Silence on the Train


Ishino, Michiko, Amata, Kiji, Kiyoshi

Date: October 5, 2014


On the train, the Silence decided to try and take things into their own hands. It didn't work out…

"Silence on the Train"

Train going from Kirigakure to Sunagakure

The train, a potential new path for the world of trade to go, was just stopping at the Kiri stop. While some had already been on the train already, Ishino, along with those from Kirigakure, were just stepping on. In the back of the train, crouching down low, that HARPS unit was on one of the open flatbeds. The rest of the train was a mixture of cargo and passenger. Entering into that main gathering box, a sort of dining area, Ishino would motion for the waiter to get a table together for all of the kiri shinobi. There, Ishino would settle down, smiling to the others. "This should be a simple ride. We're here to guard the cargo, with the next stop being Fuuma, then on to Sunagakure. They're hoping that this proves to be profitable. Plenty of work has gone into the system. No telling what the final result will be." Ishino muses for a moment. "We'll wish to stay alert. Sleep in shifts. Any questions while we wait for the train to depart the station?"

Kiji followed Ishino through the station, eyes purple and flicking back and forth as she took in all the curious things around her. She had only been out of Kiri once, when she'd gone to the exams in Kumo so she looked very much like a young kid seeing soemthing new and amazing for the first time. As they borded the train and Ishino motioned for a table, she was still looking around. She turned, looking for Kiyoshi before she moved to sit at the table. When Ishino spoke she listened. A simple protection detail and a trip to Fuuma and Suna on top of it. Nice. She shook her head when he asked abotu questions then looked around to see where the others were.

Michiko isn't a Kiri shinobi, that much is clear. But she was in Kirigakure when she heard about this thing called a 'train', and the girl's curiosity drove her to go see what it was exactly. Just looking at the outside was impressive! Then she remembers the real reason she was here, which was a bit odd, is what she thought. At least introductions were already out of the way! The mission itself sounded simple, which was nice. Ishino's words were met with a nod from the girl, the Iwata not wanting to draw too much attention to herself…

Taking her place among the other shinobi, Amata nods her head and smiles as she watches the others, "I saw the beginnings of this work in the Land of Snow." She nods her head, "It was rather impressive to see to be perfectly honest." Amata nods her head, "Not truly my area of expertise but indeed something far more impressive than I might have expected." She nods her head again and then looks to the others, "Are you lot enjoying the ride?" She hmms and peers at the others, "It would be terrible if we were attacked here. Such a marvelous act of science cut down would deserve naught by the harshest punishments."

Kiyoshi trailed behind virtually everyone in the group with his head bowed and mind elsewhere. At least, that was his intent, but the ambient noises of the station kept gnawing at his attention. The curious youth inside him yearned to see more. And yet, that same youth hated everything to do with trains; unnatural monstrosities of metal, coil, and other fixings. Nevertheless, by the time he actual boards the train, Kiyoshi manages to reign in both feelings for the sake of the mission… for the most part. A mild sense of irritation radiated from his form as he stood in the aisle much to the chagrin of some passerbyers. "No." The shield-bearing Moto deadpans to Amata, then turns to Ishino and asks, "With your permission, sir, I'd like to stay positioned on the roof top of the cargo hold."

with Everyone onboard, the conductor would call out one last time, "All aboard!!" and after a few moments, the train would start in motion. It was slow initially, but would quickly pick up speed, getting up to a very nice pace. Ishino would muse contemplatively before shaking his head a little. "Seeking trouble and it is bound to happen. I'd rather you stayed in here for now. Once we break after we're out a little bit of distance, you are more than welcome to do just that, Kiyoshi-san." Ishino would muse while he'd watch the others, nodding slightly as he'd study the train's capabilities himself. "Quite impressive the speed they have even with HARPS on board. I have to give my commendation to them at some point." Time would pass, along with terrain, the outside turning from civilized to wild. Ishino would finally motion to the others. "Do a sweep of the train to make sure nothing is wrong."

Kiji watched the others as they came on. She furrowed her brow when Kiyoshi asked to take up a posiition on the roof and when Ishino said not to go now, she scooted a little and patted the chair beside her with a smile. She was excited to be on a mission with Kiyoshi again.

