Silence is Deadly


Michiko, Ryouji, Naruko, Kaido, Hisomu, Hiei

Date: November 23, 2014


Kumo shinobi and their allies respond to a summons to rescue a group of villagers being held hostage by the silence. They manage to free the hostages but the leaders of the group evade capture.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Silence is Deadly"

Southern Boarder of the Land of Lightning

Kumogakure shinobi and any allies that might be in the Land of Lightning have been summoned to one of Kumo's forward outposts in the lowlands of the Land of Lightning. The primary function of this base is to act as an early warning system for any force that seeks to invade the country. This particular one sits near Kumo's southern border, near the Land of Frost. It's early morning, so early that the sun is only beginning to rise. Once the group arrives at the outpost Yotsuki Hiei is there waiting for them. He is standing at the front gate with his arms crossed over his chest. The Kumogakure General has a deep frown on his face as one of his subordinates hand him a scroll. He would wait until everyone was assembled before he began the mission briefing.

Michiko gets the summons loud and clear, the message giving her rather specific instructions on where to go. She decides to travel by horse, unlike many of her earlier adventures. The girl makes sure she's ready for anything since it's so close to a border, steadily focusing some of her chakra as they continue on their journey. She's able to make it on time, fortunately, though the unhappy-looking Hiei is a tad worrisome. "Hiei-san," she greets, moving off her horse and stretching a bit to shake off the feeling of traveling for a long time. If they have to move any more, then she'd rather run. "What's the situation?" she asks, head tilted slightly.

Kaido and Bandit, who also were in Kumogakure ,obstensibly to help train the Kumo-nin in scouting, tracking and recon as well as in poisons (but mostly because he wanted to be far away from the Hokage for the moment since he was caught flirting with Tsukino). It's why when he heard that the General of Kumo needed some nins for a mission, he and Bandit heeded the call. They got there pretty much the same way Michiko did, just about 5 minutes later and he sniffs the air and says, "Why do I get the feeling this isn't going to be fun?" With that, he also focuses some chakra as well as he takes inventory of all his supplies.

Having gotten the summons, she makes her way to the forward outpost, peeking around as she moves toward the outpost, keeping careful not to get into any trouble before even arriving. Once there, she would approach where Hiei was waiting, looking to any others that might also have arrived before giving a salute to Hiei and nodding to him, "General." She then stands at attention for the moment. Though she does notably still stand away from Kaido.

Hiei inclines his head in greeting to each person as they arrive. "Michiko. Kaido and Bandit. And Hisomu." He looks around as if expecting one more, but since they haven't arrived, he simply nods to himself before giving the assembled shinobi his attention. "As you well know by now. There was an agreement between Watanabe Itami of Sunagakure and Yuuma, commander of the Silence. The agreement stated that the Silence would leave the shinobi villages alone while they took out 'bad people' in other villages for a period of six months. However, Kumogakure isn't going to stand around and let people get hurt. So after we recieved a report of a small village in the southwest being attacked, we sent for you. Your task is to reach this village and access the situation. Engage if you have to, but the priority is to make sure that the villagers are safe." His eyes drift to Hisomu and Kaido before settles them on Michiko. "Iwata Michiko you'll be mission leader for this one." He steps forwards and passes her the scroll. "The village is in a remote location, so a map was drawn up for you. I'll go ahead and tell you that we don't have much in the way of intel. We don't know how many there are, or what they're capable of. Which is why you'll have to access the threat level on site. Any questions?"

Michiko offers a light nod in greeting to Kaido and Bandit, as well as Hisomu as they all arrive. The mission is given with rather clear instructions, though the intel was lacking a bit much fro her liking. She nods a bit, though, as she hears the instructions, taking the scroll from Hiei. "I see… No questions at the moment, Hiei-san," she replies, opening the scroll to look at its contents and memorizing it. What might be the best way to get to their destination and if there were hangups, figure out some backup routes. "Actually… Is there someone else that's supposed to come?" she wonders, as she notices Hiei seeming to look around for another perso.

