Shinobu’s Awakening



Date: May 13, 2015


The late night thoughts and events within an Inuzuka’s household.

"Shinobu’s Awakening"

Land of Fire - Inuzuka Village

The night was cool as the season turned from winter to fall. A young girl sits in her room, watching the moon as it slowly has clouds wash over it. Sometimes the cloud was thick enough to completely block the faint shine that came through her window. Kame was asleep in her bed. It was nice, she thought, that her nin-ken could stay in her bed with her. It meant there was constant company no matter where she went; something she treasured after so many long years of solitude.

Tonight was, perhaps thanks to the weather, a perfect night to comtemplate. The offer was there, right in front of her. 'Did she want to become a shinobi?' So many people have asked her this. Though all their questions were different, the base was the same. It was this that she mulled over, considering the ghosts of her past and the lights of her future.

'You never have to face such horrible things again.' 'I swear that I'll protect you for as long as I live.' 'You'll always have a home here.' So many kind words… Shinobu couldn't help but feel emotional over it all. Wetness creeped into her eye as she thought over everyone's encouragement. Then her thoughts once more turned to the past. They had instilled many lessons, both through her body and mind. The amount of torture could be seen on the surface of her body; scars that would probably heal, but never completely go away. The same could be said of her mind.

Shinobu's eye followed the cloud as it passed over the moon. It was just a wisp… Something that barely obscured the moon that it wanted to cover. The past may terrify her, but they had taught her many things that could actually be of use. How to fight. How to survive. How to fear. And, interestingly enough, how to be brave.

The army had no need for those who were weak-willed. Who were not determined to live. Shinobu was determined to live. She had survived under the 'care' of her mother for many years prior to being stolen away by the organization. And she survived the grueling exercises that the compound forced them into. Whips, brands, knives… She sustained many of them without the help of her current companion. She just didn't know how.

How could she find the strength? At the moment, she was only willing to truly fight someone when they hurt Kame. She didn't want to hurt someone again… No, that wasn't it. She didn't want to fight people. It was fighting that she feared. Fighting and mean looks that made her weak at the knees and spiked her desire to flee. That place that was the worst torture for a small portion of her life. And her that made her life a living hell when she didn't even know what that could possibly be for the first years of her existence.

Shinobu knew… It was time to get over it. But… -Allow me…-

From a Nin-ken's Eyes

Kame woke with a start, sensing something wrong with her partner. In her dream, she was chasing butterflies that landed on her nose. But then it grew dark, and something was calling to her. She opens a single eye and then closes it before getting up and stretching thoroughly. Her partner was sitting at the windowsill, like she usually did. That was good. But there was something off… There was less tension in her position. Something more relaxed and at ease that Kame hadn't seen before.

Yip. ~Shinobu-chan. You should go to sleep soon.~ Kame shakes herself a bit before hopping over to sit near her partner, though something still seemed off… She couldn't shake it… "Mmm… soon… don't worry, though. Shinobu-chan is asleep. I'll take good care of her." *blink* Wait, what? The pup whines softly in confusion. Yip. ~What're you talking about? You're…~ The pup hesitates. Sure, the girl smelled like her partner, but maybe it was the slight difference… that made the switch?

"I'll have to sign us up for the Academy… Or maybe we can circumvent that… The Uchiha said he would help with some of the basic techniques… Perhaps we can use that…" The girl's hand reached out to pat Kame on the head, which the pup allowed with a small grumble. Yip. ~You're… Not Shinobu-chan. So who are you?~ "Me? I'm just going to be another companion. You can help Shinobu-chan focus on taijutsu, if you like… I'll be assisting with her confidence." A small smile graces the girl's face, but it was odd… Something that didn't belong. At least, considering Shinobu, it shouldn't be there /yet/ for something so simple.

"Just go to sleep, Kame-chan. I'll take care of us all… Shinobu-chan wants to protect that which she loves. I'm just helping her reach her goal. We should go to sleep. Shinobu-chan will hopefully stay asleep a bit longer." The girl picks up the black lab, much to Kame's dismay, and returns to her bed, which she was tucked into not that long ago. A few hours or so. "Oyasuminasai, Kame-chan."

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