Chronicles of the Shady Lizard Hero - Karma


Misaki, Ayumu

Date: March 28, 2014


The source of the chameleon is sought and introduced to Karma.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Chronicles of the Shady Lizard Hero - Karma"

Ward 6 [Fuuma Alley]


Roaring searchlights, buzzing neon, arching floodlights compete under the perpetually brown-tinged lead skies of the Alley, each an attempt to draw attention to the three- and four-story casinos and other pleasure houses squeezed next to one another in the heart of the city. Fancifully constructed in the styles of a dozen lands or to look like sailing ships or tombs, the gambling houses and their marquees throw deep, concealing shadows on the wide gears of industry and narrow shanty buildings that crowd between them.


"Mah-ee, Ain't this just our luck."
The words slipped forth from the red-haired young man's mouth despite only meaning to think the phrase. Ayumu may not have been known for not being careless, speaking up so abruptly after close to an hour long search in silence may certainly come as a suprise. The man was steadfast in regards to the endeavor, and rightly so at that. Thanks to the rain — which merciful stopped some ten minutes ago or so — searching for the trail left by thugs beyond in one of Fumma Alley was like a child pulling teeth from a walrus without knocking it out first at least; presuming said child can even manage to get close enough to try. The lack of results thus far also led to Ayumu dispatching (a.k.a requesting) Shun to one of the seedier areas of Fumma Alley in hopes of chancing upon the familiar scent of the thugs.
Meanwhile, Ayumu and Misaki would continue the search until either luck graces them, or fatigue forced them to take up temporary residence in the same place the thugs pulled Kuromaru from. "… Tell me something, Misaki darling." Ayumu half-turns to face the Kumo-nin. "Just what was the real reason for your following us? Shun and I, I mean."

Misaki looks at Ryoji… Blinking and then peering ahead. Luckily for them, they need not spend a lot of time finding trouble. Oh no, it finds them!

Misaki however didn't notice the big bully ahead is probably there to try and give both the nin a trashing. "I'm here because you give me respite. Like an aura of calm I can't find anywhere else." Misaki chuckles…

"And it's a chance to get out of that prison, if only temporarily…" She shakes her head. "I'm sure there's Kamen watching somewhere, but that's all they can do now… Watch…" She rubs her chin. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that you-.." And with that the big man walks up to Misaki. "Little girl…" He says firmly, nodding at Ayumu… "You both are required to attend master Ishigo's summit." He reaches out with a piece of paper… With an address. Misaki respectfully let's Ayumu grab it. "What does it saaay?" She whispers as the burly man turns around to continue along his way.

A smirk tugs at the corner of Ayumu's lips upon hearing the young Kumo shinobi's replies. It is not everyday he hears himself being considered as something that offers respite. If anything, he was usually just the opposite. The shadow of a smirk falters all together with an ear twitch, only to ultimately transform into a appeasing smile. "Ishigo is it?" He asks, turning without an ounce of suprise to peer at the new arrivee and accepting the note in short order. And as he anticipated his inquiry went ignored, so he busied himiself with 'reading' the piece of paper before handing it over for Misaki to do so herself. "A rather straight-forward invitation, though one we may regret later, of course… Come. Let's just see how far our well of woes shall be." Ayumu says, giving Misaki his typical foxy-grin before leading the way to their destination by roof. No point getting any more grime on their shoes (or feet in Ayumu's case) then necessary. Along the way Ayumu seems to pull down a portion of his bangs and whisper to it.

Misaki has gotten used to the fact Ayumu does weird stuff like that. So she didn't even notice when he transformed into the hair whisperer. She peered at the note and chuckled. "We're not seriously considering going here right!?" She says… Eyes wide.. "It's obviously a trap…" She looks at Ayumu in disbelieve. How casually he goes right towards the web some criminal spun for them. This guy is either - really - good… Or - really - foolish…. Then again, he did beat Hiei… And this could have been one of his plans. "I just hope you know what you're doing."

Ayumu doesn't appear to be paying much attention to anything Misaki says. But then replies, "We are, It is, and Nope!" in short order and without an ounce of care behind his voice. He actually sounded downright jolly about the possibility of things going horribly and undoubtly wrong. "As some general once said about actuall engagement with an enemy, plans rarely survive contact with them anyways. Doesn't mean ya shouldn't bother, but I'm what you would call a strong believer in happen stance presets and improvisation. 'Course, yer welcome to spit ball some ideas along the way if ya want… Although I don't think we'll have that much time left before we there."

