Shadows of the Mind Pt. 1


Tsugumi, Suzu, Motoko, Hinotori

Date: September 19, 2016


Tsugumi brings out a new student, Motoko, to work on Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, and asks Suzu and Hinotori along as well. Suzu finds a tutor for a jutsu she has been wanting to learn, so that she can protect everyone she cares about at once, no matter where they are. Motoko learns she has a lot of room to grow.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Shadows of the Mind Pt. 1"

Genin Training Area - Konohagakure

Uchiha Tsugumi recently met Satonezu Motoko through very unusual circumstances, and wound up agreeting to help her train in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. She also recommended a few people for furthering Motoko's Taijutsu training, among them her own daughter, Uchiha Suzuha, and a fellow Jounin, Uchiha Hinotori. The Genin Training Area should suffice for basic lessons, and Suzu wanted to train herself some more anyway, so bringing her along had no downsides.

Hinotori has been notified to come on by as well, since he is a Strong Fist practitioner, though Motoko is hoping to work on areas other than the Taijutsu she has devoted herself to utterly to. Tsugumi is wearing her full shinobi garb, with hita-ite, gray body armor, black jumpsuit, tools, etc. She isn't expecting to get into any combat here, but one never knows what can happen in training, and this isn't casually chatting on the couch they're doing here.

The sky is full of fluffy white clouds, and a warm breeze carries through the big grassy field, surrounded by trees. It's a nice spring day, with few things to be concerned about evident. Just peaceful. But they're out here to learn a shinobi's method of warfare, so there is that element of non-peacefulness as well.

Uchiha Suzuha, or Suzu as she has been called by most aside from her mother until recently (and using Suzu's full name was usually a sign of anger with something she was doing, like a small child refusing to behave), is also here in ninja wear. But she also seems to have a lot of bandages in place from recent injuries. Including, oddly enough, around her chest. She went a bit too far in a spar with Hinotori, and they both got pretty beat up. Suzu more so than Hinotori.

As she sits on the grass, leaning back on her hands, she's looking at her mother's chest armor and examining the design. Suzu realizes she needs to alter her outfit to include something like that, but it just looks so uncomfortable and stuffy. There has to be a better alternative. Doesn't there? A lot of male ninja seem to get along without chest armor. A jacket at Chuunin and higher seems common.

…Though good luck wearing a standard-issue vest with builds like Suzu's family's women tend to have. Sigh. A choice between being distractingly uncomfortable or having a big exposed hole directly over her heart. Decisions decisions.

At least the day is nice for someone still acheing and bruised. "Who did you say you were training today again?" Suzuha asks while stretching her arms over her head and arching her back.

Motoko came walking into the training already already doing a few stretches as she moved. Wearing that red wrap around her breasts with no shirt over top at the moment and a white pair of gi pants and bare footed otherwise. Her headband showing beneath that somewhat wild short black hair of hers as she gave a grin getting closer. "Ohayooo Uchiha-Sensei!" She said and jogged the last short distance before doing a little handstand flip forward as she landed in a fighting stance and then relaxed.

"I'm so ready for training! Even though you're probably going to make me work on chakra.." She said with a gulp of fear. Looking over towards Suzu not recognizing her from their childhood quite yet after all she must've changed quite a bit sense then. Even Motoko herself was no longer a fairly lanky and scrawny kid. Instead she was the picture of physical fitness with muscled abs, toned arms and strong legs beneath her pants.

Hinotori had been notified, he wasn't really doing anything, just mainly hanging around to pick at his sister who now has a boyfriend, which she was trying to hide from him. Still upon getting the notification, Hinotori dressed up in his normal training attire. It doesn't take him long to get to where he needed to be which was the genin training area. HIs hands in his pockets and with his usual lazy swagger he typically has. The spar he had with Suzu was pretty fun, Suzu surprised him, though he did see where he could help her excel when it comes to taijutsu which he was going to talk to her about.

