Shizuka's Medic Nin Training, Lesson One


Kyuketsuki, Shizuka

Date: July 10, 2015


Kyu was assigned to train Shizuka in basic Medical Ninjutsu, this is his first real interaction!

"Shizuka's Medic Nin Training, Lesson One"

Konohagakure Lake

Kyu had stopped training for a break. Still hasn't got the dang fireball jutsu to work right! And he spots a letter. He opens it, reads it, sighs, and goes inside to clean off the soot caused by the jutsu practice. Once that's done he goes back outside and goes to find this Hyuga Shizuka. He knew he needed to find someone with white eyes… But beyond that… Either way, he's searching the village, and is currently entering the lake area.

Shizuka, ironically, is out in the lake area. While she looks like she's relaxing on the tree, she's definitely watching the water. "Hmmm….." She says to herself as she kicks her feet, being so far off the ground. She turns her head a bit as she hears someone entering the lake area, someone that wasn't familiar at all.

Kyu barely spots someone in the barren trees, and after a little bit of squinting he spots her eyes! Hyuga eyes. "Uhm, excuse me miss, are you, or would you happen to know where Hyuga Shizuka is? I was told I was to teach her the basics of Medical jutsu. I'm Uchiha Kyuketsuki." Kyu bows respectfully from his position on the ground, "Kyu for short."

Shizuka looks down and smiles a bit before she hops off of her branch and lands upon her feet, walking towards Kyu. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Kyu. I'm Hyuga Shizuka, the one you're looking for." Her words are very soft spoken. "You are the one to teach me medical ninjutsu?"

Kyu nods to Shizuna, and returns her smile. "Yes. Although I will say this, I'm not very good with herbs and stuff like that. Though I have a good understanding of Medical Ninjutsu, and only Ninjutsu. I even still have my training scrolls. You can take them if you'd like." Kyu digs in the large pouch and pulls out two scrolls, one is bigger than the other, and offers them to Shizuka. "Uhm, where to start. Okay, what do you already know? I want to make sure I don't repeat what someone else has already said."

Shizuka shakes her head. "I'm afraid I don't know anything about Medical Ninjutsu. I have a bit of chakra control." She says looking at her hand. "but it's not as good as some. I know a few things from the academy, but I didn't get to learn how to be a medical nin in the academy."

Kyu nods. "I see. So start from the beginning…" Kyu thinks for a moment. Oh, I can start the way Kenta-sensei started with me. It's simple but it will help a lot later. Please close your eyes and hold out your hand."

Shizuka nods and closes her eyes, the holds out her hand, palm down, letting Kyu guide her along the way. Two teachers at the same time…..Shizuka couldn't help but smile at this turn of events.

Kyu reaches out and touches Shizuna's hand, but he isn't leading her anywhere. "Okay, now, pay attention to your body. You should feel a sort of tingly feeling moving through your entire arm and coming back to my hand." with that, Kyu focuses a sort of reflective chakra and sends it through her body in three short waves.

Shizuka's forehead wrinkles as she feels the tingly feeling go through her arm. She doesn't move, but she tries to follow the waves of chakra through her. "Hmmmm…." She then opens her eyes. "Can you do that again a couple more times for me, Kyu?"

Kyu nods and proceeds to do it once more. "I'm sending a wave of chakra made to reflect off of things into your body, to get a mental image of your arm, inside and out. I know that the Hyuga can see through things with those eyes, but it's still a good place to start." He then looks at her. "Do you think you could do that to me? It's easy to do, but hard to understand what comes back"

"that was why I wanted to have you do it twice more." Shizuka says softly. "the first time, I was going to see how the chakra on your hand was coming out normally, then with the Byakugan." She then smiles to Kyu. "Don't worry, I wasn't asking you to without a reason." Shizuka has a definite advantage with the Byakugan.

Kyu smiles at Shizuka, "you're very clever. I wouldn't have thought of that." Kyu nods again then resumes. "Right, well, go ahead and do that to me if you can. Just don't put to much chakra into it, that might hurt me." Kyu steps back and holds out his hand.