Kaido and Bandit look at each other and make the same face and say the same thing at the same time, "Here we go again." Kaido reaches into his pocket and pulls out a dog ear version of the Konoha radio and puts it on Bandit as he puts one on himself and says, "Check… testing… Since we're in unfamiliar territory, we'll need to use Plan 42 this time." Bandit raises an eyebrow and says, "Plan 42? You want me to play Cyrano de Bergerac with the Silence? What?" Kaido facepalms then, "No! That's Plan 24, and it only worked once… I told that plan was no longer applicable… 42 is roam out in front and track for us." A light goes on, on top of Bandit's head, "OH! 42! Now I get it… right!" He nods and gets ready to go on Michiko's order.

A look to Hiei as she listens and then she turns to look to Michiko to see if she has anything to add. Hisomu then looks over at Kaido before looking to Hiei and stepping up a little closer to him, "Hiei…later I wish to ask you about a certain thing I was taught in a recent mission." She nods and eyes Kaido carefully before looking to him, "And ask you something about Konohagakure shinobi in general." She nods softly before clearing her throat.

It took awhile for Naruko to show up but eventually she did; Never once would Naruko purposely miss out on a mission sanctioned by the General. So there she was, her jacket clinging tightly to her form as she zips towards the front gate, completely out of breath. "Ugh… Sorry I'm late! I'm here for the mission! Solve the worlds problems and…" Naruko suddenly stops, perking a brow at Kaido. "Ahh! Kaido-san… What the heck are you doing here?" She asks rather bluntly, though also bows towards Hiei. "Sorry I'm late, Hiei-sensei,"

Hiei offers Hisomu a smile and nods faintly. "Of course. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have upon your return." His gaze hardens slightly when Naruko finally shows up. He comments dryly. "Better late than never, Naruko. You and I will be having a conversation when you get back about punctuality. At any rate, you are all dismissed. Be careful out there. If the village has been destroyed bring the refugees back to Kumo. We'll take care of them there until other arrangements can be made." Hiei then salutes them all by placing his feet together and thumping his chest with his closed fist. "Mounts have been provided for you should you wish to use them."

Michiko glances back towards her team. "We should probably take the mounts so we can make it there quickly. About a half mile away, we'll approach by foot to assess the situation. Kaido-san and Bandit-san, you two will be able to use your skills to find more information, yes?" Then Naruko arrives, and Michiko offers her a small smile. "It's good to see you made it, Naruko-san," she says, moving to one of the smaller horses Hiei let the team have. "To make a long story short, we're helping a village with little to no information. And, of course, I'm open to suggestions as we travel." With a small nod, she moves out once everyone is ready.

Kaido blinks and then facepalms as Hisomu talks to Hiei and Bandit pipes up, "I just told her about lolicons! It's no big deal… every male's a potential lolicon after all!" Kaido growls, "Shut up Bandit… you're not helping!" Bandit blinks and looks hurt, "What??" Kaido then grits his teeth and looks at Michiko, "We'll go out ahead of you guys and see what we can find out before you get there, after that we can figure out what to do with the intel Bandit and I get… Bandit… LET'S GO!" And his tone brooks no discussion as Kaido and Bandit start running/riding towards the village out ahead and Bandit can be heard saying, "At least I didn't talk about S&M, bondage and your favorite… candle wax…" Kaido growls and as they pass out of hearing can be heard yelling, "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDIT!!!!!!"

A look to Michiko and she nods in agreement, "That sounds like a safe plan." She nods again before she looks then to the leaving Kaido and peers after him before blinking several times and then blinking again before she then looks back to Hiei, "We will also have to discuss S&M." She states matter-of-factly before turning and walking in the directions of the mounts so she can get after the others.

A sweat drop trickles down Naruko's brow as she listens in on Kaido and merely shakes her head. "Baka… and here I thought he grown out of it a little," Naruko sighs while nodding back to Hiei nervously. Much like the others she decides to head off towards the mounts. "Taking a mount, I'm already burnt out from just trying to get here!" She waves her hands and naturally begins to follow after Michiko. "Ready when you are, Imouto-chan,"

Ryouji is riding on his own mount he usually grabs, Echo. He's riding along comfortably and not in any hurry as the group heads to the village. Ryouji's been quiet lately, but then again he's been quiet a lot since getting back from the leaf village. For now, he waits for the action to start.

