Silent Acquisition - A Joyous Announcement


Shuuren, Wakako (as Taka), Hiroyasu, Iminari

Date: August 6, 2013


Shuuren and a princess of the Land of Tea come to Kumogakure to make a special announcement to the residents of his former village.

"Silent Acquisition - A Joyous Announcement"

Kumogakure - Village Center Area

The coming of the afternoon has brought many people to the Village Center Area. One particular pair of people entering the area have created quite a stir of rumors. Perhaps one of the most powerful businessmen in the world, Nagamura Shuuren, has arrived with the accompaniment of none other than Princess Taka of the Land of Tea. The two walk with elegance and a vaguely melodic tempo, the doctor bearing a light smile as he escorts the princess on his arm into the center area. It's quite a scene, though one might question exactly why her bodyguards are nowhere to be seen. They could be watching from the shadows, or maybe they feel this is a trustworthy enough area to merit her not being watched.

It has been a rough day for Hiroyasu, having to be called out to the middle of no-where..once done, he was lucky the carriage with the two stopped and gave him a ride and an offer for simple work. His eyes peering out in the streets, it was a good time to be out.. the yakuza are quiet, the faceless are all but a memory. He continues to act out his task as their impromptu bodyguard, but keeps a safe and comfortable distance, following them. "Lucky day, twice the pay!" the mutters with a nod.

The princess walked along beside him, a warm smile on her face. To any they passed in particular, she would nod her head in polite greeting. Taka's arm was neatly laid over Shuuren's, her other hand set right beside it. To the close eye, she did seem a little haggard. Even so, she hid it quite well and seemed comforted by the businessman's presence beside her.

As they walk, Shuuren would cast a glance at Taka once in a while, that smile perhaps tugging just a bit wider as he does so. They pass through the crowd of people rather easily, the young bureaucrat asking that they be excused as they move along. "These people will be those of one of our homes away from Tea Country," he comments as they walk, perhaps just making small talk. "We'll have many, but this would be the one most dear, where I grew up in all my trades before I resigned to broaden my position." As they walk, they fast approach an outdoor restaurant in the area with tables with enough support to stand on, as he'll likely be doing in a moment to make the announcement.

Hiroyasu pulls the hood from his traveling cloak, he was home no need to be uncomfortable. He waves gently to people as they pass him on the street, he knows many faces and greets them as he should, but doesn't stop for idle conversation keeping his gentle pace and distance behind the two.

Taka smiled brightly each time she caught the glance from the doctor, walking along with him quite relaxed. When he spoke, she nodded, looking around at them all. "Of course, my dear," she murmured quietly. "They will be treated with the same care that I give those back in Land of Tea." A promise, accompanied by an affectionate smile. There was also a light blush on her cheeks, but it was mild enough to not be noticed by most of the people around them.

Iminari was, obviously oblivious to the approach of anyone important, coming out giving the odd gatherings a confused look. How long had she been at work? A tired Iminari shuffles along, spotting Hiroyasu from behind, glancing beyond him to see the couple ahead who seem to be the center of attention. "Weird." Since he was trailing behind she had no thought of him guarding them or, was too fuzzy in the brain with tiredness to make the connection. So, her pace is picked up attempting to catch up to Hiroyasu. "Hey!" With a little hop skip she closes the gap a bit, "Hiroyasu?" She'd pause to make sure it was him before going on, "Do you know what's going on right now?"

"Perfect," Shuuren would say with a smile to Taka before finally approaching a table and moving to climb up on it. He would cast a smile down at her and offer a nod to their temporary bodyguard in Hiroyasu before looking out at the crowd. "Excuse me," he calls out. "If I could have your attention for only a moment, I have an announcement to make." Uber-rich guy in a spotless white suit alongside a princess. If they didn't already have most people's attention, they should know. "For those who are unaware, this beacon of beauty and hope at my side is Taka-hime of the Land of Tea. In a few days' time, we will be married in her home country. Our families may have arranged" -before the Yakuza incident likely-"but, given some time to get to know each other, we could not be happier with this decision. I will join my new bride in the Land of Tea, and we hope to toast to an alliance between this nation and it very soon."

Hiroyasu recognizes the voice, "Kyokusei-san. Not sure exactly, lets just watch and see. Fancy folk being fancy" well played, he continues to trail them at his casual distance, his seals could erect barriers at a moments notice so his range to his target is almost not an issue under most circumstances. "Been working hard, your.. voice sounds tired" he was more than her voice, her chakra waved with what he usually attributed as fatigue.. He sounds enthralled "Ooh a marriage, between the respected Nagamura-sama and a Princess." he glances at Iminari the look of surprise and a smile.. "I don't know him very well, but his family has been a major contributor to Kumogakure's well being for years." he claps in approval should the crowd as well

Taka smiled up at him before shifting to stand beside the table and look out at the crowd. At his words, she smiled and blushed. However, she didn't turn her face down in the least, appearing proud as she surveyed those villagers, visitors, and shinobi alike that surrounded them. She prepared herself for the impending 'congratulation!'s and such, for all the world looking as happy as any woman could.

Hiroyasu's comment on fancy people being fancy is aided by Shuuren turning about and just grabbing everyone's attention. Him turning his face also sparked her memory.'Oh yeah.' Is the thought when Shuuren turned around, not many people just strut around in a white suit a late connection.

This leads to her yawning and rubbing her eyes, nodding her head towards Hiroyasu, "I've been up and down for almost a day…" She would go on, but wanted to hear Mr and Mrs. Fancypants' announcement, so she quiets up. "Huh." A weak smile is forced onto her face as she brings her hands together to clap. "I don't know him much myself, though he did aid me in my training as a Medic with a scroll of his, beyond that…" A shrug follows, "The Land of Tea, that's an interesting point, I wonder if we need it or if…" She facepalms and runs the hand through her hair with a stressed sigh. "Eh, obviously tired, shouldn't be thinking so cynical. One moment."

Iminari moves towards the couple, waiting for anyone who made the approach before her to get out of the way before she attempted to give a more personal congratulations, "Congratulations you two, such a power couple, looks and well… power wise." She smirks, "Though not only that, I never really got to thank you Nagamura-sama. Though, I've made it as a medic and… faster than expected. I have you to thank." With that she bows, "Thank you."

After making the announcement and hearing sounds of approval from the crowd, clapping as Hiro does and as well as congratulatory cheers, Shuuren would smile and say, "Thank you for your support. I would like to offer a moment of silence to Taka-hime's bodyguards who gave their lives protecting her from bandits, along with my own. It is because of their sacrifice that we are able to celebrate today." After bowing his head for said moment of silence, he'd move to step down from the table and back over to Taka. He would move to take her hand gingerly, giving her a smile and a kiss on the cheek before turning to Hiro. "Your work is appreciated. Since this wasn't an official mission, I'll pay you directly today," he says, reaching into his coat with his free hand for a rather full pouch of money that he hands to the boy. "Expect to be commissioned officially soon. I recognize talent, and I'd like to help you build yours." He'd then look to Iminari, smiling and nodding at her. "Thank you, and you are welcome. If you need any more help, feel free to come to me." With that, the announcement has been made, and things continue to fall into place for what is to come…

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