Shinobi Poker


Nori, Midori, Sosuke, Naru

Date: January 16, 2013


An annual Poker tournament with Shinobi as contestants. Much like the Chuunin test, the key is to cheat without getting caught. I used a random card generator to give the players cards and let them bet each round. Midori won.

"Shinobi Poker"

Toshiba Forest Training Ground

It is the supposedly the first day of Spring according to the calendars, and with the change in season, comes the ex-change of ryo. The eighth annual poker tournament is upon Konohagakure. The training area of the Chuunin have been cleared and a bunch of tables have been set up. Villagers and shinobi alike have gathered to play or watch the tournament. For those that are playing, there is a small area next to the tables that is cordoned off by shinobi volunteers. While watching the game is exciting, looking for people cheating can be even more exciting. What is a game of risks and rewards without tipping the tables after-all. Every year, someone gets thrown out, but inevitably, someone pulls off a stunt that no one notices, and is rewarded for it. The shinobi volunteers are here to protect both the reward ryo and to keep people honest.
The MC, someone that the village brought in specifically for the event, strolls up to the gathered onlookers and players. His voice is loud and bold, just like his style of dress. The MC wears a sequin coat that blings in the daylight. He yells, "Welcome to the eighth annual poker tournament. We are about to get way. Can I have everyone that wants to take part in the tournament step forward and place their name in my hat?" He takes off his hat and motions to charcoal and scroll strips on a near-by table. "May your cards be kept as hidden as the village! Good luck!"

"This certainly is a festive village, wouldn't you agree Sosuke-kun?" Ishida remarks glancing down at Sosuke who stands at his side. Sosuke nods in agreement with Ishida as the MC went to get things under way. Sosuke wasn't much of a gambler, he liked odds with a more finite outcome. But Ishida found that this game oof deception would be perfect. "Sosuke-kun, you should participate." Sosuke looks up to Ishida stunned and shocked that he'd suggest such a thing. "Are…you serious? I'd rather volunteer." Ishida simply smiles and nudges Sosuke forward. There a bit of apprehension in Sosuke's step as he approached the MC to enter himself into this game. All the while Sosuke is trying to find a way out of this. Before he would place is name in the hat he looked to the MC "Is there an age limit or something of the sort that prevents minors from participating?" He asked as though he was hoping the MC would state that such is the case.

Midori, who'd been hanging around all day and trying to work up the courage to join the tournament, feels bolstered by the other ninja's question. She approaches the MC as well, wanting to know the answer for herself, although the crowds around the area make her feel anxious and edgy. "Yes, Mr. MC-san, is there an age restriction on the tournament?" she asks tentatively, "I'd very much like to enter." She twiddles her thumbs nervously as she waits for the answer.

Nori is one of the volunteers. He smiles as Sosuke is pushed forward, somewhat against his will. Nori gives Sosuke a wave, as well as Midori when she steps forward too. The MC hears the questions about age and bends forward to ask Midori, "And how old are you little lady?" Before Midori could even answer though, the MC speaks over her, "Isn't that cute. There are no age limits. All are free to join." With the names in the hat, he holds it up above his head and gives it a few shakes. "Alright, the starting table, Table A…will have," and he pulls out the first name, "Uchiha Midori, oh, an Uchiha…how exciting!" and then the next name, "'Gansao' Sosuke." He didn't bother reading the full name…too long, not exciting to read. Additional people's names are read to fill up the table. Nori saddles on over to Midori and smirks, "Good luck."
The contestants are directed to their tables by the volunteers, which means Nori ushers Sosuke and Midori on over to Table A…and once all of the names are read, the volunteers take their place as the dealers. Nori flops down and smiles, "You all ready to win some ryo?" The boy begins dealing cards out. "Three cards first, followed by betting, followed by another card, then more betting, then another card, and final round of bets. Winner takes all." He grins. The cards are dealt.

Sosuke nearly frowns when the MC states that all age groups are welcome to participate. He folds his arms and waits to be sat at a table and dealt. While doing so he spots Nori waving at him. He was tempted to ask Nori for help but he could see now that Nori was one of the shinobi volunteers. Things just kept getting better. The somewhat timid woman who approached after Sosuke didn't solicit an interest from Sosuke until he found himself sat with her. "Uchiha Midori?" Sosuke looks to her as her name is called. "Sorry. Thinking out loud." he states quickly having realized that he repeated her name rather notably.
With the game well under way and Sosuke having gotten a look at his hand. He blinks before looking to the others at the table briefly guess his next move. Nori seemed to be watching their game rather closely but as far as he could tell no one was up to any sort of foul play…yet. Sosuke would glance back to Ishida who watched from afar. His eyes weren't brimming with encouragement like most guardians would. Instead his eyes only depicted scrutiny and judgment, something Sosuke had gotten tired of but accustomed to.

