Sharp Designs


Ayumu, Katama

Date: February 12, 2014


A clothier's ambition is put to the blade, figuratively and literally.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Sharp Designs"

Sunagakure - Village Center & Arena later on

Village Center Area [Sunagakure]

The very center hub of Sunagakure, the Village Center is a bustling area. Crowds gather in huge groups, all across the very wide square. It is completely protected by the large buildings surrounding it on all sides, and the four desert winds do not seem to intrude into this area.
People can be found doing all manner of things, from hocking wares, to trading for certain fabrics and materials, selling their products, or any other activity from sleeping quietly, to getting into explosive arguments with people. Fights are not unknown here, so there is regularly guards overseeing the circle. The entire circle itself is built to face the largest structure in all of Sunagakure. It is a massive domed building, easily 5 stories high, that seems to be constructed out of seamless and flawless sand. No stones, no mud, just pure sand, caked hard and formed into a building. This is the Kazekage Administration Dome, the head of bureaucracy for the mighty city of Sunagakure.
Their are entrances in all directions into the square, except the south, which is where the Administration dome is located. People are always flowing into the circle from all directions, and leaving as well. Even during the night, it is a sure bet that a large crowd will be in the circle, talking about all manner of subjects.


The wind sends fluffy white clouds tumbling across the sky as warm breezes sigh gently through the streets of Sunagakure. Alas, while most would've probably enjoyed such refreshing currents, only those that lucked out with more nightly ventures where work is concerned or retained the stamina from the daylight hours are given the chance to enjoy such things. Ayumu and Katama incidentally belonged to the former category thanks to a rather ambitious clothier, Takenaka Azumi, requiring the aid of some of sunagakure's finest to handle field test his latest project. Unfortunately for the duo, neither were given a sample that might've matched their choice of color or style to a fault, BUT at least the products were, for the most part, mirrors of the same type of cloth the would normally wear on any given day. As far as mission specs exactly go the only requirement was for the duo to moniter each other, record any issues with the product, and experiment in terms of stressing the clothing line. A spar of course was amongst the basic list they were given, but beyond these stipulations they were free to pass the next few days or so as they pleased.
Ayumu, ever the quick change artist, would be the first to leave the store with his whole wardrobe replaced with the experimental project. To say that he was excited would be an overstatement. Still, the man didn't exactly seem less than eager to spend the evening on the town with Sunagakure's femme fatales. Then again, there was that incident from their very first meeting….

Katama wondered where her name had been drawn from fo this 'mission' as it certainly did not fit her usual specifications for activities. To top that off, she was told to work with Ayumu and after thier first meeting she'd had her share of issues. But when the clothier sees her walk in with her medium armor on he fairly bowls her over with suggestions on what to test as the armor would put a unique stress on the fabric. Perhaps that was why she had been chosen for this…. She sighed and allowed the man to suggest a few things but she ended up choosing a pair of shorts and a tunic in red to wear under her horned crimsona nd gold armor. Once she leaves the store, bearing a pair of brand new swords at her hips, she looked about for Ayumu. "What would you prefer to do? The spar first? That seems to be a prudent way to test this …fabric…"

Ayumu doesn't say anything immediately, for the wind captured his senses and his has held it for awhile now. After a short while — much to Katama's personal chagrin perhaps — Ayumu lets out an almost relieved sounding exhale before turning to his fellow compatriot. "Mah-ee, Katama-chan. The night is far too young to waste it immediatly on something like that." He says non-chalantly. "Come on, let's brain storm over a bite to eat, neh?" He doesn't wait more than five seconds for compliance. After that, the Iga leads the way to one of the few open aired ramen bars that are still open.
GAME: Save complete.

Katama blinked at Ayumu's suggestion that they shouldn't 'ruin' the night by jumping to a strenuous activity right away. The suggestion of food makes the woman blink. She took a moment to consider the options then sighed softly and nodded her assent. "I suppose food would not be a bad thing." She had been aware of the ramen bars in town but rarely had she visited them, preferring to simply eat something quickly at home before passing out for the night. So eating out was a rare occurrence for the Kuroyari. Once they arrived at the ramen place, she sat down with a bit of a thunk on the stool, ordering a simple bowl of the house special, though Ayumu might note she pointedly keeps her gloves /on/.

