Sides of a Team


Akechi, Eri, Jin, Kanbei

Date: November 14, 2012


The team is sent to guard a dig site and its workers from a local village that claims it is a burial ground.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Sides of a Team"

Northern Kumo

A group of archeologists have uncovered some skeletal remains on the outskirts of some lands. Unfortunately the lands happen to be sacred burial grounds to a local tribe. Fearing the escalation of violence, the archeologists have requested some shinobi for guard duty. You are to ensure that the Archeologists and the area they are excavating are to remain unharmed. Use any means necessary.
Akechi was selected to lead this guard mission for some strange reason cause anyone that was there couldn't help but notice the brace. After a while Akechi would be going over his specially selected group of ninja which were those he trusted and didn't. Eri, Kanbei and Jin stood before the ground with Akechi playing point guard, the sun was nice and high in the sky and for the most part everything was going smooth. The young ninja would be glancing about before he spoke softly to everyone "alright guys just make sure they stay safe and no one get stupid and attacks us okay. The last thing I need to do is hurt my other arm before the exams." Laughing rather soft heartedly the young man would motion them to do a patrol around to make sure the things were going smoothly as they seemed.
Eri skips happily as she follows Akechi to do the patrol, and glances over at Jin. A mischievious smirk crosses her face before she casually mentions to him "You are welcome by the way, you know since I was nice enough to clear your name enough so that you do not have to go into hiding…In fact I should get a thank you present from you later…" With that she simply smiles before turning her attention to Akechi. "Sweety if you need a break to rest your arm, then you can just supervise if you'd like? We three are more than capable of taking care of any baddies that do pop up." She giggles softly and moves over to walk by Kanbei's side. She quiets down for now, since this is a patrol and she probably doesn't want any attention on her quite yet. There will hopefully be more than enough time for her to shine later on.

"Hmph." Jin grunts walking off to the side of Akechi. Guard duty wasn't his favorite task. "Liabilities…" he shakes his head. He simply nods afterwards understanding the situation. "The living would be wise to leave the dead alone." Jin states peering into his mask. "You're only asking for trouble." Jin adds sighing. He smiles however as a thought comes to mind. He places his mask on his hip. "But a job's a job. Right?" Jin glances between the shinobi present. Jin looks to Eri then back ahead "You only saved yourself in doing so." He grins showing teeth. Jin then sighs "I was looking forward to decking the streets with corpses in your name. I guess I'll have to wait a little longer now won't I?" he chuckles.

Kanbei moved as he was suppose to. Right now the boy was just trying to blend in and make some coin. He had grown weary of the missions. Things femured when his main jutsu speckled people with tiny little dirt flakes. Of course any time Jin is around, it's only a matter of time before something stupid is said and Kanbei focuses more on him than on his own failures. There is a small shake of the head from the boy as he turns towards Eri. "You should not play with a skunk Eri. A tomato bath wont get that scent off you." he states. He then turns to Akechi. The young boy pondered how he broke his arm. Maybe if guard duty went well, he'd ask him later on.
Soon a small mob of people can be seen advancing over the hill. Most of them are male. A few female. All ages, even small children. They approach the cave. A few them carry weapons but none of them are wielding them in a threatening manner. The group seems to be headed by an elder male. The way he is dressed, he appears to be the chief of the small tribe.
Akechi would smirk at Eri before speaking "Sorry but resting isn't something a Kumo ninja knows how to do very well." Akechi would adjust the brace as the words came out of Jin mouth a laugh came boosting out of Akechi "I heard about that Jin and I have only this to say if you spill another innocents blood I swear on my soul I'll kill you myself. And Eri and Jin know this the infighting between you two stops here or else you both will be force to go a round with me. We're all Kumo nin and thus we have standards to live by. There is no reason to fight one another like were from different villages." Akechi would smirk as he notice that Kanbei was being his normal emo self and with a swiftness he would ruffle his hair as he spoke, "Relax bro and learn to have fun. I mean we have a simple mission to day and that's all these people lives in our hands." Akechi would be trying to express what he was saying but that was hard using one hand and all.

