leading to other administrative areas. "This is the nexus for the spy rooms above each administrative office. You retain the advantage." Kirin says calmly, again waiting for Rain's next move.
Kirin's clone opens his eyes slowly to regard Tosai as he attempts to deflect the fire darts and largely succeeding. Tosai's pill popping doesn't escape him, the use of soldier pills aren't uncommon; yet the Akimichi's own brand of soldier pills are known to carry strong side-effects not everyone can weather. Still, Kirin's expression remains dispassionately unenthused. Kirin's clothing and long black hair is animated vividly by the force of wind from Tosai's movements..and just as the Akimichi's palms would move to crush around him, Kirin flickers out of view with near perfect timing.
"..Your clan isn't reknown for your tactical and strategic minds, afterall." Kirin says calmly from behind Tosai, his own back facing the Akimichi; this having been his destination after using shunshin no jutsu. "..I have no intention of killing you, Tosai-san. But please know, I can only allow you to interfere to a certain extent."

It was one thing to know that you hadn't hit something, but then it was another to feel it. Tosai's attack hadn't been successful. He figured that much out. But to be dodged by nothing more than the Shunshin No Jutsu? Tosai felt mocked. And Kirin's being a jounin, oddly had nothing to do with it. But in his more volatile, and inherently powered form, Tosai wasn't the most stable of men. And it would continue to be this way as he would oddly peer at the man's speaking, and yet even more mockery, this time, toward the clan he belonged! Tosai's eyes would furrow as he now stood, and though his body ached from the pill he had injested, he stood eye to eye with the Uchiha, not batting any lash, nor intimidated by the loss of ground due to his attack and miss. "And that probably because you know nothing of my clan, you treasonist. Unless you have nothing to say about this dumb little effort you participate in, I suggest you shut the hell up!!"

Talking was getting to annoying. He would look to the man as he declared that he had no intention of killing Tosai, and raise one eyebrow. How was this missing nin just going to not face someone who wanted to bring him in? Then the words, 'inteference', would snap into the large oaf's rather dull mind. This was a diversion!!! Tosai would look to the man, and say, "Your not the real enemy here, are you?", would be spoken with a really puzzled face, and then it would happen. Tosai would finally understand. He would say, "Not going to happen!!", and with that, Tosai's hand would enlarge and reach for the man, attempting to capture Kirin in the embrace of a large palm, and with that throw the nin in the line of fire for another attack. Kirin, if he had been thrown successfully, would see Tosai at the other end of the spectrum. Or at least what he thought was Tosai, until he would feel himself bash into rock and stone. A earth clone, would be the obvious assumption. Meanwhile Tosai would have use this to began his investigation into what /really/ had been going on.

'It is too soon to give up…' Thought Ryuk planning for his next move, but catches sight of Rain when Kureno is spoken to. Watching Kureno run off an continue, he had to let his target go, now the figure of Rain was speaking to him. So this was the leader of the attack, and he could tell that his chakra was strong, though he couldn't help but think it might be a shadow clone. "Why?…" Asks Ryuk gazing at the enemy leader and he sees the sharingan. 'Gen…jutsu?' thinks Ryuk. He didn't know but like his own kekkei genkai he knew it would be harder to hit with an attack. The likes of a traitor angered even the mild tempered Hyuga "Why have you come to attack Konoha!?" He yelled across the field. He remembered Rain had said something "I am Hyuuga Ryuk. You are not responsible for my fate!"

Keeping his eyes locked on to Ryuk, Rainos would consider the situation. Konhoa forces were controlling and questioning the actors to the north west near the denser forests. They would have alot of difficulty there as most of the peopel there were civilians that knew nothing of an attack to begin with. Adding Serin to the mix just created a bigger pool of chaos as there was defintiely a predator within the mists. Low visability created a lack of communication and abiltiy to take in the whole area so that leaders were forced to go on whim and what little intell they could gather. This feint i nthe front lines turned in to a large trap that completely shut down the major offensive with minimal effort due to the rush to get a hold of the situation. Kirin's shadow clone was holding back one of the only outside of the areas of battle who could possibly get any idea what was going on. Everyt thing was going according to plan.

"I will be fine Kureno… make sure that Kirin's position is not compromised. It will all be over soon. Even this little bit of chakra is enough." Rainos would state with his infallable confidence. "As for you…" he would say to Ryuk suddenly as if Ryuk was unable to resist it his body would begin to feel the intense pain of all of his wounds magnified by an unbelievable amount. "You have gathered far too much chakra in a body that can barely stand. Do not assume that your bravado will save you. Only I can do that now." Rainos would say as he attempts to inflict the psychological backlash of pain to his target.

Within Konoha itself, Rainos would look to Nuraku before picking him up and leaping to follow with Mune right behind. "You know what to do from here i take it… but you will kill no one, do you understand Nuraku? No one." Slipping in to the area that is meant to allow the utmost security for the council and the leaders of the village in general, Rainos would note they were all gathered in one spot, heavily guarded by the remainder of ANBU. He would smirk slightly and not to Kirin, as his task was complete for now.