Nothing misses Ayumu's attention; including the Kuroyari's refusal to remove her gloves. "Two beef bowels for me," He says, suppressing a chuckle with words for the moment. With that out of the way the Iga made it a point to try and take stock of the feeling of the cloth. A task he figured would be put off for at least another few hours but… well, a subtle glance at his companion reminded him of the past once more.
Soft, light, a little on the thick side but otherwise perfect so far. The same might not be the same for Katama, but surely the clothier spared nothing on sensitivity, right? "… My apologies, by the way." He peers at her from the corner of his eyes. "That is, if I offended you. T'is not my intent with the ordeal." He adds, sounding genuine… and yet, there's mirth underlying it too.

Katama accepts the house special with a serious nod to the cook before taking a pair of chopsticks and snapping them apart. "I was not offended, Ayumu-san. Shishou was upset with me for disobeying his order not to do it." And now she was being the good little soldier…. The cloth on her felt heavy compared to her silks she usually wore under her armor. It was not uncomfortable exactly, just different really. "I would not be very happy wearing this on duty during the day I think.. It's thick." A statement that was relative of course, but one she made nonetheless. She started in on the ramen quietly, glancing out of the corner of her eye now and then at Ayumu. "So, what do you think so far?"

The beef bowels, surprisingly enough, takes longer to come; leaving Ayumu to fight over the urge to beg Katama. "Ah, I see…" He says as he ran a hand through the crimson forest atop his head. "Might just be the pair the gave me but, the boxers are a little snug." He admits with a casual shrug. "Tack on day duty 'nd I'd be in the hospital by the end of the day perhaps. Still, if these things can deflect a Kunai I'm.. not sure I'd be willing to complain all that much more." He admits, cracking a grin at thought of deflecting blades with his butt. The very idea nearly elicits a laugh as well. "… Wait, they only had you deal with the outer wear?"

Katama raised an eyebrow at Ayumu's monologue about his boxers.. The man's obvious enjoyment of some mental image made the woman wonder just what he was considering… "Well then we'll test that after we have eaten. I will remove my armor before we spar." She nodded to herself. If it was supposed to deflect kunai she would test that theory. Perhaps there ws something to those crazy demon rumors that had gone around about her… Then she blinks and flushes pink at his question. " But I don't seem to have a problem…" She turns back to her bowl, but what she says next should tell him that when she had her mind on business, she was slightly oblivious to the intentions of those around her.. "The man took extremely precise measurements…"

Ayumu lofted a brow at that, but would comment no further on that. No point trying to dissuade someone just as crazy as he is in regards to combat trials. That is, to a certain degree. Even with arrival of his bowel and the chance to start sating that nasty hunger of his, Ayumu doesn't miss the rise in heat in his companion. Curious, the man goes on auto-pilot as he tries to break down just what that can mean. The words that followed were… it tickled the imagination. Fortunately, Ayumu is not a lesser man, so the prerequisite teasing would be light by comparison. "Mm, With that being the case he should've just as well thrown that in too… Less of course you refused or…?"

Katama had started eating as Ayumu spoke and it took her a few moments to realize ther was something odd about what he'd said.. She turned to look at him with those crimson eyes, blinking in a lack of comprehension. "I'm on a mission, why would I refuse to be measured for clothing?" She was truely oblivious to such things evidently… Or perhaps the man had not quite crossed /that/ particular line.. she /had/ broken a kid's arm for grabbing her armored breast in the marketplace…..She returned to her soup… sucking up the noodles with a concentrated effort. Ramen was relatively new to the woman born of a lesser 'noble' family. It had taken her 2 years before she would eat in public at all. "The stockings area bit loose but he said i was too small for most of his line." And here again.. she was oblivious to the fact that the guy didn't carry an A-cup bra….

