Shark Wrestling and You: How to Not Die, Tend to Wounds, and be the Envy of your Peers


Hotaru, Akane, Kiji, Feari, Isra

Date: July 12, 2014


A budding medic has to learn how to tend to wounds, so it's time to create some! How? By Shark Rasslin'! Who was up for the task? Isra…but not really. Still, since she was available and had experience with nearly getting her leg chewed off, it was the perfect opportunity to provide some entertainment as well as grant a learning experience to the medic on the rise and fashion opportunity for Kiri's #1 fashionista, Feari. With Akane as a teacher, Hotaru couldn't possibly fail at this, right? Nope. Is shark skin in style? #1 fashion analyst Feari thinks so.

"Shark Wrestling and You: How to Not Die, Tend to Wounds, and be the Envy of your Peers"

Mist Lake - Kirigakure

Shark Wrestling is a time honored tradition here in Kirigakure. If time honored means all of happening just one time and it wasn't even wrestling! Well, not for Isra, anyway. It was supposed to be fishing and it turned into wrestling, so some people got the idea to make that something new and exciting! Enter the guinea pig. "I got attacked by a shark one time… One time!" she called out while watching the finned beasts being filtered into the lake. "But, I guess it's for a reason, so…I'm going to do it. At least this time it'll be different." Maybe. She isn't entirely sure.
She looks around the lake to see who all have showed up for this and finds herself insulted at the amount of spectators here. She folded her arms and huffed. How could so many people want to watch her nearly get mauled?

Akane stood on the bank on the opposite side of the lake as most of the spectators. This allowed her unhindered access to Isra should something go wrong.. er, well, /terribly/ wrong in any case. As a shinobi she knew the woman might get bitten. As a medic she was prepared to act instantly. As a newish member of Kirigakure she knew there would most likely be blood. She glanced over to Hotaru whom was there as an aide to her. She picked up a small pouch that could be attached to a belt of any kind and offered it to the boy. "Keep this on you inside are basic medical supplies." She eyes the boy for a moment. Then looked back out over the water. She wore her crimson hair up in an intricate wrap held in place by six hairsticks. Her clothing was leather. Bustire, pants, jacket, and more weapons belts than she looked like she could actually handle. But she carried herself with ease and confidence. She turned her eyes on Isra and the shark fin protruding from the water. This should be interesting at least….

Hotaru sits on a bench, arms folded and watching the event with semi-interest. If someone gets mauled he might pay more attention but right now it's ho hum. Hotaru brushes the flat gray hair that hangs past his ears as he waves away a flying bug. "Stupid things…" he mumbles and wishes he brought his spray to kill them all. He itches at the banadge he currently has taped to his cheek, a common appearance on his face but an annoyance all the same. His blim and skinny body has his usual grubby flat white shirt on with his black long jacket over that. Grey hakama that are tight and not baggy are around the hips and show a mist ninja ID plate stitched into one hip. A half metal choaker hangs slightly cocked around his neck and is on the verge of falling off if he's not careful. Hotaru adjusts his large medical bag attached to his bandoleer, just in case he needs to assist Akane, handing her bandages or salves or whatever else she needs.

Hearing about this…'shark wrestling' was indeed more than enough to get the attention of Feari, especially when it included a fellow Seven Sword. What exactly was her purpose for wanting to do this? Sure it might be a crowd pleaser, but what exactly was Isra planning to get out of doing this? The man contemplated as he stood next to the others in the crowd with arms crossed over his slightly exposed chest in his current outfit. What ever the womans reason, Feari had his own for being here. There was a chance that something might go wrong with this performance and in the moment Isra may become hurt meant that the shark would surely be killed and that is what he's after. Sharks skin. THe opportunity to be able to work with that kind of material in creating a new outfit wasn't something he could pass up.