Midori looks over at Sosuke and raises her eyebrows questioningly. "Yes?" she asks politely, then remembers to glance down at the cards she's been dealt before she looks up at the boy again. She frowns a little, and shrugs when he says he's just thinking out loud. She pushes her two chips into the middle of the table without another word and sits back in her chair, looking back over to Sosuke to judge his demeanor and actions. The girl may not be very skilled as a ninja, but she liked to think that she could hold her own at a card table. Her cards remain face down on the table in front of her.

It was a little odd for Naru to partake in such a sport, nevertheless there she was, nested quietly along the edge of the dealing table, back firmly against the rest of the chair while her eyes stared down at the cards before her, she truly didn't have a clue as to what may have been a behind them, or even if the cards had been settled in front of her. Instead her eyes carefully loomed up to watch her counter parts, one of them being the interesting genin she had been seeking out. As the cards were dealt she felt around on the table, picking them up within her slender grasp while her digits traced along, feeling out the indention of the cards in order to figure out just what she had in hand. "Two chips correct?" Narusegawa questioned the MC, pushing the chips to the center of the table. There wasn't that could been seen along that visage of hers. Her pumpkin hued eyes were covered with a thick bundle of silk wrapped around them, only the slight bridge of her nose and supple pursed lips remained visible….

With all of the cards out, everyone at the table is doing their best to be secretive and sneaky…well, everyone except for Sosuke it seems. There is a Genin Hyuuga who immediately calls upon the Byakugan…and Nori kicks him to the curb. The boy grumbles, thinking he had been quick enough while Nori wasn't watching, but others in the crowd must have seen it and given the tip off.
The first round of betting is underway. Midori goes first and bets two chips, the minimum bet. A Nara next to her bets the same. Next to him is an Inuzuka, who suddenly folds the hand…despite his eyes going wide. Next to the Inuzuka is another Yamanaka…a Jounin…who matches the bet too. Next it is Sosuke's turn. Once the Yamanaka has gone though, the Inuzuka growls and states, "Hey…the Nara just shadow locked me into folding. I wanted to bet." The Nara feigns innocence of course, and Nori just states, "Too late. Narusegawa-sama's bet." Nori answers for the MC as Naru asks, "Yes, two chips." He finally settles his eyes upon Sosuke, "Two to join in Sosuke-san!"
Once all of the chips are on the table, a single card is dealt face down to everyone. Nori says, "Next round of bets?"

Sosuke found himself lost in thought with all that was going on. He had play similar games before and understood the jests of the game well. He was just curious as to the individuals that had presented themselves at the table, the newest being a woman who appeared to be blind. This caught Sosuke's attention. As she felt around for the cards and what not Sosuke couldn't help but wonder how in the world did she plan to play. The others at the table catch Sosuke attention too. An Inuzuka, a Yamanaka and a Nara were at the table and two of which had well know abilities that Sosuke knew he should watch for. A easy breath escapes him when the Inuzuka claims that the Nara made him fold. 'That could've been me.' He thinks. Sosuke looks to the Nara then to the others who bet. He began to speculate the hands people had based on their actions when his thought is interrupted by Nori.
"Huh? Two-two wha- oh." Sosuke didn't realize he was the only one who has yet to make a move. Sosuke looks back to his hand then tosses in two chips. He sits forward in his seat now a bit on edge seeing as he doesn't know where the next move will come from. Not only this but he could feel Ishida's gaze from afar. It was maddening. Sosuke realized this and would take a moment to calm himself.

Midori folds her arms over her flat chest after checking her newest card. Her lips purse slightly as she thinks, and then she shrugs. "I'll bet a further 2 chips," she says meekly, pushing two more chips from her stack into the middle of the table and then leaning back again. Her dark, nearly black eyes move from person to person around the table as she examines each in turn, trying to watch for tells. Her eyes finally settle on Sosuke in an attempt to unnerve the boy, although she has no idea exactly what such a look is supposed to look like. In the end, she looks grumpy and maybe a little tired. Lack of social skills for the win!

"Next round of bets," Naru responded back to Nori, a slight grin brandishing upon her lips as two more chips joined her couple stacked upon the table. Despite Naru's blindness her vision did allow some insight as to what was going on, not necessarily the contents of their cards but rather every tension in their bodies could have been read as excited, irritated, nervous or even cocky. For someone who was blind it was obvious she was looking around quite vigilantly. The tips of her thumbs continued to ready against her cards, examining them by touch. She began to notice a few thing shifts in tension about her, though not enough to discern her attention just yet.