Once there he smiles when he sees Tsugumi and Suzu there, and he quirks a brow at the new girl who seems pumped to be there. HE chuckles and walks over to the group, "Hello." he says with a bit of a wave. He checks out Suzu's new outfit, than to Tsugumi's. "So who are you?" he asks Motoko. "Im Uchiha Hinotori." he grins and offers a hand to Motoko.

Tsugumi says, "Satonezu Motoko. I'm… Friends… With her mother. I received a recommendation letter that she should train with me, due to her need to develop in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. Though I've been spending more time on my Ninjutsu lately than my Genjutsu…" She puts her hands on her wide hips and sighs a bit as she arches her own back, but for her it's not so much about stretching as lower back pain. 'This life is catching up with me.' she thinks to herself.

"What happened to you anyway?" Tsugumi asks as she looks Suzu over. "Get too rough in your training again?" Just then, however, Motoko arrives and Tsugumi looks over to her.

Taking in Motoko's ninja attire for the first time, since her previous outfit was 'pajamas' and then 'some old pajamas of Suzu's that were probably much too big for her' she hasn't had a chance to look the Satonezu Genin over properly. Which she does now.

"Welcome, Motoko-san. This is my daughter I mentioned to you the other night, Suzu." She gestures to the younger Uchiha kunoichi. "She could use the Ninjutsu and Genjutsu training as well, and there's another I've asked to be here to give Taijutsu pointers to her. And possibly you as well, if you finish up your training from ME in time." Tsugumi smiles at the tan-skinned beauty. She can see a lot of Ayano in Motoko.

"A bit of an encouragement to take your training with me seriously if you also want to get in some Taijutsu instruction before the day is up… Though I doubt you need that kind of encouragement. You told me you take all of your training very seriously." Then Tsugumi looks over Motoko's head as Hinotori arrives as well. She bows her head to him briefly. "Hinotori-san. Good to see you again." She lets Motoko introduce herself, rather than offer introductions like she did for Suzu. Unlike Suzuha, Motoko isn't her daughter after all.

Suzu's frowning slightly when she finishes stretching, the mesh across her chest straining, digging in, and finally being allowed to settle. Maybe something without mesh… A good sports bra might work… Or what does her mother use? Some insanely complex contraption with a system of locks and supporting wires? She'll have to ask. Maybe go with sarashi bindings like Saori… Though Saori has much less to tie down. Hm.

Then she hears the name 'Satonezu Motoko' and frowns a bit more. In thought, not displeasure. "I feel like… I know that name. Though it's been awhile since I've heard it…" Surely it couldn't be THAT Motoko. The one from when she was much littler.

Then the Genin herself arrives, and Suzu looks her over even more intently than Tsugumi did, for multiple reasons. Wow. Yeah. There's no way this is the same Motoko. With those muscles, and that… Uh… Very… Very nice skin tone… And… Clearly a different Motoko, yes. Of course, with her hair so long now she looks more like Madara than the spikey-haired girl she used to be, Suzu has little concept of just how different SHE looks. But… The wires should connect for both of them sooner rather than later.

Suzu raises a hand and says, "Suzuha, like Okaa-san said. Nice to meet you. …Have we met before?" Soon her attention is drawn off one dark-skinned hotty and onto another. She starts to perk up a bit, sitting up straight when she sees Hinotori. "Hinotori-sensei," she greets, keeping up airs of formality while trying to act like she isn't happy to see him at all.

Looking back and forth between him and Motoko… This is going to be an interesting training session. "So, what did you and Hinotori-sensei intend to be teaching today, Okaa-san?"

To say that Motoko was pumped was probably a understatement, she'd been away from the village working on her physical training for so long she was anxious to get back to being a genin, going on missions, training, and of course the eventual promotion! But she had to become better before any of that could happen. Constant improvement was the goal after all! "Ah Yes Uchiha-Sensei!" She turned about and took a moment to salute each of them as they were introduced.

