Shattered Memories - Kagome



Date: April 22, 2012


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"Shattered Memories - Kagome"

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(OOC: This is a cutscene for a now in-progress sidestory TP revolving
around Team Ten and one of its members. If you've got questions, feel free
to shoot me a @mail or a page! Wanna get involved? Let me know ASAP!
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~Kagome, Kagome, kago no naka no tori wa~
~Itsu itsu deyaru? Yoake no ban ni~
~Tsuru to kame ga subetta~
~Ushiro no shoumen daare?~

A black and white scene; on a rock, a young boy sits, his unruly hair
tied out of his face and held out of the way by a blindfold, tied tightly
to keep the boy from seeing the circle of other young boys and girls
around him. From the looks of things, they could easily be on a makeshift
playground in an old border town somewhere within the Land of Fire…

"'Toshi-kun! 'Toshi-kun!"

The boy in the middle of the group, obviously, is Hitoshi. They seem to
all be playing some kind of game… a guessing game, apparently. The
little group remains silent, but fretful, swinging one another's arms and
silently grinning as they seem to wait for Hitoshi to spit something out.
The little girl that stands directly behind Hitoshi… never has her full
face shown, her hair and the angle at which she's featued only showing a
sweet little childish smile, full of life. She seems the most fretful,

"Nnn… is it… Toyo-kun?!" Hitoshi's voice is kind of growly, and
falsely deep, like he's some kind of monster. Yes, obviously… it's a
children's game. The girl directly behind him promptly announces,

The entire group closes in on Hitoshi at that point, and a playful tussle
ensues… only as static fades on the scene to bring something entirely
different into focus.

Everybody's got somethin' to hide…

A room with no windows. Nothing on the walls. Sparseness. It could easily
be mistaken for a prison cell or a dungeon if it weren't for the otherwise
simple wooden construction, and the fact there was a nightstand beside the
bed, on which a half-eaten bowl of porridge with some berries in it…
half of them looks as if they had been arranged in an odd shape.
Half-eaten, it's hard to tell what the shape once was. The room is dark…
but on the bed there is the outline of a young boy, with that same dark
hair, a complete mess… He looks clean, but… something is missing. His
eyes are sunken, dull looking. He's dressed in a yukata that's at least a
size or two too big for him… His knees drawn up to his chest as he sits
there, looking toward the door that leads in and out from the room…


The door slowly begins to open. A figure is shadowed at the door by the
light shining in behind them… it cuts a feminine figure, the hint of a
kimono being worn. Her face is never shown, instead… a twisted, empty
smile that was never meant to grace a soul other than the one sitting on
the bed. There's a soft crackle of electricity, then…

"Are we ready to keep talking, 'Hi-to-chan?"

The voice… it was an older version of the young girl's voice with whom
he had played with so long ago. The boy on the bed slowly turns his head
toward the figure… his eyes wide, frightened. The crackle is persistent
as the figure makes its way into the room, the door closing behind it…
shutting with a loud THUD.

If the small cottage-home these two were in happened to be any closer to
a populated area, the screams that ensue may actually draw attention.

Next time, on Naruto MUSH: Rivalry 2.0 - Shattered Memories
"The mistakes of the past can't hear the screams of the present."

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