Once he was transported, Nuraku would soon find his feet, though it seemed hard for him at first. However, while he usually limped about and was near hump-backed in his stature, the fact that Rainos told him to act was enough to get the juices truly flowing. He had gathered an astounding amount of chakra as he made his slow approach from the begining to end, and was ready to unleash it. Visually levitating, his tattered ebon robes fluttered violently with his release of chakra as the darkness in the concealed roof top seemed to coelece around him deeply. It would flood to the room below, causing what appeared to be an utter black out, before all of the ANBU would suddenly fall to the ground limp for a moment. The council members were utterly taken aback as their entire force was rendered useless without even seeing the enemy. The ANBU began to writhe in silent agony, looking contorted and tortured, but making absolutely no sound as they clawed at the air and ground.
Rainos would have slipped in to the room during this chaos and stated, "Gentlemen of the council…" he would look over at Noab who seemed to be displeased but certainly not paniced. "… it appears that you are in the seats of my associates… kindly move." Every single elder was easily swayed to get up and out of their seats, though most looked back to Noab who remained, silent. Rainos would grin at this. "Ah yes… it seems there is someone with a spine in this room. No matter, you will move as well… the fate of your village depends on it… but remain comfortable while you can." Nuraku would soon seem to levitate down from the cieling itself as the others find their way down as well, securing this room. "I would suggest that Konoha surrender immediately, so that your wounded may be treated and perhaps survive. I don't have any intent to kill anyone, after all."

Kureno was probably having the time of his life to say the least. Well, that's the least that could be said about the smirk on his face. But there was something dark in his eyes. As if it was just a facade.
And his loyalty was soon to be tested. He had his orders, but on the other hand, he managed to hear Tosai and realized that he was onto the plan. Did Rainos hear it?
He had to rely on his own initiative this time it seemed. And when it came to that. His feelings were perhaps different from Rainos' about this mission.
"Shit. I gotta try to help him." He said, "He is more important that holding these guys back…" he muttered to himself as he rushed towards Kirin's position. "And he is doing well." He continued trying to convince himself.

Well, at that point, there was little room to go back. Now or never.
His hands clapped together quickly, and a spire of earth shot towards Tosai's position, stabbing into the wall underneath; and quickly enough Kureno was running up it's distance, crystaline spikes forming out of the spike and like a razor back blocking the path behind him, until eventually one moved towards Tosai, attempting to skewer him.

Kirin would wait calmly for Rain to choose his entrance, simply following him and providing support..securing the locations as he enters. As the council room is breached from above, Kirin would land gracefully behind Rain in the room..silently watching everyone in the room.
Kirin's clone stares on at Tosai, his wide-eyed gaze unblinking. "It seems you've figured it out. This is a diversion." Kirin says calmly, tilting his head ever so slightly to the left..his eyes falling to the ground as he spots Kureno's rapid advance through his peripherals. "No matter," Kirin turns to fully face Tosai..tilting his head back to look up into the sky..his long bangs swaying along with the movement. "However, your effort is too little too late." Kirin lowers his gaze back level with Tosai, just as Tosai would scream his warcry and prepare yet again to attack. Though just as he makes his first move, Kirin narrows his eyes lightly.. and a presence would be felt in the air. Unmistakable, forboding, dark.. and sinister. With an instant, a ghostly apparition demonic and otherwordly in appearance surrounds Kirin, the Uchiha seemingly standing within the spectre..shielding him by the sheer mass of its body and deathly appearance. "Don't be troubled. The outcome would have been the same whether or not you were involved." Kirin closes his eyes once more, and he would poof into an audible cloud of smoke..and he is no more - the ghostly apparition vanishes just the same.
Staring ahead at Noab, Kirin's eyes twitch for a moment as the memories of his shadow clone rush through his mind.. he remains silent.

Eyes widening at the news, Tosai eyes would seem to be the only reflection of how surprised he was as he would still press on with his assault. He would not like the confirmation of the entire matter. It would scare him white. But even more so would be the surprise Kirin had in store. He would see himself reaching for the nin, and then stopping, at the sight of a spectre that represented death itself. The fear of such would be slow and subtle for Tosai, his hands reaching into the unknown and being brought back in withdrawal. And the earth clone? None would have been made, considering that this large spirit had come into play, forcing Tosai to do nothing but question the value of his life, versus facing such a foe. Then the next words from Kirin would have him even more pissed, said just before both he and the mysterious representation of lost life would vanish. This had only been the beginning. But had that really been Kirin? No… Tosai would think… "A shadow clone?", would be said through muffled lips..