When Ishino finally gave the order for them to do a sweep of the train Kiji stood up and extended her senses, searching for shinobi level chakra signatures andmaking note of how Michiko 'felt' in her mind's eye, memorizing her pattern to be sure she could tell her apart in the future. She took in what information she could and spoke to those assembled. "There are other shinobi on the train but I can't tell anything more than that. There doesn't seem to be any large signatures but.. The Silence has dampened their chakra before."

"It's a nice enough ride," Michiko replies to Amata, her gaze drifting about the car. The tenseness of Kiyoshi got her attention, but she didn't comment on it for now. Her gaze eventually goes to the view outside. It was hard to focus on any one point going at this speed, but it was worth a try. The girl enjoyed seeing new things, even if experiencing them was another matter…

Then Ishino says they should make sure everything is fine, so she gets up and sends a bit of chakra through the floor to detect things. It wasn't the ground like she was used to, but it worked enough, hopefully. The vibrations of the train moving on its track was a bit distracting while gathering info… As such, she doesn't learn much and has to rely on what Kiji notices.

Standing up before Ishino, she nods her head and then smiles at him, "I will do my best ot take a look around." She nods her head and then gives a bow. She starts to send out spiders and idly starts going down the train as she looks to Kiji, "Really?" She hmms and hten idly starts to walk upward into the train to simply look around.

For an extensive moment, Kiyoshi can only regard Ishino through narrowed eyes and teeth gritted behind close lips in response to his reply. "Understood." He says softly along with a nod before curtly turning to leave; only to be given pause a second later. Kiyoshi tries to fight down the urge to smile at the offer and even walk away, but fails at both. So, he 'grudgingly' plopped down beside her and tried not in futility not to seem overtly pleased about it all. An occasional glance at Ishino, Amata, and even Michiko sort of helped. Kind of. Mostly.

By the time Ishino finally does give the go ahead to begin running checks, Kiyoshi has dozed off. An odd sort of side-effect of being on a train that he may or may not have forgotten to mention ahead of time. >.> Either way, for the time being he wouldn't be much help yet.

All seems normal. The train churned along the tracks, everyone was relatively relaxed. As the shinobi spread from where Ishino waited, they'd find other passenger cars to the front, nicer and nicer appointed ones as they closer to the lead. One of them seems to be Ishino's personal car. How did he get a personal car?? Well..

The engineer at the front would give a nod to the one that checked on them. "All clear so far." Towards the absolute tail end of the train, seems to be some trouble starting, on the car on the other side of HARPS, there was some people gathering. To sensor nin.. no one was there. The interior of that car was lined with a barrier it seems. The first to walk in the door however would have a kunai at their throat with a wicked looking grin on the person who was trying to kidnap them's face. "Lookie lookie. First guard to be taken down by the Silence. Slit their throat now? or wait.. hmm.."

Kiji smiled as Kiyohsi ploped down beside her, though he acted grudgingly she enjoyed his closeness. She even found it cute when he fell asleep. But after all was said and done Kiyoshi headed for the front Amata for the back. She glanced at Michiko. "I'll head to the sleepers." She turned easily and headed for the cars set aside for the passengers to sleep in. She was amiable enough to the other passengers, though she tried not to interact much with them. She kept her senses outstretched ahead of her and as she entered each car.

Michiko considers briefly, deciding to get up and move around. "I'll stay here for a bit." A chance to get used to the car's movements. She stays mostly in the dining car they're already in, just testing the waters with her abilities on a new surface. It was difficult… Also, there was a sleeping Kiyoshi… She uses him to practice a bit, making sure she realizes how he feels in comparison to the train. Then tries to extend her senses slowly.

Standing there with a knife at her throat, Amata blinks a few times but then the Silence will hear a voice from behind him rather than from the person he is holding, "I'd go for now." The figure flickers with almost an electrical quality before disappearing and floating before him for a moment is the needle blade Nuibari that falls down to the floor and sticks right into it. The wire of Nuibari drapes over his right shoulder and she shakes her head, "Sad day for you, truly is." Holding the wire, she shakes her head, "First Silence member to be taken down by the Silence." She then simply flicks the razor wire straight to the left using Nuibari as an anchor point. The super sharp wire will go right into his neck and possibly through his neck before she even finishes her sigh.