"It's a honor to meet you both! I can't believe I'm here being trained by Uchiha masters!" She said hardly able to contain her enthusiasm and then when she said that the woman was Suzu Motoko's eyes went a little wide. "W..woah hi I think we had a class or two together when we were kids. It's been a while! You were in a class or two ahead of me though." She said trying to remember and then reaching behind and scratching her head with a kind of bashful expression on her tanned features.

Hinotori grins when he sees all three ladies, impressive to say the least, though when he sees Suzu, he can't help but smirk, than also at Tsugumi. He stops once he's standing with the group, he doesn't have his Jounin vest on, and today he has his forehead protector on sideways, though still he looks ready to fight if need be and train all the time. He's wearing a pair of baggy shorts and his normal red hoodie. He stretches out fully as he yawns, his muscles creak and groan awakening form him letting today be his lazy day.

He looks to Tsugumi and smiles to her, giving her a nod of his head. "Hello Tsugumi-san." he says to her. "Thanks for the invite, I think my sister appreciated it a lot more." he laughs. "I think I was getting on her and her boyfriends nerves." he laughs.

He then looks to Suzu, "Hey Suzu-san. You doing alright since that spar?" he grins at her. "You did pretty **** well, I'm not one easily impressed, but you are **** good." he says to her. "Now we just need to get your speed to where your able to match what you see." he says to her. "Same goes for you." he looks to Tsugumi. He smiles to both women. He turns to look at Motoko as she speaks to Suzu, though he takes his hand back seeing as Motoko is a bit too energized to recognize. "So you three starting first an I train with you all afterwards?" he asks. He didn't mind, he already know of a tree with his name on it. Really there is a tree with his name on it that he sleeps in all the time. Yup seriously there is. He glances at Suzu and sees the bandages, he quirks a brow at her, damn she looks damn near like Madara, he rests his hands behind his head.

Tsugumi tilts her head as it seems Motoko and Suzu may have already met. Suzu is only a little bit older. A year and some months, as she determined after checking on Motoko's file. She supposes it would make sense that they'd have met at least. …Now that she thinks of it, were they friends back then? Did the same Motoko she's training now come by the house a few times when she was much littler to 'play ninja' with Suzu? Is it the same tiny girl? Now Tsugumi feels truly old and a bit ashamed to not have reocgnized Ayano's daughter immediately if that's the case.

Tsugumi nonetheless smiles at Motoko and says, "Think nothing of it. Encouraging, teaching, and supporting the next generation is what kunoichi moms are supposed to do at my age. If there wasn't a need for me to be in action, I'd maybe have a teaching job." Or be retired still. "And besides, not only did a friend ask me, but I see a lot of promise in you. I want to facilitate your success."

Though, previously retired or not, Tsugumi is still amazed that her youth hasn't run out yet, and that she was able to not only get back into shape but also continue growing and improving beyond her old limits. Maybe she should pick up Strong Fist herself if she continues to 'burn with the fires of youth' or whatever those people talk about.

She shakes her head briefly at Hinotori's question though. "No, Hinotori-san, you can stay down here with us. I believe you are skilled in a certain jutsu… Suzu has expressed interest in it. I'll help Motoko with her Ninjutsu training first, and if you could help Suzu with That Jutsu, we'll figure out what to do next afterwards. Is that okay with you?" She smiles and tilts her head as she looks over at the other Jounin, seeking confirmation, before… Sitting down on the ground. "Could you come sit over here in front of me, Motoko-san?"

Suzu smiles broadly when she realizes it TOTALLY IS that Motoko. Suzu doesn't smile much these days. If she does, it's more of a smirk or something. As much as her personality and behavior have changed of late from the silly, scatter-brained, and maybe even a little bit dense girl who may have been in the academy with Motoko way back then, even with all of the chances in appearance and attire and 'physical attributes', in that one smile is a sign that she inside, she's still the same Suzu as back then. At least somewhat.

People change, after all.

