Shinobi's Excalibur - A Chance Meeting


Luna (emitter), Tobikuma

Date: August 12, 2012


Uchiha Tobikuma has learned of an old Uchiha Katon Kenjutsu style and has acquired information about a blacksmith in Kadomai who often uses the chakra metal needed for the style, therefore, he has come to Kadomai to speak with the blacksmith.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Shinobi's Excalibur - A Chance Meeting"

Kadomai Village.

With some passed on knowledge, the way to utilize fire based kenjutsu was at Tobikuma's finger tips, or at least the knowledge on what he needed to do. Unfortunately, unlike many of the other elements fire was specific on what sort of metal and weapon would be required to pull something like this off, a Chakra Metal, a rare source of resource which could only be found in certain areas, primarily in the Land of Lightning and even some in the Land of Earth, for an Uchiha to come across a blade like such was going to be close to an impossible task, yet… Not quite show.
If Tobikuma was doing his homework it would be known that there wasn't a single chakra blade at any of the armories and weapon-shops, however there was a rumor that a village close to Kadomai worked with them quite often… It was up to Tobikuma to approach this place, a small hut of a weapon shop in the buzzing heat of afternoon…

And Tobikuma has done his homework, learning there are no blacksmithes in Konoha with the material needed to make this specific blade and there are no shops that sell it either, but he did learn about a small shop in Kadomai that is known to work with the material. So, the young shinobi has made his way to the village's neighboring residency; Kadomai. The information on the name of the shop could not be found in Konoha, therefore, he is seen asking the residents. Approaching one particular older looking man, he says with a friendly smile, "Hello. My name is Uchiha Tobikuma. I come from Konohagakure. I was wondering if I could ask you something." The older man would easily spot the insignia of said village on the forehead protector wrapped around the Genin's head.

The random guy in the middle of the street seemed to blink his eyes at the konoha shinobi, it was a little crowded in the area, but most of the population began to thin out, leaving the old man and the young Uchiha for the most part alone enough for the man to lean down and lead the boy is ear. " Huh…? You had a question kid?" he was a pretty thin old man, not a hair on his head and finally he eventually lowered himself slightly to get a better look at him, of course Tobi wasn't that short. " You have a question you said? I might be able to answer… Especially a shinobi from Konoha," he grinned a little bit and simpyl waited, he seemed to be interested in helping a young genin.

Tobikuma smiles at the older man, happy that willingness to help, but then looks around the area for a moment to notice it cleared out. A shrug of his shoulders and he asks, "Do you know where the blacksmith is located?" He does not mention the rara chakra metal…well, because he doubts the older man would know anything about it. As the old man leans down more, he simply continues to smile and asks, "And…what's a good restaurant here." He scratches the back of his head as his stomach rumbles…clearly hungry.

The old man offered a slight eyebrow raise, in reality, there were many black smiths within the city of Kadomai, or at lest more than one, he shrugged his shoulders and pointed off to what seemed to be a somewhat run down building, " There is a blacksmith down that way, not too far away, as for eating…" The man seems to grumble briefly, scratching his chin and finally pointing off in the othe rdirection. " There is a very nice tempura resturant deeper into the town, Its call the Tanekuru house," With that the man rose back to a stand cracking his back and giving him a slight bow, " I hope that answers your question kid but i really need to get going," and with that he moved right along, disappearing back within the life of Kadomai.

"Thank you, sir." Tobikuma bows in return. His attention is now in the general direction the man pointed in and he is off! His legs take him to the run-down building mentioned, eye-ing it curiously for a moment before looking at the door, and pushing it open. 'This is the blacksmith', he wonders. Once inside, he looks around at this surroundings, "Hey. Is anyone here," he calls out. The dark blue eyes of the boy search the area, waiting for someone to reply, all the while he remains cautious of his surroundings.

"What the hammer do you want?!" A voice had called back to him, a very large burly man had his mallet in hand, slamming it down along the edge of a blade as he began to mallet it into shape, smelting the blade properly as the sound of his mallet could be heard in constant motion, even while he was yelling out he seemed to be in perfect motion.. As Tobikuma would come closer within the shop there was weapons littered everywhere, swords and shields, arrows and axes…Everything that you could think of from shinobi gear to the normal villager style protection. "I'm a little busy here… Didn't you see that sign? We are closed!"

The various weapons and armor scattered throughout the shop causes Tobikuma's eyes to light up, clearly excited to be in such an atmosphere considering this could be a shinobi's dream, but then the voice is heard… a rather deep and unfriendly voice. The sound of metal clanging against metal is heard and then the comment about them being closed follows. A sigh escapes the young boy's lips, wondering how he did not see a sign stating the shop was closed, but he takes this opportunity to speak. "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't see a sign…" His voice is loud, calling out over the sound of blacksmithing, but also friendly and polite. "Please keep working. I can talk over the sound," he states. He then takes a deep breather and raises his voice, explaining, "I'm looking for the blacksmith that works with a rare metal." A step closer toward where the sound is coming from and his dark blue eyes get a better look at the large, burly man; Causing him to hesitate for a moment. "The rare metal is able to conduct chakra and I was wondering if you were the blacksmith I'm looking for," he explains further.