Kiyoshi is slow to stir and even slower to gather his wits about him. Nevertheless, once it becomes clear that the others were ready or already on the move, the Moto rises to move out as well with a bemused look about him. He could almost swear someone mentioned something about shinobi being on the train?

The thought eats away at him even as the first wave of 'fresh' air hits the man's face. Even so, he tries to bury the thought and just…. give up on the notion of thinking the train ride could not get any worse upon sighting the trio shinobi. "Bothersome.." Kiyoshi murmurs as he slipped on his goggles, then quietly made his way after them. The roof tops robbed him of most promise cover, but a quiet approach along with well timed dips to the side or into crevices between cars keeps him out of sight. Or at least, so he hoped..

Amata managed a clean get away, a reflexive action of the man in front of her hitting with that kunai as she spoke, making him jump. He turned slightly, just enough to have his head come clean off, spraying everywhere with his blood before the body fell down. The seal barrier on the front of that car flickered and failed. Those who could sense such would suddenly realize there is a LOT of chakra at the back of the train. Kiji would also hear some strange ticking coming from one of the sleeping chambers in the sleep car.

There was a slow clap from behind Amata, followed with some chuckling. "He was annoying anyways. Thanks. You. Restore the barrier." The man would motion to one of the others there, one of 20 or so total who would head for that front of the car, ignoring Amata to start work on recovering the barrier there. "So. The first. Will it be the last? Let's see how long you can last. Get her." The men would sweep in then, all of them rushing to attack her but the boss.

Kiyoshi would find the 3 were kind of oblivious, missing him as they'd walk past him, heading onward for the front car. They weren't looking around, carrying something with them while they'd walk forward. Whatever was the plan, it wasn't good. But at least he got a drop on them! right?

For those interested.. Ishino sat in the dining car, sipping tea. His own tea of course, from his own scroll.

Kiji blinked as the barrier fell and she sensed the mass of chakra toward the back of the train. She narrowed her eyes and started in that direction, concerned. She had heard that the Silence had barriers that could supress their chakra so for a signature to suddenly pop up meant trouble. however, Amata was back there as well and she wasn't a genin or a civilian. So when she caught the ticking Kiji blinked. What was that? She moved over toward the sound, carefully following it and catching a hint of a fishy smell. She wrinkled her nose and peered at the bag under the covers. Carefully she peeled back the blanket and tried to figure out if the bag was booby trapped. Carefully she opened the bag…

There goes her target practice… Well, Michiko doesn't see anything about here, so she decides to explore some other areas. She starts to make her way towards the front of the train, just casually going along. She keeps her senses active, but also focuses a bit of chakra along the way. There /are/ shinobi aboard, so better safe than sorry…

Wincing as they all come beating down on her Amata can only move so fast. She winces as she pulls Nuibari back to her hand and even as she does, chakra begins to flow through her form. Her lab coat pushes back as her skin takes on a darkened hue and two new arms sprout out of her side, slipping free and she shakes her head, "I have not had a chance yet to test this." She states as her newly formed appendages join her first in gripping the wire of Nuibari, only her right hand truly holding the blade. She then licks her lips and grins, "Seems it is my time to beat you all down." She then licks her lips slowly and flicks Nuibari out into the one directly in front of her. As she does, her left arm flicks Nuibari's wire up and over the two men on her right. The lower right arm does the same even as the lower left hand grips teh blade's wire, guiding it out. Leaping back, Amata suddenly pulls the wire taught, straightening the chakra tainted razor wire taught and possibly through or at least into the men it is around before she grips the wire with both sets of lower hands to yank it back to her upper right hand.

Kiyoshi allows the trio to get to close to the front edge of the car before making his move. None of them would see the flying sharp edge disc of death coming before a leg or two is lopped off in its passing. A shield launched with such ample power behind it that, hit or miss, the Moto wouldn't be recovering it for some time after. If all went well, the pain and trains speed would take care of their disposal. But if not, well, he didn't like that particular shield anyways. The things edges had the tendacy to catch him off guard whenever he went to pick it up.

