She Who Reaps The Whirlpool


Kanami, Shinji

Date: December 26, 2010


Kanami is physically weak. She decides to go swimming in some of the most dangerous waters in the world — in the Land of Whirlpools. This is not going to be recorded on the "Top 10 Greatest Ideas Ever" list.

"She Who Reaps The Whirlpool"

Southern Coast - Land of Whirlpools

It has been long enough. Kanami is ready to return to Kusagakure. Amuro is ready to take them all there. He has a certain method of travel, he has told Kanami, that can potentially allow him to move instantly to anywhere in the world — or off of it. Then he can simply use the Summoning Scrolls that Amuro has created for the core membership of the Tao Shih, along with a blood sample from each of them, to transport them from where they are now to where he will be when he performs the Summoning. Of course, they cannot be in combat or otherwise moving around when they are Summoned. That would foul things up. Kanami does not know why it works that way, but it does.
The day of departure from Uzushiogakure can not come soon enough for Kanami. She has had plenty of time to think things over, to affirm her decisions and views to herself and to Datura both, and she really just wants to finish up the tournament so that she can go about her business. She wants to take a 'break' from the Tao Shih, sort of. Whether she will be able to or not is another matter.
Her senses and her wits have been dulled by her association with Amuro. She has allowed him to direct her too much, and do too much of her thinking for her. It is time to regain her independence and to sharpen her 'edge' back to how it was before the Clan Wars ended…
Kanami is currently standing on some rocks by one of the beaches in the Land of Whirlpools. The waters surge forcefully, and the spinning vortices that surround the island are visible even from here. Not a good place for casual boating trips, that much is for certain. The sun is setting, and the sky burns with various colors as daylight dies.

Unlike Kanami who is ready to leave, Shinji on the other hand was actually enjoying himself. Having time away from a mission is always a good thing one should indulge in every once and a while. Having already wandered around the village, learning the lay of the lands or just areas he's allowed to go, Shinji has been found on the beach more often then naught. Today is no different, wearing a pair of southern style training clothing, though his bottoms are shorts, the man moves with a graceful fluidity as he moves through his kata. Standing in the water thats ankle deep, Shinji is practicing, those who have seen him fight would also note that the gracefulness he is using now is the same he uses on the battlefield, though now it seems to be a bit more refined.

Kanami is, presumably, somewhere in the general vicinity of Shinji. Whether he is visible to her or not, however, she is not really paying attention. She is instead focused on the ocean before her. So much chaos… So much activity… To bring order from the chaos would be a fine thing to some. To Kanami, not so much. Instead, what she wants to do is understand what is causing the chaos, and then flow within it — as a PART of the chaos. To move in perfect symmetry with a force as powerful as the ocean, remaining unharmed and untouched, sharing in its strength rather than being destroyed by it… THAT is a fine thing to Kanami.
But to become a part of the flow of chaos, first she must understand it. And what better way of understanding is there than experience? So Kanami looks down at the violent waters below her as she stands on the medium-height rocky cliff. Then she slips out of her kimono, leaving her in an undershirt and a loincloth, and simply falls forward into the ocean. There is a splash, but given the other noises here, and the lack of others in the vicinity, it might go unnoticed… But Shinji is not a normal person and might pick up on that detail and not simply intepret it as background noise.

Chaos….wanting to thrive in chaos move in perfect symmetry within it. Maybe thats what used to be in Shinji some years ago, was it chaos that caused the downfall of his family and allies? Maybe it's a different chaos or just greed, hate, anger? These were things that Shinji kept away of, hid from, still hiding from. With not knowing many of the members of the Tao Shih, Shinji rarely ever talks about himself, except now that he's managed to talk with Ryoko, he felt that maybe the others wouldn't be so bad to talk to either.
As he finish one of his follow through shoulder strikes which causes him to have his body facing away from his opponent but still striking them with his shoulder. Shinji looks back, and as he does he doesn't see anything, he doesn't see Kanami diving into the turbulent waters. But the distinct sound of a splash, the disturbing, disruption of the whirlpools, and thier natural sounds that he's adjusted himself to. Shinji brings himself to a standing position and turns in the direction where Kanami dived in.
Moving along the water, someone just went in, and near one of the whirlpools at that. His chakra control was iffy at best, but he knew if someone has fallen into the waters, they would be swept up by the forces of the undertow of that whirlpool. Channeling just enough chakra to his feet to stand on the water, Shinji slowly makes his way towards where he heard the splash, hoping to possibly find the one who went in before diving in to try to possibly save them.