"Motoko-chan! It's good to see you again? How have you been?" Her visible eye, the other covered by long black hair, scans Motoko over again. "I mean… Obviously you've been very well. But we haven't talked in forever! …And yeah, I graduated when I was 12, but then I spent about 2 or 3 years wasting away on D-Rank missions to retrieve cats and such with no meaningful growth." She sighs as she pushes herself up and onto her feet. "If you've been training this whole time, it's no wonder you're in better shape than I am. Well… If my mother believes I'd be of any use to you, I'll be glad to help."

She then focuses on Hinotori and says, "Yeah, I agree. I want to boost my speed, but I don't have a lot of time with everything else I need to work on. I need to become more powerful, and quickly. No matter how well I did, I couldn't force you to use your Sharingan, and I was fighting with all the Taijutsu I had. If you'd tried even a little bit harder, I've have been in the hospital a lot longer, and for a lot worse than bruised legs, shoulders, and boobs." She thumbs at her bandaged chest. She hears her mother bring up That Jutsu, however, and suddenly all her attention is focused on the male Jounin.

"You know how to perform That Jutsu? You can teach it to me?" Wh-which jutsu are they talking about here? Whatever it is, Suzu seems very excited, clenching her hands into fists and leaning forward eagerly, and showing even more of the girl she used to be instead of the moodier, colder woman she is becoming.

It would appear that when it came to commands or requests the little ball of ninja energy that she was decided to take a few liberties. She came over alright decided to take off at a full spring as she ran up a post. Pumping her arms with effort as she ran vertical along its surface before jumping backwards off of it. Landing on one hand next to Tsugumi with a grin of her face and muscled flexing before she settled down to sitting in front of her with a determined nod. "Hai Sensei!" She shouted back in character as the determined student.

Looking over towards Suzu as she went on Motoko's eyes widened once more before breaking into another grin. "Oh Suzu-Senpai!" After all she was a little older than her and she still thought of her as a upperclassman. "Its great to see you again! I think we've both changed a lot since we were kids.. But I left the village for a few years before becoming a Genin.. I wanted to train with masters outside in the monasteries and dojo's that dot the land so I could gain some insight into perfecting and sculpting my body! Besides Mom said it'd be good for me to explore the world a little while I was still young."

Ok no nap, they aren't training together. He looks to his tree, than back to Tsugumi and nods his head, "Alright." he blinks a few times. "What jutsu?" he asks. Ok maybe it really is true the really powerful shinobi are pretty dense. He blinks a few times as he starts to think about which one THAT jutsu is. He glances to Tsugumi as her and Motoko go off in one direction and he looks to a really eager Suzu who is nearly falling over repeating what her mom just said. He leans forward getting kinda close to Suzu, his eyes go serious his demeanor changes. "Pssst…." he says in a low voice. "What jutsu?" he asks her in supreme secrets. Like all the Uchiha's destiny was balanced on this one particular jutsu.

He is slightly distracted by Motoko who energy just confounds the place, "NOW THAT IS THE SPRING TIME OF YOUTH!" he exclaims looking to Motoko than he crouches back down in front of Suzu, "I mean, there are a lot I know." he says scratching the back of his head as he looks to Suzu, his eyes wanders a bit then go back up, he looks over to where Tsugumi is watching her, then back to Suzu, "I mean, I know the basics and a LOT of taijutsu." he says to her. He seriously has no clue.

Tsugumi waves off Hinotori's concerns about which 'jutsu' is 'That Jutsu', and just says, "It's fine, it's fine." How is it fine!? He doesn't even know what he's supposed to be teaching! Maybe Suzu will tell him.

Meanwhile, Motoko scrambles around like a monkey just to seat herself in front of Tsugumi. Tsugumi kneels on the grass, legs folded neatly underneath her. She doesn't appear to have any reaction to Motoko's antics, choosing to try to keep her focused on what they're about to do instead of encouraging hyper-active behavior. Because at least two of the girls she has taught have been rambunctious with a short attention span, and acknowledging it or complaining about it doesn't always fix the problem. Better to teach concentration. That's a lesson Suzu has been learning a lot lately.

