Third Promotion Exams - Shirayuki Against Hyuga: Katsurou vs. Atsui


Katsurou, Atsui

Date: August 24, 2013


The Survival Round of the Chuunin exams is underway. Katsurou and Atsui duke it out to see who will be leaving the fight with two scrolls.

"Third Promotion Exams - Shirayuki Against Hyuga: Katsurou vs. Atsui"

Training Area #44: The Bridge

The sun had set and the sky was painted with stars. A small camp fire burns not far from a tree on the other side of a dodgy looking bridge. A figure can be seen sitting on a log with its back facing the bridge. In its hands is a stick with a fish impaled upon it. The fish itself was cooking above the camp fire with the aroma of a delicious dinner linger through the air.

That brown cloak was held close, the covering of his eyes left off for now. Hey.. maybe just seeing the byakugan would cause people to hesitate to mess with him… here's hoping. He'd spy a small camp fire ahead in the darkness of the eve. Eyes narrowed as he'd study the first thing he saw.. the figure.. that.. had no chakra. Frowning, Atsui didn't take very long to find Katsurou up in a tree. Shaking his head, he'd approach the fire anyways, stopping just outside the fire's light to speak up. "Katsurou.. you.. you have.. a.. a good.. attempt.. but.. but.. it.. it doesn't.. work so well.. against.. someone like me.." He'd look up directly at Katsurou then. "So.. are.. are we.. allies.. or foes?" Atsui pulled out his leaf scroll, holding it up for Katsurou to see a moment, before stashing it away in a pouch again.

Katsurou looks down at Atsui when he hears a voice from the tree. How did the Hyuga not set off the bells? Katsurou thought inwardly. He looks over to see that one of his trip wires had been deactivated. Pesky critters, they had been a nuisance ever since he decided to make a camp here.
The Shirayuki focuses back on Atsui. "Any other time I would say it is good to see you." He says as he watches the boy tuck the scroll back into his pouch. He pushes off of of the tree branch he was sitting on and falls with a light thud not far from the Hyuga. "However, due to circumstances of this event…" Katsurou sighs as he looks Atsui up and down. "Listen, this year just is not your year. You are strong, but not strong enough…not yet. I believe you will do great things for this village and your clan but not yet." The Shirayuki holds out his hand towards Atsui. "Please, Atsui. Pass your scroll on to me. I do not wish there to be any conflict between us. I cooked up some fish and even made a shelter not far from here for us to sleep comfortably tonight. When morning comes I will help escort you to the tower if you like to make sure no one bothers you."

Atsui stopped. Frowning as he'd eye Katsurou for a moment. Sighing softly, he'd give a slow shake of his head. "no.. no no nonono.. I.. I got kicked out.. out of my home because.. because they said I was weak.. I.. I made a promise to Giichi-san.. that.. that I would win.." He'd focus himself, more chakra suddenly flaring into his byakugan as he'd settle into that juuken stance. "I.. I am not leaving Katsurou-san.. I am not giving up.. I'm going to win this.. to.. to prove them wrong!!"

"Atsui…" Katsurou says as after listening to Atsui's story. "I…" He blinks at the Hyuga as if a hard decision was weighing on the Shirayuki. "You are an great shinobi full of potential. I do not want to be the harsh reality that stops you from accomplishing your goal. I do not wish for you to hate me, but you cannot win…" The Shirayuki studies the determined Hyuga boy. "I admire your strength and determination and for that you have my respect." Katsurou takes a few steps closer to the edge of the river while also creating some distance between them. "But if you wish to go through with this, I will not hold back. I will reveal to you my awakened state."
He takes in a deep breath and closes his eyes while focusing on his chakra flow. As he clears his head and calms his mind he establishes the spiritual link with his Shirayuki ancestors that will give him necessary guidance during this fight. Patterns of seals along his bare chest, arms, shoulders, and back begin to form and give off a faint light blue glow. A light blue aura envolops around his body. Also, if Atsui were to get close enough he would be able to feel the chill emitting from the Shirayuki's aura.
Katsurou exhales his breath slowly as if his breath was as cold as ice. His eyes open again signifying his transformation was complete. "Let us begin, Hyuga Atsui." He says with a bow of respect.

Atsui hesitated a second, finally, he'd return the bow as well, although his eyes never left Katsurou. "So.. so be it.. but.. but.. you.. you will see.. I.. I am not going to lose.." Straightening up, Atsui immediately launched himself towards Katsurou, three shuriken thrown in a blur of his hand as Atsui came closer to attempt that strike, arm and leg, immediately aiming to slow the other nin down. This.. this got serious and there wasn't any hesitation to Atsui at the moment, it seems he wasn't going to back down so easily like in the past.

