Shivering Timbers


Daisuke, Jirou, Uyeda

Date: February 27, 2014


The Mercenary Duo plucked up a spare job from Konohagakure. Take care of some pirates that let their blades get out of hand. Make an explosion of two. Business as usual.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Shivering Timbers"

Just off of Konoha's Main Port

It was that time of the week where the local missions that were unable to be picked up were offered to freelance shinobi and other types of people looking for work. A steady line lead into the first floor level of the Hokage's lookout where the open room was set up with 3 desks and some chairs. Various sheets and paperwork were laid out in front of a handful of people and the line of people looking for work was walking from person to person down the line. At the end of the line sat Daisuke, newly anointed 2nd Hokage of Konoha, with a stack of missions that were a little more advanced than ones given to typical mercenaries or wandering shinobi unless they believed they could handle it. Occasionally a group would come by to inquire, often with congratulations and polite respect, but only a few groups walked away with mission details.
And so Daisuke continued to wait to see if any more groups would approach him looking for above-pay work that may have a bit of danger behind it, occasionally looking out the window at the spring rain shower and thinking at least he was indoors and not getting wet. It was hard to look interested at all times when so few were looking for a challenge.

"Lines? Not so much my thing."
Uyeda shrugs his shoulders as he and his brother make the front of it, hands absently lifting to snap his hood, letting the small amount of remaining water fly from it. "We need to invent something better, Frosty," he says as he starts off towards the desk and the man that sat behind it, doling out actual missions to a surprisingly small number of groups that inquired. "Soon, preferably. And something that involves food."
The confident man's semi-swaggering walk soon took him right up to the new Hokage's desk and he leveled a bow to the man. "Congrats on the promotion." He raises with a friendly grin. "I'm sure you're loving the exciting paperwork. But I'm also sure that you're busy, so I'll cut to the chase. Uyeda and Jirou. We've done stuff for the village before. Hand us whatever you need done, and we'll see it done. So what's on the menu?"

"You either need food or to get laid. Something to get your mind off of that."
Jirou would follow in step with his twin, doing much the same in terms of snapping his hood to free it of the rain. Easy rolling gait matching that of Uyeda as they stepped up. He'd bow to Daisuke as it was appropriate, before flashing a grin. "Jirou and Uyeda. We get things done. Simply just got to let us know and it'll happen."

Daisuke looks up at the confident man in front of him and grins. This was the type of group they were looking for, whether all confidence and no strength or not, it didn't matter because the amount of confidence he and his brother were giving off let Daisuke believe in their strength enough to sort through his papers. "Jirou and Uyeda, lets see what we got here." he says as he sorts through the papers, various rescue missions… protection and bodyguard work…. probably not the action these two were looking for. "Ah, how about this, then." he says as he hands over the paper with the mission details.
The mission was a report from the Fire Docks that a large gang of bandits and pirates were terrorizing the docks, occasionally stealing important shipments, sinking expensive liners, and causing general mayhem. Eight deaths have already been reported by the docks of workers and boat owners and captains in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it was time to purge the threat with the utmost prejudice. The cove to the north is believed to be where the bandits are holed up, and there is a large shipment of goods coming in tonight which is believed to be targeted. The group of bandits and pirates themselves are adept with weapons, but not many could hold swords with a well trained shinobi other than their boss, One-eyed Jaku.

Uyeda takes the papers with a, "Shouldn't be a problem," before looking down at them and quickly reading through them, handing each page off to his brother as he finishes with it so that he could it as well. "Looks like ol' One-eyed Jaku's gotten a little out of hand, J-rock," said the man as he looked to his brother. "Time to take him down?" There was a pause… and then he simply looked to Daisuke with a nod. "We'll be back for payment tomorrow evening. And don't worry. We'll bring you back a memento." And with that, he dipped into another bow, pat his brother on the shoulder and simply started for the door, seemingly ready to get things done right away.

Looks over the papers as they are handed off to him. He'd purse his lips before giving a nod in agreement. "Seems he's gone a bit too far. Pity. He was always a sucker at dice." Shrugging, the papers would be rolled up, a wave given to Daisuke before Jirou would follow after Uyeda. "At least we know where he'll be at. Shouldn't be that hard to end this issue."

"Good luck." Daisuke says with a nod, cringing a bit at the memento part. "Nothing too bloody." he quips before he chuckles, watching the two go before he gets back to his business.

Later that very same day, evening encroaching, Uyeda stepped towards the docks and looked towards Jirou. "When is that shipment supposed to be coming in to dock again?" he asked his brother, who'd taken the specific mission details. "We'll have to see how we want to handle this. Hit the cove or find and protect the ship. Preferably whichever is quickest." The man's grey eyes took in the area, what he saw prompting him to quietly click his tongue. You could kind've tell that this place had been taking some abuse as of late. Tension was something the twins could taste on the air at this point.