What is fair play for the goose is good for the gander. The Jounin Yamanaka flexes his wrist, and suddenly the Nara, who moments before was looking to raise the bet by a lot, folds. The Yamanaka winks to the Inuzuka and then folds himself. "Too rich for my blood," he states. Yes, Midori's minimum bet of two chips is too rich for the Kadomai Jounin. Nori nods to Naru's question before she joins in. "Well, we've to people at least who will get to see the last card. Sosuke-san's the last to bet. What do you say…you in too?" Once Sosuke gives the required chips or folds, Nori would hand out the last card. "Last round of bets and then we flip to see who wins it all!"

Sosuke tosses two chips in after having cleared his head. He could hear Ishida scolding him now but he'd have to block that out and focus. Two more shinobi folded which eliminated the threat of them interfering. It seems the Yamanaka was dissuaded by Midori's bet…odd indeed but Sosuke couldn't complain. He checks the card dealt to him recalling the worth of the hand he's looking at. Naru appears to be more optically capable than she's lead on. Though her hands feel around her head seems to be swiveling. Sosuke figures she as some sort of ocular prowess or ability which is giving her insight. Midori's express gives Sosuke the idea that she's enjoying this just as much as he is. Sosuke raises and sighs in relief as if he's feeling rather well about his decision.

Midori looks over at the Jounin and tilts her head to one side, but shrugs and looks back to the game with a smile on her face. Then her gaze swings around to Naru, who she watches fiddle with her cards for a few moments before she makes her play. She thrums her fingers on the table as she thinks, then matches Sosuke's bet to make sure that she stays in this round. Once again she sits comfortably back in her chair, and looks to Sosuke while raising her eyebrows. "You going to go all the way to the end with me?" she asks, smiling happily.

Narusegawa sighed softly as she finally shook her head, from the indentions she felt along the edge of the guards only proved for her to have not quite the hand she was looking for, surely not enough to win her deal. There was no shame in giving up now and that was exactly what she decided to do. With a slight huff she folded her hand, turning her eyes on Nori with a cheery smile. "I will concede this round," she states humbly placing her her cards face down on the table, that was the end of that, though she was interested in seeing what may have been the next move. All Naru's eyesight was able to do was merely tell her to call it quits now before it was too late.

Nori chuckles as Midori asks Sosuke if he will go all the way with her. Nori stage whispers, "That was the last round of betting. You've both gone as far as you can." He chuckles and then looks to Narusegawa to see if she is in or not. Once it is confirmed that Naru has folded her hand, Nori adds, "No shame in folding." Nori looks back towards the other two, "Sosuke-san, Midori-kun…it is time to flip your cards over."
When the cards are flipped, Nori says, "Sosuke-san has a pair of 9's…oooh, but Midori-kun has a pair of Kings. Midori-kun wins." After pushing all of the pot's chips over to Midori, Nori bows and stands. "That is it for me this hand. We dealers rotate tables so as to not give an unfair advantage or disadvantage to any one table based on us dealers." He bows again and then gives one last word of advice, "Don't cheat…and good luck." As he leaves, he pats Midori on the head and states, "We've found something you're good at…yay." He chuckles and then heads off, leaving the next dealer to go a second round.

Sosuke shurgs at Midori "It seems that way." he offers a smile back at her. When the time comes and Naru folds Sosuke realized now would be the prime time to cheat. He can feel Ishida pressing for it, ever so interested in seeing what the Third-in-Line will do. But Sosuke was just starting to have fun. This game of nerve had grown on him and to cheat now would take the fun out of it. He shows his hand gladly hoping for the best. But when he loses he doesn't mind. He smiles and nods to Midori before congratulating her "Well played Midori-san. Seem you won out in the end." Sosuke rises as Nori explains how the dealers rotate. He bids the Yamanaka genin farewell and for now avoids looking at Ishida even though he knew that the caretaker had some kind of repercussion waiting for him later.

Midori grins as Nori pats her on the head, and nods enthusiastically. "You're right, Nori-san, maybe we have found something I'm good at!" she says excitedly, but quickly settles back into the game as the next dealer comes around. Then she turns to Sosuke and nods politely, "Thank you, uhh… was it Sosuke? I'm sorry, sometimes I forget names." A faint blush colours her cheeks momentarily, and she looks down into her lap embarrasedly.

Sosuke nods "Yes it is Sosuke, no need to. Tsukinamida 'Gansao' Sosuke, no need to apologize. It's pleasure." he states. Ishida wishes imperatively to speak with Sosuke now. The genin had no choice but to accept his price for his obstinacy. Sosuke looks towards Ishida who is already heading his way. "Unfortunately well have to leave it at that for now." Sosuke states. "I suppose I'll see you around then." His departure was a bit hasty but he was sincere in his meeting and congratulating of Midori.

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