Third Promotion Exams - Shattered Overconfidence: Sakuryu vs. Amani


Sakuryu, Amani

Date: August 24, 2013


An overconfident Shirayuki princess gets utterly destroyed by the wandering Yamayuki

"Third Promotion Exams - Shattered Overconfidence: Sakuryu vs. Amani"

Forest of Death

Sakuryu was quick in what she needed to do and was careful as well. Near the water, near the path, in the forest, up high but hidden. Perfect. She could use jutsu, attack, defend, flee and hide if she needed. Currently she was finishing off her shelter as well as making a good set of camouflage.

Amani wandered around this forest, attempting to find her way around this maze. The sky looks unfriendly from what she can make out from breaks in the trees. This place is dangerous and the best thing to do is to be on guard at all times. She utilized sound to find her way around. Though many areas were the same, they were different in subtle ways. Eventually, she found her way to water and set about gathering some in a container she withdrew from a pack she wore. Medical kit is always a must for her.

Sakuryu stops what she's doing and crouches down, holding her breath to a bare trickle, looking down along the river as she watches for the first person passing by. This was the chance, the first step was to gain allies, and if they didn't want to ally? She could always just fall back on what she had planned for her dear cousin.

Amani leveled her eyes with the field, pausing in her activities in order to gauge the area. She looked around, unable to find anything in particular before going back to her water. She'd place the container in her pack and flop back on the bank of the river. She thinks she should try and find and or build a shelter. After that? Food. Food, she hopes, that is not much larger than her.

Sakuryu moves a good distance from her camp before moving around to announce. "State your village and intent!" She calls out before moving again slowly through the bushes

"…?" Amani was unsure of how to answer the question. Sure, the village was easy enough to talk about, but the intent, she thinks, should be even easier. The intent is to get through this exam, right? "Who the heck are you?" She questioned. "Eh… I'm Yamayuki Amani, village Kumogakure. My intent is to pass this exam. Why don't you tell me the same of you?"
You paged Shoki with 'I forgot about search!'

Sakuryu narrows her eyes "Shirayuki Sakuryu, To pass the exam as well as other items…" She looks from the bushes. "Truce or we battle!"

"Those are the options? Hm. Part of me wonders if I should battle. If I do, I may retrieve a scroll and /if/ I do, it's a matter of how long I'll be able to hold onto it…" She considers. "If we don't battle, I may miss out on an opportunity and while it may increase the chances of survival around here, it may decrease my chances of passing…" Decisions, decisions. "Let's battle and see what happens."

Amani withdraws her bow from her back and prepares to use it. It isn't the only thing at her disposal, but it's one that gives her a slight edge in battle. She stood her ground as Sakuryu placed distance between herself and her. She nocked her arrow in preparation for firing it. "I'm sorry, but I'm in need of a scroll. It is nothing personal against you. I wish you the best in this battle."
Sakuryu sighs. "And I cannot be responsible for your life." She shrugs and quickly takes her chakra, pulling it in and changing it to the form the aura of ice her clan was famous for, unseen to the other girl the leaves nearby frosting over, ground freezing out, and the very moisture in the air turning to a light snow about her, Sakuryu moving to find even deeper woods to lurk.

"A threat…" Amani states. She winced and nodded to herself. This was the survival exam. She activated her Nejigan and builds up chakra to her throat and expels it in the form of a sonic scream.

Sakuryu quickly forms an ice clone but doesn't get out of the way in time, grunting as she gets hit, tumbling back through the brush before quickly getting to her feet, panting a little as she stands to peer through the leaves forming handseals rapidly to form out a series of projectiles to rain over the Yamayuki.

That's a good start. A wounded opponent, much like a wounded animal. Amani knows a thing or two about hunting. Now, all she has to do is keep this up. She draws her arrow back and takes aim against her target, following the sound she makes to pinpoint and fire it away to strike out at her. Before this, she found herself defending against ice. Beautiful ice, but deadly in that it was jutsu. She cast out a defense in the form of a dampening block to stop the attacks in their tracks. Once that was completed, the arrow of sound would find its way towards her.

Sakuryu curses and holds her arm where the arrow of sound tears through her. "Urk, I can't do this.." she huffs and forms handsigns quickly. The roses the had thrown quickly blossoming out beautifully before flaring out in a fiercesome storm of razorblade like petals for the roses, storming and twisting hard in the air in a blinding fury. Soon followed by the water in the air condensing hard, forming a quick and furious mist that would coat the area and allow her to escape.

Amani defended herself once more against the attacks that came her way, effectively dampening the razor like petals of the ice blooms before focusing on Sakuryu in the midst of this mist. "Wait…" She started. "We can end this…if that is what you desire." She didn't seek to attack or make any hostile moves against Sakuryu. "I can tend to you and help you to recuperate. I'm not here to take lives. I've seen enough of that. I'd like to practice as a medic."

Sakuryu sighs a bit. "You can see through the mist anyways so I'll lose my scroll if I leave." She huffs. "Yeah thanks." She walks back and tones down her form quite ragged from the blows

"Allow me to help you," Amani bows as she deactivates her Nejigan. Her bow is secured around her body while she looks around at where they're at once more. Part of her hopes they weren't heard. She doesn't want to deal with huge animals. But, she will need to do some hunting. "Your camp is nearby, right?"

Sakuryu nods and gestures to the top of one of the taller trees. "Right there, Best vantage point."

"Alright. I'll meet you up there. I'll even hunt as I don't want you moving in your condition." Amani explains. "Is this alright with you?"

Sakuryu nods with a huff. "I can hunt with ice needles or my hunting tool, but thanks." She sighs and looks up at the branches with a grunt carefully walking over to begin tree walking up to the branches

"Understood," Amani states as she follows her up the tree. Once settled, she begins the process of healing Sakuryu. "As you can tell, I'm a medic. I came into this exam to do more than pass. I had intentions of studying. The environment here and the objective reveals telling information about people and helps me to better my craft in the process. That is my real concern." She expressed. "Of course, I'd like to pass, but I felt it would be in bad form to request your scroll without first granting you some measure of recovery. I…hope this doesn't come across as too selfish…"

Sakuryu sighs a bit. "No, no, I was planning on attacking someone else and didn't plan on meeting someone so much more powerful." She sighs and relaxes on the tree as she feels Amani begin to heal her. "I have an idea, the same thing I did in the last exams…" She grins "We ally, when someone comes by we both attack, that way we can conserve energy and get scrolls faster."

"Oh, I interrupted a plan, then. I'm sorry." Amani states. "As for working together…it sounds interesting enough, but I don't believe I can oblige. I can only hope you find your target, though." She nodded apologetically. "I think I've made enough noise around here. Some, that I hope does not find me…or us found by others."

Sakuryu sighs a bit. "That's too bad, I was really hoping that I could get an ally easy off." She adjusts herself before moving back into her camp a little bit. "Pleas e just don't give away my position, I'm going to need to find a healer."

"I won't give away your position. It will only make things worse for you and you need your strength." Amani nods. "So, I will keep my lips sealed of your location. On that note, I should be heading away from this area before you're found." She bowed once more to Sakuryu. "Good luck on seeking out a healer." She'd jump down from the tree, using branches that wouldn't give away the location of Sakuryu's camp. Now that this is finished, she needs to go assemble one of her own.

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