Shark Bait


Fuuta, Chiaki

Date: November 8, 2012


Fuuta and Chiaki go fishing….Kiri style.

"Shark Bait"

Water Ferry Docks

Fuuta stands at the docks with Chiaki. The both of them were on pest control. In this case the pests in question are 15ft sharks. Now the rundown given was that there has been an increase in shark activity around the docks. Smaller ships were being sunk and merchants were very worried about their goods and themselves. An expert on Sharks from Kirigakure suggests that mating season has increased the number of these frenzied fish. Large males are known for being very territorial and thus would explain why they are attacking smaller vessels that try to dock. Now Fuuta and Chiaki can't kill all these sharks. No instead they were given a pheromone that they are to inject into as many females as possible. This pheromone would repel the male sharks and drive them elsewhere.
Chiaki was given seven senbon coated with the pheromone. Fuuta was given 6 syringes. As the two stand at the docks they can see several fins gliding about the surface of the water. Fuuta didn't like water. He didn't like getting wet. Most of all he didn't like sharks. "Great just great. Yoko Fuutama does not approve." He looks over to Chiaki. "Well She-Viper I hope you're ready. Now the one's with the thinner and more slender fins are the females. We just need to inject them with the pheromone and then make it back to land….nice dry safe land and we're home free." Fuuta explains. "If you're scared and don't want to risk the dangers of the water I understand. I'll carry out the mission by myself if necessary." Fuuta shudders as one of the sharks bumps up against the docks. "Why do they make those things so big!?" Fuuta mutters. He sighs and hands Chiaki some shinobi wire. "Tie it to that post over there then attach the other end to yourself." Fuuta begins tying his hair up and mumbles a few curses to him as he looks out to the shark infested water.

Chiaki listens and stands by Fuuta's side watching the sharks curiously, she had never seen so many in one place before. In fact she never really seen any before, she wasn't around shark territory too often in Konoha. "Mmm..I bet they'd make an excellent shark fin soup.." She chuckles softly to herself before raising an eyebrow at Fuuta sensing his unease. "Oh I am plenty ready, you seem a bit on the nervous side Fuutama-sama is the great and amazing Yoko Fuutama scared of some water? Granted this water is filled with fifteen foot sharks…Still they are much like any fish…just with bigger teeth." She shrugs to herself obviously quite at ease before looking down at the wire she was handed. She looks from Fuuta to the wire and shrugs a little bit before going over to the post and tying it securely. She looks over herself for a moment before tying the other end around her waist. She had a feeling that she wouldn't exactly like where this was going, but an order was an order. "Like this Fuutama-sama?"

Fuuta growls at Chiaki "No She-Viper I'm not scared. I just don't like water. Or sharks…" As Chiaki goes on Fuuta rubs his head "Ok ok I know they have teeth and they're big stop stop stoooop." he motions her to hurry along with the wire. Once she secures it Fuuta tugs on the wire then channels his chakra through it. "There it should hold. This way you won't drift too far out. Or…can you water walk?" Fuuta asks. That's what he was going to do. Swimming with sharks was definitely on the bottom of his bucket list. "Uh anyway…" He walks Chiaki over to the edge of the dock. "These are 'fish' as you put it sooo we're going to be fishing. You're the bait." Fuuta tugs the wire once more. "Now I'll be here so don't fret. We're going to lure the sharks in closer so we can inject them with the pheromone. When you spot a female go ahead and leap in." Fuuta was rather glad this wasn't him right now. "I'll pull you back in while you inject the pheromone with one of my syringes. You're senbon will be used to ward off any males that get too close…understand?" He wants to make sure Chiaki follows him completely before tossing her to the sharks.

As Chiaki walks with Fuuta she laughs at him faintly when he growls at her. "My…seems to be a touchy subject hm?" When he asks her whether or not she can water walk she shakes her head at him. "No, it is something I have yet to learn." She looks back down at the water before saying in a rather sarcastic tone "I did not see that coming…Alright I will play the bait, just do your part and pull me back in when required." She continues listening to the instructions she was given before repeating them back to Fuuta "Use syringes on females, senbon on the males when they get too close…understood. I am ready when you are Fuutama-sama." She looks back to the water searching around for a female. When she spots one she points out the location to Fuuta. "I believe I see one to the northwest. I hope your casting arm is strong Fuutama-sama."

Fuuta smirks "Relax I'll have some help." He states. Fuuta performs a few handseals and tells Chiaki to back up towards the start of the dock. A rubber clone appears next to Fuuta. Fuuta and his rubber clone both take a knee across from one another and waves Chiaki towards them "Get a running start. We'll take care of the rest." he and his clone inform. They both wait now for Chiaki so that they can give her a good toss. The shark she pointed out was within range of the wire he'd secured. "Ready when you are."