Jirou pulled out the paperwork, then glanced at the time. "Hmm.. within an hour. Heavy cargo, so easy pickings for Jaku. I'm not sure we'd make the cove in an hour. So most likely we should run for the ship, get on board and then protect it. If need be takin over us a pirate ship to end Jaku." He'd shrug slightly, rolling up the paper. Looking around, he'd shake his head slightly at the devistation. Man.. some people just didn't understand honey works better than vinager. Then again, some people didn't care. "Come on." He'd focus himself and take off running, heading for where the ship was suppose to come in at. There looked to be a potential storm on the horizion, but it didn't seem to be coming towards shore.

Uyeda and Jirou pushed into running paces at the same time, the partners mirroring eachother well, the former shaking his head slightly. "It's a shame we're probably expected to save this ship that's coming in. I'd kind've like to hit the cove while the pirates are out looting just to see their faces when we hit them from their own house. Send that plank Jaku's last eye popping." The man began gathering his chakra about him, preparing for the next few hours that would probably see everything settled since the ship was coming in so soon. "We'll just have to make a good impression on the sea."

"Agreed. It'd be nice to suprise the sucker. But when the job is to protect and destroy.." Jirou shrugged, gathering his own chakra as well. He'd need to be ready, this wasn't going to be a simple fight, since they were talking pirates. The two would have to run for a while, twin steps pretty close to a single beat in their pace. It didn't take too long for the merchant ship to show up. It was indeed full, low in the water from it's shipment and attempting to run full rigging due to the pirate ship that was coming up fast. Jirou looked between them then nodded towards the pirates. "Let's go give em what for, Hothead."

Uyeda let out a slight snort as the sight of the merchant ship popped up, the pirates already closing in on their prey. "Grain. They're early. But as funny as it would be if they got killed because of punctuality…" He nodded to his brother. "We've got a little hell to raise."
And with that, he put on a burst of speed, a clone appearing beside him as he settled into a more combative mindset. He flashed through a few handseals before lifting his hand to his face, head turning up. Into the air flashed a small flurry of flaming spheres, their arc taking them on a path for the pirate ship and fully prepared to explode upon any firm contact. That done, he began spreading out his chakra senses to check to see if there were any especially credible threats in the area.
He didn't look back at Jirou, simply expecting him to use his straightforward flash as a way to divert attention from himself, and to do it well.

While Uyeda set up a clone and his initial attack, Jirou would set up his own clone, but vanish from sight. He shifted, quickly circling wide to avoid being seen by the pirates when they looked to where the fire came from. Oh yes, they were aggitated! Indeed, it looked like cannons were being run up and the merchants forgotten as the boat would aim to broadside Uyeda. Jirou on the other side, watched, the fires catching on some of the sails, but the pirates were at least organized, putting them out. So his own efforts were put into play, genjutsu striking key people to cause them to suddenly feel as if the gravity of the world duplicated.. and then again.. and again. Each one that he'd target would lose their grip and fall to the deck, allowing the fire to spread as well as spreading chaos. Jirou's clone did the seals, although it was Jirou on the other side doing the action, to lure them away. Uyeda would be able to sense one strong presence on the pirate ship, indeed both of them got a sense of a flare from anger. They've obviously ticked the captain off.

Uyeda let out a little whistle at the feel of a single chakra spike on the ship, eyes watching as the cannons began to be directed towards him. "Sawed off the cyclops, I guess," he murmured to himself, the real thought running through his head being one of how well organized these seafaring raiders were. He really didn't want to take too much cannonball trouble. His guts weren't really meant to handle that much metal.
So a single handseal made another two clones appear, clone smoke arising around the now four Uyedas that continued running towards the large ship. At least this way, the cannon fire should be spread out. But just in case it wasn't that easy, he flashed through more handseals before launching another volley of explosive fireballs, aiming for some of the cannons themselves, hoping to either disable or cause a little gunpowder backlash. Immediately afterwards, the men intermingled and then began spreading out, distancing themselves from one another.

To add to the chaos of the clones with Uyeda, Jirou's clone also did the hand seals, causing 2 more clones show up for him. The fire sorta worked on the cannons, some of them getting hot, but again that surprisingly strick order had them working on cooling it down and not allowing a backlash of powder to occur. Jirou made it to the boat on the other side, stepping onto the hull as he'd head for the rear of the ship. One sail was fully on fire, so they had already crippled the pirates partially and the merchant vessel launched it's own volley of cannon fire before it got out of range, scooting for the docks. The pirates were already looking to prepare to deal with those boarding, all of them having a knife to throw, while a sword was at the ready for drawing while they worked.