Tosai would roar out in anger, a scream that would fill the air with rage, and sadness, as he would toss his head back and ball up his fist, the now muscled, and powered form of him surging with even more chakra, pushing his power to heights that had never been reached by his own body. He was upset? "Just what the hell his going on here!!!!", would be shouted. Then the crystal spikes would seem to fly threw the wind, some seeming to clatter against the walls before then hitting at Tosai. Tosai would push off the guard tower with a might hand, and then look to where they had came. Another surprise.. Kureno?!! "Kureno-san? You? But…but why?", his eyes seeming to push with memories of the last day he had seen to Crystal user. But his eyes would find even more surprises within the area of Konoha's front gate!! His comrades, some still pushing in the fight, were being downed. "Ryuk!!!", would be shouted to his best friend as he would see him hurt almost beyond recognition. Rage would carry Tosai into attack, as he would throw a scroll just above Kureno, and follow it with unearthly speed. Kureno would see a large circular shadow move around him, and if the attack hit, he would feel his body shredded by a kunai laced boulder of flesh and meat. But the attack would not end with him as the boulders path would go into the man who now stood infront Ryuk.. Rain!

Ryuk was able to meet with the leader of the invasion but could only get minimal information about him and still didn't know his reasons for attacking. This Uchiha was very powerful, and it was safe to say his life was on the line, if he were to attack he didn't know what he might be met with. What came next was unavoidable, and he purses his lips when the pain of his wounds increases. He had extensive meditation training to avoid the effects of pain, but this was a genjutsu and he could tell. His gaze steady and unfaltering upon Rain, his mind letting go of the pain and trying to beat the genjutsu, but his body was at its limit. Legs buckle and he sits kneeling to get one last look at Rain before helplessly falling out of the realm of conciouness. 'Ryuk!…' The words of a comrade echo out into the space of his mind as darkness follows.

Ryuk fell at Rainos feet, unable to bare the pain any longer. The Uchiha stood above him, appearing as some sort of demon in the night with the back drop of flames causing him to be little more than a sihllouette with burning crimson eyes. A new player has come to face him, by passing Kureno's attempts in his berserker rage to save his friend. However, Rainos would leap and twist easily abover the raging, spinning Tosai and land neatly, facing him now. "Be careful, or this Hyuuga will be crushed by your rage." Rainos would state, looking directly at him with the three tomoe he wielded. "If only you had used that rage before… and not held yourself back. If only you released your power sooner, and had not wasted your time with indecision and concern for what was not truly important. Perhaps… your friend would be standing here beside you, isntead of at my feet." Rainos would turn around then and walk towards the slowly dying inferno. "It does not matter however. Gather your friend so that he may live. Konoha… is now mine." The Uchiha would walk into the fire and seemingly become one with the blaze in the night that seemed to forshadow the consumption of the village well before it actually occured. The Shadwo Clone now gone, Rainos would gaze from the windows in the Hokage's tower, hands behind his back. "The dawn comes swiftly… and they will want answers. I suppose i should prepare a speech for my borrowed people." he would then begin to chuckle quietly as he watched the fires die out as the sun would rise.

Seeing Tosai, Kureno's face would darken. Eyes stricken with sadness. He hadn't thought of this. To fight someone with whom he ate, and sparred. This was not what he wanted. But nevertheless. He had to do it.
A wall of crystal raises and meets Tosai's raging and spinning attack with admirable effort before it falls apart, and Kureno ducks down, rolling to the side to avoid Tosai's next attack towards Rain.
"Oh shit." He thought to himself. That was fast. And couldn't be helped.
Kureno ran after Tosai; and after their exchange of words, Kureno would seemingly lower his guard a bit.
"I am sorry Tosai-san. It was necessary." He had said. "Talk to me later, when you calm down. You know where to find me."

Snarling at Rain, Tosai would growl out to the Uchiha, "He's going to be faring a whole lot better than you are… You can bet you life on that!!" He would hear the man talk of back then saying, "You have no right to lecture me. I am proud of my actions then, and wouldn't change them for the world, you pompous bastard!!!" Tosai would move forth with a large and truck sized hand, and be about to put forth pain upon the Uchiha leader, before soon, the man's word would have impact. He would freeze and look to Ryuk compassionately, stopping, and making double takes at he and his target. This would caus him, brawn and all, to go to Ryuk, kneeling, and sitting the Hyuuga up to allow breathing. The Kureno would move forward, causing Tosai to furrow his borw in anger, as he would see the regret on the boy's. "Alittle to late for that don't you think? You are even worst than these scum."

As Tosai would listen to Kureno's words, his heart seeming to drop into his chest at the mere conumdrum of Kureno, now the enemy, appologizing. he would notice that all of a sudden things around him, in his powered form, had gotten quiet. Before long, the call for a ceasefire would seem to go through the village, being heard by him. He would look around, and be bewildered, his fist still balled up and ready to punch Rain's shadow clone with relative ease. Yamanaka Ichizu, would come to Tosai running, battle worn, and rather dimmed as he would say with tears in his eyes.. "Konoha… has been captured… We are now under orders to stand down, and cooperate with the organization and agents of the Village Hidden in Twilight.. We've.. been taken over." Tosai face would be in utter shock, as he would look to his friend, and then pick Ryuk up, tossing the limb and bleeding body of the boy over his shoulders.. The battle had been over, and even in his enhanced body, Tosai could do nothing about it.. He would seem to dim, darkness seeming to come over his eyes before he would flash away, bounding with mighty speed to the hospital. His freind's life had been more important in this instant, but at the same time, it seemed that until the Hokage had come back, Konoha, had been under new managment.

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