Shattered Memories - The Meeting


Hashiramako, Berii, Atsuro, Daisuke, Naru, Taiki, Ren, Mugen, Hinotori

Date: April 30, 2012


A meeting to discuss Hitoshi's status, and what's happening from there.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Shattered Memories - The Meeting"

Hokage's Lookout [Konohagakure]


Hokage's Lookout is a tower situated on the far end of Konohagakure, around which many other structures are built. It is tall, with a winding staircase leading up the outside of it. A pair of doors leads into the courtyard from the street. Within the building are circular halls, including one that runs past the Hokage's office. The Hokage's office is a spacious room with bookshelves, filing cabinets, a broad window, and a large oak desk in front of said window.
Also within this building is a records department, and a wing for the receival and sending of messages via carrier pigeons.



An important bit of news came to Hashiramako's office and was laid upon her just as she'd expect from an information gatherer. She had time to ruminate over it, she did what she had to do and sent out a call to select individuals. Three teams and some family members. She prepped herself as much as she could for talking to them, taking out the necessary papers and other documents associated with this meeting so that she wouldn't have to spend long on it. This was a task that required haste and the meeting was only to ensure everyone was on the right path.
It was late morning and the weather looked to be drawing rain later from how thick the clouds looked at the moment. It'd be a welcome change considering how hot it's been, though the forest has been providing a decent amount of shade and cooling to certain parts of the village. Having been inside, she was unaffected by the summer heat which made this task a lot easier to take in and think about without the frustrations of the weather.

Daisuke was used to getting summoned to Hashi's office lately, though it was rare to be summoned for a mission. Daisuke figured that Hashi had forgiven him and was happy about that, if that's all it took, a little time, he would make sure to remember that for next time. He walks towards the Hokage's building, arms behind his head, feeling fairly carefree today. The chuunin on guard eye him suspiciously to see what kind of mood he was in today, bracing themselves for the worse, but only get a flashy smile back as he walks by and up the stairs.
Approach the door to his Aunt's office, Daisuke gives a light knock before turning the knob and entering the room. "Hello" he says in a cheery mood, announcing his presence. He walks towards the desk from the door, briefly looking over the office, noticing the lack of people, "Here I wanted to arrive stylishly late." He plops down in the chair, his arms behind his head, resting and waiting for anyone else to show or an explanation to be given as to why he was here.

Memorial services. That's what Atsuro has come here for, and boy, he is not happy about it. Maybe it's not practical to just assume that every genin lost on a mission is out there somewhere, still alive, but in this case it feels like Hitoshi was written off before his corpse — which totally doesn't exist yet, by the way — had time to cool. Besides that, Atsuro thinks Hitoshi wasn't suited for the mission to begin with, but of course, nobody asked him, Hitoshi's sensei. You know, the guy who would know exactly what missions Hitoshi is and isn't suited for? Yeah, present tense.
Atsuro is stone-faced as he enters the building and makes his way to the Hokage's office. Taizen walks alongside him. His face isn't as easy to read as Atsuro's, being a dog and all, but his movements lack a certain verve. They arrive at the entrance to Hashiramako's office. Atsuro didn't want to attend this meeting. There's a moment of hesitation, then he knocks and opens the door. "Hello," he greets stiffly, "Hokage-sama." He glances at Daisuke. They've met before, briefly, but Atsuro didn't think he'd had much to do with Hitoshi. He gives him a simple nod, then grabs a chair for himself and sits down. Taizen looks at the chairs, then shares a glance with Atsuro. Not big enough. He sits on the floor beside Atsuro's chair, his considerable size bringing him up plenty high despite his position.

Taiki follows his sensei in, his hands in his pockets and with only one dog, Shinobu. The others are all outside the meeting room on sentry detail, keeping their senses out for trouble. Taiki and Shinobu are both rather… scruffy looking, as if they had been spending quite some time outdoors. At least Taiki changed clothes, but there wasn't much time to do more than remove debris from Shinobu's fur, so he gave off a faint odor of dirt, trees, ozone, and sap, though it is stronger for those with the nose for it. Sharp eyes can easily see smaller pieces of dirt and light forest debris. Neither genin Inuzuka or ninken seem very sociable. In fact, Taiki is fidgety with a deep frown on his face. His eyes burn when he looks up at people's faces with a fire hot enough to fry eggs. But he doesn't look up often, and is not really speaking much either. A simple, "Hello Hokage'sama" escapes his lips, though the voice is very controlled to be evenly neutral. A glance is given toward Atsuro and Taizen, followed by a snap-like nod as he takes his seat.