Hiei shakes his head at the antics in front of him. Ah, to be a Genin again. As the group leaves, he shakes his head slowly and heads back inside of the outpost. Meanwhile, the journey to the village in question is mostly uneventful. There is some rough terrain to go over, some of it even required those on horseback to dismount and lead their horses over the sharp and steep rocks. However, there is somewhat of a trail to follow. It was difficult to find, but Michiko did have a map with her.
Once they reach the village, they can see that there has definitely been a fight here. Kaido and Bandit can smell death long before they actually reach the place. The Konoha scout finds that there are hostages in the village center, all of them on their knees surrounded by men wearing the uniform of the Silence. There are about seven individuals, some carrying swords and weapons, some not. But there is also another presence. A darker presence.

Michiko is rather uncertain what it is that Bandit and Kaido are going on about, but she has a feeling she'd rather not know. The girl leads the horses to move after the Inuzuka pair, calling out to them, "Make sure you know the way to the village!" A faint sigh comes from her as she simply tries to make sure everyone is present and accounted for. Seems like it!
The girl leads the team down the various trails, thankful that she had a map on her. Upon reaching the village, she gestures for everyone on a horse to step down so that they could approach in a much more silent manner. "Keep your guard up," she murmurs, sending chakra through the ground to attempt to scout out anything unusual while looking around as well. "Okay… There are ten people moving around, but only seven visible… So keep on a lookout for that. And there seems to be a seal on the ground that several people are kneeling on."

Kaido and Bandit are arguing silently through their radios when Michiko and the rest come up. Kaido turns to Michiko and says, "Yeah, there's something really not good going on down there." Bandit says then, serious this time, "A lot of people are dead too, we could smell it miles away before we even arrived. Me and Kaido were about to try and sneak in closer to try and spot those other 3 that we can't see and see what we can learn beyond that they're in control of the village." Kaido nods and says, "Michiko, you're in charge but I think it might be a good idea to grab a sentry and interrogate them before we try anything exotic like rescuing the villagers down there, there's only so much we can learn from observing, no matter how close. The seal isn't one that I or Bandit recognize and messing with it might kill the hostages. Maybe by grabbing one of the sentries outside we'll know and learn how to break it safely."

MOving along with the others, she is silent for much of the journey. As they arrive, she listesn to Michiko and then to Kaido before she slips up and peers down the trail. Her eyes glance this way and that as she looks over the people below before she shakes her head and states, "There's a different problem." She nods and walks back over and states, "Some of the people down there are kneeling on some kind of a seal." She nods slowly before pointing, "The villagers are in some kind of trance down there. I don't know what it means, but they might have some kind of mental control of the village via seals."

Ryouji dismounts, leading Echo through a few rough patches. The last thing he wants is his horse to break a leg or worse. He keeps his senses on high alert. He could run ahead like Bandit and Kaido, but breaking formation would be bad given the current situation. Too many run ahead and the lines get thinned out. It would lead to trouble. He walks Echo along and nods to Michiko, patting his horse on the neck. He whispers and points towards a tent, "Someone's got a lot of chakra stirring around in that tent. A jutsu, but I can't tell what exactly." He spots the ones doing the seal as well and looks to Michiko for orders.

Naruko had a decent sniffer, she didn't really have any idea as to what was going on in the village itself but she could sniff someone out near by and pretty close. "Someone is pretty close by, in a building not ot far from here. Honestly something just smells strange about this place. It's more than just…death per say," Naruko tried to explain while keeping herself close to the shadows. She was hoping that the others would give a bit more feed back, and of course leave it up to Michiko to determine how they should proceed.

The group of men surrounding the villagers are spread out enough to cover all of the entrances to the area. They are close enough that they can call one another should something happen. They seem a bit restless though until two more people approach. One is a dark haired woman in the same outfit as the rest of the group. The other one is a large man with a large sword on his back. He is bald and there is a scratch going through his right eye. When he appears everyone else seem to grow more attentive. He speaks. "Make sure that no one disturbs us while we draw the chakra from these people. Lord Yuuma will reward our diligence." He turns to the woman beside him. "Go guard our asset while he maintains the seal." The woman inclines her head and moves off in the direction where Ryouji sensed the chakra from. One of the men from the circle look over at the bald one. "Boss, what do we do with the village after we drain the inhabitants." The bald man shrugs. "Raize it. I don't really care what you do." He then begins to walk around in the group, to make sure that everyone is doing what they're told. The hostages sway in place on their knees, they look almost sleepy as they are forced to be docile while their chakra is being drained from them.