"Okay, so..I'm going to try wrestling these sharks. This is not advisable. Honestly. Don't do it. It's bad for you and it's bad for me, however this is something of a test. It's made to connect you better to your instincts and knowing how to manipulate them in response to your environment and other things, yeah?" She grinned as she snapped the goggles over her face. "So, just stand back, These sharks will get busy in a bit."
She ran off and jumped into the air, diving into the lake and swimming out to where the sharks were convening. All the while, people drew close to the shoreline to get a better view of the event. As Isra turned over and began to backstroke, she made signals to the shark team to start agitating the waters by adding in bait.

Akane looked to Hotaru and narrowed her eyes though the boy couldn't see her eyes through the reflective lenses of her glasses, the firm set of her lips showed her disapproval of his attitude. "You will find, Hotaru-kun, that such back-talk /will/ get you in trouble. Especially when directing such an attitude toward your superiors. This assignment is not a joke. A life may hang in the balance." Unlikely considering it was Isra fight—er wrestling — the shark. "And I expect you to show regard for that fact when you are on the job."
Her tone was stern. Hopefully that would end the issue with the boy. He was young and that typically meant having an unrealistic view of one's self. That lead straight to trouble. She was prepared to show him by force if that was the only way to drive seriousness into the boy… but she really hoped she would not have to.
She turned her head to look over the crowd, then back to Isra as the Swordswoman began swimming.
At the shark team's area there was a single genin present with black hair and purple eyes. Shimizu Kiji was being suported by one of the team and she sliced a line in her arm. But rather than just bleeding, the blood gathered at her side as she waited for Isra to signal for them to agitate the sharks. Once that signal was seen she started dropping bits of blood around the sharks, giving them blood int he water. Then she fomed little bubbles of blood which she placed int he water as well, but these danced around, leading the shark forward then dashing away and robbing the creature of it's intended meal. Of course this had the effect of angering the sharks. It would not take the girl long to whip them into a frenzy of frustration….

Hotaru perks up as someone jumps in to take on the sharks. He gives a creepy smile, but keeps his mouth shut. If he started cheering for the sharks, who knows what might happen. Someone might take offense. But, he already offended Akane as she chews him out. He looks up at her, then stands up, "Yes, right." he turns his gear bag around to reach for the small medical pack and slips the bag onto his back once more. With the clip included on the medical pouch, he attaches it to the strap crossing his chest. "Much better…but now it's interesting. I really want to see what happens Akane-sama." he says in a hushed tone and actually bending over slightly as if on edge. Then straightens and coughs, "But ah, we'll respond to any injury, of course."

With the sharks getting teased by the blood and guided every which way except towards bait, they began to whip around in the water causing small waves and splashing at the surface. Isra was centered in it all as one of the blood bubbles began passing by her and giving cause for a shark to dart towards her. She felt her body tense up as she prepared to engage it in combat…was that even possible?
There were many more she needed to worry about, but for now, it was only this one. As it opened its mouth and attempted to bite her, she gathered up her strength and slipped out of the way before she grabbed on to a fin to go for a ride through the water.
Feeling someone had taken up residence on its back, the shark and every last inch of its muscle twitched and jerked only for it and Isra to be launched out of the water. A trail of red followed the both of them as she was taken higher due to her lighter weight while the shark just inches below her maintained an open maw to capture her inside.

When Isra finally takes off and jumps into the waters, a look of excitement fills Feari's eyes though the reasoning behind his was still much different from the rest of them gathered. Unlike the rest, he truly was only interested in gathering that shark skin. Even if it meant once the match was over he'd have to walk out there himself to gather what he had came for. The possibilities of what he could do with shark swatches was rather limitless. Though as he watched the blood began to drop in the waters and the sharks began their frenzy, he began to wonder just what Isra had planned with 'wrestling' these sharks. Knowing what he did about her abilities, Feari could only hope not much harm would come to their body.