As per usual with Berii, a true problem like that of what happened with Hitoshi is not approached head on. She did not talk to anyone about it, nor did she plan to. Her parents had been thoroughly ignored, along with anyone else who attempted to approach her on the subject. What those, who were trying to contact her would hear was the fact that she was under rigorous training or something along those lines and not the somewhat pathetic truth that she had simply been about moping since the news.

Berii's look isn't much of a surprise, given how she's spent her time. The Uchiha is found wearing a plain black t-shirt and shorts, there wasn't an ounce of her usual dressing up, her hair simply hanging around limp like a tree beaten by a storm. All in all, she looked miserable as she shuffled into the office behind her teammates as if she had caught some sort of terrible cold.
As she steps in, her eyes settle on Hashiramako, red in color and it had nothing to do with Sharingan. Not a single word is said, she probably cried out whatever could be afforded to wet her mouth enough to form words. With Berii being all hasty in hopping into the, 'wanting to cry her face off' department she did not hear the other story of Hitoshi possibly being alive she heard he died right on the spot, the few stories she heard being more dramatic than others but, they all ended with 'Yeah that kid's dead'.

It should've been sooner, honestly, was what she was thinking to herself as she entered the office. The boy survived through unreasonable odds, there were even situations where she was fairly certain that not only Hitoshi should be dead but, Berii herself too. For the first time in… plan she can't remember, her eyes light up for a moment…

Ren had an unofficial team, the paperwork was in and she only needed two more members, maybe three. For now, she had Mugen, who was gathered up in turn by ren personally, a home visit and everything, and then lead quietly down the street towards the administration dome. Up the stairs they go, a b-rank mission their notice. There was supposed to be two others with them, but they didn't show. Oh well, not her problem.
She opens the door to the Hokage's office and smiles brightly, twin tails senju in the house. Then the mood hits and she stops smiling as wide, moving over to stand in the corner, "Hmm, So I take it this is a serious mission for once Cousin?" He tone is directed at Hashi.

Following behind Ren is a mild-mannered boy. Mugen fidgets a bit, having only been summoned to the Hokage's office…. well never really. He's fresh from the last academy graduation and, by no admission of his own, is considered a prodigy among the Yamanaka and gathered a little bit of noteriety for his early mastery of their mind-body techniques.
As they stand in front of the hokage he bows deeply, "H-hokage-sama" he stutters out in the bow, glancing up to Ren for direction.

Uchiha Hinotori has been a lot less busy as of late, though when scroll came from some other means to inform him of the meeting to be had today. Hinotori has called for his team to meet him at the Hokage Tower for a meeting with Lady Hokage. Having arrived early, and waiting for all members of his team, Hinotori stood with his hands behind his back, but wearing all black with a red vest and the Uchiha symbol on the back of it. His headband protector worn sideways along the side of his head.
Upon the arrival of his team he would escort them inside of the tower and up the stairs to the office of the Hokage. Bowing his head to the guards outside, they are permitted in. Allowing his team to go in before him, he follows in behind them. Once in he smiles to everyone, though his eyes are that of a pale red, and three tomoe. "Hello. We've arrived as requested." is all he says. Bowing his head to the Hokage and he gives her grin. THen to his little brother Daisuke.

Naru trailed closely behind Hinotori, upon hearing word that there was going to be some sort of memorial service for their recently MIA ally, despite it being a memorial service she didn't bother on putting on a kimono and paying her respects. She knew he was alive… Or at least she thought she did. Hitoshi may not have been the legendary shinobi to save the day, but he knew how to survive and she saw it first hand during the second part of the chuunin exams… Her expression remains stern however, usual bright pumpkin hue'd eyes were dimmed with disgust that this memorial was going on in the first place.

As she continues forth with a heavy head her eyes look straight for the Hokage as she entered the room, there was a burning sensation filling her veins… She wanted to leave…She wanted to move on and just go home… Nevertheless she remained still and silent, checking out the other patrons in the area… Another Senju… the "Monkey" Daisuke, and then there was a few she was familiar with, for now she kepts her eyes to look slightly over Taiki, she couldn't force a smile though… She just wanted to know… What this may have truly been about.