Michiko nods to all the information, formulating a plan in her mind. "Alright… Ten people total… A lot of death… People in a trance… And someone nearby with a good amount of chakra. He's likely the source of all this trouble, but I can't make too many assumptions…" She nods a bit. "Okay…" she murmurs, studying what's going on down below. That one man seems to be in charge, and she frowns a bit. "I've an idea, at least… We'll all try and take out the guards at once. Ryouji-kun, you take two of the ones that are closer to each other. Use your speed. Naruko-san, if you can use your clones to attack multiple targets, that would be ideal. Hisomu-san work to take one out, and Kaido and Bandit split up temporarily to take out two more. And then I can try and take out two or three."
She hmms a bit. "Anyone else have a better plan? After we take out the guards, we can sneak in that much easier and take down the enemy… But this only works if we think we'll be able to do this all at once. And we would likely need a sort of signal, or have a timer."

Kaido looks the situation over and says, "Sounds workable… but I think they're all too close together… one of them is probably going to call out an alarm and that might put not only us in danger, but might make them kill the villagers before we can stop them. We might all be good/fast enough to take them out at the same time, but if we aren't…" He warns and shrugs, "I'm more of a fan of taking one out at a time and luring them away from the village or at least out of earshot of whoever's in charge so that we take the hostages out of the equation, but judging from what that big baldie just said, I doubt we'll be able to do that without more trouble than we can handle." Bandit speaks up, "Might be an idea for one of us to henge into a villager and get captured, someone with a radio so that they can radio back more info and be ready to disrupt whatever they're doing and then while they're running around wondering what the heck went wrong, THAT'S when we all attack at once."

"I agree simply to Michiko's idea." Hisomu states and nods her head, looking to Kaido, "While your idea has merit, there's one huge problem with both. If either fails, even a little, we have only taken out one person and 9 others are ready to call out and/or attack. Her plan, we might take out the majority before any can call out. I prefer that we have multiple down and then deal with failure than take one or two down and then deal with failure." She nods again before looking to the village, "I am ready when you are."

"I think Imouto-chan's idea is best also. It works with all of our strengths anyways. Sneaking is a bit difficult fo rme, but taking out a whole bunch of targets at once? Naruko grins and creates a single hand seal, summoning up chakra throughout her body while focusing it internally. " Leave it to me to take out as many that are necessary. I just need to see then and my clones and I can do the rest," Naruko accepts. "We don't really know what we are dealing with her anyways. Who's to say these freaks aren't linked up in some odd way…"

Ryouji says, "You got it, Michiko-chan. I don't have a better idea. But the sooner we act, the better chance we have to rescue the villages before their chakra is drained. I'll aim for close to the tent, but first the two guards at the edge of the village." He smiles, "Time to shine people." He begins charging his chakra for a long moment, then starts weaving hand signs, "Ninja art, crackle step!" Pointing a palm out towards the bald guy after his hand signs are done, he launches several balls of electricity which act like flares fired in the face. Sure to act like flash bang gernades. Ryouji rushes forward then, making sure to keep himself behind the flash bangs. He shields his eyes as they go off, then charges in.

Ryouji's attack surprises the two guards closest to him. They see the bright balls of light and attempt to dodge, however what they should have done was close their eyes. Once the bang and light happens, the camp explodes into a bustle of action. The two guards get up from the ground and rub their eyes while drawing their weapons. A few of the others pick up their bows and begin to launch arrows in the location that the attacks came from. "We've got company!" Once of them yells.
The bald Boss takes several steps backwards, letting the guards take care of the problem while he went to go check on their seal jutsuist. "Do not let them breach the perimeter. I'm going to go speed up this not fail Lord Yuuma!"

Michiko sighs a bit when Ryouji decides to be a bit more flashy with his attack. "I think I should have mentioned we were trying /not/ to bring attention to us for Ryouji-kun's sake…" she murmurs, making a handseal to block incoming arrows. "Slight change in plans. Take out everyone that's attacking us. Hisomu-san, focus on taking out the guards and making sure the people are safe. Get them off the seals, snap their attention to the real world, and make sure they don't die." With a small nod, she makes a few more handseals, sending several waves of earth down at the guards who are firing arrows while fire follows after earth. She takes this opportunity to move closer to where the village is, mostly intent on getting rid of the leader, and hopefully soon.