Chiaki sighs and backs up as she was told and watches as a clone appears next to Fuuta. An interesting technique that was for certain, she would have to make a note of it. She takes a few more steps back before running towards the two hoping he knew what he was going. As she ran towards them she goes ahead and pulls out a syringe and senbon so she can have it ready when she gets close enough to one of the females. Plus she'd have her weapon out in case she attracted one of the male's unwanted attention.

Fuuta and his clone toss Chiaki out there towards the female she spotted. The splash got the attention of a few males, three to be exact. But the female was the closest shark to Chiaki. Fuuta and his clone immediately grab the wire ready to pull Chiaki in. The female shark seems to try and avoid Chiaki. It starts swimming away. The males however are headed right for her. "She-Viper. Not to rush you or anything but the longer you're in the water the more danger you'll be in." he reiterates basically telling her to hurry up.

Once Chiaki lands in the water she keeps her eyes locked on the female shark and swims right towards her as she tries to get away. Her speed comes quite in handy and she is able to catch up to the shark and stab a syringe into its rough skin. Injecting the pheromone into it she nods to herself before swimming away from the female helping Fuuta as he tries to drag her back in. "Ready Fuutama-sama! Pull me back in!"

With the combined help of his clone Fuuta manages to reel Chiaki back in. But more than a fair share of sharks are alerted. Still the pheromone injected in the female seems to be already at work. A good portion of the sharks avoid her. When Chiaki is close enough both Fuuta and his clone help her up on the dock. "You did well. Not so bad right?" He grins. Fuuta pats her on the shoulder. "There's another one not too far from the first." He points in the location adjacent to where Chiaki was just thrown. Fuuta blinks "Wait…there's two of them." Sure enough there would be two female sharks parallel to one another. Fuuta looks to Chiaki. "Think you can handle two? They're a little further out than the last one."

Chiaki shakes the water from her hair onto Fuuta and his clone, perhaps her form of payback for being told that she was going to be the bait at the last second. "Just invigorating Fuutama-sama.." Her eyes follow where Fuuta points and spots the two sharks in question. She tilts her head curiously before nodding at Fuuta. "I should be able to handle two…although if they split up it could prove an issue…” Pulling out two more syringes as she prepared to be thrown in once again she nods once more at Fuuta indicating that she was ready. "Just don't mess up when it comes to pulling me in…”

Fuuta shields himself as best he can from Chiaki. "Hey hey hey cut it out!" he snaps. He really didn't like water. The young man uses his sleeve to dry himself off and grumbles at Chiaki. "Great…glad to see you're still in one piece." After that little exchange Fuuta and his clone would toss Chiaki out there again. This time her splash immediate garnered the attention of a male. It would zero in for her. The other two females were off a bit but not out of reach yet. "She-Viper! You've got company!" Fuuta shouts. The male shark would dive down going in for the kill. Chiaiki would have to take a glimpse underwater to find it. Fuuta curses "Damnit. Where did it go?"

Chiaki perks up as Fuuta calls out a warning and looks over to the shark watching as it dove under. This wasn't quite good, but as long as she could find it. Taking care of him should be easy enough. Diving under herself she looks around for the shark spotting him coming straight down from underneath where she was. She couldn't afford to let fear or anything like that hold her back in a time like this. She frowned and swam forward right towards it, senbon in hand, getting close enough to jab it right into his nose. With it distracted by the pheromone laced senbon, she swims back to the surface taking a deep breath of air as she resurfaced. "Thank you Fuutama-sama, I appreciate it…” She begins to look around for the two females she was originally after, that predicament was a distraction and she needed to regain her bearings.

The shark was thoroughly displeased with Chiaki's actions. It thrashed about and bleed which only attracted more attention but there was a bit of good news in it for Chiaki. The females were both heading her way. Fuuta waves at her "I do what I can. Now hurry up. I'm gonna start pulling you in if it gets too…oh boy…" Fuuta remarks seeing the two females head for Chiaki. He starts pulling her in. The female sharks are within arm's reach but they won't remain like that for long. Fuuta doesn't want Chiaki to end up fish food. She'd have to be quick to get them both before Fuuta reeled her back onto the docks.

