Shuuren And Satomi, A Tale of Two Poisons


Shuuren, Satomi

Date: March 26, 2013


A young Nara woman runs into Shuuren while he's washing some tools at a stream in the Land of Fire. However, this visit doesn't turn out to be as pleasant as they had thought it would be at the initial greeting.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Shuuren And Satomi, A Tale of Two Poisons"

A Stream - Land of Fire

As the afternoon sets in on the Land of Fire, white clouds move gently over the sky for a pleasant day. Some might prefer the sky cloudless, but having some amount of shade from the sun beating down is nice for travelers. By the stream down from the waterfall west of Konoha, a man adorned in a white shroud along with a white suit sits on its bank on top of a white blanket. On top of this blanket is a small cloth taht's rolled out with several medical utensils such as scalpels laid out on it. Some fhave fluids on them, others appearing to be freshly cleaned. He currently holds one scalpel in his hand, dipping it into the fresh stream while cleaning it. A horse stands about twenty feet away, tied off to a boulder, likely his transportation for whatever trip he's on.

"Oh for pete's sake.." Satomi says while returning from her mission, running along the waterline to avoid the thick vegitation. It turns out to have been a mistake, a light cut resides inside her exposed right arm, a trickle of blood flowing down. She dismisses it at first, especially since she's on the way to the village anyways, but something makes her turn around, as if her mind reminds her of something… "Hemlock." She says, while recognicing the toxic plant. Devils cherry is what they call it, it's not fatal, though it causes hallicunations, spasms… occasionally strokes. It's a nasty thing to have inside your system. "Botulinum anthrax, I'll be spacing before I hit the village." She says, while running along the water, about two minutes down and she's already starting to feel it hit her, luckily she spots the white shroud in the corner of her eyes, stopping to see what that is… "Doctor?"

She says, not remembering the client's name, walking up to him slowly, making sure he sees she's no threat. "Okay now this is a fortunate coincidence!" She says, while showing her arm to him, it looks like just a small bleeding scratch, even small genin wouldn't cry over it. She moves towards him while her eyes widen: "BEAR!" She says, pointing over Shuuren's shoulder. Obviously nothing is there, the poison is already taking its toll.

Catching the feeling of a presence approaching, Shuuren glances up to see none other than the Nara girl who led the mission to bring the emergency supplies he needed to him the other day. He blinks a bit as he notices the cut, smirking slightly as he says, "It's a good thing I'm not one of the hallucinations you're having." He stands and turns to face the girl, leaning forward to get a better look at the cut. "I guess you'll be needing a ride back to the village so you don't end up jumping off a cliff to avoid some random hallucination of a Tailed Beast trying to peel your skin." Probably not the best thing to put in her head right now, but the Medical Ninja apparently has a plan. He reaches into his coat and pulls a tab on a box, withdrawing a syringe filled with what is likely an antidote for this very thing. "Hold still," he instructs as he withdraws an alcohol pad from his coat as well, opening it and rubbing out around a spot on her shoulder for a moment before uncapping the syringe and going to inject the medicine into the girl's muscle. If she doesn't jerk away, she would see just how skilled he is at this, as she would hardly even feel the sink of the needle.

She just blinks and stares at what would be a bear, hardly remembering the careful instructions on… you know, not letting strangers pump you full of stuff… in any situation… Oh well. "B—but there's a bear right there!" She says, you can feel she's trembling the moment you grab her. But she doesn't really resist or jerk away at all, looking at him as if he's speaking jibberish, blinking a couple of times. "Tailed beast? Oh… wait the devils cherry!" She whispers slowly. Glancing at what he's doing. "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" She's asking him, while he's blurring away in her vision. "Oh-sh.." She passes out then and there, falling down lest he catches her.

"Most bears actually eat mostly plants," Shuuren points out as he continues to inject the antidote. "Unless you think you look like a fish he'd catch up stream, you're safe unless you do something to look like a prey or nightshade him off." At the question, he blinks and chuckles a bit, saying, "I can perform surgeries on myself without issue, so I'm pretty sure I can handle a simple shot." Of course, as expected, the girl then passes out, and the arm that was holding hers coils around her to hold her up and keep her from hitting the ground. Shaking his head, the Medical Ninja single-handedly re-caps the needle then places it back in his coat, and one might hear a tiny *bamph* of a scroll taking it back in. "Guess I've got a new patient," he says as he goes to lay the girl down on the blanket, uncoiling his arm to set her down. That done, he draws a cloth from his coat and dips it into the stream, squeeing it out and then folding it up to lay it on her forehead to help in case she starts to run fever.

Several hours pass and she's somewhat stable. Turns out she hits a nasty bugger, normal case usually just entails minor hallucinations. It's not untill a couple of hours later that she shakes and stutters a bit, there's phase two… Though it seems it's a whole lot dimmed, mainly because of his antidote. She's sweating a little, but he manages to keep her fever down. She seems to be carrying a scroll with her in her pouch, and it's encrypted. Though there's no way to see if it's a simple message or anything important. Otherwise she's carrying regular mission gear and is wearing her usuall chuunin attire.