Kaido was afraid of this… as soon as they attack, all hell breaks loose and he calls to Bandit, "Ok, we're committed, this is going to suck… but Plan 0…" Bandit looks back at Kaido and simply nods and says, "Yeah partner… good luck… don't get yourself killed." Kaido closes his eyes a moment as the arrows fly towards him and says, "Take care of yourself as well buddy…" With that, he attempts to dodge the arrows flying at him as he pulls out a blowpipe and fits a poisoned dart to it… this poison being one that is both a disabler and a truth serum, he's going to get intel while he takes out his target.

Blinking at Ryouji, Hisomu raises a hand as if to call out to him and then just blinks and shrugs. She glances to Michiko and nods to her even as the attacks come and one arrow slams right into her chest. That is until she explodes in a poof of smoke and is running down toward the very person who attacked her and his body beside. She makes two quick seals and spits a spray of devilish spit right into the man's face before doing it to the second one and rushing along to try to shove one of the villagers to see if that doesn't wake them right up.

Naruko was incredibly fast, at least whenever she applied chakra to herself. Upoon Michiko's orders she launced herself forward, dodging the arrows from above and then summoning up a dozen of fire clones side by side. " I'll take out the guards near the seal!" Naruko shouts, rushing forward as she and her clones begins to assault the guards, hopeful that numbers would overwhelm them for the time being.

Ryouji lowers his hand as the flash dies away. He brings his swords out, spinning them in wide arcs to deflect the incoming arrows. As he reaches the guards, he draws his blade, slicing across the chest, then coming back before the weapon slides home. He leaps, not watching the results of the first two cuts. He's going for an 'everywhere at once' approach as he slices at the second guard in a split instant. "You two are in my way…"

As the shinobi commence their attack, Michiko's combination elements completely decimate a good number of the guards. There is screaming as they are pelted with both earth and fire. Hisomu's poison manages to land on several others, even though some of them are quick enough to dodge her spit. Kaido's poison needles also strikes home, landing in the side of the neck of one of the guards. The man begins to sway in place and then falls to the ground clutching his stomach as the sickness begins to take hold. Naruko's fire clones find their mark, as she takes out one of the guards closest to the seal on which the villagers continue to kneel on. Ryouji manages to take out his first opponent pretty much on surprise alone. However the second two are ready for him as they manages to parry the rather speedy attacks from the young Reizei.
With only four guards left of the seven they regroup and withdraw swords. The swordsmen begin to attack the shinobi save for one. He begins to form handseals, his eyes locked on Naruko as he stomps on the ground, a large fist made out of earth attempt to slam her into the ground.

Michiko lets a bit of the fire in the air take the sword attack for her, exploding the ground to use it as a way to both blind the enemy and use it for a sort of cover while she moves to chase after the leader. She saw him go into the tent nearby, so that's where she's headed. She has enough confidence in her teammates that they'll be able to take out the grunts. Right now it's a matter of making sure the bad guys don't succeed in their plan for the Silence.

Kaido sees the slice coming and tries to dodge once more and sends Bandit to deal with one of the guards. Bandit attempts to bite the arm of the guard as Kaido pulls out a grenade made out of his strongest poison, a compound that causes paralyzation and suffacation and tries to lob it into where the chakra is being pulled from. Disable that person and then it's just mop up of the stragglers and evacuating the hostages.

A look back to Michiko a little bit for a moment but then she turns to get cut right across the chest…but then again it is just a clone. Hisomu is instead behind the guy, spitting more poisons all over him before she will try to move agian to another villager to try to get them awake. She is trying her best to stick to orders and moves as she can to villagers to try to get them to wake up and move.

Bobbing and weaving. The fist of earth which was destined for Naruko did manage to slam right into her, only until later it was realized that it was a clone and not the real Naruko. The real Naruko launched herself up along the the bulk of the of the fist and bee lined towards the earth manipulator. One hand reached out, and a clone appeared to help facilitate the development of a tightly condensed orb of fire. "Haaa!" She exclaims thrusting out the orb in an open palm, slamming it through the defensive walls and driving the orb home to catch the earth manipulator into a mass of explosive fire…