No, instead, Tsugumi says, "To begin with, Motoko-san, please show me your hand seals. Any jutsu you know should suffice." Tsugumi's eyes shifted at some point from a basic black to a dull-red with three-tomoe in each eye. The limited glow is nearly unnoticeable in the light of day with such a reduced Chakra flow, but that's still definitely the Sharingan.

Suzu listens with interest, for a moment more like she was two years ago as she wants very much to catch up with an old friend. "You went around the world on a training mission? …Jeez, that sounds like fun." She glances towards Tsugumi accusingly when Motoko mentions her OWN mom's laxness with restrictions on where her daughter goes and what she gets to experience. But maybe if she plays her cards right she can get a similar allowance. No point in antagonizing the one who would be best suited to facilitating that. If she just took off without permission she'd be labeled a Missing-Nin. A Jounin filing the proper paper work would prevent that.

But then Motoko and Tsugumi are training and from that point forward, Suzu can't allow herself to be distracted by girl-abs or girl-gabs about training missions, and focuses on a different Jounin she needs to sweet talk into teaching her. And finds him crouching down to look into her cleavage (which, to be fair, is already pretty on-display normally in this soon-to-be-scrapped outfit when she gets something more practical, but still he doesn't have to be so close!). Her expression returns to that cold, kind of condescending or at least stand-offish one she uses so much more often these days as she squints at the Jounin. "…I think you've seen enough of that already. Anyway, I'm talking about THAT Jutsu." She puts her hands on her hips and huffs, seeming a bit like a younger Tsugumi for a moment from that body language and expression.

"Shadow Clone Technique! I think it would be a great benefit to my Ninjutsu and would speed up my Taijutsu training as well because I'd always have a sparring partner. Fire Clones just aren't the same. I'm consciously controlling them, so I know what they're doing in advance. Shadow Clones are semi-sapient, right? They're like copies of me, rather than just my appearance."

Suzu folds her arms under her chest and says, "I want to make sure I'm capable in all areas. I'll focus on amping up my speed like you said… But I'm not going to find myself unable to protect people agai—" She cuts herself off, or maybe her throat just closes, unable to produce the words, as she looks away angrily.

Though who she's angry at probably isn't Hinotori.

Once she can breathe again, takes in a deep breath and faces the Jounin again. "Will you teach me the Shadow Clone Technique, Hinotori-sensei?" She pauses, then adds on a bit more softly, "Please?"

Motoko nods and suddenly hops up standing before preparing herself. She's a little slow with the seals wanting to show Tsugumi exactly what she was doing saying the seals out loud for learning purposes so her sensei could know she knew what they meant at least. "Ram, Boar, Ox, Dog, Snake!" Then once more swiftly as she channeled the chakra as suddenly there was a log in Tsugumi's lap and Motoko was sitting on her shoulders riding her Sensei piggy-pack style for a brief moment before hopping down next to her and sitting again with a grin. "Whew! I'm not the best with that but I at least know that one!"

Looking over her shoulder curiously as she took in the other two as they prepared and then back to Tsugumi as she tried to focus her raw chakra in a 'will break' attempt to get free of a Genjutsu she wasn't under.

Hey he isn't just staring there, granted he was but hey not fair to say it out loud! Hinotori leans back and looks up at Suzu when she finally tells him of THAT jutsu. Though as he looks to her Hinotori sits down as Suzu continues to explain. He looks over to Tsugumi, yup she did tell her that he knew it. He shrugs, he didn't mind teaching it, he looks at Suzu as she does look like a younger version of her mother, still both of them are hot as ****. But something in the way Suzu speaks catches his attention. He studies Suzu, when she speaks about speeding up her training. He looks evenly up at Suzu, "How about we go over here." he says standing up and walking a bit aways so that Tsugumi and Motoko could train.

