Shape up or go home!


Abel, Daichi

Date: September 9, 2010


Short Spar

Poster's note: Crudeness filtered in obvious places.

"Shape up or go home!"

Unknown location

After standing in the middle of the lake he would be caught just standing there as a cool breeze would run by him he would start to walking and then went into a full sprint until he just popped up into the tree leaveing his shirt behind. Once in the tree branches used for a fire could be seen falling. "Tsk…..damnit I think I got to much." is said as he flips down and land softly after that he would wave so seals and use the fireball jutsu to start a nice size fire. Once done he would drop the pants and run off the biggest rock into the lake. Diving down he was in search of fish.

Daichi arrives in the village, the past events left him a bit frantic. He began informing officers and high ranking ninja of Rainos escape. Comming to the lake he can see Abel. "Why is it you're always doing something random?" Daichi questioned. He had told everyone he could about the incident and now could only sit and wait. He didn't realize it but his mind was dwelling on Moriko, and the others. He hoped they survived but more importantly he wished he could've assisted more. "Tsk all I could do was run and follow orders….but I left my friends." Daichi growled and punch the tree breaking bark. A leaf fell from the tree, Daichi stared at it for a second "Like a blade…what good is a blade that can't protect?" Daichi clutched his fist.

After hearing a voice Abel would come flying out of the water and land on its surface. "Oh look Daichi is here." is said with as smile as he walked right pass him and to the fire as he put the fish on he would wait. FOr a moment and allow him to dry off first. Taking the branch Daich broke off he would place that on the fire as well. "SO what bring you here?" is asked as he sat there watching the three fish cook.

Daichi looked at the fire…Abel knows fire style pretty well. He's mastered it. Maybe he can….Daichi spoke as he grabbed Abel by the sholders and began shaking him as he talked "Abel! You've mastered fire style ninjutsu right!? Tell me how do you bring out your chakra affinity so easily? There must be a secret!" Daichi continues to shake Abel.

AS his eyes went like this @.@ Abel would smile and bring one finger up "I'm an Uchiha and so fire comes super easy to me." is said as he smiled for a moment and broke away from Daichi. "I work my ass off in the art of Fire and there still things I can't do or understand yet but give me about another three weeks I'll have a better answer for ya." Abel would smile at Daichi and shake his up a bit. "What got you acting like this?"

Daichi calmed down. "I just figured out I have wind affinity, but….I suck at cutting a leaf with it. So i figured since you have a Ninjutsu element you would know." Daichi sighed. He tried to punch the tree again but stopped short. "Moriko said wind charkra is like a blade…any advise?"

"Nope none." is said with a stright face as he would pick up a leaf and pour chakra into it and with in seconds the leaf would burn. "That's wasn't hard why can't you do it again?" is asked as he laughed and flipped the fish to the other side.

Daichi growled at Able "Jackass, I really need to learn this. I can only cut the leave a little bit, but as far as doing what you just did. It's nearly impossible for me." Daichi cracked his knuckle and smirked 'Stop messing around hehe."

"Oh so you notice…." Abel would take a bit out of the first and toss one to Daichi flickinf the fish off the stick. "You suck at Chakra base things so just don't use it stick to what you know and thats Kenjutsu." Abel would turn his back as he sat there eating without pants or shirt.

Daichi catches the fish. "Yeah…" Daichi sighs. I'm a medic though, what good is a medic that can't heal. Daichi sulks for a second he has never felt this low. The image of Moriko flashed back into his head. he gasped and looked up. "No you're wrong, Abel. I can master this…I can't lose to that person." Daichi takes a bite out of the fish. "I will, become a better shinobi than her. Then next time she'll be the one who has to go call for back up hehe"

"Good you found your spark at last….About time you started to show what being a man is." Abel Started to stand a she walked towards Daichi with narrowed eyes. "Now its time to test that new found will to fight in you." Abel would smirk for a moment before putting one finger up telling Daichi to wait. "Let me get dress first." is said with a mad dash to his pants and then his shirt. "Alright ready to start the show.

Daichi nods to Abel "Thanks man. You're a good friend." Daichi turns "But I got some ninjutsu training to do." Daichi smirks "I wont lose to you either, Abel." Daichi said as he took off. He dashed to the training grounds "Like a blade, Like a blade, like a blade…." Daichi smiled as he was reborn with more power than ever before.

Abel would see Daichi taking off he would then take off his pants and shirt and sit right back down. "About damn time man I have to fart." letting it go he goes back to eatting his fish…."Great now I have to perambulate!" is said as he drops the fish and run to the bushes.

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