Third Promotion Exams - Shogi Challenge: Nori vs. Sosuke


Sosuke, Nori

Date: August 27, 2013


Sosuke and Nori square off over a game of Shogi for scrolls. Nori wins but lets Sosuke keep his scroll since Nori has two already.

"Third Promotion Exams - Shogi Challenge: Nori vs. Sosuke"

Forest of Death

Nori is off hunting, having left Katsurou with Amani. He can't say he completely trusts Katsurou, but he's taken some of the dishonor he put onto the boy and taken it off. Still, they need food, so Nori leaves the two of them alone. Nori is out, being careful to remain hidden, and hunting.

Sosuke lands a bit away from the river flowing underneath the bridge. He can see the bountiful amount of fish swimming. Sosuke targets those that are trying to swim against the current of course but before he hunts he takes note of his surroundings. He'd found the tower already and suitable shelter near it, now all that remained was to first locate his targets then secure a scroll. Still with all the commotion he heard yesterday he had to wonder if any were left.
Not detecting any immediate threats Sosuke heads to the river's surface. Water walk makes fishing a bit easier. The expression 'like shooting fish in a barrel' did come to mind. With a kunai and some shuriken Sosuke gathered another day's worth of food.

Fishing! It is something Nori loves to do and is quite good at. He's actually camped not too far from the tower too because he has an injured Amani and Nori isn't sure if she'll need to see the proctors or not. So, he heads for the river as well. And, lo and behold, there is Sosuke. Nori pauses under cover. He's had a lot of trouble with teammates. Fudo and Katsurou ambushed Nori and teamed up on him already. Nori got away, but not without the scars of combat (both mentally and physically). Still, he knows Sosuke…he can be reasoned with…hopefully. Nori reaches out to Sosuke's mind using telepathy, while trying to stay hidden. If Sosuke agrees to the connection, he'd hear Nori's voice in his mind, ~Sosuke-san. This is Nori. I am close by…but I don't want to fight. I don't mind if we make a gentlemen's wager over scrolls, but…no combat. If you accept, I'll come over, if not…I'll leave. What do you say?"

It didn't take long for Sosuke to gather a fair amount of fish. Didn't break too much of a sweat either. Just as he was about to head back to shelter he heard Nori within his head. It had been a while since he'd last spoken with Nori. 'Nori-san?' Sosuke looked around. Seeing that Nori was a Yamanaka Sosuke figured that he was somehow being contacted via their unique mind jutsu. Still Nori was close by. Still Nori isn't one of the targets so Sosuke doesn't have use for him or his scroll. 'It's been a while. I see you've improved on a few things. I have no intention of fighting you.' No combat, it hinted that Nori was possibly injured too. 'I won't attack you. Let's hear this wager of yours.'

Nori takes Sosuke on his word and comes out of hiding. As he drops to the ground, he bows his head to Sosuke. "It has been awhile, and indeed…I've improved a bit. I hope you have as well, and I hope you're doing better in these exams than I have so far." Nori is wrapped in bandages and his shoulder has a nice oozing, but somewhat healed, hole. His leg has one too, but that is covered by a patch. Nori says, "Let's get out of the open. I can create a shelter quickly enough for you to cook some of that fish. We can discuss the wager over the fish cooking to make it fair." He smiles.

Sosuke's eyes widen at Nori's….hole. Wound just didn't do it justice. Sosuke nods softly "Yes I'm doing well. And yes, considering your condition I'd say I have been doing better." Ever the blunt one Sosuke reunites with his former teammate. "Are you sure you'll be able to continue with w-holes like that?" What on earth did this little guy get himself into?

Nori nods with a grin. "Fudo-san ambushed me with Katsurou-san. While I was engaged with Fudo-san, Katsurou-san attacked me from behind. Fudo got me good, but then again, I had Fudo locked in a Genjutsu. Katsurou-san wasn't going to let me leave though, so I chose to exit the situation. Katsurou-san later helped Hiroyasu-san and Amani-san though when Fudo attacked Hiroyasu-san. Hiroyasu-san was supposed to be a part of Fudo-san's little team in here and I think, as we predicted it, Fudo-san turned on them. He is now in a coma though…unfortunately." Nori really doesn't like to see people in pain.
Nori then says, "I'm fine. I've had worse wounds. Still, I'd rather not engage in combat unless I have to…as you can see." Nori moves only a little into the brush and creates a hole in the ground using earth chakra shaping. The hole then closes over partially with an earthen dome. "We can make a fire and shelter inside. It isn't comfortable, but it'll be warm and hidden from view, minus the smoke…but with the should be okay. As far as the wager…how about a game of Go or Shogi? (+roll/int?). Or it can be a game of holding our breaths longer (+roll/sta) or any other thing you can think of." He smiles.

Sosuke listens to Nori and can't help but chuckle. Not that Nori's situation was funny to him but it seemed ironic. "Fudo and Katsurou eh? Bad luck." Sosuke says with a grin. "A shame though about Hiroyasu. Is this Amani person a Kumogakure shinobi as well?" Sosuke asked. "I gather both their scrolls were taken." Sosuke said sounding a bit annoyed. He has a score to settle with Katsurou anyway though. It wouldn't be an easy fight but it would be fun no doubt. Still that did mess with his objectives a bit. "What about Hiei? He and Hiroyasu are teammates."
Following Nori into the hole he created Sosuke didn't say anything more about his wounds. If Nori felt that he was fine then there was no need to worry. Sosuke would get to work on a fire for the fish as he mulled over Nori's offer. "Originally the Kumogakure Shinobi were my targets. But I guess a little game or two wouldn't be so bad. Go or Shogi?" Sosuke knew better than that. "Sure. Your choice." he grinned.