Misaki peers at Ayumu, face palming and shaking her head. "This goes against all instinct.." She admits. "But then again, traps can't possibly be designed for a Jinchuuriki and someone with an amazing shampoo.." Oh the teasing with her never stops… Ayumu~ … "Not that it doesn't look pretty.." She adds with an almost sadistic grin, putting a hand on Ayumu's shoulder… "At least we're rushing into our possible downfall with a smile…" He is rubbing off on her! She chuckles as she realised that…!

Ayumu merely smiled. Neither agreeing or disagreeing with anything up until the shampoo part. That in particular elicits a confused sidelong glance from the Iga for a moment or two, then fades as she moves on to a little different. The feeling radiating at from the young Kumo nin is enough to get a little worried for the first time since being around her, though he keeps up the smile, if only barely. "D'awww, now ya starting to get it darling. Greet all endings with a smile since you gonna end up doing that anyways after a few years of no management." He says cheerily.

Misaki looks at Ayumu, her smile is innocent, and pure… Or genuine, depending on what you want to call it. It's the first time in a long while she felt alive… Able to be herself without being judged on things she may do. As if she already commited crimes in the future. "The lack of judgement is… revitalizing." She says, as they arrive on the roof of their target building. Down below there's a few thugs guarding the main entrance. But, there's also a window open!

And thus, Ayumu has managed to corrupt another innocent soul. Technically. Sort of. "Indeed it can be… though remain that it too can become another ball and chain as well." He says, nodding sagely as if to emphasize his point before focusing back on the present. Before the duo even know it — or at least before Ayumu became acutely aware — the arrive at the meeting point. Entrances and exits and everything in between are taken swiftly by his senses before the Iga glances over to Misaki. "Crashing things would be in poor taste perhaps, but… far more entertaining it would be as well." Without further explanation, Ayumu forms a cross with the index and middle finger of both hands and — Poof! — out pops two perfect clones of the Iga. "Take lefty here with ya on the scenic route won't you. Me and —" Poof! The clonest to Misaki henges into *gasp!* a second Misaki!? "Misaki number two or gonna play proper house guest. Agreed?" He says as his attention seems to drift back down to the main entrance.

Misaki looks at Ayumu and blinks a few times… "You just didn't!" That's SUCH a violation of her privacy! She shrugs and shakes her head, back flipping and using a rain-pipe to glide herself into the window. Seems like a regular bedroom for now… So she decides to continue on to the door, using the keyhole to peep at what she can see… Quite a few people around!

Ayumu downstairs gets a different treatment, checked out, welcomed, searched a bit to intimiately and deprived of any weapons they might find with a thorough pad-down he would be escorted into the building, into a sort of dining hall to the left of the main hall.

At the end of the long table a man sits, calmly observing Ayumu. His left eye was… popping out? Kind of like the Chameleon's eyes!

Misaki number makes a point pulling her bottom eye lid down and stick out her tongue at the original before leaping off the roof alongside a chuckling Ayumu. He was gonna really enjoy abusing this combination in the future; especially now that a few 'other' ideas popped up into his head as well. And while Ayumu and Misaki #2 are busy getting searched and jacked of only an umbrella and some sharp rocks, Ayumu #2 follows along after Misaki. The clone didn't quite trust the pipe of course though, so walking along the side using a bit of tree walking was going to have to do.

"Guess'n from the feeling wafting off ya we have an obstacle… how many?" Ayumu #2 whispers in Misaki's ears, though he's already beginning to cycle through what sensory ability would help him pin point his future targets. As for the real Ayumu and Misaki #2…

"Good evening my gracious host," Ayumu says, bowing fully at the waist in a flamboyant way. While still holding that pose he perks up his head and asks, "You are the one called Ishigo-sama, yes?" The Misaki behind him face palms lightly and just shakes her head in exasperation. While her face was still covered she slips out an organ or three. All of which she tries to discretely drop on the ground and let scattered out of sight to start searching the immediate area.