"I need to talk to you about something anyways, maybe not here, but yes I will train you in the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." he says to her. "There is a lot about the Shadow Clone jutsu, and it took me a long time to figure it out, your mother is learning it as well." he states. "Not only is it semi-sapient, your able to experience what it does, also it can act independently. It does help speeding up your training, but also it's able to relay information bak to you about what it experienced." he tells her. They aren't too far away that Tsugumi and Motoko can hear them. "This will be hard, this is one I didn't copy, so if you want to copy you can, but if you want to go through the training to learn it, you can too." he says. "Find a focus, your mother, the village. We all have something or someone who is our focus, who we wish to protect with all our heart." his head dips a little. Tsugumi knows about his past. "Use that always to help guide you. You ready?" he asks as he looks to Suzu.

Tsugumi focuses on Motoko. She seems… Even more energetic than she is used to. This might be more of a trial than she thought. She takes the log out of her lap and sets it aside, brushing dirt off her shoulders from where Motoko stood on them. "Please don't stand on me, Motoko-san. Just showing me the hand seals suffices." She ponders what she has seen and says, "Well, you seem able to perform the jutsu just fine. You appear to KNOW the hand seals, but the actual formation… Needs some work." She hold up a hand with thumb and forefinger slightly apart and winks at her newest student. "Not too much. But they aren't quite Genin level." Tsugumi lowers her hand and says, "Your ability to dislodge Genjutsu isn't terrible, but I definitely see how it needs improvement. Your hand seals are impacting it, but improving your studies of Ninjutsu and Genjutsu is, sadly, going to have to be part of your training. So, I hope you like reading. Though I could always just talk to you instead if find being instructed personally more useful."

Tsugumi strokes her chin and says, "Let's try something simple. Is it okay with you if I cast a Genjutsu? Nothing harmful. I'd just like you to attempt to recognize the influence on your Chakra Network, and then remove it. I ask first, because using Genjutsu on another person is not a passive affect, as using the Transformation Technique to disguise yourself would be. You are actively invading another person's brain and manipulating what they perceive, think, feel, or even remember. That is not something to be done lightly, especially not on allies and enemies. I specialize in Genjutsu. And unless the situation demands it for the safety of those important to you, using Genjutsu on a comrade is a violation."

Tsugumi tilts her head and brushes one of those hanging strands that frames either side of her face back over her ear. "You probably have no intention of learning to actually USE Genjutsu. But that is something I want you to understand. Having power does not give one free rein to use it on others however one likes. So…" She smiles again and says, "May I?"

Suzu is taken aside, or at least follows Hinotori when he leads her further away from the other two. She glances over her shoulder to see how Motoko and her mom are doing to find the former hopping down from the latter's shoulders. She shakes her head and focuses on the matter at hand. She listens when Hinotori speaks quietly to her, frowning a bit, but paying attention. "I wasn't aware it was something I could copy. I'm willing to put in the work. You know that. But the work should facilitate a rapid growth in ability in every circumstance I can. I have a lot of catching up to do. And I KNOW who and what I want to protect. But if I lack the means, then the desire alone is useless."

She puts one hand on her hip and looks up at the cloudy sky. She knows Hinotori focuses on Taijutsu. She can believe learning an advanced technique like Shadow Clone was hard for him. But she has to be stronger. Better. She has to surpass even her teachers. She was a naive, clueless girl last year. Now she has to become a warrior, a hero, a protector, a… An avenger. Yeah. She likes the sound of that. Those who have been wronged need someone to stand up for them. To mete out justice where others can not. She eventually says, "Hinotori." She dropped the honorific when not in the company of her mother and her long-lost school friend. Others might think it rude, but they're close enough by now that neither of them really needs to use such honorifics with each other. "Do you know what the difference between a savior and a bystander is?"

She lowers her gaze and looks him right in the eye. "It's 'the ability to make a difference'. Someone who tries to save others, no matter how strong their desire to do so, without the power to actually affect anything, is a bystander and soon to be a casualty." She reaches her right hand up to brush aside the spike of hair over her right eye, unconsciously mimicking what Tsugumi did with her own hair moments ago. It's so that the male Jounin can see both of her eyes, and see her sincerity and determination. "I refuse to be a bystander. Please teach me."