Katsurou watches as the Hyuga begins their fight. With an amazing blur of speed, the Shirayuki completes a series of hand seals to activate his defense against Atsui. A string of water erupts out from the nearby stream and wraps itself around Katsurou. The stream weaves in and out of itself to deflect the projectiles and slap away Atsui's wrist at the last second. Suddenly the Katsurou 'senses' that Atsui was close to getting a hit on him. This causes the Shirayuki to leap backwards while leaving an Ice clone to be shattered by the Juuken strike in his wake.
As ice shards sprinkle down in the air, Katsurou was already forming the hand seals for his follow up attack. The ribbons of water coil up into itself and gathers in between the palm of his hands. A moment later tiny droplets of water begin spraying out of the bigger globe of water similar to the affects of a paint ball gun.

Atsui missed, that water interrupted his strikes, the ice clone shattering with the one touch as was happening lately with the dummies. Shaking his head, Atsui tried to avoid the incoming attacks, but they were too close. He'd stumble a step as the three bullets of water slammed into him. Dropping to one knee, he'd grit his teeth, standing back up slowly. Shifting his stance, he'd eye Katsurou. "Eight Trigrams sixty four palms!" With that sudden burst of speed, he'd close in on katsurou, the strikes coming fast and furious as two goes to four, to eight, to sixteen then thirty two. He was striking all the key points, there was no veering away for it being a spar. Atsui was treating Katsurou exactly as it should be.. an enemy. Sixty four shots, a good portion of the chakra network assaulted would get finished as Atsui prepared for a response.. knowing Katsurou, this wasn't going to be the end of it.

Katsurou's eyes widened as he watches Atsui bounce back from his attack just like that. For such a meek boy, he was a such a furious fighter. Again, the Hyuga has earned more of the Shirayuki's respect. Flipping backwards, Katsurou leaves another ice clone his place once again for Atsui to completely shatter. Once the Shirayuki's feet touched the ground again, a clone of himself leaps out of his body and at the Hyuga in attempt to send a knee into his stomach and follow it up with a headbutt.

Atsui frowned as the ice shattered under his assault. He's still behind.. just that bit too far. Atsui watched Katsurou moved, knew what it was coming at him and so started that rotation. The first one deflected the strike coming at him, as the clone came in again, the spin seemed to.. pick up speed, even faster to cause the chakra wall to pulse outward, shattering the clone again. Atsui came out of the spin with a sudden flurry of leaves. The blur of motion trying to catch Katsurou in the chin with a four finger strike, following immediately with a stunning palm to the chest. Atsui drew a hand back and with a much harder strike launched a shot at Katsurou's shoulder to try and peg him with that strike to disable the chakra point as well as potentially dislocate the arm.

Katsurou watches as Atsui makes quick work of his ice clone. However, that was just the distractor. With the Hyuga occupied with what was in front of him, Katsurou had created an ice clone that managed to slip behind the boy. Then as the Shirayuki was defending against Atsui's next flurry of strikes with his Water Ribbons Technique, the ice clone was working another technique on the boy. Making sure to stay kneeled down out of Atsui's view from the corner of his eyes, focuses the water from the nearby river in front of the palm of his hand and allows it to slowly work its way towards Atsui. Once the flurry of Juuken attacks were finished, the clone attempts to complete the Water Prison technique on the Hyuga from behind. If this wasnt enough, Katsurou forms another hand seal which causes another ice clone to leap from his body, through the ribbons of water of his last defense and attempt to catch Atsui in the stomach with a sounding kick.

Too slow. Why was he always too slow? The spin was slow starting, although he saw it coming, it wasn't soon enough to disrupt the attack. As the water colenced about him, the ice clone finished the job, slamming into Atsui and sending him tumbling away. He'd skid to a stop, thumping up against a tree with a grunt of pain. Shaking his head, Atsui slowly got to his feet. "no.. no.. I.. I am not.. going to give up.." Gritting his teeth, Atsui settled into that juuken stance again. "I.. I will win this.. I.. I have to!" He'd charge in again, rushing at Katsurou to once more go into that flurry of strikes. Although this time it was his style of the strikes, instead of closing down chakra points.. he was opening them, causing them to excessively open, draining chakra, winding Katsurou, as it'd feel like an asema attack by the time that Atsui was done with those sixty four strikes.