Ayumu shrugged uneasily at the first question and dodged it further by slurping up some noodles. While it would not have been a terribly bad thing to point out the norms versus the not when it came to issues of dress, delaying the inevitable sounded more appealing at the moment. His mind was rather determined to keep the issue firmly in place however, though, this was derailed somewhat by what followed.
It takes devouring a quarter of the bowel to find the nerve to speak up after that. And even then, the Iga would pensive a moment more before turning to regard Katama. "Alas, dear Katama-chan, I fear this clothier has no true appreciation for figures of all size. Unlike myself, and perhaps, Yuuto-san. A thing to note in our report, perhaps."

Katama finished her bowl by drinking the soup as Ayumu spoke to her. She didn't even flinch. "I see, well Shinobi and Samurai come in all sizes so yes we should note that in our report." She turned to watch him, her chin resting on her gauntleted hand. "You and Yuuto appreciate many sized shin—" realization struck her and she flushed before her gauntleted hand hit the counter hard enough to shake both of Ayumu's bowls. She looked like she might just want to go on a rampage as it was but she took a breath and let it out.. It took her a few times before she'd calmed down enough to switch out of murder-fugue… During which time her eyes had fairly glowed with an other-worldly light. Perhaps there was something to those tales about her being part demon….

Ayumu blinks slowly as he listened, wondering in earnest if she missed his point. 'Ah wait, I think she—' The gauntled hand slams into the counter, shaking up more than just a few bowels. 'Yep.' A sly, fox-like grin blooms in spite of the potential danger inherit in the moment. Honestly, the girl was far too sheltered still. A thing Yuuto was apparently neglecting to fix! Until she calms down from her murder-fugue mode Ayumu would busy himself with downing the rest of his bowel as quickly as possible. There was still the matter of a second one to down and, well, if things should sour he did not wish to have been wasteful about it all. It is not long at all after Katama has begun to calm down that Ayumu decides to press his luck a tad.
"Yes, though to be fair, I dare not be so presumptuous in regards to dear Yuuto. Ultimately, it should be a matter of the heart that settles the issue…" He glances at Katama from the corner of his eyes. "Troublesome thing how figure is a thing none ignore in favor of love. Heheh, I suppose that makes my humble self rather unique."

Katama took a few moments to calm down. She flushed faintly again as she contemplated this concept of 'love' that people spoke of so much and she was so focused on that that she missed the implications Ayumu made. She was most definitely sheltered… Then, before she had a sudden thought and reached over to pick up one of the available spoons. She makes a motion with her hand, muttering an "excuse me…" before dipping the spoon in Ayumu's soup. She only took a little… The expression on her face ws entirely scientific and she lifted the spoon to her shoulder where the fabric was exposed….and poured the soup over it. as Ayumu had asked for beef it should have darkened the fabric if not possibly stained it, depending on how it was made. ut to the fabric's credit it didn't dissolve or even stain, it got damp. She made a 'huh' sound then shrugged and put the spoon int he dishes. "So far so good and it didn't stain…." The truth was she was interested greatly in sparring the Iga, after what Yuuto had said about their abilities it made her curious and when she got curious about battle she went to the arena…and had a little fun…

The bouquet of feelings wafting off of Katama was more tantalizing than the meal before the Iga. With some difficulty, Ayumu kept some of the more less people friendly expressions from surfacing. It was a daunting task to say the least; especially when the girl sparked his curiosity with the excuse. An almost imperceptible frown settles onto his features once her intent becomes clear. One that fades quickly enough to have been imagined as a trick of the light more than anything else.
"Your quite the big risk taker, Katama-chan." He states, but refuses to elaborate immediately. There was still soup left to consume after all. "I mean, what if the fabric shrunk terribly? A terrible fate for any shinobi! Then again, I suppose in your case a terrible fate would be instant dissolve of it all, neh?" He snickers.

Katama blinked as she was told she was a risk taker… she assumed he meant her taking the soup from a hungry male at first but then he elaborated. She chuckled a bit and shook her head at his real intent. "Such an occurrence would be embarrassing perhaps but if such a thing happened during a mission I would continue to fight." The fun part was that she was entirely serious. But there ws a proviso… "Besides, my armor covers me quite well and I've fought with nothing under that before." Her crimson eyes slid to the side to watch Ayumu's reaction to her little 'joke'. She was trying to be more social…..