Chiaki blinks and struggles against the wire a little as Fuuta begins to pull her in, she needed to complete the mission whether she was in danger or not, and he was almost keeping her from her objective. Grumbling to herself she shouts back at Fuuta, "Fuutama-sama focus on the task at hand! The mission is to take care of the sharks, not save me. Only pull me in when I have accomplished the goal!" Spotting the females as they swim within her reach she takes the two syringes in hand twirling them into position. She immediately uses the moment to inject the pheromones into both the females before swimming along with Fuuta's tugging. Now that she did what she needed to do she did not mind whether or not he got her out of the water.

Fuuta shakes his head at Chiaki "You're clueless sometimes you know that?" He remarks at Chiaki. While completing the mission was important he wouldn't let Chiaki die such a horrible death. Then after she injects the two female sharks Fuuta starts to smile. Chiaki was bold despite her cluelessness sometimes. "Good job." he remarks. Then something bad occurs. In the midst of pulling Chiaki back a larger shark bumps the docks causing it to tremble. The post the wire was secured collapses. Fuuta's eyes widen then as the wire is caught in the maw of a large shark. "CHIAKI!" he shouts but when his words reach her it would be too late. She's dragged down underwater with the large shark now. Fuuta dismisses his clone and curses. "Damnit." He was removing his gi so that he could dive in after Chiaki.

Chiaki doesn't have much time to react as the shark jerks her and the wire down into the water. Although rather stunned, Fuuta's yelling jerk her into action and with her quick reflexes, she does manage to untie herself from the wire before she is forced too far underneath. Her chest heaves as her body tries to cough up some water she accidently swallowed on the way down, and she could feel her lungs strain from the lack of oxygen. In a small state of panic two of her senbon slip from her grasp and she looks down as they sink to the bottom, debating on using what little air she had left to go get them. Deciding against it, even she knew that was not the best course of action, she tries her best to claw her way to the surface before her body decided to force her to learn to breathe water instead of air.

Fuuta dived in and found Chiaki submerged rather deep. He swims rather well and manages to get a hold of her hand bringing her to the surface. "She-Viper?" Fuuta looks to her and shakes her a bit. "Hey you still alive?" There they both were out in a rather large body of water and of course her come the males to exert their dominance. They begin to circle Chiaki and Fuuta in their ceremonial pre-dinner dance. Fuuta counts about 5 of them. "Chiaki how many senbon do you have left?" he asks. He keeps close to her as they both try to stay afloat. Fuuta then shakes his head climbs atop the water. "Almost forgot I could do that." he says using water walking to stay above water. He brings Chiaki with him. "So should we call it a day or do you want to finish? It's up to you. But we're a ways out from the docks."

Chiaki has a coughing fit the moment Fuuta and her reach the surface and quickly gasps for air as she is shaken. "Stop it, Fuutama-sama I'm fine. Why'd you dive in? You hate water. You could've just left me. It would have been my fault for failing to prepare…” She shakes her head still a little dizzy from her ordeal. She quietly mutters to him in an attempt to show she appreciated him saving her, "Thank you all the same…” Looking out at the sharks she counts her supply of senbon "I have four left Fuutama-sama…there's one extra but the pheromones should drive them away like with the females…” She allows Fuuta to bring her up with him as he stands on the water. "I want to finish. I do not ever want to fail a mission again. If need be I will stab any that are left with my own poison.” She holds out the senbon offering some to Fuuta.

Fuuta shakes his head at Chiaki "I hate water. But I like you a little bit more. So you win out." he chuckles. Fuuta nods to Chiaki. "Alright then. If that's what you want to do then new plan." Fuuta takes two senbon from Chiaki. "I'll be the bait." Fuuta smirks and takes a senbon to his hand. After stabbing it his blood would leak out and already the sharks could smell it. "I'll keep them busy. You try to tag the rest of the females. Then you go back to the docks with or without me do you understand?" he asks. But he doesn't have time to wait for an answer. Fuuta lets Chiaki drop in the water and takes off diving near one of the males. His blood puts all the sharks into a fit and even a few females come close. Fuuta starts swimming away leaving Chiaki to finish the mission. If she was quick she could get one of he females before they dived under for Fuuta. But she'd have to toss the syringe.

Chiaki blinks for a moment at Fuuta's change of plan but doesn't get a chance to respond before she is dropped into the water. She watches Fuuta and the sharks, unsure of whether or not she liked Fuuta's new found focus. She wanted to complete the mission, but part of her didn't want to see Fuuta hurt because of it either. It was one thing when she put herself on the line, but she found it confusing when others did the same. Still she had a goal to accomplish, and he was helping her achieve that. If she was quick enough, perhaps she could help drive away what sharks were attracted to him. Spotting a nearby female going to Fuuta she quickly flicks the syringe over to it, hitting it spot on. She readies another syringe as she looks out for any other females that she could go after.