Nori nods, "It was tough luck…but it is what it is. I'm not sure about Hiei-san. He may still be around." Nori then nods, "Go it is. First one to capture the board wins." Nori pulls a board out of his burlap sack. It is a collapsable type…and it has stones already. He must have been preparing for this. He nods to Fudo, "Pick your color and you can go first too."

Sosuke has the fire going and soon the fish was cooking. "Alright then go it is." Sosuke say taking black. He put three fish on the fire. "Two are for you. You'll need it." Sosuke said being a bit considerate for once. Once the board is set up Sosuke makes the first move and looks to Nori. He's played Go a few times back at home. He learned a valuable lesson back then as well.

RP: Sosuke makes a Int roll and got 8.
RP: Nori makes a Int roll and got 11.

Nori smiles and thanks Sosuke for the food. He reached into his sack and pulls out some small packets of herbs…"My contribution…some seasoning." He grins and adds, "They taste rather bland usually without the herbs." And so the game begins as the food cooks. Nori plays aggressively from the start and gains some territorial ground.

"I don't mind the bland taste. I'm eating for survival out here. Rest assured though…" He sees Nori is playing quite aggressively and loses some territory early. He's not worried yet though, the game is still early. Sosuke grins and makes his move "When this is over I'll make a special trip to the nearest fine dining establishment." he chuckles.

RP: Sosuke makes a Int roll and got 15.
RP: Nori makes a Int roll and got 11.

Nori laughs lightly and grimaces at his shoulder. "This is my idea of fine dinning…always has been." Nori watches as the fish is ready and starts preparing it while Sosuke takes his turn. When Nori looks back he realizes that he overextended himself and lost terrotory. "Well played. Good to have a game going."

Nori then makes his own mid ground move…not too aggressive hopefully.

Sosuke nods to Nori "Yes. I suppose growing up on a farm does humble you. You can appreciate what others take for granted." Sosuke watches Nori make his move and shrugs. He doesn't get too offensive but seeing as Nori was being cautious now he could press him a little. "That was one of the things I couldn't understand about you at first." Sosuke nods "It looks to be a promising game." Sosuke looks back to Nori after his move. "So what condition are Fudo and Katsurou in? Do you know?"

RP: Sosuke makes a Int roll and got 9.
RP: Nori makes a Int roll and got 10.

Nori smiles this time instead of laughing. "Indeed, although I wouldn't say it is what others take for granted…as much as what others are missing out on. To me, there is something to be said about knowing where your food comes from, how it is being cooked, and taking care of yourself." Nori smirks, "but I can understand how others like their food cooked for them. It can make life easy at times." Nori then raises an eyebrow, "What couldn't you understand about me? That I was a farmer's son?" He nods. "And yes, a good game." Nori spots an opening on the board and takes it. "Indeed, a very close game. I'm having trouble here, which is a good thing. I love this sort of mental competition, especially give the alternative." He chuckles and groans again at the pain. "Fudo-san was knocked out by Katsurou-san…who is in fine shape. I hear Chitose-san and Hibiki-san are still out there somewhere, but I've not run across them. And I have no clue about Sakuryru-san."

Sosuke nods to Nori "Good good. Then I can still have some fun with him. It's been a while since I've had a good fight." Sosuke says a bit alarmed by Nori's next move. He chuckles "Not bad." Sosuke considers all the remaining participants. "I guess I'll hold off on the Kumogakure genin for now." Sosuke thinks about his next move now. He gets back to answering Nori's question though "Oh, well not that. You just seem so simple. Yet it's vexing." Sosuke adds. "Like what you just said, how we, me a privliged son of a noble lineage is missing out when I really don't have to work and instead reap the fruits of laborers like you and your family." Sosuke looks back to Nori. "It's confusing to see it that way but not for you." Sosuke sighs "And then here you are now. In the Forest of Death walking the path of a shinobi. You a farmer's son." Sosuke shakes his head before making his move. "I just didn't get it. At first."

RP: Sosuke makes a Int roll and got 9.
RP: Nori makes a Int roll and got 11.

Nori smiles as Sosuke speaks about Nori being simple. "Sometimes simple is good. Please don't take it to mean that someone whose family worked hard to employ people like me are in the wrong. It is not that at all either. I guess the path of a shinobi takes all walks of life. And that is probably for the best too. The more diverse viewpoints we get, the better the village will be." Nori spots the deathblow and places the white piece to do it. "And that is game. Well played." Nori suddenly grins wickedly, "And while I'd normally ask for your scroll now, I've got a little surprise for you…I don't need it. Keep it for passing the time in this otherwise tedious place…and cooking me a meal." Speaking of which, Nori turns and says, "Speaking of which, let's eat." Speak of speaking of speaking….ahem, Nori starts to eat his fish with his spices (which he'd share with Sosuke).

Sosuke pauses as Nori lands a death blow. "Hehe, that's what I get for playing fair." Sosuke nods. He's about to get his scroll out to hand to Nori but once again the simple boy surprises him. Sosuke blinks and frowns "Sometimes simple is annoying too." Sosuke then laughs. "It's fine. I didn't want your scroll either. Though we both have completely different reasons for that." Sosuke indeed enjoys his fish along with Nori's seasonings. "You're right after all." Sosuke comments softly before taking a bit of his fish. "You'll be alright heading back by yourself?"

Nori nods and states, "Indeed, I'll be fine." The boy would open the top of their little abode and then smother the fire. Nori would finish eating one of the two fish, but would pack up the other one for later…or at least for Amani. The boy bows and states, "Thank you again for the game and the food. Good luck Sosuke-san. Katsurou-san will be a good opponent." And then Nori wanders off into the woods, disappearing after several yards into the foliage.

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