Misaki relaxes her shoulders and neck. "Two on this floor…" Misaki says, looking at Ayumu(copy?) And seeming to formulate a plan in her head. "How's things downstairs?" She asks…!

The man at the dining table motions for Ayumu to sit. "Want some soup?" He asks, lifting his own spoon! What's seen in there might horrify you. The tail of one of the chameleons! "My special recipe is great for those who want to become stronger.." The man says with a smirk. "The preserved things don't wish to show me their place of learning? Fine then, I'll learn through osmosis!" The man laughs, it was an evil… Horrible laugh. Eating the creatures apparently made him the abomination that he is. Maybe in conjunction with trying to master nature chakra! The original Misaki uses her nekote to softly pick the lock of their door.. "Think you can take one out?" She whispers.

Ayumu #2 does not reply immediately, but instead seems to try focus in on an oversight of the thugs. "As well as can be hoped." He murmurs. Anything beyond that however would be waved off to better focus on figuring out how best to disable their obstacle…

"Forgive me — us, to be exact for this transgression, but I dare not undergo such modifications. My wife may very well seek my end." Ayumu admits readily, stretching the truth just a tad. Misaki #2 on the other hand appears almost sick and tries to hide it looking away and covering her mouth. Truth be told, she was whispering something too low for normal human ears. "Tell me, if'n ye be so kind, why go through them for power? Certainly there are more… potent, creatures for such consumption?" He asks, genuinely curiously by all appearance.
"That will not be a problem darling darling." Ayumu #2 grins softly before forming the ram seal. The tail end of his ponytail quckly starts to unravel into individual strands. Strands that slink along between crevices, cracks, and beneath carpets if they could until the time came to spring into action by binding one of the duo around the throat and choke them out.

Misaki grins and shakes her head…. Those freaking hairs freak her out! She eventually manages to get the lock.. "Got to be quick and silent about this though…" She whispers. Eventually opening the door and moving to get the one in front of her into a classic chokehold. Choking him out soundlessly, and non-lethally…!

Meanwhile the man downstairs cackles… "My honorable guests… Live in this hell-hole long enough and you'll learn the true value of being able to just…. blend in!" The man is clearly nuts…! He then motions for the table… "Look, I'm not an unreasonable man… So tell me, what's your price? Everyone… has a price…."

Once Ryoji #2 moves into the hallway he might find what left original Misaki so dumbfounded… The entire hallway was full of jars with those poor animals in them… Dissections in labs… Their skin spun out … This man was nuts…!

"Price?" Ayumu parrots with a genuine looking appearance of confusion written about him until beguiling smile splits his features. "Well, While I do find myself in somewhat of a monetary fix, my price for so abnormal ventures remains the same." He says, concluding briefly to sit down at a chair closer to the far end of the table. "Value for me is placed in a good story told and… a future favor." He adds, steepling his fingers together. Misaki #2, having followed to a certain degree, looks almost downright angry at Ayumu. As of now, however, she refrains from taking any action. Yet. "And while the story you given has certainly been interesting to say the least. I exact a rather higher price in regards to such things. Care to share more?"

With some trepidation on his part after having dispatched the other thug, Ayumu #2 follows after Misaki. Unlike the Kumo shinobi he bore no sight in which to regard the horrors within the hallway. He could on the other hand pick up on enough to understand the situation, and after a moment or two of absorbing it all, the clone turns to pat Misaki on the shoulder. "Focus on freeing those we can, little darling. One thing at a time, neh?" It says, sounding whimsical as its original, but beneath it all there's an undertone of anger.

Misaki turns her head, slowly… He can't see, but her eyes have two distinctly different colors… "This man just signed his own death warrant…" She whispers, but focusing on the task at hand, beginning to try and silently walk through a door… This room was empty. But a door branching off leads into a storage closest, with about twelve cages on it… Six were empty. Other held younger chameleon's…. And down the stairs, a rather large one of held like the one they met before…! They are however, to Misaki, completely invisible, using their powers in their frightened state! "Pickle… They're empty.." Misaki growls angrily… Almost forgetting to keep her voice down!