Ryouji tries to do something unexpected. He draws one of his simple swords on his back and begins to charge it with lightning chakra. As the guard strikes, Ryouji disappears in a puff of smoke. It appears he's switched spots with the sword, which is now stuck in the ground but only discharging its lightning into the ground and not the guard like planned. Worse still, Ryouji might be crouched on the sword's handle, but got stabbed by the guard. He growls, "You're going to be harder, aren't you?" He grabs the blade in his shoulder and yanks it out and leaps into the air. He flips over, throwing out several kunai with paper bombs attached to them. They whip across the battlefield, aiming for the other guards. Ryouji has to deal with his guard though and as he falls, he draws out lightning cutter, charging it with chakra causing it to crackle and spit bolts of elctricity. He slashes down, hard as he hits the ground, sending bolts ripping across the ground as it all dischargesm, hopefully into the guard.

In a combination of attacks, the shinobi team manages to subdue or kill all of the remainder of the guards. Ryouji's explosive tags cause loud bangs and in conjunction with Hisomu attempting to wake up the villagers, they begin to stir. They are immediately aware of the dangerous situation they're in and begin to flee the area. The village itself is on fire, mostly from all of the fire jutsu that's been flung around. The seal on the ground disappears after Kaido and Bandit manage to draw the fuinjutsuist out sputtering and coughing from the poison grenade. "Oh eyes!" He chokes out before he falls onto the ground face first unconcious. With only two people left, the Boss and the woman with him move out from behind another building to face down the team of shinobi. The bald man speaks. "We my have failed here, but I will at least bring Lord Yuuma your heads. Prepare to die, shinobi." The woman makes hand signs as the shinobi's surrounds begin to warp and change. For those that fall victim to the genjutsu, they are now standing in a thick, dark forest with only a small bit of light to see by.

Michiko shakes her head lightly. "You're quite mistaken. We're not going to die. We're not even close to done." As she speaks, she notices her surroundings are starting to flicker a bit, and she sends a surge of chakra through her body. This makes the genjutsu not affect her, so she's able to make a few handseals with clear vision, making the earth below the man and woman begin to swirl and turn into a raging whirlpool, hopefully trapping the two where they stand. With that down, successful or not, she makes a handseals to send a powerful firebolt right at whoever was trapped (if the attack worked). She glances behind herself briefly to make sure the situation is under control. Fire, and a lot of it, but they could take care of that. The villagers fleeing would be a slight issue, but nothing that couldn't be dealt with. In general, things were fine… A bit chaotic, maybe, but fine.

Kaido on the other hand manages to figure out what's real and what isn't and that's when he pulls out his blowpipe and shoots a disabling dart at the Boss and throws a package of sneeze powder onto the Female Gen user.

Failing the ability to see past the genjutsu, Hisomu ends up standing there blinking as she looks around, blinking a few more times before she finally calls out to the rest of the group, particularly the leader, "Michiko!" She calls out as she stands in what she thinks is an impassable and dark forest.

Naruko's so called keen senses began to wear thin, as the genjutsu began to take hold over her. Her vision blurred briefly until suddenly she was in a massive dim lit forest. "What….where am I?" Naruko asks outloud as she begins to stumble about, trying to focus on what in what jutsu just came ovr her. she even gave herself a hard pinch in the arm… Obviously this wasn't some sort of genjutsu…

It's just this guy and woman that's left? He feels the genjutsu flowing over him and he does what any self respecting swords man would do, he punches himself, right in the gut. He wheezes out, but the genjutsu does not take hold for once. He says, "Alright!" Ryouji slaps his hands together and pours his separate chakras together. He whispers, "Swift release, blur one." He begins to vibrate and flicker as the familiar chakra he's always had before, floods his system. He takes off like a shot at the woman, hands reaching for his blue and white sword. He pulls it free just enough to catch a reflection of the fire to blind her for an instant. With that done, and the distance closing fast, he pulls cutter free and strikes with it. "Reizei swift shentai, battoujutsu!" he calls out, lashing out with both a draw and a sheath movement all fluid and all in an instant.