Motoko looked aside. She knew her Genjutsu and Ninjutsu were lacking so she expected the critique but it still stung a little bit having to heard things out loud. She nodded at the question. "Ah of course Sensei you can perform the Jutsu on me! I'm not afraid!" She said eagerly even as she sat there in front of her prepared and hunkered down a bit even as she tried to calm and relax her mind at the same time. Her breaths slow and gentle as she closed her eyes briefly trying to take in the flow of her own chakra as she prepared to use it to expel the coming attack against her

Opening her eyes again she gazed to Tsugumi curiously. "Sensei what is the Jutsu you're going to use?" She asked after all there was plenty of different kinds of Genjutsu out there and she was curious exactly which was going to be infiltrating her mind in the coming motions. She briefly gazed over listening to the others talk and gained a soft expression hearing Suzu's own determination obviously warming her heart a bit before turning her attention back to her own training at hand.

He shakes his head, "It can't be copied now that I think of it." he says to Suzu. Hinotori doesn't speak while Suzu explains to him why she needs to learn it. She didn't have to explain but she did, he studies her, watching her face, watching hoer body movement. He slowly begins to nod his head. "Your right." he tells her. He didn't know what her inner thoughts were, that is something he needed to talk with her about. "I know the difference." he tells her and he finally stands up with her and as she places her hand on her hip, he couldn't help but look at her. She is growing up, he may not have known her long, but he likes what he saw. Glancing over at Tsugumi and Motoko, he grins a little than back to Suzu.

As she looks to him, he looks her back in the eyes as well. He nods, "You will not be a bystander. I've always been a Protector, a Guardian." he says as he looks to her. "I've also been…other things." he says to her. He doesn't state what those are, "Let's start." he says to her. His eyes harden a moment. Tsugumi has heard his full story, and Suzu a little. He flexes his hands, "This is not going to be easy Suzu." he says not using the honorifics they can't be heard this far away. Still he brings her over, he looks at her than Tsugumi and Motoko. HIs eyes wanders around them. "Gather your chakra like your going to create a clone." he says to her. He turns to face Suzu, "It may help to focus chakra with each seal. Putting his hands together, he begins forming the seals. "Breath between them, build your chakra upon each seal." he states.

Tsugumi's expression softens more as she sees Motoko's initial reaction. She says gently, "I'm not saying you're bad. But you did come to me because you also felt you needed to improve, yes? And you needed it enough to seek out me specifically instead of any number of others?" Well, technically, Ayano recommended Motoko to her, but still. She was selected for a reason. "I'm going to help you improve, as long as you're willing to do the training." Then she looks Motoko in the eyes, those allowing her Sharingan to fade away. She doesn't need the Sharingan's powers when she's trying to help someone learn. She wants to provide a manageable test for Motoko, and then work up from there, not throw her into the deep end.

Tsugumi performs no hand seals otuside of a basic focusing seal to mold Chakra. But she is doing something else at the same time. She is reducing her own Chakra level, weakening herself and restraining herself. Setting mental barriers to restrict her own proficiency. Then she answers Motoko. "The jutsu is called 'Auditory Hallucinations'. It causes the subject to hear sounds that aren't there by manipulating their perceptions. I'll keep it obvious, but it can be used to many subtle effects."

Then, she attempts to cause the sound of Motoko's owm breathing to seem to be louder than it should be. Echoing in her own ears, if the jutsu succeeds. Not painfully loud, but noticeably louder than it would normally be.

Uggggh, so this is a matter of Chakra control, huh? The exact thing she's been working on for months now and is making progress at a torturously slow rate. And the exact thing she needs to learn this other jutsu. She doesn't complain out loud but the exasperation on her face when she finds out she's going to be molding lots of Chakra and forming lots of hand seals says it all. Still, she isn't ungrateful that Hinotori has agreed. She knows precious little of Hinotori's past. She knows he had a mentor that she has yet to ask much about… Though the mention that said mentor had a war fan tickled a memory in the back of her mind when Hinotori brought it up.