Sensing the change within Misaki, Ayumu #2 quickly removes his hand and folds both over one another behind his back. After which point he followed along a foot behind Misaki, intending on keep an eye out for more than just security measures and chameleons in need of rescue. Granted, knowing how eccentric madmen tended to be, his attention does waffle between the search for suprise traps and Misaki's state of being.
"Peace, darling. At the very least we must open those cages and search to be on the safe side, neh?" He says despite precieving the critters inside. Since security measures was bound to be lenient with the smaller cages, Ayumu #2 motions for Misaki to start with those first while he went to check out the largest one. The clone makes a point out of NOT touching the cage or getting to close. But if his search provides no clues on how to open the cage 'safely', there is but one choice left. "And so the hero asks of the sage, What may he do next? Or perhaps better yet, what proof he bears of being knowledgeable?" He asks without breaking his pacing and search around the cage. "The name of Tosai, a fellow sage or underling perhaps. Or even the son of such, Kuromaru, and their safety beyond unholy grounds being confirmed of some minor time ago."

Misaki looks at Ayumu and blinks… "I can pick the lock on an empty cage but I'm not sure what good it'll do…" Misaki grumbles as she opens one of the closed cages… It takes her a few seconds, but eventually it swings open by itself! Misaki giggling (her eyes fading) as something crawls up her shoulder. "So you were hiding!" Now she gets Ayumu's direction…. A meeping 'thank you' whispered into her ear… She nods and quickly move over to the next cage!

Unfortunately for Ayumu, his last step caused the larger chameleon to shift… Which caused the wooden floor to cry out an unfortunate screech!

Downstairs, it was noted… "You guys brought guests, upstairs? In my own home? How rude!" The man says, getting up and literally disappearing! Okay, maybe that soup is - a little - effective…!

Ayumu #2 cringed at the nose, but would not be deterred. An extended look is given to the largest chameleon to see if he was perhaps still in the mood for chatting. The likelihood of that was next to none of course, so ultimately it would be up to the clone to see about taking on the most direct means of unlocking the cage. First by through the use of an odd looking lock pick, then by brute force via wind power!

Meanwhile, the real McCoy bows his head, covering much of his face behind still steeple fingers. "It need not be the former alley cat that bears the gift of rodents, for surely a man in your trade has plenty of adversaries, neh?" Ayumu would say should he still sense the mad man is in the area. Regardless, the Iga begins to build up his chakra and directs — as would probably be soon necessary — a portion of that energy to nerve and transceiver organs. He sought the absolute limits of his current abilities, and would pay the price of wonderment and the world seeming to slow down from his view.

Misaki looks over her shoulder… "Hurry it up.." She whispers! Ayumu would notice some dust moving by the bottom stair in the stairway. Giving away the chameleon man's position! Misaki works on the third cage, her clothes hanging a bit as more and more chameleon's gather around her… "I'll protect these guys…" She whispers… "As much as I want to get that guy off this world… I think the position of justicar is yours…" She nods Ayumu's way… "Any way to blow a hole in the wall of this building? I'll let you face off with our criminal. I don't think he's as average as he looks. I heard about sages, if he controls nature chakra to this degree without dying, he can't be weak.." She nods at Ayumu, hoping he got that…!

"I would make a terrible justicar… but for this once, I'll live up to such a role. The one with you will see about the desired exit upon releasing the big guy here." Ayumu #2 says on Misaki #2, and by extension, the original's behalf without letting his attention waver from the lock. "Focus on seeing the younger ones out first. Your shadow will be with you soon to assist." On that note, Misaki #2 dispells the henge and tosses the literal ear piece to the original. Both Ayumus exchange a curt nod. Then, Ayumu #3 takes off with the intention of keeping the guards inside occupied with… other matters.
A sigh escapes from the original lips, and then he too vanishes… in a matter of speaking. He reappears close the base of the stairways. While the urge to speak burned within, it was more prudent to keep his gracious host focused on properly tending to the guest of honor. To that end, he formed flashes through a short series of hand seals, unleashing upon the final seal several sickle-like chakra blades within a gust of wind with great destructive force. All of which sails towards the host… and passes on right by without harming him at all. Instead, the blades of wind would go on to destroy the stairwell, sealing it for the time being.
"Most gracious host of this fine manor. You do not intend to leave your guest unintended, yes?"