Kanami plunges into the cold waters and is quickly pulled along under the waves. She is sucked under so hard and fast that she wouldn't be able to get to the surface even if she were trying to. She at least can see where she is and what she's doing. She left her eyes open, and they are presently protected by a membrane that keeps the salt water out of them… Along with the eyes themselves changing to resemble a snake's. She can see everything. The rocks and seaweed beneath her, the broken remnants of a ship off in the distance, and the violent twisting and turning she is undergoing as she is pulled downwards and inwards, towards an underwater 'funnel' that looks like it could tear apart even the sturdiest of sea-going vessels.
Kanami is remarkably calm considering she is almost certainly going to die if she does not do something to stop all this. She tries to feel out the maelstrom… To discover if there are any counter-currents or other aspects to it that might indicate its source lies elsewhere. She remains unaware that Shinji is standing on the water's surface off behind her, looking for her. He is searching the wrong area, but he might be able to find her anyway, when she decides that the largest whirlpool in the area has no alternate source to its power. There is no indication of Chakra being involved. It is simply… A natural force of chaos.
So Kanami starts to focus her Chakra to turn her lower body into that of a serpent to more easily aid her in swimming to safety. Then she remembers she needs the Doujouji Mask for that. And she left ALL of her Masks back with her kimono. Well, crap. She tries to pull herself out of the incredibly strong spiral of force that continues to move her, turning and swimming to the best of her ability, but her air supply is already nearly depleted and she is incredibly weak physically. Without her Ninjutsu… She is nothing! She has consigned herself to death with her self-assured plunge into the watery depths, and her comfortable habit of being detached from such concerns as 'mortality'. She was too arrogant about her capabilities. She had challenged an impossibly, incomprehensibly powerful force, seeking to gain its strength and secrets, and now she was going to die.
Kanami struggles anyway, like the animal that all human beings really are at their cores. But she doesn't even know which way is up anymore! It is only by luck that she breaches the surface with her already-exhausted and skinny limbs! She gasps in air and flails her pale arms, attempting to draw attention. From whom, she does not know. She was alone, last she checked.

The sea water isn't a place to be swimming with your eyes open the salt content alone is enough to blind you for a brief period depending on how long you keep your eyes open, for prolonged exposure with eyes wide open teh damage could become just dangerous. Not knowing he was behind Kanami, Shinji knew that he would need to keep his eyes open for just a small time to spot his target then close them as he swim towards his target and hopefully be able to catch them and swim back with all his might. This is dangerous with a slim chance of saving and major chance in both of them dying, but moving that thought aside, he wasn't going to abandon someone who may have falling in by accident because well who would be >DUMB< enough to really swim here?
As Shinji moves closer, trying to look for whoever was in the water, the light skinned man sees a flicker of movement under the water, and as he moves closer, and the person breeches teh water. He notes it's a woman and is quickly diving towards Kanami, trying to quickly grab her hand before she falls back down under water. Shinji with luck, and able to focus his chakra just barely, is able to catch Kanamis hand. Dipping in the water a bit, he manages to pull her back with him, though he was in a match of tug of war now. Feeling his body being pulled, gritting his teeth and focusing his chakra as best he can and pulling back as hard as he can. "HOLD ON!" he doesn't hollar but grunts as he tries to pull Kanami to safety. As he does he begins to get some advantage, "Kick as hard as you can." he says as he keeps pulling her to safety.