Ayumu believed her right off the bat and even admired her dedication to seeing a fight through over merely handling a simple wardrobe malfunction. Still, he cannot help but wince as another thought occured. "Didn't that chafe a little?" He asks with open curiosity. "Or feel odd?" He turns away and absently began stirring the last few noodles about. "I mean, even a lithe figure like yours shouldn't have denied the former… hmm… or perhaps not. Truly worth investigating later." The words slipped from his lips with such non-chalance its almost impossible to tell if the Iga was being serious or just joking. Either way, it was almost time for them to move on to the next phase of testing!

Katama shrugged easily. "It was supposed to chafe, the point was to create the appropriate calluses." She seemed perfectly serious about this statement where the other one even she had known would be taken sexually. She almost asked him what he knew about her 'lithe figure' then remembered what Yuuto had said about them learning everything about a person from that initial 'taste'. Standing up Katama stretched largely, making a few guys back away from her despite the fact they were quite taller than she was. "Shall we go since you're full enough to punch now?" Was that a joke? Or was she really that blood thirsty…

Ayumu started to interject, only to bow his head and let out a light, exasperated sigh in defeat. Training Katama was going to take a lot more effort on his part than he thought possible. "Aye, just—" He paused just long enough to guzzle and devour the remnants of his second bowel in seconds flat. "-aah! Now." A sharp sniff the Iga pops up from his seat. Seeing as it was his suggestion, the bill would be taken care of solely by him. And with that out of the way there was only the matter of popping a few rogue joints back into proper alignment. Incidentally, a customer loses the desire to eat for a few moments as a result.
"Care to lead the way to proper grounds? Woe for me should I fall and disappear at some point." He jokes, hand outstretched for Katama to take like a less proud blind man.

Katama smirked as Ayumu popped several joints and had a typical 'one of the guys' reaction: She twisted her hip slowly cracking her spine in several places. Incidentally causing that same customer to call for a check…. When Ayumu held out his hand for her to 'lead the blind man' she gave him a look. "That's what got me in trouble the last time and I /know/ you can find your own way just fine…" She folded her arms before heading in the appropriate direction…

Admittedly, Ayumu even winced at hearing the sounds that emanated from Katama's form. Winced… and immediately turned off his mind for a few moments to block out one line of thought that tread very, VERY dangerous waters. "Hai, Hai, Katama-chan. Though blame me not for the attempt," He says good naturally before taking the lead…
In an effort to both hasten their arrival and further test the product, Ayumu would start off the first quarter just walking, the second and third jogging, then the last leg sprinting. Nothing that would truly wind them beyond a minute or three after arrival, but enough nonetheless to allow their clothes to better adjust to them. So far, there are no tears, rips, riding, shrinking, or anything to note. Just an increase in heat emanating from their clothing. It would seem the clothier didn't quite get the heat dispersion factor properly. At least, the that much was the issue for both sets, though for Katama, there MIGHT be something else of an issue…
"My, my, my… Hmm… how are you holding up?" Ayumu says as they exited from the darkness that engulfed the entrance and passed out into the moonlight space that was the stance. Needlessly as the act might have been, the Iga turns to regard for himself her condition, though mustering and focusing the lingering energy into chakra took the greatest of priority.

Katama had followed him easily, proving she was in pretty good shape even with the armor on. But she too had noticed the increase in heat from the fabric under her armor and it had been more than jsut from the exertion they had exacted thus far. "Hmm.. warm. He needs to work on that… This is a desert. Shinobi don't need their clothes giving them heat stroke…" She stretched and twisted before drawing one of her brand new swords. "First a few rounds under the armor since he wanted to seee how it held up." She dropped into a side stance, her black blade in a reverse grip, her crimson eyes on Ayumu, watching him closely. She took the initiative, however, stepping forward to slash her blade at the younger male, aiming generally for center of mass, a light(ish) move to start a spar.

"Ah, I see, I see…" Ayumu commented on off-handily, stroking his chin thoughtfully. A deadly flaw… but forced to the back of his mind once the duo were on the arena grounds themselves. The Iga turns just enough to have his side facing the girl, but no other stance on his part is taken, or so it would seem. "Makes sense." The last comment on Ayumu's part before the air about him changed, figuratively. With an eerie since of calm Ayumu stepped in to meet her strike, then ducked under it as he whipped his hand up to press against her striking hand, guiding the blade high.
Red hair would be sheared, material tested, but both at their core remain intact. He'd kick out with the closest leg, meaning to break her foundation long enough to administer a palm strike to her abdomen. Armor or not, the strike would pack a mean punch for a man of his size.