Eri makes a calm and swift comeback to Jin's response. "This is coming from the person who ran away from me like a dog with its tail between its legs..You should heed my warning that I gave Red Pepper..Only taunt when you can back yourself up.." She does frown slightly at the comment about the corpses before shaking her head. Giving her response to that was just asking for trouble, and she already had enough of it coming from Jin. She may as well be the bigger person a let it go at that. She smiles at Kanbei and ruffles his hair playfully "This skunk has no scent glands, and its all talk. So no worries hun." She does smirk softly at Akechi tilting her head. "It's not infighting, it is a form of flirting sweety. He is just immature with his love of me, thus teases me in an attempt to gain my attention." She glances forward at the sight of the tribe and lets out a loud frustrated groan stomping the ground like a child throwing a tantrum. "Aww..why did they bring kids? Who brings kids to a burial site..If it gets violent and any of you hurt them then I will wring your neck after this mission myself..And not in the good way…We should only scare them away if we have to…" She shoots Jin a cold look in particular as if knowing he was the only one she really had to worry about. "You should remember who is in charge Shadow-san before you even think about disobeying my order…If I have to I will call on your mother to help me teach you another lesson."

Kanbei was as delightful as ever but Jin knew the boy's game. His words spoke up for what he couldn't yet do. He actually smiles back at Kanbei. "How adorable you are." then sharply he looks back at Eri as she opens that mouth of hers. "You let the dog off its leash. So I figure I can taunt as much as I like." Jin smiles at Eri "Not too useful in hide and seek are you? Just think what if I had killed that monk…and all the people you'd have condemned because you live in a little fantasy land." Jin peers back at Akechi. "A shame you can't be like the hero over here and do what needs to be done." Jin sighs letting it all go once Eri comments about their back and forth being a method of flirting. When the large group appears Jin grins. Then Eri speaks up again and threatens him which Jin doesn't even verbally respond to. He'd let Eri's imagination run wild. He would just snicker darkly before going for his mask. "Ask me if I care 'love'." he mocks her.

The fists of Kanbei clench together as Jin talked. There was a bit of rage starting to boil down inside the boy. "Akechi, whats the point of having a team with someone like Jin on it? All it does is upset the rest of us. Do we really need him?" he asks. He then looks towards Eri. "I am not worried. If he wants to be more than bark, it's ok. He can feel like a big man being a jerk." The villagers however start to turn a decent mission with one problem, into a lot bigger mission with a lot more problems. Kanbei moves forward and stops infront of the crowd. He holds his hands upwards in the air. He wanted them to stop before Jin decided to do something stupid.
The villagers do come to a stop about ten feet away from Kanbei. They do not say anything at first, but the tension could easily be cut with a knife… or a kunai. Finally the village elder moves forward a step. "Please leave here. These grounds are sacred to my people. The cave is a place where we honor the dead, not dig up their remains. Again I ask, please leave these grounds. Take those men with you."
Akechi would used his only good hand as he spoke "Jin has techniques that can be useful to me in my weaken state sadly enough. Out of the pair of use here he has to have the strongest shield type techniques that can be used to get rid of falling rocks and stuff." The sudden appearance of people caused a sigh to escape his lips he spoke "sorry about we have to get in there…is there anything we can do to allow us to pass through." AKechi was caught at a lost before he waved to Eri "you should handle this cause it seems like more of your area." Akechi would yawn for a moment as he took a back seat this time around.
Eri's eye twitched when Jin mentions the monk and seems to disregard her threat entirely, in fact he even mocked her about it. It wasn't like she didn't think about how it's her fault that Jin is loose in the first place. She'd definitely have to keep an eye on him now. There was no way she could trust him after a comment like that. Still she lets a smile return to her face when the group of villagers approached them and turns her attention to them taking a step forward. Perhaps if she worked her charm she could avoid a fight with them entirely. "I am sorry dears but we have orders to protect those men…I know it is something that shouldn't be done as the dead should not be toyed with but please leave and return to your homes. We don't want to hurt anyone if we don't have to. Don't you want people knowing more about your village's rich past and culture, so that others can share and idealize your beliefs? Think of the children here too, you don't want to put them in danger now do you?…" She takes a moment to motion to the younger members of the tribe's group. "At least send them home before attempting to defend your sacred grounds. They have done nothing to deserve any pain that their elders may force onto them." She smiles sweetly again trying to show that she truly did not want to have to have it come to combat.