Hashi's expression was grim as she looked upon all who were gathered in the room. A brief glance went to the entry of the lookout, but nothing came of it. At least, from the otherside. So, she decided to get this meeting started. "Greetings to all of you. I understand that you all have received my summons and have come wondering what to expect from this meeting or…if you are in the know, you'll be wondering what's next on the agenda, so to speak," she started off slowly enough. She clasped her hands behind her back as she continued, "Well…" She paused and scanned the group over to get a read of the mood in here. Depressing is the word that comes to mind first.
"You all needn't worry. I've received word from that Hitoshi is alive and is stable," she let that bit of news hang in the air before continuing. "I was told that a medical ninja found him worse for wear, I put this lightly mind you, and healed him. He's stable now, but there's no telling what condition at the moment. I'm not aware of how long ago this took place, but because it happened, I can say with some confidence that Hitoshi-san's memorial service will be put on hold. That is…" She lifted a finger into the air, "If you all are able to retrieve him first," she lowered her head and her eyes took on a dark feel, emphasizing the weight of the situation.
"So, now that we know this news, I think it's clear what we have to do next, hm?" She decided to lighten up by offering a smile to the room.

Daisuke turns to the side, resting an arm against the back of the seat, to watch everyone that comes in, knowing some, not knowing others. Berii gets a wave, that odd speaking Genin whom he taught a few techniques to will always be remembered in his mind, if not just because she speaks oddly. Hino gets a half salute as a hello, though as the next person enters the room behind him Daisuke just turns around to settle back in and wait for his aunt to speak.
Hashi speaks up about the purpose of the mission, which seems simple enough to Daisuke. He had done a few retrieval missions in the past, but he wasn't really the stealthy type. For the moment, though, he could almost feel the mood in the room lighten up, which made him smile inwardly. Seems Hitoshi had a few really close friends, which gave Daisuke plenty of motivation to want to help. "So, what's next?"

Atsuro glances at people as they enter. Taiki and Berii, of course, he'd expected (and they look much like he'd expected), but there are some others he knows as well. Ren, whom he's met briefly. An Uchiha guy he doesn't know. Naru, who… well, this isn't a social call, so better not to get concerned over that.
Hiss for Hashi's briefing, at first, Atsuro is only half-listening. Partly because it's just formalities, and partly because he /still/ doesn't want to be here. That is, until Hashiramako finally drops the bomb. Atsuro straightens up instantly, as does Taizen. He listens intently, holding in so many questions he feels like he's going to burst. In any case he's feeling a lot better than when he came in. Finally she stops talking. "Who is this medic?" he asks almost immediately, "Can we trust them? Why do we need three teams to retrieve him? Where are they?" Taizen barks a question of his own. "Yeah! How soon do we leave?" So excited he doesn't even have time for sarcasm.

Atsuro glances at people as they enter. Taiki and Berii, of course, he'd expected (and they look much like he'd expected), but there are some others he knows as well. Ren, whom he's met briefly. An Uchiha guy he doesn't know. Naru, who… well, this isn't a social call, so better not to get concerned over that.
As for Hashi's briefing, at first, Atsuro is only half-listening. Partly because it's just formalities, and partly because he /still/ doesn't want to be here. That is, until Hashiramako finally drops the bomb. Atsuro straightens up instantly, as does Taizen. He listens intently, holding in so many questions he feels like he's going to burst. In any case he's feeling a lot better than when he came in. Finally she stops talking. "Who is this medic?" he asks almost immediately, "Can we trust them? Why do we need three teams to retrieve him? Where are they?" Taizen barks a question of his own. "Yeah! How soon do we leave?" So excited he doesn't even have time for sarcasm.

Even in the rage/depression filled haze that Taiki is in, he's not going to miss Naru's entrance. When she glances his way he turns his head sideways to look at her, unshed tear being stubbornly held back by a thirst to make someone… anyone… pay. Shinobu looks up at his partner, then over toward Naru, giving her a sad look and a very soft whine. He glances up at his partner, then back at Naru, his malamute face looking rather hang dog, pardon the pun. Taiki, on the other hand, simply looks down as his face reddens. He takes a small pouch out of his kimono and pulls out a leaf, then slips it into his mouth and begins to suck gently.