Katsurou seems to stand absolutely still as Atsui charges in for him. Each of the Hyuga's strikes strike true against his body. However, half way through his technique one would notice his form was beginning to chip away until finally it shatters after the Hyuga's last strike. It was just an ice clone.
"Atsui. Your determination and will to fight is the reason why I am proud to leave my village and fight under the banner of the Leaf." The voice is coming by the tree Atsui had just skidded into from the last attack. "With people like you fighting at my side I know we can accomplish great things together. However, this is the end of our fight my dear friend. If you will not stop, I will make you stop….forgive me." He adds in low tone.
With that said Katsurou forms a series of hand seals and almost immediately a chilling wind wraps around the Hyuga. The winds pick up speed and soon become a chilling funnel cloud that would rattle the bones of most arctic creatures. Within the intense winds of the twister are tiny shards of ice crystals. As they pass they rip and tear at the skin and clothes of the person trapped inside.

:panting, the ice clone crumpled before him. He'd straighten up slightly as he felt that wind pickup. The chakra stream with it seen, even from behind him, he'd start to move. That blurring spin pulsing as the chakra sphere it formed kept him safe and free of the attack. While the chill showed all about where Atsui was at, his little now barren bit of earth showed no signs of the icey bite. He was panting, winded, wounded. This.. this wasn't how it was suppose to go. Eyeing Katsurou, he'd shake his head. "I.. I forgive you.. for.. for having.. having to fight.. Katsurou-san.. but.. but I'm.. I'm not going to give up.." Straightening up, Atsui would focus himself, gathering his chakra, taking a second wind as he'd prepare. It wasn't going well.. but that didn't mean he'd stop. He couldn't stop. He refused to stop.. it would not end like this.

Katsurou takes in a deep breath as he sees that his attack did not capture Atsui like he intended. "I am impressed Hyuga Atsui." There is a low clicking sound coming up from the ground under the Hyuga's feet. "Unfortunately you are playing on a battlefield I have created. The clicking sound was the sound of a trap going off do to the pressure of Atsui's placement on a slap of wood covered by dirt. Suddenly the floor under Atsui would give. However, the Shirayuki anticipated for the poorly made trap to be evaded. Instead he used this as a distraction knowing Atsui would not fall victim to the pit fall he had created.
Whatever direction Atsui chose to go to evade the trap, Katsurou was already working his Freezing Whirlwind Technique once again in order to catch the Hyuga off guard.


He saw. He knew now exactly what had happen. The pre-make, the set up. The trap didn't go that far down, a bit over his head, but nothing a simple tree walk could get out of. Indeed, he'd fall in. Landing neatly at the bottom, he'd spin there, the pulse of chakra carving out a wide crater from where he was at. That of course, would backfire, the dirt slowed down his spin before he could finish it fully, the icy grasp of the whirlwind capturing that Hyuuga to fling him upward. He'd get suspended in the trap, cursing mentally as he'd struggle against the hold on him. It's obvious. Very obvious now.. Katsurou is too strong.. but that didn't mean Atsui would give up, he simply needed.. need to flee.

Katsurou stands tall after seeing the first of his deadly combination that he has been training heavily for in the past weeks come into affect. He hesitates but only for a second as he goes to form the hand seals of the final phase of the combination. Once the handseals were formned, he slams his palm on the ground which causes a trail of ice crystals to form rapidly in the direction of the Hyuga. It travels along the ground then stacks on top of itself to reach the suspended Hyuga and incase his body within the ice crystals. Closing his eyes as if he didnt want to do it he calls out, "Kai!" The shards implode and shatter which cut at Atsui's body like glass.

Pain. An explosion of pain, the ice coming from everywhere at once and then.. blackness. Atsui fell like a rock, slamming to the ground and was unmoving. He bled, so that meant he was still alive, but he also was completely out of any options for doing anything at all. Done was done and he was definitely at that.

Katsurou had mixed feelings as he watches his former teammate hit the ground in a heap of blood and bones. He was saddened to see such a good person and worthy opponent in this condition, but also very proud of himself and the training he has put himself over the past weeks. He was just glad that it was over. He walks over to Atsui and was happy to see that the boy was still breathing at least. He digs through the Hyuga's pouch but frowns as he felt like a vulture picking on the dead. He reminds himself that this is just all part of the exams and that he was not to be blamed for what just transpired. Carefully lifting the bloodied body of the young Hyuga up, he craddles his body against his chest. He looks down at the boy for a moment and smiles. "I am very proud of you, Hyuga Atsui." With that said he makes his way towards the tower to get Atsui medical attention.

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