The burly man continued to clank away at his metal, bending and forming it, the glowing edge already seeming to make sharp as a sharp blade, "You disrespectful little… You are distracting me you little runt!" The man exclaims, smashes his mallet down one last time until finally he swiped a hand at his bald brow, he hobbled over towards the front of the store, glaring down at the young shinobi. "Rare metals? Chakra conducting materials? Are you out of your mind kid?" The man asks curiously as he tilts his head to the side, and right after that another man seemed to slip into the place, a jounin, adorned in a olive green flak jacket, the traditional uniform. He had long scarlet red hair and dark hazel eyes.
"You giving kids a hard time already?" The man asks curiously, of course the burly man simply offered a slight grin, he looked down at Tobikuma and pointed to the red haired man." If anyone knows anything about blades like that its this guy…and yes, your blade is finished!" The man spoke to Tobikuma and answered to the man before he could even ask the question, he was disappeared behind the counter leaving the two of them alone. "Huh? You had a question about particular swords?" The younger man asked, while looking over Tobikuma…

Tobikuma remained in front of the desk while the burly man becomes upset…and even after the blacksmith comes forward, the young shinobi does not move, but simply looks up at the large male…a nervous, yet friendly smile on his lips. "I'm sorry…" The arrival of another cuts his apology short and the one-eighty the blacksmith's attitude takes causes him to blink for a moment. Then it is mentioned that the Jounin could know something about what he is looking and the Uchiha's dark blue eyes widen, one hundred percent hoping and wishing this could be the break needed. Once questioned, he quickly nods and bows toward the other shinobi, "Yes. My name is Uchiha Tobikuma," he answers. "I am looking for the blacksmith who can craft a chakra blade. I heard about one in Kadomai when asking around Konoha," he explains once rising from the bow.

"Haha… is that what they said?" The jounin asks as Tobikuma had spoke about the blade, "Hmm, word sure does travel fast amongst the merchants I will need to keep an eye out on that…" He smirked slightly and nodded his head to the boy's question. "I'm sorry to say this, but you are a little out of luck, the blade they are talking about actually belongs to me, I actually just got it finished being retouched…" The man states with a light smile, "By the way its nice to meet you, Uchiha-san, my name is Oirichi Soyu," he bowed his own head in respect and finally began to rise back to a stand. "I have to say though, what actually got you interested in wanting a blade like that? Are you learning kenjutsu?"

A frown is presented by Tobikuma for a moment, his hopes shot down due to the other shinobi's words, but once the introduction comes forth, he shakes his head and smiles. "Tobikuma-san or Tobikuma is fine, Oirichi-senpai. I would prefer it," he explains. A glance over at the blacksmith or where the blacksmith went off and then his attention is back on the Jounin, listening to the question asked. "I was looking through the clan's archives and found an old katon kenjutsu style that one of our ancestors created. Since it uses fire, I need the chakra metal to use the style because fire chakra doesn't work well with regular metal…" The young boy would look up at the older one, a small frown on his lips as he adds, "I'm not going to give up, though! I'll find a way to get one."

"Its really hard to find metal like this… But not impossible,"Oirichi explained while gradually reaching out to plant a hand on the kids head, he smirked a little bit and grinned. "Hm, if you are interested in going that route perhaps I can help, at least a little bit… I can train you for a little while, at least teach you exactly what you might need in order to wield a blade like that…and maybe just Maybe I might come across more metal…" It was promising at the very least, the man seemed to be very generous and kind to give out such an offer. "I happen to be leaving out of town in the next week."

"Seriously?!" Tobikuma perks up. "That would be awesome, Oirichi-senpai!" The dark blue eyes of the boy light up and he says, "I never turn down training from my seniors and superiors. I feel like any teachings from someone who has been around longer than me would never be a waste of time." When he mentions maybe coming across more metal, a quick and firm nod is give, "That would be great. Even if you don't, the basic training of kenjutsu would help me out a lot, Oirichi-sensei." Yep! The honorific has changed. But… something seems to be absent from the boy's mind and then it hits him; The man said he is leaving town in the next week. "Where are you heading? Did you want me to come along or would the training be before you leave?"

The Uchiha's excitement had given the man a slight grin, and naturally he just nodded his head, giving a genin hope for something was enough to make the jounin happy, and finally he began to cross his arms along one another, " Sounds like we have a nice plan going on for the both of us," he answers and of course nods his head. " I tell you what, let me make sure I have a few things figured out for this little trip and we can call it a field week, I'll train you as much as you need to know about Kenjutsu, and Maybe I'll even allow you to practice with my blade…" He smirked a little bit and nodded his head. " We can figure something out to push you on the path you need to walk…"

Tobikuma nods. "That sounds like a plan, Oirichi-sensei." The young boy continues to look up at the other shinobi, listening to him speak about the field wield and possibly being able to train with the special blade…causing him to firmly nod and grin. "I can't wait," he informs. With that, he delivers a bow to the older male and then rises, explaining, "I'm going to head home and tell my parents. I bet they will be excited and happy for me. You can come by the Uchiha parts whenever you need to, sensei. See you soon." He then delivers a wave and yells out, "I'm sorry for distracting you, Blacksmith-san."

*Fade to Black*

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