Chiaki was doing well. She had two syringes left and the last one she threw managed to connect and was already working to drive the other sharks away. Still 4 chased Fuuta. The young man couldn't out swim them. At this point he was wondering where the other two females where at. His blood should've led them straight to him. And it did. Heading Fuuta off was a very large female. It was going straight for him and he couldn't escape it. The senbon don't work on the females so Fuuta was up a creak so to speak. As she came for him he managed to evade the initial bit and grabbed on to its fin. The massive shark would surface not too far from Chiaki. It brought huge wave of water with it however. The wave swept towards Chiaki. It would send her underwater and the female would be heading for her now.

Chiaki was doing well. She had two syringes left and the last one she threw managed to connect and was already working to drive the other sharks away. Still 4 chased Fuuta. The young man couldn't out swim them. At this point he was wondering where the other two females where at. His blood should've led them straight to him. And it did. Heading Fuuta off was a very large female. It was going straight for him and he couldn't escape it. The senbon don't work on the females so Fuuta was up a creak so to speak. As she came for him he managed to evade the initial bit and grabbed on to its fin. The massive shark would surface not too far from Chiaki. It brought huge wave of water with it however. The wave swept towards Chiaki. It would send her underwater and the female would be heading for her now.

Chiaki gets caught off guard by the wave and looks on as the shark swam towards her. At least this time she managed to get a decent breath of air before hand. She calmly waits for it to come closer before weaving just out of its reach and grabbing onto the back of its fin. She tries to pull out the syringe to stab the shark but as she attempted to hold onto the squirming shark she loses her grip on it and it begins to sink to the bottom of the sea floor. She can't help but curse to herself in her mind, but continues trying to hold onto the shark. If she could stay on it then it couldn't circle around and bite her and she could try again, and if it tried going after Fuuta she could always try and distract it from this position. She still had one syringe, she just hoped to herself that it was enough.

Fuuta manages to catch a glimpse of Chiaki as she too grabbed onto the shark's fin. He wanted to yell at her but can't really afford to with the lack of oxygen. Fuuta could really use that one-handed seal technique right now but he'll have to make do. The shark continues to swim towards the bottom and with Fuuta's hand still bleeding it wouldn't be losing any strength. He nudges Chiaki in all the commotion. He wants her to go ahead and use the last syringe on the shark. If they got any deeper now making back to the surface alive was unlikely.

As Chiaki kept holding on she can't help but close her eyes when she starts to feel woozey again. She'd give just about anything to be able to go to the surface again to get a deep breath of air. She opens an eye at Fuuta when he nudges her and she fumbles for the last syringe taking it firmly in her hand. Reaching back she jams the syringe as hard as she can into the shark's side injecting the contents into it, twisting it harshly as she does so. She didn't care whether or not it suffered, in fact she wanted it to hurt after what it and its friends have done to her and Fuuta. She lets go of the shark and motions for Fuuta to do the same, they had to get out of here now. The mission was close enough to being completed for her. She works on swimming up to the surface hoping that Fuuta will be close behind her.

Fuuta lets go of the shark along with Chiaki. They had a long way to go until they got to the surface but it looks like the shark brought them closer to the docks. Still they were far below. Sharks were still in the waters but a good majority of them were leaving. It seems the pheromone's effect was amplified with the larger female. He swam as hard as he could trying to make it back to land. He can feel the air slowly escaping him. The surface is only a few meters away. The group looked like they'd be home free until one straggling male, the same male that Chiaki had stabbed earlier returned. It was big and mad. It made its way for the both of them. Just outside of its range they'd finally reach the surface. Fuuta immediately moved to stand on the water and reached for Chiaki once he got to the docks. They surfaced right beside the docks so all Chiaki had to do was grab Fuuta's hand.

Chiaki keeps swimming as fast as she can focusing entirely on Fuuta almost completely ignoring the shark that was after the two of them. She reaches out and manages to grab onto Fuuta's hand when it was offered using it to pull herself out of the water before the shark can get her. It was a little close for Chiaki's taste, but a close escape is still an escape. She shivers a little bit still clinging to Fuuta, all that time in the water made her feel like she was going to freeze. Snakes weren't that tolerant of the cold and neither was Chiaki. "F..Fuutama-sama can we go now? I'm cold..I think all of them are gone now.."

Fuuta grumbles then shouts "I HATE water." He stands helping Chiaki up with him. "Yes let's get going." He sneezes. "Oh….oh no…*sneeze*" Seems Fuuta's contracted something from being in that freezing water. "I hate this day I hate this day…you alright She-Viper? I hate this day…." he mutters walking off with her. "Oh you did great by the way."

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