Katama watched the man parry her strike expertly, barehanded. But she did not take the time to be impressed. She saw the kick coming and stepped firmly, spinning as she moved, out of the strike zone. Again she performed the fluid motion, her legs and form having hidden a powerful muscle structure under it. She would turn then, stepping up behind him and drawing her second blade at the same time, slashing twice at his back, the fabric being her main target…

A touch was all it took for him to gather the intel he needed and anticipate her next movement. It wasn't enough to ensure his strikes. Not even by a long shot. But, he had her measure well in mind, and thus, was prepared to turn aside her blade by gambling on the sturdiness of his sleeves. Although the gambit pays off in terms of lack of bloodletting, the force of her stroke is enough to send hims spinning and take the second slash to the back.
A clone!? But then…
"Forgive this one—" His voice would echo from behind her before he initiated something despicable between non-partners: A hard slap on the rear. The intent was to test the fabric's ability to dampen blunt force alone. Truly. Sadly, if by some miracle he is successful it was not likely to be taken that way. The kick to her side might rectify things at tad. Maybe.

Katama continued stepping out of the way of his strikes and at one point she even laughed cheerily as though this were the greatest fun. Had his first smack against her rear have gone through he'd only have managed to hurt his hand on her armor anyway as she wore a skirt of armor around her waist when she wore the medium armor as she was now. But either way she takes no offense. Katama stepped back then, holding up a hand before she stripped off all of her armor save her chest plate. She saw no reason to risk damage to vital organs just to test the fabric. She re-sheathed both of her swords and made a motion for Ayumu to attack her again. "Shall we see how it holds up to kunai?" She had indeed said she would take off her armor….

Right. Armored Skirt. Ayumu really needed to get his senses checked out again before trying anything so recklessly like that again. Either way the matter was dropped well enough, though he made a note to investigate the laughter at some point after this. It was mildly disturbing and invigorating for some odd reason.
"Hmm…I dunno." He says as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Those fancy moves of yours are quite impressive… and mines /did/ hold up to her sword earlier… but do you really wanna trust a blind man's aim?" Says the guy who deliberately aimed for her butt earlier. Regardless of what her counter-argument might be, Ayumu would follow through with her initial suggestion. Three Kunai for one hand, two longer ones for the other. Each in turned are unleashed with little hesitance and unerring accuracy. Two for each short leggings, Three for the sleeves. All in all, it is the two that were aimed for her legs that should become her greatest concern for with the exception of one that was meant to lash, the other would pierce if the cloth did not hold up properly.

Katama egged Ayumu on a bit by lifting her arms in a mock-crucifixion pose and lifted her chin in a typical 'bring it' challenge. She was grinning all the while, yes this was quite fun…. The fabric continued to hold in more heat than it should, increasing in temperature some and causing her to break a sweat. But with her armor mostly off she felt so light and free that she miscalculated the kunai Ayumu sent after her. She twisted, lifting her left arm to catch the first two kunai there and amazingly, the Kunai did bounce off the fabric not even scratching the smooth surface. This suprised Katama who had expected to have to dig a kunai out of her shoulder. A distraction that cost her a great deal when she failed to see the second volley. She tried moving out of the way but instead the kunai hit her in the back. She hissed and stumbled forward, but there did not seem to be a single mark on the fabric of her tunic. She turned then, adrenaline pumping through her veins enough to distract her from any pain she felt…
The demon woman then drew two kunai with a grin and threw them with a laugh at Ayumu. This was one thing she could use a bit of training on… But she did prefer to hold her blades rather than throw them…

Ayumu is no fool. He took her blades before once. There was no, freaking, WAY he was doing that again. Well, there was, but more on the unintentional side rather than intentional. The thought only last but long enough for him to swiftly side-step the first kunai. The second well… he just HAD to know for certain! "What-cha!" Building off the momentum of the side-step, Ayumu leaps up and twists around just enough for his rear end to catch the blade.
There's a moment in which time may seem to stand still, and then…
In a vulgar display of power, agility, and lucky, the kunai bounces off of Ayumu's right cheek before the Iga completes the turn. For a second there he is smiling that fox-like smile of his. Then the pain sets in, causing him to rub his tush a little and groan. "Ooohoho… not gonna try that again."