Akane saw Hotaru straighten up and the other signs that he had caught on to what she had said to him and so she smiled and nodded. "Good. Go ahead and watch then. If something happens I'll probably be the one eading out on the water hmm?" Thus it was fine for him to watch the entertainment for now. She honestly didn't take pleasure in chiding the boy, but she felt she would be lax if she did not make sure he understood the stakes and his job. She shifted a little when he referred to her as -sama but kept quiet for the time being, her attention belonging on Isra of course. The woman appeared then, and dodged the shark gunning for her, only to catch it by the fin. Akane watched as the shark leapt out of the water, only for another shark to track her from underneath. Akane folded her arms, still watching. These sharks were small compared to SOME in the Deadly Reef location so she wasn't /too/ alarmed. The scarred woman remained ready to dash out into the water if she was needed. Meanwhile, Kiji was still controlling her blood in the water, making sure to distract a few of the sharks so that Isra didn't have to deal with so many at once. The longer the show the more entertained the crowd.

Hotaru watches and waits. He is still impressed by the size of the sharks and looks up at Akane, "Yes, I can't do much with chakra for now. I'll do what I can for now." Mostly watch, even his medical skills are lacking. He is afterall, just a month or so out of the academy and never had a sensei besides the usual instructors.

As the show continued on, Feari shifted in his stance and for a brief moment brought his arms away from his chest to also resituate the floraled pink robe that drapes over his shoulders before crossing his arms once again. His focus though would return back to Isra as her and the shark are flung out of the water followed by a trail of blood, but whose blood is it. Even with medics nearby, Feari wasn't sure they'd be able to sew up the swordswomen if she's bit in half.

The shark and Isra began falling together, but she was drawing closer to its maw the further they descended back into the water. She could feel her feet and legs already stinging from the thought of being bitten and she didn't want to be subjected to that. Not yet, at least. She proceeded to flip around and grab the shark by its nose and lower jaw, watching as it snapped its mouth shut as if to draw her hands to the center and mangle them.
She snatched her hands away, but not quite quickly enough. She got away with a few of her fingers getting sliced open as they fell back into the water. Naturally, this meant the other sharks that are gathered 'round were beginning to seize this moment as an opportunity. There was a wounded animal amongst them and now it was time to secure some meat.
In an effort to create a diversion, Isra places her hands together in a seal, despite the amount of pain that it took, and summoned up some water to push away some of the sharks, leaving only one for her to work with. She decided she'd take advantage of this water and use the jutsu she had available to attack it. A bullet ought to give it enough of a stun for her to latch on to its tail and fling it around.

The water bullet struck it's target, punching a small hole in the intended shark's tail fin, both distracting the creature and putting more blood in the water. Kiji watched from her perch and allowed one more shark to head for the scene. It approached ramming speed and then… CHOMP! It's jaws closed on the wounded shark's tail. Much to the crowd's enjoyment. They cheered and applauded, though some were probably so enthralled because of the injuries Isra had obtained already.
Meanwhile, Akane seemed to twitch in her stance when isra was bitten. The woman had kept going and Akane knew that though the wound might be painful (from the look of it) it was not a fatal or serious wound. She kept her eyes on Isra should she need to step in still but sent words toward Hotaru.
"Hotaru-kun, her hands are cut up. What would you do to help her if she were with us now?"

Hotaru hurms and tries to get a better look at the hands. But can't really from this angle, so be it. Best to answer right away than not to answer at all. "I would apply pressure to the injury using a clean gauze with some quikclot gel added to it with one hand. With the other I'd apply pressure to the artiry running to the hand, the um….radial artery. If the damage is wide spread, as I think it is, then a bigger bandage would be needed. Once the bleeding slowed down, I would wrap up each finger, then palm and top of hand.

Feari tilted his head slightly as he was easily able to see the wounds Isra had just received. Was that for show? Unlikely, but he knew that adding more blood, especially from someone actually in the water would instantly draw the sharks. They could smell it and regardless of what tactics Isra might employ at this time, depending on when the last time the sharks fed, they were going to get their meal. This was definitely making things more interesting, at least for those gathered as far as Feari could tell as he gave a quick glance to those gathered near him before looking back to Isra, waiting to see what would happen next.