Misaki nods, it was a brief blue flash, but she disappears in a searing hole with molten glass, going straight through a window… She knew where she was headed… "Best of luck…. Ayumu.." She whispers…!

Ayumu's direct, but not so direct assault might not have been so wise. An immediate counter-attack followed, Ayumu feels the hot feel of broken skin. A dagger barely passes his cheek. Just below the eye! The intention was pretty clear, he tried to blind Ayumu then and there! Worst part is, he was capable of staying completely invisible while doing so!

Another creek of wood, this time behind Ayumu, a leg lashing out, with surprising strength! Aiming to crack Ayumu's ribs!

Thus far, things were going according to plan. While one clone drew closer to disabling the lock, the other had himself a lovely time dispatching the guards. Although he was beginning gradually attack too much attention at once, leaving it to be only a matter of time before the final poof!

It has not been the first, the third, or even the tenth time someone has tried to make certain he was blind. The mad man gorged upon nature chakra has come the closest however, for even in his enhanced state, the nigh instantaneous counter attack could scarcely be reduced to a 'mere' scratch through an instinct turn of the head. The pain elicited and the fear that even the blind man bore in regards to such tactics were but passing foot notes in the scant few milliseconds that followed their arousal.

Pain was a handicap.

Handicaps in battle were abhorrent things..

Ayumu's ear twitches at the sound of creaking wood, but he doesn't turn to face the source. Instead, he flows with the force of the air pushed aside by his adversaries leg, maneuvering in such a manner as to perhaps appear disturbingly limber for a man beneath the leg. As soon as he felt the leg pass over ahead he lets out a sharp whistle towards hidden man with the intention on delivering karmic justice. Should the small bullet of chakra connect and distract as he hoped, Ayumu twists about, correcting his form while bringing his pony tail to bear and try to entrap his foe.

The invisible man's kick could be felt eventually passing Ryoji. And the chakra bullet made him audibly slide back a bit, kicking up some more dust. Ryoji hairs connected, though to what appendage he could not be sure…! Then follows the chirp of chakra, the man was preparing a jutsu! Suddenly, thin air spewed a large sea of flames Ayumu's way! Burning his hairs (if they're burnable) and possibly even him should he fail to get out of the way in time! The flames quickly catching on to the already battered housing. The knife passes Ayumu another time, this time along the stomach! Before Ryouji notices the front door open, before being smashed shut, causing one of the supports from above to fall down, blocking his own way out… As the fire catches on! And smoke rises!


The invisible man's blaze threatens to consume both Ayumu's route and the Iga himself. Already the flames have burned through the outer core of the entangling threads and race towards him along with the rest of the braids. The coating of chakra outside the inner most hair hold, and thus allows Ayumu to maintain his grip, for now.

Counter measure?

Ayumu mentally unbinds the outer coils of his ponytail and draws it close. Burning braid that has not fallen in the process is drawn into the shield of hair, but does not burn their brethren. Instead, the flames are repelled by the current of chakra circulating through the hair and smothered.

End Results?

Ayumu's barrier and 'root' withstands the blaze, but the heat passing through threatens to cook him regardless.


He moved with machine-like efficiency, eliminating distractions and anticipating moves swiftly. It is the boon of enlightenment, but the price would be heavy. The invisible man gives Ayumu no time to brood on the matter. He meant to disembowel, but a combination of yanking the man's body and quickly reforging and focusing the barrier to his gut prevents a clean hit. The strike still drew blood, for that was the strength of a sage. Ayumu would turn that to advantage by trying to entangle both blade and limb in the barrier for good.
"By blaze of battle or inferno. Which shall consume us first?" Ayumu says blandly, registering the damage somewhat belatedly.

"Jusst.. a little… more…" Ayumu #2 murmurs.

Meanwhile the fight between the half-sage and Ayumu rages on… "You fool, you can't kill me! I am a SAGE!" The man says, Ayumu could feel that the man rushes in for some punches, enhanced by the nature chakra, despite his lack of actual ability, should they hit, would still hurt! - A lot - …!