Shizuka nods and attempts to do so. The thing about Shizuka is, she's more likely to put too little into the technique than too much. In this instance, she puts half as much into it as Kyu did.

Shizuka, doing that, wouldn't quite get as good of a signal back, though she likely wouldn't be able to decipher the meaning of the chakra echoing back to her hand anyways. The echoes that come back are mixed signals, some strong, and some faint. They are all vary intensities as they return to her hand. If she focused, as well as if she used the Byakugan, she'd see her chakra is just barely reaching Kyu's elbow before anything that didn't echo back to her hand completely dissipated. Kyu doesn't seem to care though. "Okay, so you feel the chakra coming back to you right? Well, pay very close attention to it. If you try hard enough, and try to construct a mental image from the echoes, you should be able to know every detail about my arm. And if there was something in it, you'd be able to detect that as well." Kyu thinks for a moment, "Uhm, and also you can use that on yourself. What I did when I was learning Diagnostic Jutsu was keep pulsing my body, at random times, so I can know every detail. So during spars I'd even do it, so I can get a feel for what echo comes back from a cut, and what comes back from a burn, and so forth. I'd recommend you do that too."

Shizuka seems to know what he's talking about and……nods her head. "Okay. let me try that again." She says as she raises one hand, with her index and middle finger raised…..then she opens her eyes, and the veins around her eyes seem to bulge. She then takes Kyu's hand and does a stronger pulse this time. She actually watches the echos that come from the arm as they return back to her. She's learning, but thanks to the Byakugan, she's kinda….cheating.

Kyu, unlike many, doesn't mind the cheating method, so long as it works. "Well that's one way. I suppose. At least it takes more effort than the Sharingan does to copy things." Kyu jokes, and allows her to do it her way.

Shizuka smiles a bit. "This way, I can see what I'm doing and actually visualize it for later….even in case I cannot see." She then shrugs. "I'll still try it different ways, even with the Byakugan, and without." She then smiles and lets her eyes return to normal. "Was that the main one today, Kyu-Sensei?"

Kyu seems a bit… Caught off guard by being called Kyu-sensei, but still nods. "Oh, uhm. Yes. I would say just practice that for now, I'll talk to Kenta and ready more things for better training lessons. But I have a feeling it's going to be really easy for you to get this stuff. Especially with the Byakugan. Being able to see through people saves time. As well as see the chakra being used." Kyu smiles at her. "I imagine you'll be surpassing me in no time. I'm a bit focused on trying to learn a certain technique at the moment… So I'm neglecting my Medic Nin skills in favor of it."

Shizuka nods quietly. "I don't know about surpassing you, but if I do pass you, I shall help teach you?" She then smiles. "I don't mind helping." She then giggles softly. "I do have to focus upon using what the Hyuga clan has given me after all, but like I said, I want to be able to use the reflection technique, in case I can't see."

Kyu smiles back at her, "Heh, yeah. I wouldn't mind that. And I suppose that is a good idea." Kyu looks up at the sky and hmms. "So when's good for the next lesson? I won't need that long to prepare… Oh and tomorrow's my birthday. So I may be busy then if someone suddenly springs a birthday surprise… Hmm… Well, whenever you're free besides today and tomorrow."

Shizuka giggles. "Right, so not tomorrow. But we'll talk for after that. And happy birthday, Kyu-sensei." She says with a bow. "I'll see what I can do about practicing this technique then. Thank you, Kyu-sensei."

Kyu nods to Shizuka, and smiles. "Thank you. And please do. It may take some time to adjust to it." Kyu thinks for a moment, then nods, "Yeah. You'll have no problems. I am sure. But I suppose you probably want to get going and do something else now. I won't hold you. Thank you for your time Shizuka-san. I'll track you down when my day is clear and I have a lesson planned." Kyu then bows respectfully to Shizuka.

Shizuka smiles quietly. "Thank YOU for your time, Kyu-sensei. I do appreciate your help in starting out here." She says bowing to Kyu. "I shall see you later then!"

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