But right now, she just bows in gratitude to Hinotori, says, "Thank you." and then straightens up to begin working on her hand seals. She can't remember the last time she made a dirt-basic general Ninjutsu Clone, as opposed to a Fire Clone. And she stopped having to use hand seals for the Clone Technique long ago. Going bak over them is… Both kind of silly-feeling and sort of nostalgic. She attempts to mold more Chakra into each hand seal than she normally would. Is it just a matter of Chakra amount? Or Chakra quality? A lot of training, a lot of repetition, to build up 'experience', is how it often works in terms of improving Chakra quality… She thinks. It's been a long time since she had the mechanics of Chakra explained to her, okay? If she improves her quality, maybe the Clone Technique just unlocks more capabilities the more she works at it.

If that's all it was, however, she thinks most ninja would eventually learn this jutsu. Clearly they haven't. So there must be a LOT of work involved, or additional secret knowledge. Or perhaps both. For now though? She just works on her hand seals, going through them for the Clone Technique over and over, unless she's told to stop or told to actually activate the jutsu.

Ram, Snake, Tiger. Ram, Snake, Tiger. Ram, Snake, Tiger….

Motoko braces herself as if she was going to take a punch, but that was not the nature of Genjutus. No its a insidious attack one that slips it's way past you and puts on the guise of reality. She had to learn to prepare her mind not her body even as her breath seemed to become louder and louder as she was unable to shake the sensation.

Focusing her Chakra she tried to counter the Genjutsu even as the seals and the concentration were not enough against the well crafted Jutsu grumbling under her breath in strain a moment before heaving a huff of a breath and gazing to Tsugumi. "I'm unable to counter it." she said somewhat dejected but not defeated. "I'll try harder next time Sensei, learn new techniques! Whatever it takes." She said with a determined nod of her head. "O..Ohh Sensei after training can we get fried squid rolls?" She asked hopefully.

"Your welcome, now focus!" Hinotori says to her as he watches Suzu move through the basic seals, which he didn't mind. He gives Suzu time to work through each seal, "You want to focus the chakra through each seal, speed will come later." Hinotori moves in front of Suzu. "Watch my seals and follow them, memorize them." HInotori does get serious when he's teaching certain techniques. "I want you to practice this day in and day out." Pausing for a moment or two, "When your walking, talking goofing off, go through the seals. Once you have them, build chakra to each of them, get to the point where you don't have to think about them." he says as he watches her. "This will help with your chakra control as well. Honestly I've never had much problem learning ninjutsu, it just wasn't what I wanted to focus on."

"Still though, I've had friends who weren't good with it and help them by what I'm about to do with you." He locks gazes with her and channels his chakra, "Stop thinking." HIs eyes focuses on hers, "Stop thinking about all of it, about protecting, about saving, stop all of it." he lets out a breath. "When your mind has too much to focus on, it blocks what your trying to do. Let it all go."

Tsugumi ends the Genjutsu when Motoko tries to break out of it. Regardless of the fact she wasn't able to, no reason to continue it. She made the honest effort, learned where her limits lie and stated she was going to push beyond them and succeed. That's the right attitude to take, not to wallow in defeat.

Tsugumi smiles and says, "Keep working at it, and I'm sure you'll find a way." The request for fried squid rolls, however, makes her squint a bit even if her smile hasn't changed. "Umm… Yes, I suppose." She glances over at Hinotori and Suzu. Then the more mature kunoichi gets up and announces, "Motoko and I are going for a lunch break. We'll bring you two back something, alright?" She doesn't say more than that so as not to disrupt concentration, but then offers Motoko a hand up, even if the she's certain Motoko could get up easily and acrobatically on her own.

She has her work cut out for her with this bunch… But with an enthusiastic student like Motoko, at least it will be interesting.

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