Meanwhile the house continues to collapse, flames continue to feed… Misaki was about halfway when she turned around, noticing the smoke… She whispers: "Ayumu?" Blinking and trying to think of what she should do…. ~Misaki, do your objection, and he'll do his… Trust…~ Misaki nods solemnly.. "Come on you guys, let's get you guys to safety. Trust me - friend - .." That conjured a small smile on her lips… "Your friend will be fine, you have my word…"

Rather due to the disturbance in the air or some other unknowable force, Ayumu #2 just barely manages to get out of the once caged one's way after anticipating its movement. Sadly, he did not quite account for the floor giving out. An overstep that would've caused it to poof out of existence if for his landing on the much softer chameleon before sliding the rest of the way down to the floor. "Ugh… well… That could'veWhoa!" He ducks under the first swipe. "N-now just" The rest dies in his throat as he leaped above the second strike. After the third time around Ayumu #2 abandons the attempt and focuses — tries to focus on finding a way out of the store room that >isn't< already set ablaze. If only the original was aligned with water…

A small smile blooms upon Ayumu's feature. "You are a mockery of what a true Sage should be. Now more than ever upon speaking those words." The Iga replises. Tendrils of hair within the last barrier break apart, shifting the blade caught within into their depths as they swung behind him. There was more, but such words would have to wait. The trembling down the rooted hairs — now only loosely attached to the sage — alerts him. Despite reaffirming its grip and raising a barrier of hair from his manes to defend, only the first few punches are warded off (to a small degree) before Ayumu is sent flying, body folded over the limb from the initial impact.
He fares little better from the landing. Even if he can shut off the pain, his body still refused to heed commands to turn and twist properly. Ayumu lands in a undignified heap, and by all acounts should've stayed that way, dead or unconscious and soon to be dead regardless. And yet, he started to climb back to his feet. Painstakingly slowly, but rise nonetheless…

"I got it!" Ayumu #2 cries out before having duck another tail swipe, and tried in earnest to try and calm the big guy down. Of course if that failed then there was always option (B) which required digging out some explosive tags! Still, where should he plant them…?

Your only option seems the wall behind you. Issue is, knowing if that leads outside or to another building or a dining family is quite difficult. But then again, it's perhaps your only choice hear as the flames creep in closer!

Meanwhile Ayumu fighting the sage get's to see the man again. The cloak deactivated… "A mockery? I am a sage, and soon I will be a perfect sage… And there's - nothing - you can do about it.." The man flashes an evil grin… Looking up at the building burning down. "Time to finish you off…" He says, slowly making his way over to Ryouji, grabbing him by his shirt and lifting him up given the chance. Staring at him while winding up his fist for some … face reorganization.

The chameleon next to Ryouji finally calmed down, sensing he wasn't making things any better.. "It's getting hot in here.." He says with a grumpy, aged tone!

"No worries, O-jiji-san. Just leave it all to me." Ayumu #2 says, grinning foxily at the lizard before focusing his attention to the wall. Four Kunai are released in quick succession, each bearing an explosive note…

The so-called sage is able to pick Ayumu up with only the slight discomfort of pathetic deserpate strikes at the extended arm and head before the Iga's hand lay limply upon shoulder and arm at the elbow. Even with death staring him in the face, Ayumu still has the nerve to crack bloody smile at the mad man.
"Funny you should mention that… cuz… I was thinking" He shakily lifts the hand at his shoulder. "the same thing." The hand drops down like a puppet with its string, but should it make contact with the shoulder blade as intended, the results would be devestating for both of them. Flesh will part, and bone will splinter and be pressed down into the sage's lung and other organs under the very might of the nature chakra being absorbed and turned against him in a single blow. That is… /if/ it connects, and all goes as 'predicted'.

The kunai make contact, and the explosive notes burn…

The lizard nods, actually pressing Ayumu #2 into a corner to shield him from the explosion. Seemingly understanding he's a clone or maybe just being protective… He - does - have thicker skin! Meanwhile the original Ayumu manages to connect his touch, the half-sage staring at him before his shoulder collapses on itself, a rebound of force sends them both flying, the man petrifying as he's launched through the door, creating an opening… Unfortunately, Ayumu is also sent flying in the other direction at a burning pile of rubble!