Jin peers at Akechi. "You are capable of some thought it appears." he blinks rather impressed. But that doesn't distract Jin for long. He waits to see how the villagers react towards Eri. Jin strokes his chin and grins "She has a point. But on the other hand who's to say they are desecrating the beloved gravesites of the dearly departed. You can't be too sure these days." He presents to the crowd. Jin's eyes shift to the cave. Kanbei's actions also gave Jin another 'stupid' idea. "But let's cut to the real chase. You should turn back now. If you insist so strongly we, by orders, have to stop you by any means necessary." Jin poses to the elder while walking up behind Kanbei who stood before the man. "And as this lovely little tart pointed out, the cruelty of fate doesn't discriminate….even when children are involved. So I hope you've at least given all this some good thought. Elseways you'll have more of a collection in that cave."

Kanbei is not sure what to do. One side of his team is pushing for a fight and the other side is pushing against it. He remains quiet as Eri was asked to do the talking. It was part of following the team leader. Something Jin was unable to do. Now Kanbei wondered what Akechi would do about Jin's taunts. He continues to hold his hands up as if asking the villagers to stop.
The chief looks towards Eri. "Please, our culture is our own. It does not belong to outsiders. How would you feel if someone entered your home and began sharing your items or culture with others?" Of course as Jin spoke, the elder turned towards him. "You threaten children. Fine." The old man waves behind him. "Send the children away."
Soon the children leave but the people who remain look even more upset. They are a people who feel violated.
Akechi was feeling the same as Kanbei before long the young man would sigh "okay everyone just shut the clavicle up for a moment and let the 'Akechi' think." Touching his face and closing his eyes the young man would smirk as they jolted open. "Okay this is what's about to happen, we're going to pass and you going to supervise all of us to make sure we don't disgrace your homeland. And please understand me I'm a ninja and thus my word is my bond. But trust me I understand where you guys are coming I wouldn't want anyone to come to my house doing the same." AKechi carefree nature would be emitted into the air as he tried to calm both sides as he spoke to JIn directly "and you say nothing else or you will deal with me. Free speech doesn't work here." Akechi would dust himself off as he looked towards the beautiful blue sky. "So you're going to do my plan?" Akechi would be smiling softly "If you refuse and wish to fight I swear no harm will come to any of you or your child however we will pass." Akechi blushed slightly before he tapped his foot onto the ground.

Eri shoots Jin a look that was as sharp as daggers as he begins counter argueing against her negotiating, but does breathe a sigh of relief when the children are sent away. At least something good did come out of this and she wouldn't have to fight against or defend her one weakness. She looks back to the chief and smiles softly her voice still soft and gentle as she spoke "Well to be honest I would be quite flattered if people wished to know that much more about me, it'd mean that they were so captivated by my amazingness that they just had to study it further. If it makes you feel any better I -have- had young men attempt to break in my home to steal my undergarments…does that count for anything?" She seemed to actually be quite serious although there is a playfully hint in her voice to try and lighten the dark mood. She looks over the remaining people and shakes her head briefly. Seems they weren't going to back down anytime soon. She focuses on gathering her chakra and allows her dazzling white aura to surround her as Akechi seems to take over speaking. It was better to be safe than sorry afterall. "Lemon-drop is right, no harm will come to any of you."
Jin watches the children leave and folds his arms "Good choice." he grins. Jin then looks to Akechi as he begins to speak. The plan suggested was fine with Jin. His action didn't change much when he was being supervised. Jin then blinks as Akechi threatens him to be quiet. "But Akechi-kun, communication is important." He teases. Jin places his mask on and chuckles softly. His charka rises with a quick handseal. "Fine with me. Just hurry up." He sighs rubbing the back of his neck. "We've been standing around for far too long."