Her stuttering and spasming, mainly muscles contracting randomly goes on for a little while… well that's not good. Knowing that these contractions might also occur at the heart, which would be the cause of the strokes. Seems he was just a tad late injecting the antidote, either that or she's got a secondary condition. Those seem like the only two likely explenations on why she's having the way she is. That and probably fatigue from returning from a mission. Which was also obvious since she was directly on her way to the village.

As the hours pass, Shuuren starts to get a little more concerned. He'd thought the antidote would do the trick, but it looks like the girl is starting to get a little worse. By the time she hits phase two, he decides it's time to move. It'd help if he could use chakra, but that's not an option right now. He withdraws another syringe from his coat and injects it into her other arm, trying to keep her symptoms at bay until they get to Konoha, before drawing a HUGE needle that would probably scare her to death if she saw it. However, he walks over and injects this one into the horse. Having already packed up his things, he wraps the girl up in the blanket and picks her up to walk over and leap onto the horse with. The space between the injection and mounting the horse apparently gave enough time for the serum to kick in, as one could tell the horse has grown incredibly muscular, its breaths strong and deep. "Let's go," he says as he situates his arms to hold her up so that she is leaned up and can breath well while he directs the horse and then gives it a light kick, which sends the horse at a blazing speed toward Konoha, much faster than is natural for any animal to travel.

It is while on the horse that Satomi wakes up, blinking lightly. "What the…" She says in a low whisper, though still affected by the poison quite clearly. "Strychnine this isn't the berry…" She says, while trying to focus her gaze. "My stomach hurts.." She says, while reaching over for her stomach, though the berry's poison prevents her from moving too much. "Oh my sarin I should have known.." She sighs, while she clearly wants to say something, her eyes fall closed again.

Stomach aches? Now that's most definetly - not - a symptom of a devils cherry. That sounds like a poison, maybe a slumbering one, which would explain the severity of her symptoms. Normally a healthy person like her would just have a blast while being hit by the cherry, but she's responding to it like an older, less healthy person. Or someone with a secondary condition. The two poisons must have made eachother more severe, the cherry causing the formally slumbering poison to kick in. Maybe she was fortunate to have come across him this way.

Glancing down to Satomi as she starts to stir, Shuuren narrows his eyes a bit as she mentions this not being just the berry. Despite his condition, he decides he better at least try to figure this out. One would feel a flare of power that is quite disturbing in nature from him as a small pulse of chakra moves through her body to diagnose her condition. "…. Who did you cyanide off?" he asks, quirking an eyebrow as they continue to ride toward Konoha. If this were any other time, and he had full access to his jutsu to perform treatment, he'd be able to help her easily, but…. At this point, he's going to have to get her to a Medical Center where he can help the Medical Team there figure out a way to cure this. As they approach the gate, he calls out, "I have one of your Chuunin that's in critical condition. Open up the path so I can get through to the hospital."

He would get a hint of her condition. She seems stable for now, but her stomach is definetly churning, something slowly eating away at its walls.

"What Chuunin?" Yells a weary guard from the top of the gate, gazing down at the man in total distrust from the top of the gate. Not even attempting to get down before being smacked on the back of the head. "Go check you idiot!" Says another guard, before the chuunin jumps down, an Aburama apperently, glancing at Satomi. "Looks like a Nara!" He says, while his bugs slowly track over her body, and Shuuren's.

The Aburama then gasps. "She's real!" He says, while backing up a bit. "But I can't get a read on his chakra!" He says, pointing at Shuuren! "My bugs are sending out warning signals like no tomorrow!" He says, while jumping back up on the gate. "What do we do?" He says to his supervisor, who also seems alarmed now. "Explain yourself, stranger!" The jounin then yells down. He seems to be of no particular clan, nothing you can recognice at first glance anyways.

As he isn't recognized at first, Shuuren blinks a few times. "Oh, the cowl," he says, chuckling at himself a bit before bringing a hand up to pull his hood back. "It's me, Nagamura Shuuren. This girl got a devil's cherry cut while running down the river and found me. I'm recovering from an operation and can't use my chakra fully right now, so I need help to save her." All this called out as his horse continue to run toward the gate, not slowing down at all, as this situation is quite serious. Of course, this guy's got other talents than Ninjutsu, but he hopes he doesn't have to kick a wall down to save one of this place's own shinobi. "If you want Satomi to live, let me through so we can do something about this!"

"What do we do?" He says, while glancing at the Aburama. "I can't get a read on him, I can't know if it's really him!" He says, blinking a couple of times. "Okay let him through, I'll escort him." The jounin says, while the gates open, the Jounin jumping down, walking alonside the horse, running with them to the hospital. "One false move and I'll be forced to kill you." Says the Jounin firmly, one thing henging and such have done is fill everyone with distrust, especially someone's chakra being unreadable makes alarm-bells go off. "It's right in here." He says, while turning into the hospital, never taking his eyes off the doctor. A closer look reveals it's a Hyuuga. "Just go straight through to the operating room." He says, while tapping a doctor on the shoulder, pointing.