Others are pretty much ignored, besides his own team members and the Hokage. So it should be of no surprise when the announcement grabs his attention like nothing else could. His head snaps up, his eyes widening for just a moment before they narrow and his mouth sets in a thin line. The fire in his eyes grows larger as his body stiffens and starts to shake slightly. Forget planning, Taiki wants to GO! Besides, Atsuro already asked the important questions. The rest could be winged.

Berii's expression went from sad, to hopeful when the most recent thought struck her to… plotted? Yep, with the news of Hitoshi's well being coming afoot she looked terribly annoyed. Still, not a word comes from her as Hashiramako continues to speak.

It was obvious she wouldn't gather this many people to say, Hitoshi was fine.

When all the news was said and done, Berii grins and reachs into her pocket, pulling out a small scroll labeled 'Scroll Holding Scroll'. The girl spins it around in her hand, and glances to her two teammates, "I'm gonna get set up, hnn." The words forced out with a painful hoarseness that she ignores for the time being as she steps out to do some rapid summoning, they could always fill her in later.

Ren listens quietly to Hashiramako give her speach and explain the mission. There's a moment that she places her hand on Mugen's head to calm him down. For the most part, Ren is quiet, leaving the others to pine after HItoshi since she doesn't know the boy anyway.
COMBAT: Ren finishes her turn.
COMBAT: It is now Mugen's turn.

Mugen cants his head to the side curiously, not being familiar with Hitoshi. He remains silent, looking between everyone in the room quickly and their reactions. Judging it to be someone known to them… His curiousity seemed piqued now as he looks back up to Ren as she speaks, then blinks some more, "A B-rank mission? woah…" he says, going a bit wide-eyed at the notion at first. His clan may have high hopes for him, but he's still just a kid and not an extremely confident one at that.
As Ren basically pats him on the head, he simmers down a bit and nods at her.

Standing at attention as the Lady Hokage speaks, the formalities going over his head. He's not been one to listen to them much but still he owes the Hokage a lot more then soem of the others. Granted when his little brother salutes him, Hinotori couldn't help but smile and salutes back to him. His eyes taking in everyone in the room pretty easily but he doesn't allow his head to move or his attention to shift in the slightest. Oh well right now there are more important things going on and when Hitoshis name is mentioned. Hinotori's look directly at Hashi.

At the questions which only a few asks, HInotori figures questions are forth coming and honestly what the others may ask will only fully aid him and his team with whatever she has the need for them. Knowing that Naru is here and her dislike of Daisuke only makes things a little bit awkward but not too much for now.

It seemed like Naru was right after all, she didn't grin or smile, she didn't even feel that burning desire to go out and save Hitoshi right then and there… She was angry, angry that they managed to pull im away in the first place. " I'm ready to do whatever it takes to bring him back…" Naru states finally, nodding her head to the Hokage mostly to show her interest and break any silence that mat have occured between the two of them.

She shuts out most of everything else, especially Daisuke… She was more interested in figuring out what was going to transpire, which was more than likely to show up as a mission in the very near future… All Naru knew was she was going to be ready for it… She couldn't stand seeing Taiki hurt, and this was just another problem to cause more damage.

Ah, that's much better. A sign of relief in the room and Atsuro's pick up is enough to cut the tension and cause it to disperse. She wants to answer the questions, but they're coming too quickly for her to answer each of them, so she tries to pick up at the end of the barrage. It's true, she didn't call them here to say that Hitoshi was fine. She had more to say, but understood those that sought to leave at this point. The information was to be relayed anyhow. "I don't know who the medic is, but their importance has come and gone. All I know is that he healed Hitoshi. Trust them? That I can't say for certain as the medic's business with Hitoshi was healing him. I assume he left after he was tended to. We need three teams to retrieve him because we're going into the Land of Water. The place where Hitoshi is located is not that far away from Kirigakure. The first team to go in will be the retrieval team and the other two will be back up. Kirigakure will no doubt be watching and may try to meddle in what is an affair of ours," she explained with a stern tone.
"Ren, I'll need you to get your team together. We'll be needed you on this mission. Team 10, you all will be retrieving Hitoshi-san, that leaves 7 and 11 to play backup. Is this understood?" She loooked them all over to see if they did. "Also, if you're able, capture anyone associated with his kidnapping. This may be the more dangerous part of the mission as stealing anyone out of the Land of Water, especially so close to Kirigakure could warrant problems, but I have faith in you all to do your best and work efficiently."