Katama watched Ayumu avoid the first kunai nicely, only to jump and spin to catch the second blade against his rump and Katama shook her head bemusedly. She could not help but laugh at the man. Especially when he rubbed his bottom — which was doubly protected by his boxers incidentally — she laughed openly. Then just to keep the fun going she would perform a maneuver that used every muscle in her back and legs, the flexibility and precision required for it would possibly impress those who knew nothing of fan dancing. For it was a faster more brutal maneuver based on the same motions as the fan dances she'd learned as a daughter of nobility. She comes around with a punch aimed for the blind man's face, testing just how aware of his surroundings he was.. Whether or not her attack succeeds, Ayumu would suddenly scent blood on the air. Upon closer inspection, the red fabric of her tunic was sticking to her back and left arm, a deep crimson stain slowly spreading from the initial places of contact. Her adrenaline was pumping so high that she had not noticed what had actually happened to her. Though the fabric /did/ deflect the kunai, the fabric her tunic was made of offered only one loose layer between a sharp blade and tender skin. So while the fabric was whole, the kunai had cut her through the material anyway.

Ayumu is still rubbing his behind as the dance began, but after a few moments the Iga is back on full alert again. It is both unfortunate and fortunate that the Iga could not fully appreciate Katama's approach, a dance as much as it was a means to make war. In short, a feint as much as it was a display of skill. What little he can gather — for which there was a lot more than what most would expect — it was enough to garner some respect and admiration from the Iga. But nothing more.
It would've taken less energy to simply step outside the range of her strike. Instead, Ayumu caught the punch just a few inches from his face and clasped his hand around the fist, holding it in place.
'That smell…' The thought flickers briefly in mind. Truth be told, he caught it from a distance earlier, but now… now there was no denying it. She wouldn't appreciate his next movement and very well escape before he has a chance to complete it. Nevertheless, Ayumu would draw her hand away, pulling her closer to him, his lips close to her shoulder. Within that same motion, his free hand would push back her sleeve, bringing to attention teh crimson stain tinging her flesh. "Three failings in one day. If this is not enough to consider this a failed project, then I do not know what is… Wouldn't you agree, Katama-chan?"

Katama blinked as the man caught her punch barehanded. She felt impressed and was about to say such when Ayumu suddenly pulled her closer. With a yelp she stumbled, shocked more than anything and expecting to be dealt a good hit from this distance. So when he puts his lips close to her shoulder she tensed up and her muscles jump a bit. She was half way through a 'what are you doing' demand when he pulled up her sleeve to expose the cuts there and the blood underneath. She frowned, then. That must be the pain that was seeping into her back as well. She reached around behind her and slid a hand under the bottom of her tunic, wincing as she encountered the cuts there and her fingers have blood on them when she brings them back around. "Slice… Yes, Ayumu-san, I think this might be a failure… Since we know about it now do you want to continue? Personally I think I might be starting to over heat…" The skin that had been under the sleeve was warmer to the touch than any exposed skin was and Katama had broken into a pretty good sweat just by what they'd done so far.

'Taste it'
The thought is a difficult one to ignore; especially while in such close proximity. Blinded by it as he is, Ayumu doesn't say anything for an unnerving few moments. He just stares blankly at the exposed arm until reason returns. "… Yes… As curious a fellow I am, it would be best to turn in our first report." Sea-green pools flicker up to peer into Katama's eyes, holding it as he absently returned the sleeve back into position. Seperating himself from her takes a little more effort by a stark comparison, but eventually, Katama is freed fully.
"Heat?" He lofts a brow in confusion at first, then both are raised with a silent 'ah' being motioned. The red-haired wonder had honestly forgotten about that. A side-effect from all those sensor control exercise of late? More than likely. "Though before that, we should see that your wounds are treated, neh?"

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