Shuuren can't help but smirk as the Jounin mentions being forced to kill him. It's been a while since anyone had to threaten him, but he knows it's just a precaution, especially if the guy knows his history as a Jounin Medical Ninja before he retired from shinobi status to be able to continue business as normal when war tensions started. "Here," he says, grabbing a small leather-bound booklet that contains his identification papers from his coat and tossing it to the Jounin.

Once the horse gets near the hospital, Shuuren pulls the reigns to slow the horse down to a stop then leaps from the horse, landing gracefully at the door of the hospital despite having extra weight in his arms. "Somebody tie him off for me. You really don't want him running loose and getting started," he instructs as he carries the girl toward the operating room, going straight through to set her on the operating table. "Alright. We've got at least two kinds of poison mixed here. The one I know about is the Devil Cherry, but I haven't had time to examine a blood sample to identify the other. I've given her Level One and Two of Devil Cherry antidotes thus far, but those have only eased the symptoms. We need something to combat whatever else this is as soon as possible."

Three doctors immidiatly join him, widening their eyes when recognicing him. "It's an honor." They simply say, while sampling her blood effortlessly. Two doctors placing their hands on her body, sending low pulses of chakra through her body, monitorring her. "Heart, stable…Blood, tainted but not severely, the devils cherry seems contained though not entirely out of her system." The other doctor says, while glancing at her stomach. "There's a strong toxin in her stomach which just finished burning through the protective walls of her stomach. Not long before it gets dangerous." Says a doctor, glancing at shuuren, you can immidiatly see he's quite inexperienced with these sort of poisons. "Must have drank it with something!" He says firmly. Satomi is down and out, but her brains are picking up activity, an indication that she's about to wake up. "If she wakes up her stomach will be more active." Another doctor says, again looking at Shuuren for advice.

Once the toxin report is in you'd recognice it as a simple poison usually used to cause muscle-burns and weaken an opponent. It's rarely used in digestion because of its slow and more deadly effect. Since there are cheaper, easier alternatives. Which are faster, without delay for other medical nin to interfere. It's also a reason why the other doctors seem hopeless, never encountering this way of poisoning before.

Shuuren offers a nod to the other doctors after setting Satomi down and immediately moves over to thoroughly wash his hands and scrub in quickly while they perform the diagnostic. "Sedate her," he instructions, pointing at a pressure point on his neck to show them what to use. "Muscle Relaxation, right there. No drug interaction that way." That said, he looks at the report and ponders a bit. "Give her a nasogastric tube and an IV drip of saline," he insutrcts as he writes down a small list of things on a tab and holds it out. "And somebody get me these." The list contains a few things, mainly to counteract the drug and re-coat her stomach lining to protect it while the toxin is combated.

Inexperienced as they may be with the poison. They are effective, everything he instructed is done within mere seconds and at admirable accuracy. "What's your plan?" An older surgeon says, entering the operating room, washing his hands, glancing at Shuuren while giving him the items he requested, while the IV is attached to Satomi her palm. Her muscles visible relax while the sedative goes into her. "She's still stable." Says one doctor who closely monitors her heart.

As the older man walks in, Shuuren offers a nod to him while beginning to create a mixture of the things he requested, saying, "The IV is to give her more fluids to make the Devil's Cherry thin enough that it'll just wash away with the antidote. The things on the list will not interact with each other, but will each play their part to cancel out the effects of the toxin and recoat her stomach until its natural defenses recover." He pauses a moment as he takes a last glance at a chart on the counter with her information on it to be sure there's nothing she's listed as being allergic to in this mixture. "She should also be on a special diet for a few days after this, just to be sure." Once done with the mixture and explaining the treatment, he turns to hook the new bag containing this mixture up to the NG tube and begin pumping it into her stomach.

"We got it from here…" Another doctor says, the next escorting Shuuren out. "Do you wish to wait while she recovers?" He asks, while the Hyuuga jounin approaches, bowing deeply. "Apologies for the distrust earlier, your ckara signature send some alarms flying. I'm sure his bugs were just ill though. " He says, bowing once again for Shuuren, either walking him out or to the recovery room Satomi gets rolled into a few hours later. Already woken up. Stable now.

Shuuren smirks slightly as the doctor says they've got it from there after he's pretty much handled everything and all they have to do now is maintain the feed. "I'll go get something to eat then come back and check on her. I'm sure your men are competent enough to handle things in my short absence." As the Hyuuga speaks to him, Shuuren offers a nod as he walks off with him. "I understand perfectly. It's probably just a side-effect of my recent operation. She'd have already been healed up before I brought her here if I had fully recovered, but such is life. I'm just glad she happened to do this while I was around rather than while she was on her own in the wilderness. I might suggest your Kage send someone to investigate at the place she was at the mission she was returning from. Only one of those poisons was an accident."

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