There is a sigh of relief as Akechi stepped up and took the mantle of leadership. It was about time. Kanbei nodded and stepped to the side. He was hoping that deep down the villagers would accept the deal, although if they found the archeologists actually doing something wrong, it meant the possibility for an even bigger fight. His eyes glance back at Akechi pondering if this was truly the best choice for the long term of the mission. It was certainly for the short term.
A few villagers begin to talk amongst themselves as Akechi makes an attempt at a compromise. The elder himself takes a deep breath as he thinks about it. "Fine. We will take you up on the offer. Lead the way." He then waves back to the group behind him. "Send the women back to the village." It seemed he was sending another group back.
Akechi would smirk at the outcome before looking towards Kanbei and tossing him a soft smile before signaling to the group to move out. "Alright a short role call to break the tension is in order, my name is AKechi, this is Eri, that's Jin and this little red hair kid is Kanbei. Pleasure to meet you and you have my word that my arms of protection would be around you guys." Akechi smiled before leading the group to the sight he would be more relaxed and it showed. However his attention towards Jin wouldn't weaken at all as that guy was a loose cannon and to keep him and Eri from killing each other.

Eri smiles softly as she is introduced to the tribe, but does not lower her aura of chakra. It wasn't that much strain to keep around her, besides it'd give her protection for if things got ugly or if Jin decided to get 'affectionate' with her. "That's the great and beautiful Kiyotani Eri for your information Lemon-drop. Don't misinform these lovely people." With that she follows Akechi to the burial site keeping her gaze forward as they were led to where the archeologists were working. Somehow she doubted that this was the best idea considered by Akechi, since they were bringing their possible enemies straight to the people they were supposed to protect. That'd make it kind of more difficult to actually protect them if Eri thought correctly, which she almost always does. Still if it kept them from fighting Eri was all for it.

Kanbei waved as he was introduced. Of course Eri had to correct Akechi on a fact that these villagers could not care about. At least Jin was stepping in line. "Come on Eri. After tomorrow these people will not remember you." He offered her a small smile as consolation. He sighed a little bit as they were about to enter the cave. It was coming up on crunch time.
The elder nodded his head. He did not care who these people were. "Please, get on with it." He seemed to be in a hurry to find out what exactly they were excavating in the cave. His followers seemed to be fairly calm and quiet by now.
Once inside the cave, the archeologists would stop working. "What are you doing? They cannot be in here?" It seems the lead Archeologist is on the wrong side of skulled. "Get them out of here. They will ruin our work!" From what people can see there is the skeleton of a rather large cat. Probably prehistoric.
Akechi could tell the tension was only getting started and with a sigh he kept on moving. As they got there it appears that another conflict was starting to be swept up that cause Akechi to move towards attention. "Hey guys try and relax we are in a closed in space and thus it makes it feel like someone may be in the way or not. So try and keep cool." Laughing he would break them apart before walking back to a nice sport towards the entrance before making a shadow clone. The clone would now be doing the patrol from him while kept an eye on Jin, he would make sure to keep it as a smile glance from time to time.

"Love of course they'd remember me tomorrow, I tend to leave a lasting impression on people." She glances over at the archeologist then at the tribe when they arrive. She knew they wouldn't exactly be happy when they kind of didn't exactly follow orders. She does look over at the skeleton with curiosity. That was quite the large house cat they dug up there, quite curious. She glances over at Akechi who seemed to be intent on letting the villagers stay around them despite the archeologist's protests, hopefully they will not be too upset and will still get paid the same amount. For now she stays where she is trying to get a feel of the situation it could go a lot of ways from here. She didn't know what to do quite yet, so for now it's just best that she stands around and looks pretty.

"Oh~" Jin looks between the archeologist and the tribespeople. Jin didn't need to instigate a scene it seems. He woould just sit back and have the archeologist and the tribespeople go at it. Akechi's words most likely wouldn't be enough to calm tensions this time. It seems the archeologist discovered a large cat skeleton. Jin peers at the skeleton taking more interest in that rather than anything the others had to say right now. "What's the story with this thing." Jin moves towards it.

As the two sides come close together, one of the villagers steps forward with a knife. Kanbei's hand moves for a kunai, though he does now have one. Three crystal needles land in the floor infront of the man. Kanbei looks confused as to how he seemed to generate crystals and throw them as a weapon. Soon his eyes widen as he sees them. "….wow." he states in awe. His attack was meant to halt the advance of the man.
The elder looks at the needles and then the villager who moved forward. "Stay back. This is all over a skeleton like that? That cat was native to this land long ago. We can help you find the skeletons elsewhere if you promise to leave our cave."
The Archeologist calms down a bit, especially as the movement of the villager is halted. "You know where to find other skeletons?" he asks. He then looks towards the others. "We would be willing to hear more about this idea of yours…"

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