Kanami does kick as hard as she can, but they are fighting against a GIANT WATER VORTEX. The roar of its fury nearly drowns them out and they aren't even on the rim of the whirlpool yet! She is weak. She can't resist something like this. But she does not give up either. Her eyes may be shielded against the salt spray thanks to the reptillian membranes she has generated, but she is not protected in any other way. She has to keep turning her head to the side to avoid inhaling the powerful waves of water that keep splashing her in the face as though the ocean were attempting to drown her intentionally.
She has no way to save herself now. She has tempted the storm and now shall reap the whirlpool. Or however that goes. She is completely dependent on Shinji to save her. She recognized his voice, but that's about all she has to go on in terms of identifying him. There's just too many sloshing waves hitting her in the face to see anything — even with protected eyes!

Grunting as he holds onto her wrist, Shinji feels the waves splashing and smacking the both of them. He knows he isn't going to be able to keep this up much longer and he would be damned if he would allow Kanami or his self to die to some damn whirlpools. Blinking his eyes as the salt water assualts them, the stinging in his eyes from the salt water was killing him, closing his eyes and digging deep inside of his self, Shinji begins to pull Kanami, "I got you!" he grunts as he slowly begins pulling her towards him. His feet dipping into the water, his chakra focus isn't the best but somehow he is managing to do it. "Kick just a little more Kanami-san!" he says as he tries to with all he has within him. And as he does he is able to pull Kanami from the waters, panting and feeling his body and muscles burning.
Lowering himself down, he moves to pick Kanami up, with burning eyes, he opens them and looks towards the beach and begins walking towards it. "Hey you alright?" he asks. "How did you get into the water?" he asks.

Kanami is finally pulled to safety after a seeming eternity of struggling. Her stamina is not particularly low despite her weak muscles, but after an experience like that… She knows of no ninja that would not be at least winded by such exertions. And she is far more than winded. Being dragged out of the briny waters, Kanami allows herself to be carried. She is too tired to walk right now. "I jumped in," she says honestly, between breaths. "I wanted to prove I was alive and real by cheating death. And I would have failed if not for you. Thank you for saving me from my own confidence and stupidity. Rest assured I will not be attempting anything so foolish again." Her blouse and loincloth are drenched, but given the attempt to just SURVIVE they have barely succeeded at, she is less than concerned about physical appearances right this second. If necessary she can Henge no Jutsu some clothing until she gets real clothes.

Quirking a brow at Kanami as he carries the woman to shore, Shinji can only shake his head a little. "Proving to yourself that your alive?" he asks. The light skinned man just looks to her stopping in the sand and slowly sitting down. Careful not to drop Kanami despite the ache and pains of his muscles right now, his eyes stinging still and everything still blurry he's just doing good managing to sit, but he takes care not to drop the woman. He does sit her on his lap then moves her off to the side so that she is sitting in the sand near him. Upon letting her go he falls onto his back breathing a little hard, using that much chakra at that time was major. He never was good at using it, only managing to use the basics to learn water and tree walking. To him it didn't feel natural in a sense, but when Datura was in danger, and now when Kanami was in danger he found himself pushing his body to make sure he didn't lose either women.
"Well I'm glad to hear your not going to do that >Again<." he laughs. Blinking his eyes a bit to help clear the water from them, "Well we do tend to get over confident, then reality gut punches us to show us how stupid we are and can be at times." he tells her. "I have to admit though, I thought we both were goners chere'." That thought did cross his mind more then once while trying to save her, "But I'm glad we aren't, and I'm glad I was at the right place at the right time, dying like this would've been really silly."

Kanami nods to Shinji's words as she is set down in the sand. She sits and rests for now. "Yes, it was very fortunate you were there… Extremely fortuitous… It was almost as though your presence and rescue…" She then looks out to sea as she finishes her sentence. "…Were scripted." She then takes in the roaring of the unstable ocean and the cry of sea birds above and simply watches as the last rays of the sun vanish below the horizon, leaving the monstrously powerful maelstrom as a swirling vortex of black turbulence in the distance…

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