Nothing too impressive insofar as explosions on the pirate ship, meaning nothing managed to catch and combust. Uyeda was at least expecting one of the cannons to fire off and shoot at him from his own attack. But at least it had prevented them firing off a bunch of heavy iron spheres in his direction.
The sound of sudden cannonfire did have he and his clones whipping their heads around to the merchant ship. He watched as the assault passed overhead as he ran, stretching out his fingers. "They'd better not try another," he said as he approached the pirate ship. "Shooting the people helping you out isn't going to help you any."
He shrugged the thought off, simply preparing to deal with it if it were to happen, already coming up on the enemy. "Let's do this, then." The first of the four clones leapt up over onto the boat and simply… exploded violently, causing a commotion and attacking the pirates clustered at the side in defense prep. As this was happening, Uyeda and another clone began running up the side of the ship, a final one simply leaping over the waves the vessel's passage creates to explode against the hull to make it start taking on water.

At this time the captain was finally on deck, hollaring orders. Even with the assault of the clones, the men were organized. Immediately they'd cap all the gunpowder, avoiding fire from accidentally getting into it. While the clone did hit the side of the boat, it wasn't enough with just one clone to punch a hole into it.. yes, this was definitely a modified ship to fight. The Jirou clones vanished, all but one which lept for Jaku. However, a pirate that looked to be first mate intercepted the chill for the captian. He was definitely the chakra source. "Avast! If ya landlubbers are gonna be hittin my ship, then ya better show yerself!" Jirou just rolled his eyes and went high. Uyeda seemed to have chaos sewn below, Jirou made sure there wasn't anyone coming from above. The swirling chaos didn't have anyone really dealing with him, other than a random pirate or two. However from how this ship seems to run, that wouldn't last long.

Uyeda boarded the ship with a leap and a hand raised to his mouth, compact balls of flame taking to the sky as he moved through it, most of them arcing back down to the ship to explode and spread there, though a couple were on a collision course for one of the masts.
Another of which seemed to be Uyeda's target. Largely ignoring the basic pirates, his arm reached out towards one, long metallic chords flying from his sleeve to embed itself into the wood, quickly jerking him in that direction over the heads of the knife wielding crew.. Once he reached it, he started running up it, getting a better vantage point to simply rain death down for a while. It was better than listening to Jaku's crazy pirate speak. He never had understood the man very easily.

Another mast would go up at Uyeda's repeated focus on it. with the sails down and now a mast on fire, the chaos intensified. Yes, they were winning even against Jaku's repeated attempts to regain order. From above, Jirou nodded as Uyeda had them focused so well. From a crow's nest, he'd start making clones, ice clone after ice clone made and immediately leaping off the crow's nest, right for Jaku's head. One. Another, again. The ice quickly stacked up as the guy got caught by surprise and didn't have much luck in breaking free before the assault completed. Of course, part of why Jirou had went for the back was to wreck the rudder and with a groan, the back of the ship would start to tear. It seems that Uyeda's attempt at a hole in it did have a side effect, weakening the structure so that the sudden increased mass was enough to break it. "Hey.. Hot Head, it's time to bail!" He'd leap then himself, diving into the water to come up a short ways off and get back on it's surface.

Uyeda's travel up the mast abruptly came to an end at the feel of the shiver coursing through the ship beneath him. "Board…" The man looked over to confirm what his chakra senses told him, watching as Jirou launched a quick flurry of ice clones at the old pirate, swiftly subduing him. "This is all happening too fa — " he broke off as the ship finally gave a pained groan, the rear of the ship starting to break off.
At that, he simply shrugged his shoulders in a simple 'Win some, lose some' gesture despite the ship's destruction meaning completion of his mission. Very quickly, he made a single handseal and released a clone down towards the deck. That done, he made another handseal and sent a fireball into the wood of the mast further below him, damaging it. He stretched out his neck as the beam began listing to the side.
Soon enough, he had run up the falling stretch of pillar and leapt from it, soaring through the air over the side of the ship. A deep breath and a sarcastic 'This is going to sting a little' later, he plunged into the sea before taking a few moments to start back towards the surface. Once he stood atop it once more, he began dashing towards his brother. "Looks like the memento will have to be a pirate wreck," he told him. "I was hoping to keep it intact. And maybe to pick up a sna — "
He broke off at a sudden explosion from the front of the ship, turning to it as food shot out from the hole it left. Uyeda grinned and searched the sky for something he'd like. "Looks like we're in luck. The clone managed to find the food stores." He lashed out with an arm, sending wires from his sleeve to snatch up an apple, some cheese and what looked like a few loaves of bread. "Let's head back to shore and watch," he told his brother. "I'll make sure Jaku's chakra snuffs out and we'll go collect our fee."

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