Isra held on to the tail of the shark, trying to displace herself against all its movement in order to manipulate it into ramming other sharks around her. When it began to catch on to what she was doing, she watched it flick its tail forward and rocket her forward in an attempt to snap down on her cross section. She utilized her blade's scroll and performed a corkscrew spin to wrap it around her body. The chakra filtered into the scroll enabled it to harden and protect her body from harm. Admittedly, she felt that was close and thinks it's about time to draw this demonstration to an end. Even if it didn't last too long, if it goes on any longer she'll get tired and less likely to dodge. The objective was not to allow the threat to last too long, not toy around with it. She decided to end this by initiating a large scale trap to keep the sharks in place. Tossing out a kunai with a tag, the seal activated at her command and lit up to summon an entire barrier to keep the sharks away from her. She finished by surfacing from the bloodied water and swimming towards shore. She needed this wound tended to.

Akane listened to Hotaru's description of the standard first aid that he would use for Isra's hands. She nodded lightly. "Not a bad analysis from this distance." She praised the boy's descision. "If you can stop or slow the bleeding with chakra that would work better than bandages and pressure, but if you cannot utilize chakra healing just yet what you described is correct." She offered the boy a smile then loked back at Isra with a frown. She turned her eyes away from the show long enough to pull a vial and syringe from the medical supplies near them. She read the vial carefully then nodded and showed Hotaru the bottle. "This is an antibiotic. can you tell me why I will need an antibiotic even though I have the ability to seal her wounds with chakra?"
Once the boy would offer his answer Akane was once again focusing her attention on Isra. Her defensive use of the scroll to protect her from a surely fatal bite impressed the crowd and they cheered in a roar. Few had seen anything so exciting as a swordswoman 'wrestling' sharks. By the sheer volume of the people Akane could tell this might catch on and she sweatdropped thinking about just how many jounin might get yanked into the spectaclein the future…
Then isra had a barrier out and Kiji helped properly corral them inside it so Isra could make her escape. The genin would wait until the Swordswoman was out of the water before helping the shark team by luring them back with her blood.
Meanwhile, Akane turned to prepare the syringe of antibiotics. As soon as isra was there she would attempt to inject both of her hands with the proper amount of the syrum before asking Hotaru to bring saline solution and large bandages to clean the wounds once Akane had stopped the bleeding. The crimson haired medic turned to isra's hands immediately, bringing chakra to bear from her hands in order to stop the bleeding. "Hotaru-kun offer her a pain killer please." This she would watch carefully, to be sure the dose was appropriate.

Hotaru thinks for a moment and says while walking with Akane, "An antibiotic kills bacteria which causes infection. Even if you seal the wound with chakra, it does not disinfect the wound. Ah, yes, I should had also said to disinfect the wound after the bleeding was controlled." He pulls a large bottle of the saline solution out and starts pouring it on Isra once he can reach them and the bleeding has stopped. Once he runs out of saline, he reaches back into his bag and pulls out a needle pre-adjusted already for a quick shot of pain killer, "Would you like something for the pain? I hope so, it would be my first field shot." he asks Isra giving her his creepy smile, not quite knowing her name yet.

Suddenly there seemed to be a lot of action going on between the sharks and Isra, but before anything more exciting happened, it was overr and yet, no sharks were killed meaning in the process. "Oh dear." Feari mumbled as he uncrossed his arms and walked out from the crowd, making his way toward the sharks and where they're being wrangled. "Pardon." Feari motioned toward the shark handlers, asking for permission to at least take the injured one off their hands and making a deal that he'd at least give the meat back to Kirigakure so long as the skin could remain his. Once the terms were negotiated a kunai appeared within the mans hands as he headed across the water and towards the sharks before quickly dropping down and inserting the blade forcefully into the shakrs head before the creature even realized what happened. Then as fast as the blade appeared it was gone and replaced with a scroll that once opened revealed a seal that with a few hand signs and focused chakra, made the shark disappear.

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