Ayumu wakes up however, in the warehouse where they hid the Chameleons… Misaki sitting besides him on a stool. With scorged skin and some burnt clothing on… "I knew you needed my help…" She whispers, already moving a hand to push Ryoji back down should he try to get up… "Relax, the chameleons actually have a med…-meleon… But she told me you needed - rest - …" Misaki smirks… "Oh and don't worry.. I found our little decoration.. I don't know what jutsu it is, but cure Ryouji… You's scary!" She says, pointing at the broken parts of the statue that once was the manical half-sage she collected by the door.. "Unfortunately, the fire claimed quite a bit of the district. The rain stopped it from spreading too far. But there was still panic…" Misaki sighs…

Ayumu #2 grins and starts to mentally prepare himself to return to his master, only to have his view blocked by the old lizard. Just when he's about ready to yell at him to not worry, the notes detonate..
In another place but at the same time, the chop makes contact. The last thing the half-sage would see is Ayumu's cheshire smile before the back lash sends them both smiling. Ayumu's no different than a rag doll in that instance in a every way possible. Dimly after finally coming to a rest is he aware of pain returning to the forefront of his mind. Even so, he could care less at the time. All he wanted was to rest…

The instant Ayumu becomes self-aware again, the first few minutes are subtly spent assessing the extent of the damage and his surroundings. A familiar heartbeat nearby eases the man from paranoid thoughts about breaking off one of his sore fingers in the socket of his guards to ensure his escape… though the thought is saved for later. In the mean time, sea green eyes finally snap open and focused intently on Misaki's general direction.
"No jutsu. Only Karma." He states scratchily after absorbing it all in before drawing his eyes to a close once more. After an extended moment of silence Ayumu murmurs a name, Shun. Knowing her, after failing to keep her cousin safe, the woman was bound to be busying herself with trying to make up for it anyway she can; such as assisting with relief efforts for the district while digging up more info about the now dead mad man.
"Did they… did they go back into hiding?"

"Karma?" Misaki was used to him saying random stuff she didn't understand. Shrugging and taking it for granted… "Just, stay still and rest okay." She muses. Rubbing her nose and looking around… "They're all here and accounted for by the way. And we have dug a few graves and engraved a slab for the lost.." Misaki looks down… "They.. asked me to ask you to accompany them to their shrine to pay their last respects and meet their eldest. They wanted you to be the one placing the slab." Misaki smiles… "Sounds like as great honour. I'll wait here, no worries…" Misaki nods… "Or actually, I may just return to Kumo… I'm sure they're getting anxious.. And they told me this could take a while…"

"Yep." He emits despite knowing his explanation was probably lost on her. Perhaps if they met again in a few years then… He shook his head, dispelling the line of thought to better focus on the present; such as hearing the rest Misaki had to say. "From the sounds of it, time is not on my side today… You've done enough for both me and them Misaki. No need getting yourself in anymore trouble than this little foot note in history has gotten you into… Return to Kumo and get back to doing what you have to do." He says, patting her knee if she's sitting or hand if she's standing gently.
Soon after, he tries to rise. This time Misaki was going to be in for a struggle if she tries to stop him from doing so. There was some things that needed doing, and rest was far from it. Nothing short of knocking the man out outright would keep him his goal. Not even the pain of freshly healed injuries threatening to make him block out too.

"Ayumu.." Misaki urges, trying to push him back down. But when he continues she just let's go.. "Fine, be stubborn… Just know that if your stitches break I won't be re-applying the bandages.." She squints and looks at the door… Nodding slowly… "I'll come look you up one day. I promise.." She leans in, giving him a chaste peck on the cheek… "Until then, good luck Ryouji… Don't get yourself killed.." She muses. Smiling as she get's up. Bowing at the chameleons… "It was truly a pleasure meeting all of you." She says sweetly.

Ayumu half-grins in response to Misaki's 'threat',and half-grimaces from the pain of so much moving about. The look is sort of comical, though a pale shadow compared to his reaction to the kiss on the cheek. Ultimately, he takes it all in stride, and presumeably if his lower half is covered, forces himself off the bed to give Misaki a proper send off following the chameleon's own. "Oi! No be needing making such promises little darling.
We'll be seeing each other again another time regardless." He says mysteriously to her with a smile in his voice, then gives a mock bow. As soon as she has left for good, Ayumu straightens out, holding his breath and the pain agony within it. "… Now where to begin," He says on a single exhale, directing unseeing eyes as if to examine the others about.

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