When Michiko activates her jutsu the woman simply fades from view while the Boss leaps clear of the whirlpool and then dodges the fire. Even though the woman attempted to fade again, Michiko's fire strikes home, injuring her. Kaido's poison dart is caught by the Boss just before it would pierce his skin, he tosses it to the side. "Nice try." With Hisomu and Naruko still trapped within the false surroundings technique the woman forms new handseals as water spews out of her mouth and then forms into small bullet sized orbs before they fly out at Hisomu and Naruko. The Boss draws the massive sword on his back and wields it as if it weighed half it's size. He is struck by Ryouji's stun attack and is struck by the first blow because of it. However he does manage to parry the last strike from the Reizei. He takes a step back. "You're out of your league, boy." And with a two handed grip, he delivers a powerful pair of blows towards Ryouji before he leaps and flips in midair to deliver another powerful downwards swing towards Michiko.

Michiko launches herself back from the sword's blow, glad that she didn't get hit. However, she can't do anything for Naruko or Hisomu because she launched herself further away from /them/ too! The girl makes a handseal, and two clones rise from the earth and charge at the enemy as she uses that cover to move to her stunned teammates, aiming to yank them out of their paralyzed states. However, the attacks come before she can move far, so she ends up forced to call out, "Hisomu-san! Naruko-san! Move!!"

While moving through the forest, Hisomu seems to be confused. She can't seem to find her way through the woods. It's like moving through the worst of things. She turns her gaze as she thinks she hears osmeone calling out to her and then she is hit by something. SHe can't tell what but it hurts and she nearly drops to a knee. She blinks and shakes her head.

Eventually Naruko does snap out of that genjutsu, but not before being pelted in the face with bullets of water… Water of all things! Naruko cringed and and bit down upon her lower lip, exploding in a mini explosion as her clone took the remainder of the hit. She then moves forward, charging at the one assaulting Hisomu. "Do worry Hisomu-chan! I will get you out of that genjutsu!" Of course she had no idea how to do that…But she would protect her from further attacks at least.

Ryouji brings his cutter blade out so quickly, it seems like just a white streak. Though with a large sword like that, Ryouji also gets out of the way. All he can do is mearly deflect it. But he uses the side step to bring his blade free and swing, hard. The air cracks from the speed of the swing and in the next instant he weaves a few hand signs. He shoots out a small stream of air out, hoping to slice or at least, distract the big guy for a second.

The Boss wields his blade like some sort of monster. He rapidly deflects Ryouji's attacks and spins in place, taking the hit from one of Michiko's metal clones before he cleaves the second one clean in two with his large blade. The woman is struck by Naruko, falling to the ground at the feet of the Boss. He picks her up by the arm and begins to back away. He gives her a nod and she forms handseals as pillars of lightning flash towards the ground. She attempts to blind the shinobi to cover hers and the Boss' escape.

Michiko winces a bit as the technique blinds her. She recognizes it enough to realize it's a genjutsu stealth, but she can't seem to break the effects with a surge of chakra. So the pair are likely going to escape unless someone is able to spot the pair… "I hate genjutsu users sometimes…" she mutters, rubbing at her eyes to try and get rid of the lingering effects.

Just as she finally was able to get herself out of the forest, she blinks a few times, looking around only to be blinded by some great lightning burst and she stumbles back, staring around and dropping to a knee to try to feel at the ground, "What is going on?" Hisomu asks of no one in particular, "WHat have I missed?"

Genjutsu was Naruko's worst enemy. It would be something she would definitely remember in the future to work on as they disappeared in a flash of blinding light. "You….did miss anything really Hisomu-chan… It looks like they are long gone now," She frowns lightly, shaking her head and motioning over towards Hisomu in order to check up on her. "That genjutsu really did a number on us, are you okay? We weren't able to apprehend the leaders today…""
Naruko says, "+et"

Ryouji yelps in surprise and calls out, "Where did they go?!" He's blinded, but keeps his senses tuned for anything, like an attack. Ryouji rubs his eyes and blinks a few times to clear the spots out. "I hate genjutsu." he grumbles. Still, less grumbling more working. If these guys have beaten out of here, he calls out, "We should probably try to put out these fires." He walks over to a smaller one and makes a hand seal before shooting out some wind from his mouth. Much like blowing out a candle!

The genjutsu fades after a few moments and the shinobi are left standing in a village that is burning to the ground. The shinobi manage to put them out but the place is already beyond ruined. However, the villagers seem to be safe as they stand a few feet away watching their homes burn. Although they are sad, they are at least happy to be alive. Being that there is no sign left of the Boss and his second in command, rest assured that because of this incident, they have not forgotten the shinobi and they will most likely run into them again in the future.

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