Daisuke stretches his hands above his head, his fingers intertwined. Seems he had his assignment, playing on the lead team of this retrieval, he will have to work on some pretty stealthy moves before they depart. He figures he might see Tsun again, being in the Land of Water, but he wasn't holding his breath. His orders were received and he nods his head to confirm that he understood before he stands up and heads out the office door to wait for any closing remarks from others or his makeshift team members.

Well, Atsuro's not sure what the deal with this medic is, but obviously that's that. He figures he'll just stop looking this gift horse in the mouth. The mention of the Land of Water and Kirigakure makes him frown. "So much for having nothing to do with it…" he mutters under his breath, "Knew they were lying." But there's no time to think about that right now, since he's being addressed. "We understand," he says, glancing towards Taiki, and… well, Berii's gone. "I'll brief Berii on it," he adds.
The mention of capturing the kidnapper gets no particular reaction from him. He'll certainly try, but Hitoshi's his main priority, as far as he's concerned. In any event, he looks much better now. He looks serious, but renewed and ready for action. Taizen, too, has much improved, and is now wagging his tail a little on the floor.

Taiki's eyes, face, and indeed entire body seem to hinge on the Hokage's every word. Berii gets a nod and a smile, though he only seems to just register that her old personality is making a comeback. Instead he returns his gaze back toward Hashi's expressions, seeming to thirst for details. When Kiri is mentioned both shinobi and ninken alike growl ominously, their expressions becoming grim and tense. Now they have a target… and a moment later permission. The right corner of Taiki's lips curl upwords, giving him an almost predetorial gaze. He's fully in control, but he is definitely looking foreward to this. "Of course we're going to retrieve him. As if we'd leave him there to die… That would be out of the question."

Ren nods at Hashiramako, "I only had a team unofficially, on paperwork that only had one name on…Though I had a couple of other people interested. I'll just have to win them over immediately. Even if I have to pay someone, I'll have four people ready by the time we're needed. Count on it." She pumps her fist and nods, "I'll use this beautiful body of mine and seduce me some teammates."

When the details of the mission is given, Hinotori looks to Naru to get a glimmer of what she may be thinking, but then turns to look upon the Lady Hokage. He bows his head. "Team 7 will be ready. Though we will need pretty much whatever information we can get Lady Hokage. Also for us and Team 11, where do you want us in relation to the otehr two teams as well as when do we begin this Op?" he asks simply.

Naru continues to stick to herself at this point, taking a stand behind Hinotori, the look on hr face wasn't pleasant at all, if anything it was more out of place. She listened intently though, while her arms cross along one another to further grasp the situation.. .She had no idea why things even happened the way they did… The rescue team could have went back to find Hitoshi at least if things went on the way they were suppose to… She sighed once, going back to Kirigakure for a fourth time was definitely going to be a blast…

"Don't get the wrong idea. I have a feeling that Kirigakure isn't behind this one. Stealing away Hitoshi doesn't seem to have much of a plan behind it, y'know?" Hashi started to Atsuro. She didn't have to hear what he said to know what he was feeling. "Just focus on playing backup for now…" She hummed, "Oh, and Daisuke you're on Team 10. You'll be taking up a spot on the team temporarily," she folded her arms. "But yes, brief her. As a recap, Hitoshi-san is near Kirigakure. It will be your mission to go and retrieve him and if able, to capture any people involved with his kidnapping. Team 10 is retrieval team, 7 and 11 are backup and secondary capture teams. Be prepared. We're keeping contact in Kirigakure to make sure that we have the least resistance possible, but I don't trust them so you all must be careful. I can't stress this enough. You all have your orders and you are to move out by morning tomorrow."

Ren turns back to Hashi and nods, "That's true. Kidnapping also doesn't seem to match the typical behaviour of those in the land of the water. As we saw, they declared war on Sunagakure and maimed and killed who they could. In the last war with us, they didn't try to kidnap anyone, they just killed. So kidnapping seems like the least of their priorities." Then a shrug, "But that's just me. I'm going to stay behind and talk to you some more Hashi." Now that everyone is gone, she can be informal.

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