Kiji when she opens the bag comes to find it reveals…!

Red Herrings. The ticking sound is louder, an alarm clock tucked into the side next to the fish that were lined up carefully in the bag and spilled down some within the bag when she opened it. A man comes down the hall and scrowls at Kiji. "Hey! What are you doing getting into other people's stuff??"

The shield caught the first two guys, lopping off men at the knee as they'd tumble and go flailing backwards. It'd only take a bump or two before they'd either fall off the train or break their neck as the wind pushed them down. The third guy jumped, which did have him travel backwards on the train, skidding to a stop with a thump on the roof as he'd glare at Kiyoshi and draw a katana. "Is that how it is?" He'd shoulder the bag he was carrying and start towards Kiyoshi. "Time to die." The shield got stuck into the roof of the car behind where they were at. Michiko would pick up that suddenly 2 of the 'vibrations' vanished, the third lept and seemed to be facing off against the 4th. Whatever was happening above was important!

Amata would deal with the 5 neatly, lopping them off, spraying blood everywhere. The boss guy looked on in distain, flicking some blood off of his cheek. "I told you guys to kill her. Now hurry up and kill her." Shaking his head, the other 5 would lay in to Amata, trying to take her down.

Ishino was enjoying some crumpets to go along with his tea. It seemed only appropriate.

Kiji blinked when she opened the bag. Nothing exploded on her at least. But it was a waste of time. She hated wasted time on missions. The fish made her scowl Red Herring. Great. The man did not suprise her but his indignance was met with cold authority (even if she didn't really have it). "I am a part of the security detail assigned to this train. I had to be certain there was no bomb. You are cleared. BUT!" She narrowed her eyes andthey shifted visibly into a yellow tone that totally freaked out the guy. "Who keeps a clock in a bag of fish?! Are you trying to poison people?! Don't eat those if you value your health." Then she headed out of the room and straight for the back of the train, senses open and searching as she ran, preparing to help if need be by coiling two crimson vines aroun d her wrists.

Michiko sensed some people up on the roof. Then not as many people… Well, hopefully it wasn't Kiyoshi that ended up flying off the train! She decides to go up there herself, head poking up to see what's going on up there. She sees Kiyoshi fighting against only one guy, which explains a few things, and uses her chakra to keep herself attached to the roof as she makes a few hand seals to send a bolt of fire at the attacker.

Sending spiders out from her person, Amata would already be looking toward this boss, hmming as she looks at him and even as she does. She zips through his men at speed, slipping in and out and the last one punches her right in the cheek. She winces a little and drives Nuibari into him and then pulls the wire tight. Seems as she dashed through their attacks, she was laying out the wire and as she pulls it taught, she tries to slice through them all again. Even as she stands up straight, she gestures upward quickly with one hand and spiders spring up trying to wrap up the boss in webbing for later questioning, "I think we are done here."

"It is." Kiyoshi replied to softly to be heard over the winds. His tone may have been apologetic, but his reply to the attack is nothing less than brutal. Blackened and sharpened digits tear right though the man's chest and out of back after stepping in to meet the man's charge. His target being as clear as the amount of blood now drenching the hand and forearm. "What in the-…" Kiyo yanks out the hand and back peddles at the sight of the man catching flame. Kiyoshi casts a wary glance over at Michiko, and after a moment's pause motions for her to check on the front cars from within. Kiyoshi on the otherhand would stick to the roof top to retrieve his shield and see if any of the trio were still around and alive enough to recover.

And just as fast as it began.. it was over. The fire made the man look away at that critical time, able to deflect it up with his sword.. only for the nad shot in Kiyoshi's counter strike disrupting the swing and sending the man careening away, tumbling head over heels until he'd fall off the train, taking whatever was in the bag with him.

Amata is able to quickly kill off the rest of the group of would-be attackers. She was fast. She was strong… she was a swordman. The boss didn't even struggle. Grinning widely at Amata as he'd nod in agreement. "Yes. Yes we are."

The rest of the train ride went uneventful, with 1 complaint from a rider who had issues with kiri shinobi messing with his stuff. The Silence was right! They were into everything!! Ishino nodded to the others. "Good work. Let's head back.. since it seems they won't be continuing on with the train."

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